Mama told me not to come!

 I wouldn’t tell my kids to go on Survivor without instructions to change an alliance at the drop of a hat. At this point in the game there is no sure thing as safety in numbers. With only six people left in the game and two still have hidden immunity idols, the odds are 1 in four that you’re the next person going home. Talk around camp has everyone a target. The main person wanted gone is Fabio.

This all leads us into the Reward challenge. Fabio tells the guys that if he wins he’ll take Sash and Chase with him and the other two agree. The cast-a-ways get a tree mail which has a Sprint phone in it. Clues that their family’s may be here because each one has a family video on the phone. When they get to the challenge Jeff introduces a member of each players family. Fabio’s mother, Dan’s son, Jane’s daughter, Hollies husband, Chases mom and Sash’s mom. Jeff then explains that the family member will participate in the challenge with the tribe members. The challenge is to jump into a pool of water and retrieve 3 bags of letters and bring them back to their team member. Once all the bags are back, they can assemble the word puzzle. The competition is close but Chase’s mom solves the puzzle for the win. They get a boat trip down the coast with lots of food and drinks. Jeff tells Chase he can select two other teams to go along on the trip. He picks Holly because she gave up her last reward to get the rice and tarp. Then the mistake of the game when he picks Sash to go with them. This leaves a pissed off Fabio, a disgruntled Dan and a questioning Jane. Fabio can’t believe he did that after promising to take each other. Dan’s mad but hasn’t earned diddly the whole game. Jane is wondering what has happened to the alliance.

While the rewardee’s are off having a good time, the three back at camp are busy bitching and complaining instead of working on an alliance of their own.

Jane is so pissed that she takes two pans full of water and puts the fire out, saying I started it and I’ll be the one to put it out! When the three rewardee’s return Jane gives them the old what for and tensions begin to rise. I don’t think anyone slept, feeling like they might get stabbed in the back.

The Immunity challenge is up next in the morning. They have to get blindfolded and then climb under, over and under some barricades to the other end of the course and study a puzzle with only their hands. After the think they know how to assemble it they must carry three bags of parts back under and over the barricades and then assemble the puzzle while still blind folded. Fabio and Chase are the first two down to the other end. The rest all get to the end about the same time except Dan who is running a little slow. After a few minutes the players start heading back. Jane, Fabio and Holly get back to the beginning first. Dan and Chase are the last two, studying the puzzle. Fabio makes good time and solves it first, winning the immunity!

Back at camp the word starts spreading that Jane will be getting the boot. She overhears it and questions Chase, Sash and Holly and they admit she will be gone because she is a threat to win the game. She flips them the bird and walks off.

At Tribal Council Jeff digs deep and discovers Jane knows she’ll be voted out and she lays out who is going next! She explains that Chase and Sash have the idols and that herself, Holly, Sash and Chase had an alliance which will be broken. Jeff makes a comment to Dan and Fabio that they should team up with Jane and vote out Holly. But, like the big dummies they are they don’t do it even knowing the numbers will be against them at the next TC. Going to the vote, the chickens all roost together and unanimously vote out Jane with their five votes.

The mayhem Sunday night should be good and I can’t wait for the reunion meeting to learn how much dirt there was among these guys.

Jane the day after:

Ponderosa: Jane Pt.#1

Ponderosa: Jane Pt.#2

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  1. Fabio a dummie for ousting Jane? Numbers can be very deceiving. Consider the following:

    Everybody hates Sash. He can’t win in final 3.
    Chase just lost Jane’s vote and when Holly has to go – sooner than later, he loses hers too in the final 3.
    Nobody would vote for Dan in final 3 assuming he even makes it past the next TC.
    The big money is now within Fabio’s reach. He is the youngest and he has the will and the skill to win any IC right to the final 3.
    With Sash, Chase and Fabio in final 3, Fabio WINS! by a huge margin.
    Jane had to go and Sash, Chase and Holly are the ones who betrayed her, not “doesn’t have a clue – NOT” Fabio. :)

    1. Was never angry at you Betty.

      That’s OK Betty to disagree. Just be listening on Sunday night when I say “I tode you so.”

  2. Hated to see Jane go but I wish she’d doen it with alittle more class. I know she was angry and I’d prob (going without food) do alot worse. My thing is ‘why is Dan still there?’…………….do they want to really take a chance of dragging him to the end and he get ‘any’ money? he should be home in his boxers and new shoes (which even tho it’s nuts to pay that much for shoes IMO…holly should at least pay him something toward a new pair…..used being in consideration. (smirk) i actually felt for Fabio for the first time in the game. Since he doesn’t live near his mom i am leaning towards him and i can’t believe i’m saying that. but i am.

  3. i left a msg but i guess it didn’t take.
    hated to see jane go but chase didn’t want to vote her out. i’d rather see sash go and dan shouldn’t be there.
    wish jane hadn’t flipped out tho. i really thot they may do a holly vote and then have a tie. which made sense actually. i would have rather see holly go.
    now i’m feeling a soft spot for fabio after seeing him with his momma.


    WHAT STUPIDITY! Why didn’t Fabio and Dan listen to Jane! Then there would have been a tie between Holly & Jane and if they did the fire challenge with the string above, I think Jane would have won and Holly would be gone! If the three of them had only voted Holly out, it would have left three against two! Fabio and Dan are IDIOTS! I was so sorry Jane was voted out. I hope she gets the 100 grand. Right now I don’t have a favorite, but Dan is looking good to me (even though he doesn’t deserve to win), but with Sash, Holly and Chase not taking Jane to the final four just proved to me how pathetic they really are!

    1. If Fabio can win the IC, the big 3’s plans will be stomped on yet again and Dan is history. The survivors have been laughing at Fabio since day one, but remember that he who laughs last laughs best…

  5. I’ve been watchoiing this show since its inception and each show where they show family members visiting, made me want to puke. The crybabies, have only been gone for a month and you would think they just returned from the Iraq on duty. What anyone of them had to be in the service, comabat or non combat, overseas or stateside and away from family for months, how they would react? Sickening, you would think that they didn’t see family members for years. I mute that section whenever it comes on. Why would they even bother showing it. Your right, Fabio and Dan are idiots, but anyone notice that Jane wrote Sash, so Holly would have been safe, cause the 2 idiots wrote Jane. Personally none of the remaining 5 deserve the million.

  6. You’re not even trying anymore, are you? Parroting back the events with hardly any commentary wasn’t bad enough, but now you’re not even being accurate. One of your huge mistakes? Jane put out the fire before TC that day. She was slightly upset over the reward, but totally lost it when Cash admitted they were voting her off.

    This season has just been bad for you. Take me off the list.

    1. That’s a bit harsh… and unfair HermioneO. SnakeBit is providing a forum to discuss Survivor and have some fun. He makes plenty of comments and everyone makes mistakes from time to time… Prime Example below this post. (Actually it was Rebecca who may have made the mistake). But mostly he let’s others have the floor…

    2. I don’t see you doing anything HermioneO! I think Snake has done a wonderful job and if you don’t like it – DON’T COME BACK!

  7. HermioneO… Sal never claimed to be perfect, just willing to keep this blog alive in what little spare time he has, and if the exact order of events is not spot on – as per how the producers chose to edit the sequence of events – so be it.

    Did you say something about being accurate? When did “Cash” arrive on the set? Oh… you probably meant Sash, right? Your bad!!!!!

    1. Thanks Snake – It took me awhile to vote, as I forgot my password (I can hardly remember what day it is), but I finally manged to vote.

  8. In ten years watching every episode of Survivor, I have nearer seen anyone told by a group of people, and her alliance to boot, that they were voting them out. That was some good stuff. I liked Jane, but it was her time to go and the correct move on their parts. Actually a good move, so she wasn’t blindsided at Tribal, although not their intent.

    Glad to see the boys play their Idols. Interesting… 5 to 1. And… what was with Jane writing down Sash’s name???

    I have to agree with Anthony regarding the family visits… A Big Laughfest for me… come on it’s only been a month for crying out loud!!!

    They better get Jud out, because nobody can beat him in the vote from the Jury.

    Haven’t seen any comments from the ‘Golddust Twins of the Midwest’ about Miss Jane… can’t wait to see those Crocodile Tears!

  9. I have to disagree with our ‘Elder Statesman’ when he says that ‘nobody would vote for Dan’. Dan will be in the final three. As long as Jud is not in the F3, I think Dan would get a lot of votes… especially if he can mount a compelling argument as to how he played a perfect strategy and was sorry his legs ‘gave out’ and he couldn’t help his tribe mates win challenges. I think he is well liked, wasn’t annoying and won’t be perceived as a back stabber. It could go a lot like Natalie beating Russell, unless Holly is in the F3… I think she will get some votes from those she ‘mothered’. I think the final three will be Chase, Sash and Dan. My vote would be for Chase, although my person in our pool is Sash, so I hope he wins. Jud will receive the Sprint Player of the Season Award.

  10. I am with PK all the way. Never did like Jane. Chase is annoying with all his running back and squelaing to whomever. Can’t stand Sash and his ridiculous minority alliance. Holly lost me at the shoe burial. Hope Fabio wins or Dan. If they would have kept Jane – what would they have done had she made up with Chase? I don’t know what game these people think they’re playing – it is clearly outwit, outplay and outlast – not let’s all sing kumbaya and everyobody needs to play to earn someone else a million like Jane expected…sheesh! I also think the 2 quitters shouldn’t get a vote or get a paid vacation at ponderosa.

  11. Fabio and Dan have floated along this whole game. Fabio claims he isn’t stupid, well he just proved he is by not listening to Jane. Dan, Dan, Dan, what can I say about him. He may not be a strong player but he did outlast all those other people. He will be the next to go and it is about time. He never has played the game but then again he has gotten this far, outlast, outplay, outsmart, he has done that and they all have let him. Good luck Dan, you are the next to go and Fabio, you are right behind. The chance you guys had to make it to the end, went out the window when you didn’t listen to Jane. Bye, bye guys, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

    1. Fabio floating? Perhaps he just paid close attention to how “good ole country boy” JT won a million bucks a couple of seasons ago by avoiding confrontations, avoiding the spotlight and avoiding any “I’m in charge posturing.” He just won the IC when he needed to win it to avoid elimination just like JT did and now he just has to keep winning right to the end so he can collect his million dollar CBS check just like JT did. Simple as that.

  12. I think Dan would get a lot of votes… especially if he can mount a compelling argument as to how he played a perfect strategy and was sorry his legs ‘gave out’ and he couldn’t help his tribe mates win challenges. I think he is well liked, wasn’t annoying and won’t be perceived as a back stabber.

    Ted… Just because that sob story sans the wasn’t annoying add-0n works for you to get free ferry rides to the mainland doesn’t mean it would work for Dan.

  13. Those who are saying that Fabio and Dan should have listened to Jane should consider that Jane didn’t listen to Jane and voted for Sash! Jane lost her cool and should have suggested to Fabio and Dan to form an alliance at camp rather than douce the fire. Here’s my strategy for Fabio… in front of everybody, discuss that a final three of Holly, Sash and Chase is a win for Holly – Sash and Chase are disliked and have no integrity. Holly pulled some stuff early on but gave away a reward for food for the camp. So, Holly is a threat to Sash and Chase. I’d suggest that Fabio continues the discussion… that Sash and Chase would be best with Dan in their final three. Now, Fabio suggests that if he, Dan and Holly form an alliance they would vote either Sash or Chase out next time and the other the following time if he did not win the immunity challenge. The winner of a final three of Holly, Fabio and Dan is up for grabs. Fabio gets points for sitting back, having integrity, being a good guy and making a move at the end when it counted. Holly gets points because she played the game harder than either Fabio or Dan and she sacrificed for the group. It’s Fabio and Holly’s best shot so there’s no reason for them to not form an alliance. Dan’s sitting pretty because he’s not perceived as a threat any way but I agree that you can’t count him out of winning because he’s “managed” to make it to the end. But, as was said above. Fabio has no strategizing capability. His strength is his good-naturedness and unwillingness to bend his “morals” and he’ll take that to the finish win or lose. So, I’d say I’d never pick Fabio as a war general but he’d be the first person I’d pick as a friend.

    1. I don’t know Aggie…Holly has alot of people on her side. She was well liked by alot of them. She is the biggest threat of them all. JMO.

  14. Holly could win… Sash had no chance in hell after he screwed Jane… Fabio made the right move to vote Holly out…

  15. It’s Monday noon…guess this is farewell to everyone until BB. Do we know if Julie chen will still be doing BB?
    Well looks like you were mostly right through all these posts..I am ticked at you for your crack about Jane’s family member and the Deliverance guy, but I will overlook it as hoping you thought you were being funny…

    I was pleased with the final outcome…I thought Holly was really pretty “in real life”, and Jane also looked good…anyone else impressed with the 2 OLDER women??? who would think they would make it to final 6…and one Old dude (Dan) and the 3 young men…I’m glad Fabio won although I honestly couldn’t make sense out of much that he said…I think he is a real, sincere person..good luck to Chase for his music…I went to college in Nashville and loved it there (Belmont University- back in 1962-1965)…BA in Psychology..lot of good it did me…

    well, thanks Sal…thanks Ted and PK and Angie and everyone…God bless and see you all soon.

    1. Patricia in NC…

      Perhaps I can temper my North Carolina Jane “deliverance” comment by mentioning that Charlie Choo Choo Justice (UNC and as a pro with My Beloved Redskins) was my idol as a young athlete growing up in the DC area in the 40’s and 50’s. And I did rent a summer house in Duck, NC, for many years in the 70’s and 80’s. I still haven’t gone river rafting in rural Georgia and never intend to.

  16. @ PK, you were right. Fabio won! I will never question your opinions again! Not in a million years did I think Fabio would win three challenges in a row! Good work PK!

    I never liked Fabio, but I didn’t like anyone in the final 3! The next Survivor looks interesting and should be fun!

    Thanks again Snake for this wonderful blog! I did so enjoy it.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! See you all again in February.

    1. Betty…

      An educated opinion is most often backed by very reliable spoiler sources… Mine is no exception… :)

      Happy Holidays

  17. Here’s the sick thing about Survivor: Everyone looks like crap on the last episode. Why? Their beautiful cheekbones are no longer hollowed out. They’re now filled out. Gross. Right?

  18. Patricia in NC… Perhaps I can temper my North Carolina Jane “deliverance” comment by mentioning that Charlie Choo Choo Justice (UNC and as a pro with My Beloved Redskins) was my idol as a young athlete growing up in the DC area in the 40’s and 50’s. And I did rent a summer house in Duck, NC, for many years in the 70’s and 80’s. I still haven’t gone river rafting in rural Georgia and never intend to.

  19. It’s Thursday noon..I have had lots of trouble getting back on this blog…finally read PK’s answer to one mentioned about Julie and BB but I guess she will probably still do it. I have so enjoyed you all these past months…as you know I am 66 and disabled, and I live alone. I have not been out of my house for over 6 years now except 2 times to go to the doctor and that was a major enterprise…I am not “sick” per se, but have other probems mainly that I can’t walk…I can take a couple of steps between bed and/or chair to wheelchair, but that is all…have degenerative disc disease…not in pain all the time which is good…but still annoying.

    I have a married son who lives north of Dallas with his wife and daughter (age 14). A married daughter who lives west of Detroit with her husband and 2 stepchildren- a boy 17 and a girl 14, and my oldest daughter is outside Seattle with her 13 yr old son. My ex-husband also lives with her…he is ill and disabled also but is 76 yrs…ironically his health is getting better as the years go on…he was in hospice care about 4 yrs ago and they said they had to stop because he wasn’t sick enough anymore..turns out (I think) his wife was poisoning him…soon as he got away from her he started to get better…my own little soap opera here!!!

    Her 26 yr old daughter is married to a soldier who just returned from his 2nd tour to Iraq..they are being transferred to Germany in April for 4 years…I have not seen any except the 26 yr old who visited me 3 times while her husband was in Iraq…in July she brought her brother who was visiting her from WA…she was living in Wilmington, NC during his tour. they are back in Georgia now, for training.

    I would like to put my email, probably not too dangerous, if any of you want to be in contact, I’d like it. There was one young man who has a similar circumstance as I do and I would like to hear from him…I am at

    Well, happy holidays everyone ..see you for Big Brother I hope. God bless all, even those of you who do not believe! Best wishes everyone.

    1. What in the hell is all that stuff up there? How can we respond if we don’t know what all that means? :roll:

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