NaOnka is Out of Control!

Why do I get the feeling that these people are Big Brother rejects? Do any of these players ever watch and pay attention to how this game should be played? Helping people solve the clue to the HII, WRONG . Helping people find the HII WRONG . Showing the whole tribe that you have WRONG . What the hell is wrong with these fools?
That’s just the old folks! Lets consider the young, dumb and full of their own bullshit. Two of the women find the clue and can’t figure out the answer and hide the clue in a tree. Even after a week of brain wracking they are still “clueless” to solving the “clue”. This week we have two others see the clue and fight over to get it. Of course “Queen Benonka” grabs it before Kelly B. can take off her leg and beat QB back! I’d like a show of hands, didn’t Russell seem to conquer the HII trade a bit better. Love him or hate him, he did “GO and LOOK” for them. No one else seemed to worry about them. Almost as if they never heard of an HII. After seeming like a selfish bitch, QB is stumped (even with a 2nd easier clue) and seeks help from Yve. They seem to have a lead, but will they go get it together or will they go alone. We shall see!
After tribal council last week when La Flor got back to camp everyone was talking about unity. Of course QB dissed that whole idea! Alina, Kelly B., Fabio and Benry are on QB’s shitlist. I expect it to get longer when someone else pisses her off. Fabio however is one strange dude. He is just one crazy piece of work and is funnier than he thinks because of his naivety.
On the beach Chase, Brenda, Sash, Kelly Purple and QB discuss who they want out next. Alina lays on the beach a short distance away listening to it all!
Espada decides to go food hunting and end up at the holler monkey camp. Coach makes a fool of himself by screaming at the monkeys. When asked what the monkeys were saying, Coach says the monkeys said “Get the hell out of here”, which brings some laughter from the tribe.
Marty is jealous of coach and makes plans to get him evicted. I swear Marty is making plans to announce that he wants to be know as “The Don” of Survivor and everyone should kiss his hand and kneel before him!
The IC/RC (immunity/reward) combined challenge was somewhat exciting I’m sure because of the good old editing crew! The game was to run out in the field of mud and water and retrieve 10 barrels and bring then back to your tribes area. After all ten barrels are in the area they need to stack them into a pattern on wooden pads. After all are in position, one member is in charge of throwing some waited bags and having them land on top of the barrels. After Benry takes an early 2 – 1 lead, Tyrone runs off four on a row and Espada looks like they will win a challenge. Benry swaps out with Chase who doesn’t make anything and Benry goes back in and gets another point. Meanwhile Tyrone has been struggling and only makes one more for a 6 – 3 lead. Benry goes on an 6 – 0 run and and La Flor take an 9 – 6 lead. Tyrone makes one more before he is switched with Jimmy T. who makes one before Benry scores the winning point.
La Flor take their winnings and start heading back to camp. When Kelly B. goes to pick up the fruit she sees the HII clue, and of course so does QB!! Upon arriving back at camp, QB jumps in Kelly’s face and attacks the basket for the clue. After grabbing it she runs off like the true bitch she is. One plus this should make more enemies who will want to get rid of her. After not figuring out the clue she confides in Brenda who helps out. It seems they have it worked out but we don’t know if they find the HII.
Back at the Espada camp it’s a forgone conclusion who will be the evictee. Coach’s time has come and an 8 – 1 vote sends him home.
A few thoughts they have been rambling around in my mind.
1)The old tribe deserves a new name. Old Fools seems to fit them perfectly.
2)NaOnka (QB) is getting bitchier every moment she remains on the in the game!
3)Marty (Don Survivor) has given Dan and Holly the kiss of death!
4)The young guns are actually and bunch of high school kids who were voted most popular and most likely to succeed and it went to their head!
I don’t know why, but these people seem to be as clueless as the Big Brother crew from this season!
OH, and guess who is coming to Houston? Heydan will make an appearance at a charity event based loosely on Survivor. Others attending are listed as ….. Earl Cole / Fuji winner, Sandra Diaz / Pearl Island & Heroes and Villains, Bobby Jon / Palua & Guatemala, Eliza Orlins / Vanuatu & Micronesia, Jolanda Jones / Palau and a Council women in Houston and Uchenna Agu / winner T.A.R. #7.
Maybe I’ll go take some pics when it happens, Maybe!

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  1. YEp, Naonka is out of control, does that girl like anyone, of course, Ted likes her, what a shock, He put her pic on my wall on facebook, is it me or does anyone think she’s hott, Sorry Ted, She’s not Hott. :roll:

    1. You have got to be kidding me!!! Please Ted, say it isn’t true. I thought you had a ‘little’ better taste than that. I’m shocked!!

    2. Aggie, I’m sorry Ted put that nasty witch on your facebook, but what troubles me more is, I heard that he now sleeps with her picture under his pillow! :roll:

  2. the girl (forgot her name and hey it’s four a.m. so i’m not stressing over it) but THAT girl needs to work hard at finding out what the clue means and NOT tell na-honka where it is EVEN if she has to go to someone else and tell them Na-honka has it.

    why don’t they get one clue (about her) and just vote her out asap. if she quits it’ll just show what a coward and all mouth, that she is.

    break a leg Na-honka.

    1. Wow tendr…your mean streak is showing.

      What do you mean you miss the e-mails? I’ve sent some….maybe not as many from work because I can’t get my aol at work anymore. I don’t know why they took that away but left my Yahoo. They did take my chatting abilities away though. I really miss it too. :( The bad thing is with my yahoo, people can’t see when I am on and I don’t see when others are there. I show no contacts. Isn’t that a pisser??? It wasn’t just mine though…everyones got messed with.

  3. evil :evil: ….. grin :grin: …….twisted :twisted: ……mrgreen :mrgreen: …..shock :shock: …….??? :???: …….cool :cool: ……..mad :mad: ….,neutral :neutral: ……..sad :sad: ………! :!: …….cry :cry: …..? :?: …..oops :oops: ……..idea :idea: ………roll :roll: ……..wink :wink: ……..arrow :arrow: ………razz :razz: ……..eek :eek: ……….lol :lol: …… :smile: ………….

  4. Could it be that CBS got really generous with Jimmy T. and hired Annie Leibovitz to shoot his promotional face shot? Now that Marty Feldman is dead, Jimmy T. and Ted are in a close tie for ugliest man alive.

    1. Well Well… look who’s here… and referencing Marty at that! Have you looked in a mirror lately??? Speaking of promo shots, maybe your avatar should be updated… I mean really, using a 20 year old pic…

    2. Ted I don’t need sunglasses to hide aged puffy eyes that even Preparation H apparently couldn’t cure.

      FYI… My avitar is just over a year old… :lol:

    3. Hmmm… I seem to recall you saying that last year too, so that makes it 2 years old. So, just how many years have you been saying 1 Year Old Photo??? I think you would be better off using the b/w photo of your younger years…

    4. Ted… We all know that your recall regarding anything beyond what you ate for breakfast is not your strong suit equivalent to a pair of deuces.

      I could resort back to my me at 21 avitar, but I inherited the “gets better with age” gene and only wear sun glasses as an accessory, not by necessity.

  5. I really would like to see Kelly B. remove her high-tech prosthetic lower right leg and introduce NaOnka’s ugly face to a swift blow from a stainless steel “ghetto blaster.”

  6. So far the most irritating people on estrada are Marty and Jimmy T.
    On LaFlor I personally can’t stand Naonka , haven’t made up my mind about others.
    What kind of person makes so many horrrid remarks about a girl
    with one leg ?
    Karma will get her, mark my words.
    Thanks for the great recap Sal.

  7. I think it would be so funny if Kelly found the idol without the clues. Oinkana was just plain mean and really needs to go. If not Kelly then Yve needs to find it first.
    I do not understand why people are sharing who has the idol. Doesn’t that make you a target so that they put you up, let you know so that you have to use it and now you are back on equal footing? Is the idol holder going to use it on the first one to be put on the block? Just seems so stupid. So the guy that’s going to be put up goes to the person holding the idol and begs for its protection, and then gets everyone mad at both parties? Can someone tell me what am I missing in this picture?

  8. Whats happening to our reality shows? First BB picks a lame cast and now Survivor. Who does the choosing? They need to fire that person and get someone who actually cares about the shows. I think they really like “mean girls” straight out of high school.

  9. BB Fan… Marty was not alone when he uncovered the HII. Jill knew he found it so it is never really a secret when one or more other people know you have it.

    Still, Jill convincing Marty to show his HII to everybody in the tribe was the first sign that Marty is far dumber than he looks.

    If Marty and Sash both survive to the merge it could get very interesting. Two gay guys together in the same tribe could form a very memorable alliance. :shock:

  10. Why did not one tribe member confront Naoinka when she was pushing aside a tribal member and wrecking the foods from the reward? Why is that kind of nasty behavior tolorated in society and on Survivor? I really do hope that little pig does hurt herself out there and I hope it’s one of her legs. I hate racism and I really hate seeing it manifast itself on one of my favorite programs

    1. nakonohas with out a doubt the meanest attitude of anyone on survivor.Honestly to openly say she”ll hurt Brenda with her on leg>>>>That girl has no sence of anything except RUNNING her mouth!!!!Wait for her Shannon she is on her wayto see you.Little Miss Predjuice Herself !!!!!Look out fellow tribe members “SHES AFTER YOU TO”pLEASE GET HER OUT OF THER!!!!!

  11. Why did not one tribe member confront Naoinka when she was pushing aside a tribal member and wrecking the foods from the reward?

    Better yet, why didn’t Jud aka Fabio just tie NaOnka’a locks to the nearest tree and pull off the socks she stole from him over her best ghetto objections?

  12. This as to be the worse survivor ever naonka your a low life troll of the worst kind you actualy make black people like me look bad please jump off a bridge or something the world would be better off without you.

  13. I’m sure Survivor is very happy with Na. A caster’s dream for sure. She is a more extreme version of Sherea from China. We aren’t seeing all of her of course, but I’m sure she’s tight with the Brenda faction. She is the Ying to Tyrone’s Yang I guess. I can feel Bill’s pain. Her mouth will do her in soon I think.

    1. What… can I can get no rest from this woman??? Guess I will have to change my image to avoid her… she must be related to Na.

  14. All I can say is that I cannot believe this NaOnka chick. I would be furious if my child was in her classroom. This woman is hell. The remarks she makes are terrible and i can’t believe that she is serious! I know it is a game but cruelty never did anyone any good. She better get voted out because I am really considering quitting watching this show. She makes me sick.

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  16. Since Jimmy J. is eliminated from Survivor, it’ll be all about about NaOnka. This chick might be the individual person that all people are going to like to hate. This week’s tv show guarantees to turn out to be someone to remember!!!

  17. I can’t stand that bitch NaOnka…I wish she’d stop boasting about where she comes from…,makes everyone from there look as bad as her…she’s really working on upholding all of those old black stereotypes that we fought way too hard to get past!
    And she’s a teacher?! Those poor kids, I hope she doesn’t make an impact on any of them beyond being that crazy bitch teacher they’ve all had & hated!

  18. NaOnka is a crybaby. Plays a tough role then crys like a biatch. What a piece of shiat. This bully turned pussy is supposed to be a role model? OMFG!!!! You shove a cripple and act like a gangsta then cry when it rains? And you have students? OMFG! What a effing joke!!! What a piece of human trash! Please please please dont let her teach in any school anywhere!

  19. NaOnka is a piece of human trash. Push a cripple and is proud, then cry when it rains? She has studens? OMFG! What state does she teach in? If youre gonna be a villain, dont be a pussy as well. Let see if this gets edited too!

  20. Naonka, what a complete example of the nastiest part of any race. She would fit right in with the Nazis and happily press the button for the xyclon B. She’s right, everyone else’s opinion of right and wrong does not matter. I can kick a cripple and make fun of them because they are weak and are a cripple. You’re crying in the storm was a play (like the boy who cried wolf) because all of a sudden no one was supporting your outrageous and unacceptable behavior, maybe you can get a clue and join the human race…

  21. Naonka should be ashamed of herself. She goes out of her way to be as ghetto as she can. She should be fired from teaching if that’s how she acts. I know she wouldn’t be teaching my kids. She sets a very bad example and I don’t care where she’s from.

  22. Oh man is NaOnka a trashy punk or what? I can’t believe some school district allowes her to influence the youth of our nation.

    Pushy, arrogant, combative, selfish, prideful, rude, abusive,… I could go on and on.

  23. Lucky for the World that naonka (translated means “the lowest form of ‘human’ life) chickened out of Survivor because those politically correct white people would never have had the balls to vote it out. They even laughed and joked with it after it victimized the handicapped girl. It could have stolen all the food and done just about anything, and those (mostly) liberal, guilt-ridden, politically correct people would have tolerated it. We assumed naonka would have won the $$$$ if it had stayed on. America: now the home of the weak.

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