No news, no game play and no game leader!

Sorry I got this posted late. Wasn’t home and forget to set the Tivo!

After surviving last weeks most disastrous move ever, Marty is about his future in the game. Be afraid Marty, BE VERY AFRAID!

Fabio, after getting the tree mail and coming back to camp does his usually stupid character acting. Is he really that weird or is he playing the game? Hmmmmm! He announces that the merge is coming.

Meanwhile, over at Espada the plotting and scheming has begun when they learn that the merge is happening. They have the treasure chest but need to wait for La Flor who has the key…

Alina decides she has a plan to get rid of Marty but no one seems to care about it.

Cut away to La Flor walking in carrying in the chest. When it’s unlocked and opened it reveals the new red buffs for the newly merged team which Marty names Libertad. Go Marty, keep up the good work :- )).

Everyone congratulates everyone on the merge and chows down. Another strategy meeting is going on between Brenda and Naonka. Na told Brenda about Marty giving away the HII to Sash. They agree that Marty should be the one to go next.

Chase and Jane sitting around talking seem to work a friendly alliance because of their backgrounds from No. Carolina.

While standing around, Holly witnesses Naonka stealing flour and the pots, pans and fruit. Seems we have a “King Troll” want to be. Only problem, the Troll never got caught! Holly then starts telling everyone about Naonka’s shenanigans. Alina confronts Na about it and tells Na she needs to give it back. Alina’s first big mistake comes when she accepts some of the misgotten bootie!

When people start noticing missing property, the jig is up and Naonka is confronted. Trying to stay out of trouble, Naonka says she took it but she was going to portion it out. Fabio questions why she was putting it in her bag and she does one of  brush off moves to Fabio is amazed how much bullshit she keeps blowing on everyone. Marty starts his ranting about Jane needs to be evicted because she isn’t a competitor and a redneck. He is still a large butthead.

At the immunity challenge Jeff announces two individual idols, one for the women and one for the men. The challenge is simple, hold up a rod by applying pressure on two handles by pulling them apart so the rod doesn’t slide down thru the holes in the handles. When it does, a plate will be broken and the person eliminated from the game.

Jeff gets them all set up and they grab the handles and put on tension. Jeff has the cover boards lifted and the plates are exposed and the game is on. First out, Miss quiet Kelly purple. 2nd, good ol’ boy Handy Dan. Alina and Benda make it 3rd and 4th. To my surprise, Benry and Sash go 5th and 6th. Naonka makes it to 7th and when Holly drops at 8th, Jane wins immunity for the women but wants to stay in and kick Marty’s ass. After her brash statement that she wants to beat the men Marty and Chase go 9th and 10th. Jane keeps going but Fabio knowing he has won immunity drops his rod. Jane asks Jeff if it is really ok to drop and she finally quits. Jane’s a character but can sure play the game, look out boys. And no help from Tarzan!!

After the challenge the discussions center on who to eliminate. Infighting amongst the alliances can’t seem to agree who to eliminate. Marty and Jane seem to be on opposite sides of who should go but Alina’s association with Naonka and people who don’t trust her get her on a 10 – 2 vote. Two votes for Marty and everyone else voting for Alina.

At this point of the game the paranoia is rampant and no one wants to take the lead except Marty who it seems everyone wants out of the game but can’t quite seem to get the job done!

Going into next week, it seems NaOnka is going to one up my old Troll buddy. She manages to wave the flag of victory, or was she counting to one starting with the middle finger. Must have been the finger because Jeff is totally flabbergasted and stunned. Maybe we’ll have a little action in the midst of our mob!  We can only hope!

Ponderosa – Alina Pt.1

Ponderosa – Pt.2    Wait until you see Ponderosa this year, it’s more like heaven!

43 thoughts on “No news, no game play and no game leader!”

  1. Marty should have been blind sided when he gave up his immunity idol. Na is just an obnoxious bully and a liar. I hope Marty goes this week.

    1. Starfish, I agree. I can’t stand Marty or Naonka. I can not believe that both of them, Naonka in particular, do not understand that if they make it to the final two they will need votes from those on the panel. I saw a crack in the strong alliance when Chase made the mistake of saying ‘my’ idol. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.


    hope you have a wonderful day with food, family, friends, and fun!



  3. I am not the only one who compares that NASTIonka to Russell H. Hope she gets booted out soon. I do NOT want to see her make it to the finale.

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