Phillip plays the race card! OOOOhhhhh Boy!!

Phillip must be having a blonde moment tonight. I never knew calling a black man crazy meant you were racist. What is it when I call a white man crazy? Huh, explain that to me please! If Phillip is acting he deserves an Oscar Award, otherwise he IS TRULY NUTS!!!

Tonight should be good for action with possibly 2 duels or a duel with 3 players. Matt will need to be on his toes to stay in now! Gepetto has in marionettes in line so another Zapatera should be on the hook for eviction. Immunity can only save one of them which means barring a miracle one of them will be gone.

Lets hope for some game play maneuvering for a change please!


News about Phillip!

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112 thoughts on “Phillip plays the race card! OOOOhhhhh Boy!!”

  1. Yep, Phillip is crazy, but also very annoying. Some people know they are annoying, but some people never seem to have a clue about why people don’t like them.
    Not related to Survivor, but related to annoying, Gary Busey never acted like he had a clue to what he was doing on Celebrity Apprentice, but then he went on talk shows and actually talked coherently about being fired because “his teammates didn’t like him”.

  2. Boston Rob is an amazing player. Against all odds he has managed to rally the tribe on his side and they are following orders. Rob deserves to win or at least get to the final 3! I just hope that when the tribe turns against him, he knows it and plays the idol to advance a bit more…

    1. BR’s strategy will bit him in the butt sooner now than later. Once all of the final three Zapatera tribe members are gone, the puppet master will first be separated from his idol when the three girls go after BR in the TC and force him to play the idol sending Phillip or Grant packing and then he gets booted out by the smarter than BR ever imagined triple threat girls alliance that I see in the final 3 with BR’s strategy only giving him one vote in the jury.

      BR seems to comprehend the true concept of winning the big prize just about as well as Charlie Sheen. Never lose track of the numbers that, though they can initially make you, in the end they can break you.

  3. I agree that Phillip is annoying. It was interesting at first but he just drones on and on and on and says nothing logical or realistic. He is one sick puppy. This whole thing is not about race at all. It is about being an annoying boor. With any luck, the Zappatera tribe will catch a break because of Philip’s latest shennanigans. I am really concerned about that feather. I think it may have put a hole in his head and let what few brains he has out on the ground. BTW, anyone else really curious about his true job history. About him being a Federal agent when he was a garbage man in the military? I sure do. His verbage and demeanor don’t fit what he says he was.

    1. So glad to see you agree with me about Phillip being annoying. Oh Wait… you mean Phillip on Survivor!!! Yes he is annoying too! Would like to see a little less of him, but can understand why CBS can’t resist.

    2. Teddy Barren… By now you should surely know that Phillip on Survivor and I are as different as black and white. Oh well…

    3. I agree that BR is an amazing player but I would love to see PKs prediction come true. Do you really think the 3 girls could form an alliance against BR? They may be afraid to approach it with each other being that one may go to BR like was done already. I think if he continues his watch, he’ll realize the threesome must go.

      As for Phillip, he is the craziest of lunaticsl. His narcissistic personality doesn’t even come close to a sophisticated, professional agent. Of course I’m sure some of them are ego maniacs but Phillip takes the cake. I don’t believe he’s faking it, we’ve seen the true him. Yuk!

      Yes, Matt’s praying is a bit over-the-top but if it keeps him in the game, good for him. I really feel sorry for him but he’s naive and doesn’t have much street smarts. He’s spent too much time in school or perhaps church too. Just an observation.

  4. I don’t like RI period. I hope they do not repeat it next show. Now, what are we going to have a 2 out of 3 duel tonight? Man, if Matt wins both i say give him the $1000000 now…he physically doing more than the rest of them together and under pressure, no less. Like Matt would like to believe..”God works in mysterious ways..”

  5. Poor Matt. Tonight he may be so tired of RI…(i’m kinda tired of just watching it) and he’s against some tougher guys. Though I do feel he’s earned the win JMO.
    don’t like rob.
    phillip needs to go home.
    I actually feel embarrassed watching him.
    I’m actually getting bored with the show this time.
    I wonder when they pick ppl to be on it do they go
    OK, we need 1 crazy. 1 really mean. 1 really nice and naive guy. 1 really butch woman. 3 at least hot young chicks. and a couple of hot guys.
    and one person everyone can call old. (and that person is ‘usually’ younger than me, usually.)

  6. Hi Tendr, Aggie and Frannie! I sure hope Matt can pull himself together. I really want Dave to go home!

    Phillip is entertaining, but not entertaining enough for me, hope he goes to RI soon, then home!

  7. Ted took off for Seattle and forgot to leave me my avatar again. I may have to pay him a visit.

    1. yes…starting tomorrow again and going right into next week. I checked my car today and I didn’t have any hail damage. Whew!! There is more expected though.

    2. Sorry about that Frannie – be safe!

      Aggie it is freezing here. I guess I will be wearing my Easter bonnet with snow upon it!!! :roll:

    1. That’s what I was just thinking. Get rid of him before he uses the race card on Rob or Grant next.

    2. I think you are right Aggie. We all knew Phillip was a bit crazy, but I actually think now that he is really mentally ill.

    1. I like Matt, but I like Grant more. If either of them win I would not be upset, but if Phillip wins I just might commit hari-kari! :shock:

    1. Yeah! Why should we be punished. Give that man his pants so we don’t have to look at his droopy ass.

  8. wow, poor Julie. she should have kept her mouth shut tho.
    When are the ‘rob tribe’ going to wake up?

  9. Phillip can’t be angry with his tribe, as I am sure he thinks the three votes were from the Zappatera members.

    It was fun tonight. I will see you all tomorrow on Aggie’s blog.
    Good night!!!

  10. If Phillip ever was actually a federal agent, and I hope no agency is that dysfunctional, we know why he’s a FORMER agent. This man is a liar, a backstabber, and, I think, dangerously unstable. He must be getting desperate to play the race card the way he did. I’ll be politically correct just this once: He has been acting like a *n-word* from day one. He physically threatened another contestant – why was he not thrown out immediately? Disgusting.

  11. Phillip is crazy and i don’t think steve is a racist but phillip brought up good points , just like Bill Maher from HBO said regarding the president, republicans want to call Obama the “N” word so bad but they cant so instead they use code words like Muslim, Socialist etc. when have u ever heard of a president being asked to show his birth certificate lol? Phillip may have been wrong about Steve but when you’ve dealt with racism all your life ur gonna assume it sometime especially when u say something rational and the person calls u crazy

  12. I feel Phillips pain , I’m 34 and when i grew up as a kid in Long Beach Ca. as a kid i was called the N word all the time, and even ran off the road by adults calling me the N word, they burnded down our trees ,we were the only blacks that lived on our block thats just a small part uf what i’ve been through, so if i dealt with that at 34 i can only imagine what phillip dealt with at 50 years old

  13. I wonder if philip is really a big wacko or is he just super smart and actually has a game plan. I mean he seems to know a lot of random things that normally people wouldnt know. lol.

  14. Haven’t BR’s minions ever watched Surivivor. Don’t they know when he gets to the end he will say, “What did you do to win? Nothing. You just followed me.”

    I am tired of listening to Phillip. I really thought his number was up last night.

    I wish the Zaps would do SOMETHING. They wasted Ralph’s idol.

  15. I can not wait to see Matt leave… only problem is, he will be on the jury and will have to look at him every week… he is becoming more annoying than Phillip. And like Phillip’s irrational behavior, Matt’s born-again-enthusiasm has become just as wearing.

    Sorry to see Julie get the boot, and hope she can prevail at R.I. Arena.

  16. This seasons survivor was interesting before the merge. Since the two tribes combining its been pretty predictable with Rob calling all the shots. They should of gotten rid of Phillip when they had the chance. Also with the jury going to be made up of former members does rob think hes really going to win ?

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