Probst’s Position to Ponder!

Jeff’s opening statement makes it clear that he is unclear!

“Okay I need to preface this blog by saying that I’m very frustrated at the moment and therefore may very well write things that I later regret. Which really means that I’ve already considered if I’ll regret the comments and have decided I don’t care if I do regret them, which means I really don’t/won’t regret them at all. I know what I’m writing it and my intention is clear.”

Here is the link to Jeffs blog for this week: 

“The two big reasons for my frustration: 1. Naonka 2. Marty”


My distaste for NaOnka goes way beyond Jeff’s being disturbed. The QB is one slimy, socially ugly “BITCH”. There is no other word to describe this shell of a women. (And Ted, if your rooting for her my respect for you is out the window) Her picture would have to be beside so many irrevellent words in the dictionary!

Jimmy “Coach” J.  The man got a raw deal because of his celebrity. If he was an unknown commodity going into the game I believe he would still be around to play a few more episodes.

Marty is a egotistical SOB who has know idea what he is doing. He has a maniacal sense of leadership and does act like he is a “Godfather”. After having someone help you find the HII, there is no way in hell you show it to anyone, let alone the whole damn tribe. Golly what fool you are Marty. I hope these fools realize they have no chance at being able to use it for themselves and trick you into using it so it won’t be around for you to shove in their faces!

After helping Marty get the HII, Jill has totally being hiding in the woods. and is one of the strongest non-players ever to play the game. She is a total wuss. She needs to put on her push-up bra and start shoving her team mates into some meaningful game play. Nah, it won’t happen.

Fabio, if you don’t know the “real” Fabio, google him and you’ll understand how Jud got the nickname. Fabio(Jud) is one dumb air-headed, blondie. He should have been a girl!

Dan ….. all I have to say is, your dead in the water and your canoe has a small hole it …. ie, your sinking fast buddy!

I don’t think I’ve said enuff about you know who, after finishing Jeff’s rant. NaOnka is just plain pushy when she has to pick on a cripple by knocking her on her ass so you can get the clue she saw first. As for the apology for smashing the bananas, there was no reality behind that apology, just a i smashed the bananas, oh well, tuff shit. It’s a game and I”M playin it from the hood! Don’t try to be ghettoing me, I’m not dumb. No, but she sure is an a-hole.

The rest of the crew will feel my wrath later. For now, lets get the game on and whup some butt!

95 thoughts on “Probst’s Position to Ponder!”

  1. I do not like any of these people.I was voting for Shannon till he showed what an idiot he was. Now i am not sure.

  2. evil :evil: ……grin :grin: …….mrgreen :mrgreen: …….twisted :twisted:…..shock :shock: …….cool :cool: …….??? :???: …..mad :mad: …….neutral :neutral: ……..sad :sad: ……..! :!: …….cry :cry: …….? :?: …..oops :oops: ……..idea :idea: ……..roll :roll: ……..wink :wink: ……arrow :arrow: …….razz :razz: ……eek :eek: …… :lol: …….smile :smile: ……………..


  4. See Ted….you need to tuck that tail between your legs and walk away from bitch-onka. I think you’re the only one here that likes her. For the life of me…I don’t understand why. :roll: I hope the young team can lose this week and vote her a$$ off. Let’s keep our fingers crossed this will happen so Lane/Liz can change her pic from Rac-ho to bitch-onka.

  5. As a learned attorney, I’m sure PK will come to my defense… I believe the Downtrodden need to have a voice on the Blog. I will take up that cause, just like I defended Rachel, against all odds by providing fair and unbiased insights.

    1. Ted… After a thorough review of every conceivable argument one one might consider introducing in Na’s defense, none IMO would convince even the jurors in the original O.J. Simpson murder trial that Na is not guilty of setting a bad example for even the most belligerent Nicaraguan tree monkey.

      I hope teaching sportsmanship is not a part of the PE program at the high school where Na teaches. Individual event track athletes like her never seem to fully grasped the concept of “team” anything, apparently.

  6. I think everyone dissing Jill is wrong. Her gameplay is very smart by deferring to Marty and letting him do the dirty work. She will surface when the time is right.

    Marty is becoming a ‘legend in his own mind’… I’m still behind him, but he may become annoying. He was just too afraid of Jimmy J and wanted him out as soon as possible, but then, maybe so did the rest of the tribe… the vote was 7-1. And, I’m sure that was decided before they got to tribal. Was it smart… no, they should have gotten rid of Dan.

    As far as Na goes… she would have pushed anyone out of the way, artificial leg or not, so let’s not make such a big deal out of that. The problem with Na, is that she is not a nice person. Jeff says she is a villain… I disagree. A true villain is one who inspires and she does not do that. You may not like them, but you love to watch them in action. And, you LOVE TO HATE THEM. There is not much to love about her, and she is not worth hating. Na was cast to be a villain and the producers knew exactly what they were doing. Look at the comments she is eliciting. What she has done so far is okay, except her hateful manner is becoming not okay. She is very funny in her comments, but they are starting to disgust. I am sure she is an embarrassment to many viewers, as Shannon was to me with some of his comments

  7. snake, hon! your comment about fabio has offended women everywhere!! are you sincerely suggesting since he is blonde AND stupid he is like a girl? a woman? really, sal? gender bias from you sweetie.

    i just don’t believe you thought about that comment before you wrote it!



    1. “Fabio, if you don’t know the “real” Fabio, google him and you’ll understand how Jud got the nickname.” — The personna portrayed by Fabio is the reason for Jud’s nickname. There was no intended perception of the real person to be assumed from the comment I made.
      ( I can’t believe it’s not butter.) — made his personna a laughable technique for the commercial and is what most people know him by!

      Jud’s dumb air headed, blondie reputaion in the game makes him a candidate for entrance into the streotypical category that the Jokes have established. I intended no gender bias and am not that type of person. I would never intentially do such a thing to anyone if gender or personal. I apologize if I offended you. Please don’t let this break up our friendship!

  8. I agree with you snake EXCEPT…….to say fabio should have been a girl???????????????????? HE’S NOT MAN ENOUGH TO BE A GIRL.

    is being a girl a putdown?

  9. Na-honka is a trashy person and zero class. you can be a winner and aggressive and still have class. to me she’s walking body odor.

  10. Ted darling, if a villain is “one who inspires”, why is Na inspiring so much hatred? The women’s bitchy wonky and shouldn’t be anywhere near school children.

    Princess, you got to it about the fabio comment. Poor Snake, he loves us girls and the steelers too. Geez, they lost yesterday. I hate that!

  11. Okay, I fixed it with this email address. I didn’t change it for this one. Let’s see if it works.

  12. hi starfish. that avatar certainly doesn’t seem to be you!! but thanks for the nod. i know sal would never REALLY think that about a woman (at least on this blog) lol !!

  13. Happy Tuesday everyone. I need help. I have “” and cannot get anything when I click on weblinks. I want to read the one Sal has put on today from Jeff there any other way I can get to that? I really want to check on getting one of these new little things I see on TV where you can do internet and also watch TV shows…does anyone have a suggestion? I saw on Ellen yesterday she mentioned something new by Vizio.

    I also must now say I am embarrassed that last week I actually wrote that I liked Marty. I have changed my mind after last week’s show. I liked Jimmy Johnson and am sorry he is gone. I did not like Jimmy Tarintino at first but am warming up a bit now. I do not like Dan, so I guess the older man winner is Tyrone…he has not said much but seems to have some common sense, and after all, he is a fireman. I continue to like Jill…I agree she will hold back as long as she can. As many others I dislike Anonka or whatever her name is..she is distasteful and disgusting and not just because she is picking on Kelly B who is actually from my county here in beautiful NC…I don’t understand why they are all so against Aline…I must have missed what she did or said that has everyone so upset…I also don’t get the socks thing with Fabio…and yes, I like Jud…but my younger male choice is still Chase, also from NC..sorry about that.

    well, have a good day. Thanks Sal, for your work…I appreciate it all.

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  15. That reward would be a good thing to win. I hope the oldies win this one so they can vote NaOnka out…if she doesn’t use the Imm. Idol

  16. Jimmy T has a mind of his own. That dude wouldn’t listen. He says he couldn’t hear…why could the younger ones hear what was going on? Poor excuse. :roll:

  17. These people are idiots. Last week it was all about keeping the tribe strong. So they voted out Coach. Now they vote out a strong member and keep weak Dan. Marty is the puppetmaster right now but he will be the downfall of this tribe. :roll:

    1. They are just switching up the teams before the old team is down to 1… It will be interesting to see who goes where…

  18. The Espada Tribe just keeps shooting themselves in the foot! I wasn’t sad to see Jimmy T go, but I think if they had kept him and voted out Dan the tribe would have been better off. Marty is the same old jerk and thinks he is so darn smart. Well wake up Marty, you’re an idiot! I was glad to see in the previews that the tribes will be mixed up. I don’t think it’s the merge yet, just changing players, but I may be wrong. Nevertheless if it is just changing players I hope that Naonka is on the same tribe as Marty. They both deserve each other!

    1. Good point Betty… It will probably go up for grabs between the tribes at the first challenge. Or maybe they will get rid of the MOP… but I doubt it.

  19. i don’t like marty at all.
    they made a mistake getting rid of jimmy j. (the fisherman) this soon.

    bet my avatar won’t show up.

  20. at least with jimmy t. going – he didn’t make it near the jury and i’ll never have to hear his voice again, until the reunion show. i can live with that…

    1. :lol: gf…you’re in rare form tonight. How did you like that pic I sent you? LMAO. You know what I’m talking about. (j’s)

    2. So, what do you think you are doing wrong tendr??? Are there gravatars showing up on your Gravatar Acct.? Why don’t you try clearing your cache… maybe that will work.

    3. Tendr, this happened to me during the BB blog and I don’t know why. I finally e-mailed gravatar, but by the time they answered my avatar had magically appeared. Like I told you before, check with Ted, I am sure he is behind this! :lol:

  21. i’m pissed cuz my avatar vanished and i can’t get it up, i mean i can’t get it back and so i am just a shadow in the wind. i’m in a bitchy mood. i wanna put some water in someone’s expensive shoes.

  22. ok, so i’m stupid.
    i think it works now.

    I wonder why Nahonka was crying (showing next weeks show)?
    i told J’s..(husband) that kel should prob say something like “you’re not loved at home are you?”

    1. Yes, that was Kelly B she was with wasn’t it… they must have had a heart to heart… and, you may be right about that tendr. There must be some reason for that pent up rage.

  23. In a way I was sorry to see Jimmy T go, because he did make it interesting… but, just a little sorry, because he was becoming so one note and a little sad to watch. The obvious choice was Dan, of course, but I’m still hoping to see something that guy do or say something… I had high hopes at the start that he would be pretty cool in a ‘Tony Soprano’ kind of way. So farnulla!. Interesting to see that Holly and Jane voted for Dan… I don’t know if they were voting for ‘weakest’ or if they had bonded with JT… (and I don’t mean Justaguy, which would be pretty funny actually). Love Marty’s hairdo… will be fun to see what he does when they commingle the tribes. Will he be able to manipulate the ‘young ‘uns’??? I bet he will. Was hoping to see more of Sash and Kelly Purple last night. And, more of Judson… please! That guy is hilarious.

    I bet Na and Brenda will be split up and she will be stuck with Kelly B… hence the bit on the preview… I liked tendr’s comment above. Jane and Jill won’t put up with her shit, and I don’t think Yve will either. That was painful watching Yve listen to JT and try to be kind. Don’t think she will be kind to Na. My prediction: Na will do an about face and become the Darling of Survivor Nicaragua, and everyone here will love her… then I won’t be able to like her anymore. That was pretty funny when Brenda figured out the clue and after Na found it, she bragged that she had solved the puzzle. Poor Chase… finding the clue with no HII to find. At least Brenda let him in on that one. You could see her wrestling with the decision, because she felt bad for him… but at the same time she was weighing how not telling him might come back to bite her. She will go far in the game and might win, I think.

    My favorites at the moment… Brenda, Yve, Marty and Jill. Kelly B gets an Honorable Mention because she is so cute.

    1. PESTS – How dare you call Frannie and me pests! Just look above at the nice comment I made about you being smart. I guess I will have to stick with the comments like I made on the last page (From Clintwood to the Wizard of Oz) about your baggy eyes and Naonka. Maybe remarks like this are more to your liking! If you are going to be that way about the whole thing, then you better get out your pesticide!

  24. Can’t figure out why a team would vote out the strongest players (physically or motivational) so early in the game, when its essential to maintain your strongest & your numbers to win the challenges. Every good member voted off increases the chance of losing the next challenge

    The young’uns will probably keep NaOnka around longer because she has the guts? empathy-deficiency? to say what some of the others are thinking but are too well mannered to do so. She and Fabio will probably go head to head in the usual eating revolting slimy/wriggling bush tucker competition. That would make it worthwhile, her being on the show just a little while longer

  25. Hi’s Thursday noon. I want to thank Augustus Cole for his note yesterday. I just clicked on the link you wrote (to get Jeff’s blog) and I went right to it…I don’t know if I can cut and paste or not, but that worked and I have written it down for future reference now…so thank you Augustus for helping me out.

    Re: the teams changing…does anyone know if they (producers) have everything all set out before the show starts or do they go in and change things, like challenges and merges etc, after they see how the show is going? I also always wondered if Jeff knows the things they do and say while in camp because at tribal council he seems to ask questions that indicate he knows what’s been going on…I would imagine the producers give him some sort of guide questions to ask…I just love the show, have seen every one since the very first (still love Richard Hatch…wonder how he is doing?)…well, thanks everyone…have a super day.

    1. Copy & Paste is easy. Just drag your mouse & highlight the word or phrase or link you wanna copy. Then right click and select copy. Then go to your address bar or google search bar and right click again and select paste. And Voila. 8)

    2. Hey thanks AC… I didn’t know about right clicking on the mouse to copy… I always went up top to edit and then clicked on copy… I guess even TGO can learn something once in awhile.

  26. Russell has ruined Survivor for me. He was sooo awesome that these new people just cant live up to my expectation. Jimmy T is annoying but they should have voted out DAN.

  27. I just watched the show again. Did y’all notice when Chase said that he trusts Brenda more than anyone out there…. They immediately cut to the spider attacking the prey caught in its web? Are they trying to tell us that Chase is trapped in Brenda’s web of beauty? :lol:

  28. Hi Patricia in NC… Yes, the producers definitely make changes as the show goes along, depending on what’s happening. I think the challenges are pretty much set in advance, but such things as team swaps and maybe giving HIIs and things like that to facilitate some action. I’m not sure they would have changed the tribes this early, but something needed to be done or it would have been way too un-sided. They plan on all of these contingencies going in I’m sure. Jeff definitely knows what goes on as you can see by his questions at Tribal. If he didn’t guide the conversation it might be pretty boring. He knows how to get someone to ‘go off’ or call someone else out. He says he doesn’t watch what has been filmed, and he is probably too busy to do that, so I won’t call him a liar, but I’m sure he views some of the more ‘interesting’ footage that is brought to his attention. For sure, someone on the production team is in charge of keeping Jeff informed as to who is saying what, and who is going off the deep end.

    Love it too!!!

    Oh, Richard Hatch was released from prison a year ago… he was then on house arrest and the Judge didn’t let him be on ‘Heros vs. Villians’. But don’t fear… he will be back on Survivor in springtime with Russell (TGO) and Boston Rob, again set in Nicaragua.

  29. Hey AC… I caught that too… Very Clever. Taking her remarks about Chase from the first show… Exactly! Like a Black Widow… she will dispatch poor Chase when his value wears out.

    1. You tell him Betty…how dare Ted call us pests!! Thanks Betty for having my back when I can’t here. I owe you one. :wink:

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