Rice, rice Baby!

I’m now waiting for Matt to totally flip out. Instead of just
making Redemption Island an adventure and wandering around and checking things
out, he seems to do nothing but pray which looks to be wearing him out and
making him mentally week.

Mike and David joined him after they were executed by the “Great
& Powerful Oz!” This sending the Zapetera down to three members. Ralph,
Steve and Julie being left as fish bait for the sharks.

At camp, the rice now seems to be the center of attention. When
they were two tribes they each had their own can of rice. Since a lot of the
Zaps are gone the share of rice per person has increased and they each much
better than the Ometempe’s who are almost out of rice and it’s going bad. Phillip
has become the rice police after complaining about them eating in front of
them. Hmmmmmm. Seems to me Rob wanted to keep things separate and not eat or
associate with the Zaps. Turn-a-bout only seems fair to me.

Being out numbered six to three the only hope the Zapatera’s
only  chance is to win individual immunity.
There is no game talk and we can only hope the Ometempe turn against Rob soon.

Tree mail says that all members must attend the duel. At the
duel the three guys must build a house of cards eight feet high. In a close
race, Mike finishes first and Matt finishes second to remain in the game and
David heads off to Ponderosa as the first jury member.

Phillip has totally flipped on the racial issue. Black and
white and then the “N” word gets entered into the argument.

In my opinion, I still believe Rob is going to carry him to
the end so he gets the votes over Phillip.

The immunity challenge was interesting. They start by turning
a plate he first six advanced. Rob, Julie, Ralph, Andrea, Steve and Grant finished
and moved on. The second half they had to put another puzzle together around
the outside of the first one. In a very close race Rob finished a few seconds
ahead of Steve. Rob won the II.

Back at camp Julie decides to bury a pair of Phillips
underwear. She adds a rock on top for good measure.

Phillip goes on another rant when he realizes his underwear is

No real game talk going on. Steve tells Rob they will give
Phillip their three votes if they want to get rid of Phil. Nah, never happen.

After another Phillip tirade at
TC, they vote and Julie is gone.  With
Julie going to RI, Matt should have another chance to stay in the game!


Jeff’s weekly visions!



38 thoughts on “Rice, rice Baby!”

  1. This is really a one sided game….and its Rob’s game to win. It would be interesting if they blindside him, but those girls are too fragile, sorry, to do so. They would be the key to get rid of Rob…even Phil would go along with that. But to me, the real winner so far is Matt…but just think after all he has done up to now, he loses just one game in RI, and he’s out…Not fair at all . RI sucks.

  2. Yes, thanks Sal for working this great recap – why has there been no discussion of another idol that “should” be in play?? Rob tosses the clue into the volcano…are the rest so stupid that they dont even question it? Hoping for immunity for the underdogs – make the game more entertaining for the viewers!

  3. Hello Aggie…I’m here, but I have to leave at 7:45. I guess I’ll tape the end to watch it when I get back. I have to pick Josh up from work. :(

    1. I guess Betty is still having bad weather. We are geting rain but it should be ending soon. I’s about damn time…..finally a day coming without rain.

  4. Steve tried to bargain with the girls but they weren’t up for it. How dumb…they don’t have a chance.

  5. Damn…I have to leave Aggie. It’s early enough that anything can still happen on here. Bye Aggie

  6. woouldn’t it be great if Matt could hold on and end up in the final, maybe against Phillip, or even against Rob. Do admit Rob has played a great game and deserves something, which 2nd place would give him.

  7. I just wanna say something about this blog before I cool down and maybe come back.
    PRAYER has never made me weaker.

    1. Relax tendr… nothing wrong with prayer… in fact it makes one stronger. It gives solace in times of despair and in joy also. What would this world be without the power of prayer?

      However in Matt’s case, and how they are using it on Survivor… well I think it is a mockery and way over the top. But, nothing less that what I would expect them to do.

  8. should have posted this first

    “he seems to do nothing but pray which looks to be wearing him out and
    making him mentally week”

    1. I actually think this was well put, and not a put-down on prayer at all. I think what Snake was saying, was that Matt is losing focus on why he is there and what the game is all about. Matt’s faith is somewhat askew, and he is making God play the game instead of playing the game with God’s help. I think Matt is a ‘Born-again Christian’, and while there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes people become overzealous and their outlook on reality is clouded.

      If I hear Matt say “Well I guess God wants me to stay, so I will” I think I will SCREAM! But, that being said, it is good TV!

    2. Yes Tendr,

      Matt needs to realize that he needs to play the game for himself and to rely on prayer for the strength to compete. He needs to rely on his own moral judgement to decide if he’s ready to quit. Prayer is for the lords help to assist him. Guidance will come from within. He has had a bad situation of being alone almost 30 days. Those times when he has had company he shoud have embraced the social aspect of the game to recover what sanity he has left. He’s strong but too hard on himself!

  9. Get a grip Matt, there is no crying on Survivor! I thought you were better than that! It is just a game and I would hope God has more important things to take care of these days. Granted you have done a great job, but stop whinning!!!

    1. There is always crying on Survivor, Betty. Usually it’s reserved for family visits… which I can never figure out, since they have only been there for a month. But, I will agree… God has more important things to do! He needs to man up. I could see the despair when he was all alone maybe, but now he has plenty of company. But knowing how Survivor editors work, I’m sure his ‘weeping God moments’ are only a very small part of his day. But, he is playing it to the hilt and I want him OUT of the game. Hated to see Julie go, but she hasn’t really done anything… has she.

    2. Continuing the thought of how the Survivor editors work, be assured that for what they paid BR to “appear” this time around on Survivor that the viewers will only see the three “Robettes” kissing up to the star of the show until BR finally gets consumed by his own ego with a little help from the 3 diva’s alliance the producers have yet to disclose in the final cuts before showtime. Contrary to the Producer’s spin on last weeks episode, Ashley and Natalie will not vote out Andrea. It is now 3 girls and 3 guys. They know BR is keeping Phillip around for HIS select final 3 to which at least two of them would not be included.

  10. When you’re tired, starving, filthy dirty and missing ppl who care about you do you ever cry?

    I do and I live at home.

    I’d be praying too. I don’t read about how Rob makes fun of Matt and his kindness to the other tribe that got him sent over there.
    A person’s faith can be in anything. Some have it just in themselves. Which in the end is kinda dumb. so editing i’m sure has alot to do with it but no matter. Matt comes off as a very kind person.
    At least he’s not seeing visions of his grandfather and walking around in pink underwear with his balls hanging out.

    1. Okay tendr… I’ve reassessed my opinion of Matt. You are right, and due to the circumstances he has been forced to endure in the game… I guess I should not judge him as I have. He is a nice young guy, and it was unfair to pick on him like that. Being evicted a second time like that must have been crushing, and I think it did break his spirit. You are right too, that he is a decent guy and not a jerk. In fact, and I have always thought, if he does get back in the game I wouldn’t be sad to see him win. And Amen! that we do not see him acting like Phillip.

      So, I thank you for helping me review my opinion of Matt. I will watch the next installment with a different eye.

  11. AND hell, i’m not done. if he was an ass H. and being russ you’d be saying go go go …..but …………oh never mind.


    1. No, not this time… Russell came onto the show as a cocky jerk with no game and got what he deserved. He was a disappointment and contributed nothing, unlike Rob who has been the producer’s dream.

  12. I don’t understand why these dippy girls don’t understand that he can’t take them ALL to the finals. Man they are dopey and his idea of taking Phillip just might work. When are some of these girls going to get a real brain?

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