23 thoughts on “Rupert found! News to use for his fans.”

    1. Hi macy123123… I’ve been good! Loving this Survivor! Phillip just keeps getting better and better… as deluded as our own Phillip I think. Can not figure out if he is for real or not… if he isn’t, then he’s a damn good actor. Loving Boston Rob’s moves. Keep waiting for the Zaps to do something, but I’m thinking they are pretty lame. I’m hoping Julie (who I really like) is just laying back and biding her time. Mike seems to be the only one trying to make moves.

      Good to see Rupert staying true to himself. He is truly an original and the real deal… Thanks for the link and the info SNAKE!

    2. Me deluded, Ted? Never! But I do prefer my Prestone [b]diluted[/b] with 50% distilled water. Was that what you were thinking about?

  1. Hi all…not much action this year..Ted, I agree about Julie=something about her smile and for me, her age…disagree about Philip except that he is a great actor if this isn’t really him…I am hoping Matt wins also..the others don’t interest me much…hope tonight is a good show. Best wishes everyone.

  2. I have a Big Brother note…as you may know Julie Chen hosts a CBS talk show called “The Talk” daily at 2PM eastern..anyway it has Leah Remini (who I can’t stand), Sara Gilbert (Roseanne); Holly Robinson Peete; Sharon Osborn and Julie as the group…anyway a few days ago Julie talked about the next BB and she challenged them to spend one night in the new BB House…all accepted…so I am anxious to see what happens with that…if they will make a special out of it, or just show on The Talk or what…this is just info I thought you all might not know about….
    I tape this show and watch in bed before sleep…need something mindless and sort of fun…no husband so I need something entertaining! Good day all.

  3. Hi Fran, If you happen to get home on time, let me know on the blog. If not, don’t worry about it, I hope all works out for you, Peace :lol:

    1. Rob, being his cocky asshole self again, loved it when Julie called him out at Tribal, calling his tribe “CULT LIKE” so true, Rob is a total control freak, In order to stay in good with him, you can’t be a dominant player. I don’t really care for David, I’m not sad he got the boot. I just hope MATT, keeps winnning, But I can’t see him beating everybody. Good show tonight, I’m sure Grant will be a target of Rob’s soon enough, because He’s a good player, he certainly wouldn’t want him there in the end.

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