Survivor Fever, think they might catch it soon?

In A somewhat boring episode of Survivor, anyone new that was watching for

The first time was probably thinking, LAME!

After getting back from the TC last time, the young members of Espada were still doubting their decision about not getting rid of Dan.

Meanwhile at the La Flor camp, Marty is bragging about not playing the idol and surviving the vote. He says he has some big cahones! Then he proceeds to jump on Jane because he thinks she voted for him. She did you fool, who in their right mind would vote for you? Marty tells Jill he thinks they need to get Jane out of the game.

At the Reward Challenge they will play for a trip to a farm. Horseback riding, cow milking and FOOD! A very nice meal is on the line.

The challenge consists of the teams having to throw a ball across a small pool and into a net. In their way will be a member of the other tribe in the middle standing on a small platform who is able to block their shots. The blocker for La Flor will be Fabio and Chase will block for Espada. With Fabio in to block NaOnka jumps and scores over Fabio’s block. 1-0. Chase enters the pool as Fabio gets out. Jill is able to score over Chase and makes it 1 – 1. Next Benry makes point #2 while Marty misses, 2 – 1. Rd. three has Holly get blocked and Kelly P make it. 2 – 2. Rd.4 Dan is next and his is usual sorry ass self, he doesn’t jump and manages to hit Chase  in the crotch (sheesh) put Sash misses for La Flor. Rd. 5 Alina makes hers while Brenda misses. 3 – 2 Espada. During the switch in blockers, Fabio decides to have a bathroom break room IN the pool. What a nerd!!

Rd.6 – NaOnka makes another pt and so does Jill. 4 – 3. Benry is up to begin Rd. 7 and makes his shot to closeout the game 5 – 3.

Back at La Flor camp, Jane decides to go fishing alone. She manages to catch a decent size fish and goes into the woods to hide and cook her catch. She starts a fire and cooks her fish which she proceeds to eat in the privacy of the jungle! Way to go Jane!

Espada rides horseback into the farm / ranch and dismounts and head for the cows. We then see Dan go first and does quite well at milking the cow. NaOnka is next and fails miserably and has to get help! Ah, Really? They then go over to the dinner table and sit down to a great meal. Cheese, Corn, veggies …. Yummy. And then there is watermelon, nice and juicy! They sit around talking and Kelly purple who hasn’t uttered a word in the game until now, she has a minor emotional moment and cries and actually speaks.

The next day the Immunity challenge is up for grabs. In a somewhat blasé game of bowling for tiles. The teams have to send two people send two people up on a tower and roll small or large cannon balls down the chutes and hit the tiles to break them. After some squabbling among the pairs at the top with the rest of team members holding the ropes to aim the chutes, everything seems to calm down and Espada casually wins the game 5-2.

Back at the La Flor camp a major play is being discussed to have Marty play the idol at TC. Make him play it or give it up is discussed and Sash will be the spokesperson. Sash goes and tells Marty what they are going to do and it is his choice whether or not to play the idol or give it up with the promise not to vote him out this week. He can also vote whatever way he wants nut that Jill will be the target.

Marty, Marty, Marty, you have no common reality game sense. You have made a mockery out of what you did with your Idol game play. Your are first class foolish ass. He now must be considered for the dumbest move ever in Survivor.

The talk around the TC fire is mostly about trust. Does Marty trust they won’t vote him out? Do Jill and Marty now have anyone they can trust? Does everyone trust that sash will give up the HII if someone else needs it? Specially after the Freudian slip about who he trusts. What might happen to the idol now that the merge is coming? My wonder is, what ever happened to Na Onka’s HII??

After a vote that everyone knew was coming Jill is voted out. Jill 3 votes, Marty 2 votes and Jane 2 votes.

Up next week, just watch the video at the beginning of this post!

79 thoughts on “Survivor Fever, think they might catch it soon?”

  1. Next Iron Chef and American Pickers comes on at the same time on Wednesday night as Survivor 21 for those of you who are looking for something more entertaining…

  2. Entered wrong e-mail (typo) so duplicate possible…
    Next Iron Chef and American Pickers comes on at the same time on Wednesday night as Survivor 21 for those of you who are looking for something more entertaining…

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  4. how dumb NOT to vote marty OUT. dumb dumb dumb.
    don’t like sash or brenda at all. poor fabio shouldn’t be told what
    everyone’s going to do becuz i think he will accidentally tell.

    hope Jane wins this thing. i know…..prob won’t but she is my fav player.

  5. Not one of the greatest episodes… I thought the pool one was kind of lame… and it was Chase who got hit in the crotch. I kind of liked the one with the balls… too bad La Flor was so bad at it… not much of a game. The reward was nice… I’m surprised Na even tried milking the cow. It was Alina who got emotional, and mother Holly came to the rescue. But we did finally get to see Purple Kelly and hear her voice. She is probably the best looking Survivor and I’m surprised she hasn’t beebread featured more. Na still has her HII which she fought so hard to win, she just hasn’t needed it.

    I am disappointed Jill didn’t vote for Marty. I did think she was going to be better at the game than she was.

    Not at all happy that CBS told us the merge is next week. The last few seasons they have been giving away the shows on the previews… don’t know what’s up with that.

  6. Jill should have gone far in this game.She seems so smart to play so dumb………how is it that so many people get on the show & forget to play the game?

  7. I am not getting this Survivor at all. I know i don’t like Na or Brenda. They both are tacky bee-otches. Mean Girls through and through. I don’t really like anyone except the girl with the leg that got voted out. I am not sure why everyone likes Jane. I don’t dislike her but I don’t necessarily like her either. They are all really boring to me. It’s as bad as last summers big brother. Can someone explain to me who you like and why?

    1. Jane, you are right there is nobody that great this season, good for jane if she can hang in there, marty did one of the dumbest things on the show, I just wish they voted his dumbass out instead of Jill, they should of taught him a lesson for doing that, it would have been quite a moment if they did. :roll:

  8. evil ……. :evil: ……..grin :grin: ……..twisted :twisted: ………??? :???: ……..mrgreen :mrgreen: ………shock :shock: ………cool :cool: ……………mad :mad: ……………neutral :neutral: ……….sad :sad: ……………..! :!: ………..cry :cry: ………..oops :oops: ………? :?: ………………roll :roll: …………..idea :idea: …………wink :wink: ……………….arrow :arrow: ………………razz :razz: ……………….eek :eek: ……………… :lol: ………… :smile: ……………………………

  9. Who picked the players this year? Without a doubt the this is the worst batch of people I”ve ever seen !!! Naonka and Brenda are the.most .viscious nasty,hateful women EVER!!!! Be glad when they are gone!!! Jill was my favorite Lets hope this SURVIVOR picks up and we see some Playing . Hey lets slip Russell in and show them duds how SURVIVOR is played!!!!

  10. i absolutely agree. this is the most boring survivor i’ve ever watched and i’ve watched them all – and any repeated airings of any season! i keep watching, hoping, and being disappointed. maybe the merge is early this season ’cause these personalities are tanking! WHY is dan still there? and how in the world did anyone think voting kelly b out so early was a good plan. all these questions and many more may never be answered… but this season is a snooze.

    1. Jane, Dan is the guy with 6000.00 crocodile shoes that holly ruined to get back at him, the guy seems connected to me, he brags about all his luxuries, he obviously does not need the money so WTF is he doing there, he can’t even Run and throw at the same time. he is a dead weight, boot his ass out, so he can go home to his cars and all his other luxuries. :roll:

    2. to answer your question Jane, Dan is the guy with the 6000.00 crocodile shoes that holly ruined when she had a psycho moment, If she were a guy he might have decked her. Dan, also brags alot about all the stuff he has, What does Dan do anyway, it seems like he has alot of money so the question is WTF is he on there for he also can’t run and throw at the same time, he obviously is not cut out for that at all, Dan probably doesn’t know the meaning of the words Roughing it. he’s probably a guy who gets manicures and facials. Ok Jane you want to know anymore let me know. :lol:

  11. you know why i like Jane? becuz though she’s older, she has the spunk of a young kid. she’s daring…does her OWN thing. doesn’t kiss ass and can pretty much take care of herself.
    she didn’t kiss marty’s ass and that took some big balls.

  12. WTF, is with this blog, i submitted a comment twice the other day trying to answer jane’s question about Dan, and both times my comments disappeared, this sucks big time, Please Iron out the kinks Ok, man behind the curtain or whoever the —- you are? There I didn’t say it. :roll:

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  15. dumb dumb dumb..
    i don’t like anyone but Chase and Jane.

    Fabio would make a good boyfriend. you could make him do everything or the big boogie man will get him. i’d make him wear just an apron, backwards and do chores.

  16. When are these people going to start playing the game? They need to start playing like they want to win…not just vote people out because they don’t like them. Get yourself a small alliance and stick with it. Even when they do have an alliance, they can’t even agree on who they want out. Keep the alliance a secret so you can spy on the others. It was brilliant the way they did it on BB. Learn from them…it got them far.

    Now, with that being said….time to vote out the thief and liar. How can you trust someone that lies to your face. They all know it, now do something about it.

  17. Hey everyone! I’ve been m.i.a. this survivor. This survivor sucks. Na is annoying and Brenda is a stuck up b. So boring!!!

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