21 thoughts on “Survivor – Redemption Island w/twists”

  1. If you can get to cbs.com, the survivor site has them listed with pics.
    Also youtube has the Jeff Probst video

  2. if you can get us the videos in Canada, i will be forever grateful. I miss the Ponderosa clips. Yes this will be a blast, hope they behave themselves, especially Russell the troll.

  3. Hi Snakebit! – Thanks for sending me the blog and for all your hard work.

    I think it will be a very interesting season, however, as much as I like Russell, I don’t think he or Boston Rob will make it to the merge; that is providing they have some intelligent players this time around.

  4. Hey Sal! Thanks for being there again this year.

    Looking forward to this season. I agree with Betty, they shouldn’t make it to the merge if the players on their team are smart. I would get rid of them ASAP. If their teammates are convinced to trust them, then they’ll get what they deserve. That’s my take on it.

    Go Steelers!!!

  5. Hi Sal, and everyone else… Yes, ‘here we go again’!… should be fun… I like the cast. Not sure how they are using R&R… they are not listed on a tribe like the others are. Maybe they will be mentors for awhile. At any rate, it should be fun. Thanks Sal for picking up the torch again. Looking forward to a Steelers win too!

  6. OH I don’t want to miss this so please someone remind me. I’ve gotten into the habit of not watching tv and watching shows online instead. ya know, old sci fi stuff and movies. I don’t have cable so reg tv is boring. But i don’t wanna miss survivor.

    AGGIE, TED, FRANNIE….don’t forget me ok? cuz i get lost in here easily.

  7. I’m guessing this is still up and running but I think I will need moderation. Let’s see……………

  8. Man, Boston Rob is a smarty. He KNEW “Fransisquouise” and Kristina had the idol. He knows those two were the only women not following him around with stars in their eyes and, therefore, have brains and are a threat.

    WTF with Phil? I think he’s just been thrown in there to see how crazy will effect the balance.

  9. Kristina was a fool for telling Phillip about the idol and I did not particularly like her attitude (sort of bitchy). Francesa was also a bitch. I don’t think these two idiots will go far in the game due to Kristina’s big mouth. I only wish Kristina was the one sent to redemption island. When Phillip told the tribe about Kristina and Francesa wanting to vote off Boston Rob, the look on those two girl’s faces was priceless! LMAO

    As for Phillip I am sure he was fired as a special agent to the FBI (oh, not FBI I was corrected by Ted on Aggie’s blog). I don’t think he could keep a secret if his life depended on it! To me it is certainly a bit frightening to see this organization have an imbecile like him in it!

  10. I am kind of disgusted with Phillip. He’s an odd one. And kind of scary. Kristina isn’t the brightest light bulb in the box in some ways. Rob caught on quickly that she was looking for the idol. Our power went out just as they got to tribal council so I was so glad to find out how it all played out. Wish I could have watched it.

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