Tarzan and Jane, the Odd Ones!

Marty is becoming more ape looking everyday, so I’m gonna call him Tarzan. That will make Tarzan and Jane the “Odd Couple”. He really pissed off Jane last week. This week she has decided to just call him Jack ass.

After Tribal council last week everyone has realized just how much of an asshole he really is and the target on his back has grown!

Everyone has been telling Jane to chill out and not worry about Marty. Even NaOnka hopes he starts some shit about her so she can cut Marty a new butt!

Marty was also trying to ask around and see who the other person was that voted for him. He’ll have no luck there; no one will reveal that info. He’s also trying to setup  a blindside to get rid of Jane. Jane is still pissed and wants to take Marty to the woodshed and straighten him out!

First up is the reward challenge. Teams were chosen and somehow it’s men vs. women with Chase sitting out because of the odd number of players. Chase must choose what team he thinks will win and will get what that team gets. The men wipe out the women by having enough strength to carry Dan thru the challenge course.

Guys get a cool reward of a zip line ride thru the jungle tops and then a meal.

Lots of talk about who to evict centers mainly on Jane and Marty, Brenda starts to complain to NaOnka that Chase is getting on her nerves. They decide Chase might be getting close to needing evicted.

When the tree mail arrives they get a clue that the immunity challenge will me a memory test. At the challenge site they see some objects on cards with objects on them. Jeff tells them he will reveal some of the cards and they must remember the order to win the challenge.

Jeff reveals the first six items. Ship, Musket, Anchor, Ships Wheel, Musket and Ship.

They all get the first two correct. Jane and NaOnka miss the third item.. Dan misses the fourth item. Holly, Kelly and Sash miss item 5. Everyone else gets the sixth correct

And move to round two.

Jeff reveals seven items this time: Musket, Ship, Coins, Anchor, Dagger, Musket and Ships Wheel.

Everyone gets the first one, Fabio misses item two, Chase misses item three, Benry misses item 4, Marty and Brenda get the fifth and then Marty misses number 6 and Brenda wins immunity.

The alliances seem to be weakening and no very strong groups look ready to take control.. It’s going to be a crap shoot as who will go. At TC, Marty doesn’t do anything to help his cause. Infighting among the group is getting hotter and heavier.

After a quick vote, Marty is sent packing. It’s about time the master dummy got the boot.

 Wednesday next looks like things are heating up as the camp burns down!! Can’t wait to see who is responsible for that one.

The alliance of  Benry and Fabio will now compete against Brenda and Sash for power of the tribe!

Marty Pt.1 Ponderosa

Marty Pt.2

Marty Pt.3

98 thoughts on “Tarzan and Jane, the Odd Ones!”

  1. What the hell is volcano boarding. I’m not so sure I would want to do that….unless I knew what it was.

  2. Hi everyone..so happy to finally have a new email..I checked yesterday on the last one and it had 77 messages but none new…thanks Sal.

    TO: Franniep2…on 11/3 you wrote about Bobo having heart surgery..do you know how that turned out and are you in contact with him? I don’t know who he is but did say some prayers…would email with him if he wanted to.

    One more thing…from Big brother, Brenden and Rachel are appearing on CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful…they were on twice last month 25 & 26th)and I think 2 days next week…I don’t watch it, but it was in TVGuide on 10/25 and will be reappearing on Nov 18 and 19th…now they were probably preempted last week when Pres. Obama spoke, so it might be 19 and 20th…they play a waitress and bartender and she has lines with Hope Logan (Kimberly Matula)..and gives advice…article also had a nice photo of the two…whether you liked them on BB or now, this is nice for them…just in case someone wants to tune in..I don’t know what time it is on but I think 1PM eastern…

    well…Jane sure made North Carolinians proud last night…she certainly is “real”..and impressive…she reminds me of my grandmother who was born in Kentucky…gets that look in her eye and digs in her heels. go Jane!

    I wonder what Naonka does next week that is so horrible? they always make it sound worse but the previews look pretty enticing..

    well, good day and good week everyone…take care.

    1. Patricia in NC…I sent Bobo an e-mail before he went in for the surgery and I told him to let me know how things go, but I haven’t heard anything yet. I will post something when I do hear anything at all. That is very nice of you Patricia. :)

  3. I really liked Brenda at the beginning, but she seemed to change. I really think the power went to her head (a lot like it does with Ted). My favorite is Jane! What a sassy lady, but I am sure she will not make it to the finals, as if she did, she would win and the remaining tribe members know that! :sad:

    Chase doesn’t have any brains and is being too wishy-washy!

    1. :lol: @Betty…and he told me he went to visit a friend that had surgery. Betty, are you playing Doctor with the Tedster?

  4. I’ve been a Jane fan from the beginning. Hubby and I actually yelled when she won. (yes, we have very boring lives and are easily entertained)
    I like Chase but he’s thinkin’ with his weiner and not his beaner (head)
    GLAD ‘the brenda’ is gone. next, i want Sash gone then benry (were his parents henry and ben?)

    hi aggie and frannieola. ………and you guys..i kinda skipped down and didn’t read everything. someone’s wanting to use the pc. .

  5. We have bad weather coming in again…I may have to shut my computer down shortly. I hope I don’t lose cable. :(

    1. The storm woke me up at 3:00 A.M. and I’ve been up since. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen tonight.

    2. I’m sure you remember last year whe we got it in mine. I had to replace the carpeting. What a pain in the a$$ !!

    1. HI Betty!! So miss you!!! Been working on starting my Non-Profit! Its been a long hard road. Are you on Facebook we could connect that way.. also I have email.

    2. Hi Jane! I am not on facebook, but my e-mail address is kcraus0694@wowway.com. I know now busy you must be with your work for autism. You are really a dedicated lady and I commend you for everything you are doing for such a worthy cause.

  6. I am so glad NaOnka is gone! I think CBS is wrong though for allowing her and Kelly to be on the jury. Since they quit the show they should not be seen until the reunion show.

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