The fall of the Troll King

The fallof the Troll King


Is this the beginning of the end for Russell? What the heck
was he thinking by not searching for the HII on day one? And now,
underestimating the “poor little farmer boy”, whoa is me! Mistake #1 Mistake
#2, being foolish enough let someone see you pull the clue out of the fishing
gear container. And last but not least, lying about not having the clue! Damn
fool, tell them you have it, this is also an individual game and all you have
is a clue and not the idol. Be man and earn some respect you foolish troll!

The wussie in the drooping pink undies swears his vote to
Rob. Rob agrees, under one condition, “Keep your yap shut”. Rob can see the
loony for what he is!  The man is “STRANGE
TO THE MAX”. He can’t truly be a former federal agent, there isn’t a way this
guy worked for the government, unless working for the US Gov. did this to him!
Turning on what were supposed to be your friends wouldn’t sit well with me in
making an alliance with you. Add that he also is one big egotist seems to say,
he is in the game for himself even while on a team.

The early target was Phillip when the talk was happening on
the return to camp for Omtempe. Phillip once again shows his weirdness when he
went hunting for crab with a spear. It’s a showdown between Phillip and the
Crab. With everyone watching the sideshow, they look at him as the nutcase he
is. But watch out, he was “a federal agent” ya know!

Kristina is soon to
go if she gets no help. The idol was played way to soon and now she will need
an alliance to save her!

Zapatera, Day 4.


Ralph jumps up on a log and crows like a rooster. I’m not
sure the old boy is acting or it’s real! Is he live or is he Memorex? After
Russell calls him the dumbest player on the face of the earth, Ralph proceeds
to stumble his way to finding the HII. What, on day 4 and Russell hasn’t looked
yet, sheesh. Was it dumb luck or was he really trying? He was looking for

Russell appears to have found himself another little
sweetheart to help him out. He had Stephanie and now Krista. He tells Krista to
watch for the clue if they win the challenge and also that he is starting to
look for it without the clue. He has people watching him look this time. Why
does he seem so careless this season? I’m not sure the old Troll has what it
takes this time! He’s being sloppy!!

Andrea is flirting with Matt to make an alliance. Rob is
worrying about it as a threat.

The challenge is for both immunity and reward. Phillip is ready to kick some butt.

The challenge is simple. Five people must collect some keys
by recovering them after breaking a plate. They must then open three locks and
open a box to get a ball. The ball must be used to break five tiles to win the
game. Again Omtempe loses after a great comeback. Ralph wins it over Phillip 5
– 4. Zapatera wins reward and immunity. After the game Matt goes over and
congratulates the other team. That is a big no-no in Robs mind and adds fuel to
evicting Matt.

Back at Omtempe there is lots of talk on who to evict and
finally come up with a plan to backdoor Matt.

Back at Zapatera, Russell pulls the clue out of the basket
but is caught by Ralph. When confronted by a few people after Ralph blows the
whistle, Russell denies, denies, denies that he has it. The beginning of a
mutiny is in the wind and a fight between the Farmer and the Troll is brewing,
and we might see and old fashioned showdown coming.

Francesca at RI and it looks like a boring place for now. I
can’t wait for the first duel!

Before going to Tribal, Ralph goes off on one of is rants
while everyone looks at him as the fool one more time. Kristina wears the idol
and plans to use it.

After the usual bull shit talk at tribal Jeff sends them to
vote. When he is ready to announce the votes, Kristina plays the Idol. The
votes for her will not count. The votes went:





The last four votes went against Matt and he became the second eviction.

PS – The Idol will be hidden again.

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44 thoughts on “The fall of the Troll King”

  1. I realize that Sal personally requested that i never visit this site again,however, I do enjoy the blogs (when available).

    1. The great ones not so great in fact he sucks, If your talking about BBB, he lets his blogs go to shit, My question is Why does he have them in the first place? :roll:

  2. I want the pics and names of the players we have NOW up there. Not last time. Sorry the site’s giving you probs. :(
    (my body) also under construction or is that destruction?

  3. Sorry to be late to the party!

    I am not worried about Russell, as I think he will defeat Matt on RI.
    I am sure Ted would agree.

  4. Russell may lose against Matt, we will just have to wait and see. Have a good evening Aggie and anyone else that comes on!

  5. Matt is a cute sweet guy so russell will probably eat him. btw….i yelled “YES” when russell was voted off until i realized he will prob end up coming back. HEY RUSS i like tattoo’s. i have more than a dozen myself. The lettering on yours looks pretty home made. JMO.

    J=husband and i were slightly arguing about the leak in the drain under the sink during the show so i kinda missed parts of it.
    he wanted to replace a huge chunk of it and i said no just replace a ‘nut’ I won. but i’m not moving the bowl just yet.

    1. I don’t know tendr, Matt is in alot better shape than russel, younger as well, he doesn’t always do that well at competitions. Hopefully russells time has run out, I just love it when he gets his :roll:

    1. WAAAA, WAAAA, WAAAAAA, you wanna fold up the tent and go home, because the stumpy MF, could be going home. Get a grip, you win some you lose some, thats life, like it or not :roll:

    2. Don’t be like that AC….it’s not over till it’s over. Bruhaaahaaaahaaaahaaaa!! Sorry…I just had to do that. You have to admit, it was great seeing Russell getting some of the same treatment he likes to dish out. May the best man (Matt) win. :lol:

    1. Hello Jane…I wasn’t ignoring you on the previous page. I haven’t been here since last week. Take care…see ya on fb.

  6. Damn it Sal, you can’t give information about the show before it airs. This Sucked you blew this weeks show for me because I knew who was going to be voted off.

    1. I didn’t give any info away. Thats how I felt because Russel wasn’t stickingf to his game of the last two seasons. For 1, he waited to start his HII search and 2, he didn’t mess with the tribe.

  7. How sweet it is… TGO was the first person, I repeat, the first person voted out of Zapatera. Russell to Ralph with attitude, “This is my game.” Ralph to Russell with a smile, “Not this time.”

    Next surprise for Russell – seeing Matt on Redemption Island.

    Hopefully next off on the Zapatera tribe: Stephanie who has got to be related to Gnat from BB11.


    I sum up this season of survivor in one phrase “The Russell Effect” His tribe made a terrible move by THROWING!!! intentionnally a challenge. And as we all know this game is about number, well today Ralph and his Getting-picked-off-one-by-one-slowly teammates can only look back and only have their stupidity to blame, no other.

    Let me think for a moment, mmmm let’s get rid of the best player in history of Survivor cause we are afraid. HAHAHA the girls told them clearly…it was a number’s game and today they are paying the price. So Russell was his own tribe’s head and although voted off, he sees his legacy continue as his his own tribe is now suffering the consequences to being a treator. KARMA.

    Go Rob Go now as his tribe is in a great position to move forward strongly.

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