The Ides of March swirl into the Survivors camp

Well, now that Zapatera got rid of the troll, who will take the role of leader in their camp? If Russell wins the duel against Matt will they begin to worry about Russell coming back and let it interfere with the game?

Rob clearly leads the Ometempe’s. He controls five other people but soon individual decisions will need to be made and the idol is in play again.

Redemption Island is a cool twist. However, if you keep winning your alone for a few more days. Will the loneliness effect somone enough to hurt their game?

Lots of interesting things appear to be played out in the coming episodes and the duels look to be getting worth more as the weeks go along.

Can King Troll rule over the Gladiator stadium and return to the game? Will someone overthrow him and make for interesting duels to come. Will we have someone who can rule over Redemption Island?

97 thoughts on “The Ides of March swirl into the Survivors camp”

  1. I love and hate Russel. He’s got a good mind but horrible PR which is what will hurt him in the end. :)

    Still watching. The recemption island thing is good but if Russel does go back, they’ll probably kick him right back out.

    Does anyone know when the person from redemption island gets to come back into the game? Somehow I missed that.

  2. I hope Matt wins…i’ve had enough of this troll Russell …Survivor is going to have some new faces and not bring in some of the old timers…what next, richard Hatch again?

  3. Anthony….I totally agree. Good or not , he’s had his chance and I am so sick of reality shows getting too lazy to interview new players or being afraid they won’t have ratings without ex-big shots coming back! I PRAY Matt beats Russel’s fat a$$!! He’s got youth on his side…let’s hope he’s smart too!!

    Hey starfish!! Long time no see!! And I have the same exact question! I have no idea how long a person has to stay on the RI. Do they need to beat so many before they are let back in?? I would HATE to be there alone!! Of course, I’d hate to be on Survivor period,

    1. aggie..the ad for tonight’s show says there is a HUGE surprise regarding Russel! Maybe he LOSES??!! We can only HOPE!!!lol

    2. Yep he sure did, then he cried like a girl, OMG, talk about sore loser, his team doesn’t need him they have some strong players on there, they did great in the challenge :lol:

  4. They have never said when the person from Redemption Island gets to come back into the game. It would only make sense to me that it would be after the merge because the tribe could just kick the same person out again. I hope Matt wins the duel. I have no attachment to Russell whatsoever.

  5. I would not be surprised if the comp between Russell and matt is swayed in russells favor, CBS, does not want to lose Russell and he really should lose against a younger more fit guy, also Russell was not always good at comps. we shall see, I hope the troll is gone period. :roll:

  6. I can’t stand Russell but I bet CBS will do whatever it takes to help keep him around. lol.. I completely loathed Boston Rob on ever other reality TV show he’s been on except for this season of survivor.

  7. I just want Russell to be GONE. I cannot stand to watch the arrogant guy with “little people’s syndrome” anymore. I watched the previews and it does look like something they could have done to make Russell have the edge. I hope not. Quite frankly, I would rather watch anyone else on the tribe but him. Go Matt!!!!! The little love connection would be more fun to watch and probably cause more fear than Troll Boy coming back.

  8. Bad strategic move?

    Why vote someone out of the game with little or no chance to receive a vote at the finals? Russell sitting next to you in front of the jury increases your chances of winning from 1 out of 3 to 1 out of two. This seems like a poor strategic move to me.

    If I had 3 pieces of paper folded up and told you one had a million dollars in it and then I said I will take one away and one still has a million dollars in it would you want your odds to be 50% or 33% to win?
    Bad move and it might haunt them in the end.

  9. Russell sure likes to talk big for such a little man. :lol: It would be priceless to see him go down….how neat to watch Matt ‘bitch slap’ him.

  10. Why doesn’t he just go out a good sport? How ignorant to call everyone out like that. :roll:

  11. Now Matt has to go back to RI…I don’t think that’s quite fair but, oh well….it is called Survivor.

  12. I don’t understand….if I comment on here from work, my avatar shows up. I get here the same way, through my e-mail. Hmmmm

    1. Oh well….I don’t know why so I guess I’ll just be the lady on the restroom door. As long as my Betty Boop shows up on yours, I can deal with one night a week.

    2. I wouldn’t put it past him. I wonder if it has to do with me having to be moderated awhile back?

  13. I am so sad. Russell played with such heart and his crying just seemed to prove what determination he had. I still can’t believe that he is gone! :sad:

  14. I’m back guys….My circuit blew abd I lost my computer and tv. With TIVO…it has to warm up. It took forever!! :roll:

  15. I had tears in my eyes when Russell left. He has so much passion for the game. So long Russell it was fun to watch you. Why did they keep pink drawers omg he is gross..speaking of gross wolfman Ralph is worst.

    1. Hi Donna, no ralph isn’t pretty to look at but he is a good player, he is doing well, they don’t need russell there team is doing just fine without him :lol:

    2. DonnaP is so sweet… yes, hated to see Russell go. I think Ralph is getting a little to big for his britches… or overalls…

    3. The best part of Russell leaving was when he said he was done…no more Survivor for him. I’m sure there were alot of people doing the happy dance over that comment. Enough already….let other people have a chance. They had to get rid of him…everyone knows how he plays and they couldn’t afford to have him stay there if they wanted any kind of a chance at winning. You have to admit it…y’all would have done the same thing, knowing his strategy.

  16. I just want to say to my buddy Ted, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Oh yea, do you need a tissue? So much for that little piece of work being TGO. Now, on to team BR!!

    Woot Woot, at least he’s easier on the eyes!
    Sorry Ted, don’t mean to rub it in, I know you’re probably in mourning!

  17. Rubbing it in Ted… And I do mean it. The Troll is gone to hide under another bridge, another time and in another place.

  18. A big Hi to my ‘friends’ Holly and PK who seem to revel in another’s pain and suffering. Yes, TGO has been banished to the land of Survivors Past… but don’t count him out. I do feel sorry for the Survivors voted off the island before the Jury, as TGO will no doubt be insufferable to live with. As the Official Champion of The Great One, based of course on his brilliant gameplay in his first appearance, I never said he was a nice person, and his social gameplay did him in at the end. But I could not abandon him because I annoyed so many people with my hero worship. His success in both of the first two shows was a result of no one having known his play. Of course, this latest crop was well aware of his methods and were not going to fall prey. Boston Rob changed his gameplay, to much success, where Russell did not. BR is much more fun to watch pulling strings than Russell could hope to be. I don’t agree with them throwing the comp to get Russell out, but I can’t help but think that he was a major pain in the ass to live with at camp. And I am sure that, even though they had the numbers, each one of them felt vulnerable as long as he was there. It is too bad that TGO could not beat that little Weasel Matt so he could go on to cause further trouble. I know that Betty, DonnaP and Tammy stand tall with me on this unfortunate turn of events… while Holly, Aggie, Frannie and Mama Margie will have their ‘eye-candy’ Matt to drool over.

    1. Long live Matt, I really think he is much better looking and smarter than Fabio, I resent the comparison. It really sucks though if he gets back in the game it won’t be till the final 3, WTF, is that he should be back in the game now he beat Russell :roll:

    2. @aggie27 Smarter than Fabio???Perhaps. Wiser? Maybe not. I could point out a milion plus reasons that is so, starting with Matt being BLINDSIDED after two episodes, and finishing with a memory of Fabio picking up a big check. So far Matt has been a tool.

  19. On another note… has anyone noticed the resemblance of Steve on the current Survivor to one of our own Survivors on the blog… our elder statesman PK?

  20. Hey… what are you BBQing this weekend? And how’s Rebecca?

    I know this isn’t Survivor related, but what the Hell…

    1. Baby Back Ribs for Rebecca and Jamie on Sunday. The Theodore, Alabama, tornado on Wednesday wiped out my usual Church’s Chicken location, so it’s bad news for the local cows and pigs.

  21. Sounds good, love Ribs… just did a corned beef.

    Did not know they named a town after me, what a novel idea. Do you live near Tillman’s Corner?

  22. Tillman’s Corner is the major intersection in Theodore, Alabama. I live about 7 miles NW from there geographically, but a world away by every other measurement. Traveling at under 35 MPH in Theodore after dark is not advised by Triple A or the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

  23. Watching Russel go out was great. He had me there for a second when he was breaking weak, but once he got his (as was so well put) ‘Russellness’ back it was very easy to be thrilled to see the last of him.
    Can’t wait until wdenesday night!

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