The Kingdom of Rob and the Troll

кухненски дивани

It’s hard to imagine but there roughly six to eight people who need to be evicted before Rob and Russell this season. The Troll seemed timid and didn’t appear to look for the HII like he usually does. Rob tried to mount an attack until droopy drawers opened his mouth. Damn man, go buy new underwear before the big show. I don’t think those ones will last 39 days and neither will you
For the second straight season some dumbass has found an HII and told someone they had it and even shown someone they had it. What the hell is wrong with these people? The biggest secret and best security you can have in a game is to be just that. “A SECRET”
OK, back to the beginning of the night when they all got off the helicopter. Two teams of 9 each. Only thing is on 16 people besides Jeff get off. Hmmmmmmmmm. Ahhhhh, here comes another chopper and out jump Rob and Russell. Mixed emotions from the crowd as they come up the beach.
The tribes are “Ometepe” and “Zapatera”. Both are local islands in Nicaragua.
Ometepe is made up of:
Ashley Grant Kristina Phillip Natalie
Matthew Francesca Andrea Boston Rob
Zapatera consists of:
Mike Stephanie Ralph Julie Krista
Steve Sarita David and The Mighty Troll
The two villians had to draw their buffs from a bag to determine which team they would be on. Back at their camps both teams were quick to build their huts. Ralph made the most of his farmer skills and led the group in building the hut for the Zaps. Phillip with a little help from Rob pushed his way into getting the hut built for Ome’s
Kristina made a mad dash to start looking for the HII until Rob caught here and ended her adventure, momentarily. Alliances are being formed early and could lead to trouble this soon in the game.
Rob and Russell should be the early targets for eviction in the game but some strange things are happening. In the Ometepe tribe, Phillip, Francesca and Kristina where trying to make an early alliance but his Royal Federal Special Agent is being such an asshole. The dude is freaky! Kristina could be the next Russell. She eventually found the HII, but told someone! Dumb, dumb, dumb. She looks like she would backstab anyone but when she showed old droopy drawers she really blew it.
Russell found his little sweet thing partner who will do his dirty work if they both stay in the game.
At the immunity challenge the Zappy’s got such a big lead it looked like a run-away. However, they struggled with the puzzle. When the Omee’s made it up to the puzzle, Rob took the lead and almost caught up only to lose when Russell helped solve it for Zapatera.
At Tribal Council a few words are thrown around at a few people until Phillip and Francesca get into an argument at which time Phillip says that Francesca and Kristina after Rob and the Kristina has the HII. I told ya that telling someone you have it doesn’t work . Being his asshole self Phillip keeps up that the girls are playing to get Rob. Rob makes Kristina and offer that if she gives him the idol that she will be safe for this week. Thinking better of that she decides to keep it.
Jeff sends them off to vote. When he gets ready to read the vote he asks if anyone wants to play the idol. Kristina decides to keep it and tension builds. The first six votes go two to Kristina, two for Francesca and two for Phillip. The 7th and 8th votes go one apiece for Kristina and Francesca. And, that last big vote sends Francesca to Redemption Island.

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  1. Our power went out just when they were lighting their torches and I have been dying to find out what happened. Thank you so much for the info. I have to agree that Phillip drives me crazy. He really is strange and I would only last 2 minutes with him before we went the blows. And his underwear show “not much”. What happened to wearing swim suits or shorts for the guys and the girls. Underwear is a little strange to me. This is an odd group to say the least. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

  2. Last night’s tribal counsel meeting was ridiculous. That “Special Agent” idiot needed to be voted off first. He is obnoxious and very rude. Who in the hell does he think he is demanding that he be answered? I would have told him to go screw himself! Also, he keeps saying he’s a “Former” agent. Is he “Former” because he’s so obnoxious? Why isn’t he an agent any longer? I have to say that I like Russell better than him, and that’s really making a statement! Also, looks like Russell put on some weight for this go round.
    Since the agent said he can read people very well and that it’s his specialty, does he have a clue that nobody can stand him?

    I too, have to wonder what is up with the men wearing their underwear? It’s just gross. What happened to shorts? And the chick with the green little high heels on……what’s up with that?

    1. CBS dresses them. You will notice the women are wearing bras. I don’t know why they start out this way. Notice that some are blurred. They give them their bathing suits for the challenges and then after awhile they end up in the bathing suits.

      They are told to dress like they are going to work, or how they would be dressed for a certain event. Then they are whisked away at a moments notice to start the game. Hence the heels or a suit.

      Glad to hear you like Russell so much…

  3. Hi Sal… could not agree more re: divulging you have Tht HII… not sure what to make of Kristina… smart to look the idol, but she is caught up in the game and does not really have a plan… besides, BR has all the young chicks sewed up to vote how he wants. I don’t really know how having the idol is going to get BR voted off. I think Franchesca is pretty smart, if a bit mouthy… but funny. Will be interesting to see what will happen on RD. If Ome loses I’ll bet it’s Phillip… and speaking of Phillip… where did they get this delusional narcissist? Had to laugh, because he reminded me of one of our friends who post here… wouldn’t it be funny if they had the same last initial too?

    I found it interesting that The Great One wasn’t looking for the HII. And yes, he found his ‘sweet young thing’, I’m sure he will be recruiting more next week. Not sure if Russell will make it to the merge, as they have his number.

    Oh Sal, you might advise a few of your Midwest fans that you are not on ‘death’s door’ and Survivor Blog is alive and well! Those insecure females are in a tizzy at your absence.

    Hey hpr56… wow ultimate hemmed… I would have died!

  4. The season premiere of survivor was great, they should have done the redemption Island thing a long time ago, it would have given so many great players a second chance at the game, it seems like nobody wanted to be stuck on king Russell’s team, and who can blame them he is totally untrustworthy, I would want to also be on Rob’s team, I hope they manage to get Russell out, but they will have a very hard time doing that. :roll:

    1. I will give Russell Credit for one thing, he doesn’t run around in his underwear, thank god we don’t have to see his hairy ass or stumpy you know what :roll:

    1. I agree Aggie, Phillip is such a stooge, but fits in well with the other two stooges, Francesca and Kristina. If Russell is sent to Redemption Island in the future I think anyone up against him will have a very hard time winning. I can’t wait to see Kristina squirm next week! :roll:

    2. I don’t think rob will trust phillip at all those two will start butting heads, phillips days are numbered i think, nobody seems to like him at all

  5. Kristina is unbelievely stupid! Why would anyone tell if they find the idol, it doesn’t even make sense.

    1. These people don’t know the concept of “The Element Of Surprise”. You whip it out when no one is expecting it and save your ass.

  6. See, it’s like pointing cattle toward water… show them the way and they will come! Now, we just need to get Frances moderated! Soon to follow… MM, Star, DonnaP, Starfish, tendr and Princess… oh, lest we forget PK, someone wake him up!

  7. Thanks Sal! Couldn’t agree more. Some strange tudes going on here especially “sponge phillip pink pants”. What a jerk. Ted, you describe him precisely “delusional narcissist”.

    Not so sure Kristina really knows what she’s doing but she sure thinks she does. We’ll see how she plays it this week. BR, however, seems to have a plan and the girls are right on board so far. Isn’t that sweet. Just watch the twinkle in his eyes as he plays.

    Russell’s little sweetie walked right into it and that’s where she wanted to be. I would like to see both Rob & Russell stick around for quite awhile because it’s so much fun watching the ants scurry around them. Besides, I like them both! Would love to see one of them win. Watch for the guy with his own fox fur coat though. I just have a feeling he’s no follower.

    1. LMAO Starfish “Sponge Phillip Pink Pants” – so appropriate!
      I too want to see Russell and Boston Rob stay for a long time. It really would be nice to see one of them win.

  8. hi all. haven’t read all comments yet. am in a hurry but wanted to say i didn’t feel good about anyone so far. thot i’d like rob this time but he’s being an ass just like the old rob. and the federal agent in his red panties? oh come on….the way he was saying ‘answer me’…i would have just jerked his britches down and walked off. what a jerk.
    i did feel sorry for Fran….for getting sent off to the island tho.
    my gosh..if i found the idol i’d not tell anyone but God but then again he’d already know. i would NOT trust anyone nor make an alliance until i got to know ppl better.
    i think everyong gets hit in the head really hard or has a shock treatment before they are accepted on the show so they’ll have their brain on lock down.
    and sorry. everytime russell talks i sing lalalallaalalalala and i can’t sing.

  9. ok this is bad but i’m gonna say it cuz i’ve been talkin’ to frannie and am in a pissy mood LLOLOL..just girl talk…..
    wish farmer boy would look at russ and say “you gotta pretty mouth on ya boy”

  10. I couldnt believe that Phillip is so dense that he doesn’t understand that you have to lie at tribal council. How was this guy a Fed agent. He definitely wasn’t an undercover one!

  11. Phillip’s brother is our local chief of police and he is very very VERY freakin’ embarrassed. Apparently that was the big story on morning talk radio. That was the first thing I heard on my way home from work even though I had not yet seen the episode. So without seeing any of it I already knew that Phillip said over and over again “I’m a former federal agent.” The funny thing is when our local shock jock was talking about it he didn’t confirm or deny Phillip’s claim. Personally I think Phillip is a nutter, and I cannot see him being able to pass the psych eval to get into any branch of the federal government as an agent “special” or otherwise.
    If I can get a positive answer from the police chief about Phillip’s claims I’ll let you know.

    1. So funny Alice. I totally agree with you about Phillip. I think he is a little demented. Please let us know if you find out anything! LMAO :grin:

    2. GO alice, love it, yeah he is a wack job for damn sure, he really doesn’t seem like a federal guy at all, people can really pretend to be anybody on there, but why would you even want to say you are a federal guy even if you were, that you should keep to yourself. :shock:

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  13. Howdy to all the usual suspects.

    Great start to the season. Tribal council was awesome, with big mouth pink drawers Phillip turning on Kristina and Francheckska. I agree that Kristina stupid for telling anyone about the idol.
    Seems like my man Russell will try to play differently this time around, I hope not because I just love his antics.

  14. I don’t understand how Russell is still allowed to play the game. It has been proven that he was the one who leaked information via email, yet he’s still on? I know he makes for good TV, but I’m sure there are plenty of snarky, sneaky, arrogant liars that could play the game as he does. Btw, I miss last years immunity idol, the one that looked just like Russell.

    1. I agree with you Cindy R….enough of Russell already. They need to find some new blood, not the same ones over and over.

  15. Hi everyone. I pretty much agree with all written. I did miss learning more about the cast i.e. ages and where they live…I loved knowing Jane, Kelly and Chase(the race car guy) were from NC…made it more interesting…I know one little blonde girl is from Wisconsin which is my original home, so for now I guess I will concentrate on her. I don’t like or dislike Boston Rob but I still sure don’t like Russell..he really wanted to play against Richard Hatch but the “judicial system” wouldn’t let him leave the country…Russell won’t be happy until he plays Rich and Rich buries him! Can’t wait to see that. by the way, Hatch will be on the next Celebrity Apprentice starting early March on NBC…it looks like it might be fun.. have a good weekend everyone.

  16. how come the faces of the new players aren’t UP there? i’m over fitty now……i don’t remember my own phone number unless i look it up lol

    1. Hey Sal, you heard tendr, you need to put the peoples faces up that are on the show, you have former people up there, somebody wake up BBB, or maybe i could go shake him or kick him if necessary :shock:

  17. I don’t get why the letters are out of order date and time wise? Nice to see familiar names…where is PK? Nice to see Angie and Ted etc, and the Alice 1 who knows “of” Phillip will have good gossip! Good day everyone.

  18. It is just me or is francesca a total moron? She is trying to make a fire with a lantern right next to her…is this battery operated? I hope so, then I will not feel badly for her.

    1. Phillip is so stupid, he can’t last much longer, but if he goes to RI I think he will beat Francesca. Players must pay close attention to those going to RI. I can see Rob setting himself up to going there and if the opponete is right he will win, as will Russell.

    2. I agree Betty…they will have to think about all those different things now. Hopefully they realize that too.

    1. I agree….his team isn’t very strong as it is. They need the stronger players to be able to compete for innunity.

  19. Funny how Russell is always aligned with women, maybe he just thinks as them as less of a threat to him, that man really needs to Ditch the ego before coming on the show, Now ralph is a threat and I’m sure first chance Russell gets he will be gone, but hopefully ralph will manage to come back, and it would be amazing if they can rid themselves of the ALMIGHTY RUSSELL :roll:

  20. their should be a rule, people should not be allowed to walk around in their underwear, now we have to keep seeing phillip in those gross, pink jockeys, come on guy, put your damn shorts on, if you had a good body it might be enjoyable. :roll: :shock:

    1. Oh don’t be shy AC, I enjoyed TTT, takes a vacation, it was fun, the only thing is, i could only see you in a bathing suit sitting on a lounge chair, I wish you would have stood up, even better :wink: :lol:

  21. Not funny!! Why is my avatar show up when I’m at work but not from my personal home computer? This is the only place I have trouble with it showing up. AC…HELP!!

  22. The producers and editors are putting a well deserved “you don’t have a clue” spin on the almighty, Ted endorsed, Russell H. Wouldn’t it be a make my day event to have Russell plan his “revenge” on Ralph for calling him out and have it backfire with Ralph and one or two other tribe mates voting for Russell and Russell getting his numb nut followers to all vote for Ralph. After the votes, Ralph pulls out the idol, smiles at Russell and says, “goodbye now y’hear.”

  23. I am afraid that my good friend PK may have just preordained TGO’s fate. Unfortunately for Russell, these players have watched him play the game, and are aware of exactly how he operates.

  24. Nice to see all the returning faces… especially AC and DonnaP, who appreciate the finest Survivor ever. Even Frannie finally figured out how to log in.

    Looking forward to the inside info Alice will be providing, as she goes undercover to dig the dirt in Phillip. Welcome Alice I, Valley, Camo Netting (we could use some of that to keep Aggie in check), Linda, Rockit, Cindy R and any newcomers I may have missed.

    A Note to some ‘friends’… this blog is about Survivor… not Dogs and other mindless prattle.

  25. For those who are missing and wondering where the outspoken Miss T has been… I have found her wandering in the wilderness and am confident she will be here soon!

  26. HERE I AM TED!!! Omg! That guy Phillip….. the one in the red panties… C-R-A-Z-Y… Certified Nutjob!!! WTH??!! They must’ve gotten him out of an Insane Asylum!

  27. I was disapointed at last weeks consul. I was hoping that Philip would get ousted and duel with Fran…what a sight that would have been..and speaking of ‘duels’…does anyone have an idea of what that just might be? Obviously, it cannot be brute force if its man vs woman…more likely, mind set contest…

  28. Well at least Ted said Hi to me….. the girls are ignoring me! Betty I keep saying hi! Did you forget me already???

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