Tired and exhausted, Rob asks for help to get up!

In one of the toughest challenges on Survivor in along time, Rob nearly passes out after he wins Immunity. In the hot jungle heat, Rob managed to pull off one of the best finishes in a challenge history. After winning and nearly passing out Rob asked and got help from his fellow competitors. In a game for One Million dollars, his competition actually walked over and helped him get to his feet.

This game has nothing left but to pick a winner. Barring a miracle of the biggest blindside in Survivor history he should win the game. The marionettes continue to follow blindly even though they will get eliminated one at a time and not realize Rob is conducting their demise!

At this point in the game the odds are stacked in Robs favor. Here’s how I would rate everyone’s chances IF they make the final three.

Rob: 58%  ——  He is clearly the odds on favorite                                                   Grant: 20%  —- Good competitor but can he get the votes?                       R.I.Winner: 10%  —– This could change depending on who is the R.I King     Natalie and Ashley: 10%  —–  Only chance is if they can both make it to the finals Phillip:  2%  —–  No chance in hell. Too weak,  too crazy and NO ONE likes him

The current R.I. people’s chance to get back in the game!

Matt: 30%                                                                                                                       Mike: 30%                                                                                                                      Ralph: 25%                                                                                                                  Andrea: 15%

There is however one thing that could change everything.  PHILLIP!!  Yep, I said Phillip. If somehow Phillip could show the girls he really isn’t crazy and show them that Rob intends to take him to the final three to insure winning the game. It would take a big gamble but follow me here! Phillip tells the girls about Robs plans to take him to the final three. Tell the girls to go to Rob and say they want to evict Phillip because he is driving them crazy. Have them see what Rob wants to do! Tell them if Rob won’t evict Phil that the fix is on and they should blindside Rob so they have a chance to win instead of Rob’s tidal wave to the finish!

It’s a long shot but, I see no other way. Grant is Rob’s hit man and will stay till F4!

If you can see another way to blindside Rob, let me here it!

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  1. if my math is correct – and one of the old ometepe get back into the game – and to the final – wont the ometepe numbers on the jury outnumber zapatera

  2. the most ometempe can have on the jury is 4 if the final 3 are ometempe
    Current Jury:

    David ——- All three Zappa’s
    in R.I.

    Matt, Andrea – Ometempe
    Mike,Ralph – Zappa’s

    at least 3 of these will be Jury, if Mike and Ralph go to the Jury that will be five Zappa’s and the majority for the jury vote (9 people on jury)

  3. have to assume 1 zapatera or matt in the final 3 – not out of the question- and the plan of wiping out ometepe will have been flawed

  4. Love your blindside Rob only if the girls don’t spill their guts and tell Rob the entire plan. They should have done it themselves but they are deciples to their God. Dumb Dumb Dumb all of them!

    1. Me too….but I would have rather seen Ralph make it so maybe she would say something to the others about Rob promising to take her to the end. It would make everyone think.

    1. The girls need to stick together and persuade Phillip to vote out Grant, but at the last minute, the girls can vote for Rob.

    1. They have to stick together to try and get out Rob….after that, I don’t care in Ashley gets voted out.

    1. Yes…dammit! Ok, then vote out his right hand man. That team needs to be broken up.

  5. Now that Rob thinks he’s calling the moves and voting out Grant, this would be the perfect time to blindside Rob. That would be so sweet!

    1. Yeah….I would have rather seen Rob, but oh well.

      Thanks Aggie, it was fun. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

  6. Yes, Snakebit, there will be more Zapaterras on the jury. They will never vote for Rob. Yea! I hate the way he crowned himself emperor and everyone else said, “Yes, Rob, we’ll quit playing the game before it’s started and you can tell us what to do and you can win the million dollars.” Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  7. All Andrea, Ashley and Natalie had to do was ask each other what Rob had promised each of them individually to quickly discover that BR was full of BS. But as I learned last night, the outspoken monkey in the tree could easily top Natalie’s IQ if given the opportunity and a banana to make it worth his while.

  8. I still like Boston Rob and think he is playing a very good game. I only wish he had written down Natalie’s name instead of Grant’s. Grant still would have been voted off, as the other three votes would have covered that. I really think Rob was a bit upset and didn’t want to vote for Grant, but BR showed us all that he is a master of this game by putting his feelings aside and doing what he had to do! I hope Grant comes back from RI and is in the finals. The only nightmare I keep having is Rob, Phillip and Natalie make it to the final three and Phillip wins!!!! OMG please don’t let that happen!

    1. That could well be the case, Betty. It depends on how smart an argument Phillip could mount, and how pissed the others are at Rob. They will either respect Rob for the game he played, or be vindictive.

  9. I, for one, would love to see Grant back into the game. He could win if he got to the finals, because the jury usually votes their feelings instead of who played the game the best. There is no question that Rob has outsmarted everyone and played them like a fiddle… the only question is… did he outsmart himself. I cannot imagine Matt’s luck can hold out… but of course when you have God on your side, anything can happen.

    PK is right… the girls should have dispatched Boston Rob to RI when they had the chance. But, I think he is being a little harsh on Natalie, as she is pretty young and impressionable and obviously has hitched her wagon to BR’s star for a ride to the finals. I don’t think she will get a lot of jury votes, as I don’t think they will think she has done anything to win. But, she is in quite the same position as another Natalie, who went on to win, although I don’t think the jury will hold the same animosity against BR as that one did with Russell (formerly known as ‘The Great One’).

  10. It was fun to read Tweedledee and Tweedledum’s Survivor Play by Play of last night’s show, even if they didn’t mention my name. I would like them to tell me why they do not think Boston Rob does not deserve to win. And, anyone else who would like to weigh in with an opinion is welcome.

    Nice new avatar Starfish! A cute young lady to grace our page.

  11. Just watched Jeff’s vid at the top… pretty good… and he’s right about product placement. I have no problem with it… better than watching commercials, which I no longer do, due to my DVR.

  12. Exactly Ted! BR has outwitted them all and actually does deserve to win. I don’ think people should hate on BR. I am worried about who is coming back from RI and what they will try and do to my man!!

    1. Not exactly Holly! BR has had the good fortune of being surrounded by the most easily outwitted, outplayed and outlasted group of dimwits assembled on Survivor to date. First clue to his band of fools: When BR says “trust me” it’s time to find out who else he has said the same thing to – like everybody!

  13. Well… this is it… looking forward to the show tonight and seeing Boston Rob being crowned ‘Sole Survivor’!

  14. Boston Rob Should Win Survivor!

    After watching him on prior Survivor shows, this time Boston Rob played the game well. He was cunning, strategic and even loyal to the members of his alliance, unless he saw them standing in the way of the million-dollar prize or began drifting away from his control. He did what he had to do. His charm was mesmerizing and he did keep his alliance strong. Everyone knows that most of the people in his coalition would have never made it this far without him. Both Rob and Russell are masters of the game, but in Russell’s case his tribe was smart, as they all knew of his cutthroat tactics, which resulted in him being voted out early in the game. Rob, of the same venue, was able to hang on with diplomacy and wit. I admire Boston Rob and agree full-heartily with Jeff that he should win. Members of Rob’s alliance all knew he was a strong player, but they still kept him in the game. Don’t blame Rob for these players being so gullible; admire him for his accomplishments. I always want to see the best player win. Should Rob make it to the final two/three and the jury members don’t vote him the winner, it will be like watching Russell lose all over again. Jury members are supposed to vote for the best player and not let their fractured egos get in the way!

    My thoughts of Matt may surely anger some of my fellow bloggers. He has done well with the challenges, but I have not seen anything else. He was too wishy-washy to form a new alliance against Rob, and although I admire his faith, whining over his Bible about winning a TV game shows me that he truly does not know what God is all about.

  15. Why should Matt win anything? He didn’t even play the game. He lost the game twice and just didn’t lose the duels. Heck, he didn’t even win all the duels on RI. The last 5 or so before going back in the game all he had to do was just not lose.

    Survivor is about Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. All Matt did was Outlast. He was totally outplayed and outwitted. Just because he had a rough time on RI shouldn’t justify him winning money.

    1. And God didn’t think Matt should get the hundred grand either. Money is, after all, just another tool of the Devil, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates, et al.

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