Twist and Shout, we got new teams. AGAIN!

As the Espada tribe returned from last weeks Tribal Council, discussions about Jimmy T’s eviction were the main topic. Jane and Holly were surprised he was voted out! C’mon ladies, didn’t you realize know one discussed keeping him with y’all. Marty’s running the show as supreme Emperor. He controls with his magic wisdom of game play. WHAT, wisdom from a man who openly displayed the HII! In the past, if you showed everyone you had the idol, you were immediately put at the head of the list for eviction at the next TC. At the least, Dan’s deadbeat butt should have been sent home. Jimmy T should have been kept for his strength, and then told to shut his trap and just play the game.

Ok, daylight brings a fresh day. The tribes meet Jeff for todays challenge but there is a surprise in the waiting. Standing and waiting to start the game, Jeff says “Drop your buffs”. They drop their colors and must draw aw colored rocks. After drawing and exposing the rocks they picked, Holly and Brenda will be temporary captains and have to pick players for the new teams.

Holly is to pick 4 players from the La Flor tribe and Brenda is to pick 3 people from Espada to make up the new teams. Holly chooses, Alina, Benry, Chase and NaOnka to go with Tyrone, Dan and Yve to become the new Espada tribe. Brenda takes Jane, Jill and Marty to go along with Fabio, Kelly B, Kelly Purple and Sash to complete the new La Flor tribe.

The MOP is also gone from the game as Jeff collects it from the Espada tribe.

Jeff asks if anyone has a comment on the new tribes and Marty says he is glad to be part of a winning tribe and he feels good about who is on his team.

Proceeding into the challenge, is now revealed that it’s a reward challenge. Two hens and a rooster are up for grabs. I wonder if they’ll lose them like last season?

The challenge is a giant “Plinko” game. The tribes will throw balls up a ramp and 2 players from the other team must catch them before they drop off the board. The challenge begins and the balls are bouncing crazily down the Plinko side with players jumping around waiting to catch them.

Espada takes the early lead as La Flor drops the first ball. The game is to three points. La Flor makes a comeback as Espada drops the next two; however there is no need to fear, Marty’s here. Mr. Macho just manages to drop the next two and Espada wins the challenge and the chickens. What was that comment about “I’m on the winning tribe”? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, better watch your back Marty.

Back at camp, Jane lets everyone in La Flor to keep an eye on Marty and Jill because they are as tight as ticks! Mr. Macho then announces he has an immunity idol. What, WHAT, he did what?? The man is a fool and is looked at as a complete idiot (which he is). Brenda makes the comment that he’s an arrogant fool.

Later that night in the La Flor camp in the cold, windy, rainy weather, NaOnka Donk is crying because she is cold. What’s wrong girl, all that big and bad homey talk that you been spouting has suddenly disappeared. And you’re ready to go home to mama, my, my, my!!!

The next day at the Immunity Challenge ……. YESSSS. Look at the neat game, I loved it!

Let’s see, we’ll strap three people this big wheel, we’ll have three people spin the wheel. As the people on the wheel get spun around they get dunked into a tub of water where they must take a mouthful of water and when they get to the top must spit it into a funnel, and the water fills a tube with a ball in it. After filling the tube the ball is released and two members must use the ball to break five plates to win the game.

The game starts evenly but suddenly the Espada tribe realizes they need to go slow so their players can hit the funnel with more of the water that gets spit out.  With that plan they fill the tube and get the ball first. They break the first plate just as La Flor fills their tube and begin throwing at their plates. Even with that advantage, Espada falls under the “kiss of death spell” and end up losing another immunity challenge.

Back at camp, Espada is deflated about another loss, but they are also HUNGRY! Tyrone says they need t save the chickens so they will get eggs to eat. Hunger wins out and the rest of the tribe decides to cook and eat one. While cooking the chicken Tyrone makes the comment to “be aware” of your neighbor when you eat. When it’s cooked, everyone begins to chow down except Tyrone who sits back while hey eat. Finally he gets up and gets some chicken. Chase proceeds to comment that Tyrone took the biggest piece of chicken and the editing department shows cleaning his chicken down to the bone!

At TC comments are made that Tyrone was bossy when they how tribe had been operating and everyone thought he was laying down the law! Therefore, bossy and overeating gets you evicted. Oh well, lets see what happens next week!

Looks like everyone thinks NaOnka Donk will quit soon. Let’s take a poll and see who thinks she goes before or after the merge of the tribes.

Will Kelly B. take off her leg and give N.D. a beat down?

Will Marty be blind sided and not use the HII?

What’s the new twist going to be?

108 thoughts on “Twist and Shout, we got new teams. AGAIN!”

  1. evil :evil: ……twisted :twisted: ……..shock :shock: …… :cool: ………mad :mad: ………sad :sad: ……….cry :cry: ………oops :oops: ………roll :roll: ……..wink :wink: …………razz :razz: ……….eek :eek: ……….lol :lol: ……… :smile: …………grin :grin: ……….??? :???: ………..mrgreen :mrgreen: ……….neutral :neutral: …………! :!: ……………………? :?: ………………idea :idea: ………..arrow :arrow: …………………….

  2. And they ate a HEN.What a bunch of dumb asses .
    I hope the rooster woke them up extra early.
    That definitely will cut their egg production.
    Unbelievable!! Is there not one farmboy in the group?

  3. Sorry to see Tyrone go but he dug his own grave.
    Hope “the legend in his own mind” Marty is next to go.

  4. Na will be gone before the merge for sure. Marty is digging his own grave, or in this case writing his own eviction. ?? Looking forward to next week.

  5. Great Survivor Episode! Smart to mix up the tribes… really invigorated the show, and it was needing it. Love the challenges… very clever both. And nice to see them back to the 2 challenge format. I think new people watching might have been wondering what we thought was so great about this show.

    Glad to see Marty keeping his gameplay alive in spite of losing control of the old folks… only a matter of time till he is back in control… I do fear however, that when he goes to his next tribal he won’t play the HII because he will feel secure in his position in the tribe. As far as Na is concerned, I think she will make the merge. It was nice to see her let her guard down and show her human side. Kelly B is too nice to give Na the ‘beat down with her leg’ that Na deserves. My opinion of Alina is changing… she may have game after all… and she is pretty cute with her hair down. Benray was pretty funny at tribal… especially when he knocked the bell off.

    And yes Julie… that is pretty dumb??? They won’t be there that long for the Rooster to sire any Chicks!. In complete agreement with DonnaP that Tyrone dug his grave, and no one handed him a shovel. I think he let his ego take over in trying to school the youngsters… then they took him to school and said ‘so long’!

    I see that Aggie is still up to her old tricks… that girl must have a lot of time on her hands…

  6. Great Preview by the way… Thanks Sal! Love it when both tribes have to go to Tribal. Looks like lots of plotting will be going on, and with my girl Na right in the thick of it… Can’t wait till Wed!

  7. Dumb Dumb & Dumb, thats all I can say about them. 1 hen maybe 1 egg a day heck with 2 hens it would take a bout 1 week to give them enough for 1 meal if the hens are young. :shock:

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  10. Hi all..Monday noon here in beautiful North carolina. I agree the change of tribes added what was needed. I was disappointed that Tyrone is gone but he did it to himself. I am giving up on picking who I like..each one gets voted off it seems. I do still like Jill for some reason…also sticking with all 3 NC folks, Chase, Kelly B and Jane…by the way Jane would have known to eat the rooster (she’s a farmer and dog trainer)…but she’s on the other team now.
    TED: I have a question for wrote recently and during BB that Rich Hatch was going to be on the next Survivor with Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano filmed in Nicaragua…everything I can find says Rich could NOT get his approval to leave the country..he’s been out of prison a year now…and I just wondered how “inside” your info is? I am not questioning you, per se, just love Rich and want to know all I can about his doings and whereabouts…
    take care everyone, have a good week. Going to look for a new post by Jeff Probst like the one last week…thanks again Augustus Cole for helping me…hope I can find it. Bye.

  11. Hi Patricia! Ugh! I am so mad the last two episodes of Survivor were deleted by my son and his friends!! You can bet he was in big trouble for that one!

    1. Hi Betty! Love the Smiley AC… thanks Fran, it’s my twitter and Facebook Page Avitar.. not my personal page, my Autism page!

    1. You know he is. I’m sure JT is around somewhere too. Oh wait…there’s a baseball game on right now. They are probably taping Survivor.

  12. Hi Aggie and Frannie! I was so pissed that Jill won that immunity. It looks bad for Kelly B! Good idea for them to go 3 & 3 to flush the Immunity idol out!

    Marty has is all worked out! BS – I really want his gone, maybe next week if he has to use the immunity idol tonight!

    1. I thought the majority of LaFlor wanted Marty gone! This was a perfect chance to get rid of him. Now he is save and still has that damn immunity idol! :mad:

  13. Glad you could join us Betty….I’ll talk to you all later. I need to catch up on mt e-mails and I have to pick my grandson up from work. Seems I’m the only one not sick here….Thank goodness.

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