Week Six makes for a weak showing!

A week after splitting the tribes up for the second time Survivor has made it a double eviction night and 2 people will be leaving. A double eviction just before the last week before the merge. That’s right y’all, next week is the last time teams compete in this years Survivor. It will be the 7th week of Nicaragua and the following week comes the merge.


We all know dumb butt Marty has an idol and should been evicted when they had the chance last night during the revote when he couldn’t use it. Lest we forget, there is another idol in some ones hands. Oh yeah, NaOnka has it in her grubby little hands. Brenda knows she has it, but will she tell anyone and try to get Na out of the game? ……… (Hmmmm, I just had a thought. They haven’t shown or heard anyone mention her idol since the switch. You don’t think we could be lucky enough for her to have left it behind at her old La Flor camp, do you?)


Last night was sort of boring after the the great challenges they had last week. To go from nearly drowning the players to digging up rope rings was pitiful. I want a 1 hour refund for my time spent watching that bullshit. I guess because it was a individual immunity challenge for of the double eviction at tonight’s TC that wasted a whole 5 minutes of time on it. All they had to do was dig up three rope loops and toss them up and catch them in a basket which was attached at their waist at their butts. Then all they had to do was flip it behind them and catch it. Dan looked like a fool the way he was going at things. Then the reward challenge was a simple ring toss. Hell, even I didn’t break a sweat.


Anyway, Holly won the first idol challenge on the Espada tribe. Jill took the prize on the La Flor side. In the ring toss throw off Jill won the feast for the La Flor’s. The not only won a feast but got to eat it in front of Espada at TC.


At TC La Flor does their vote split and brings about a tie and Marty not playing the idol, bummer! Now, instead of getting rid of Marty since he can’t use the idol for the tie breaker, the stupido’s get rid of Kelly B. The more I watch these morons, the more I wonder about their IQ’s! Great chance to get rid a player and an idol and they blew it.


After Kelly leaves, the La Flor moves over to the bleachers to eat and watch the Espada discuss the strategy for their voting. And, like most times when someone eats in front of others, they don’t get to finish their meal. Espada, after La Flor goes, gets down to vote and Yve gets a unanimous eviction.


Nothing great happened and I feel like I wasted an hour out of my day.


Next week on Survivor, will La Flor win one more immunity challenge and Espada lose 1 more member. I think  the split made it easier for the original La Flor members better able to get rid of the “Over the Hill Gang”.


Well, until next week!

 It’s F..tb..l !    @¿@

Video on Brenda

49 thoughts on “Week Six makes for a weak showing!”

  1. Gotta deal with what’s left…

    NaOnka: Too disgusting for words…

    Dan: Ten toed sloth, very rare but still useless…

    Brenda: Russell H wannabe failing badly…

    Marty: Claims every trade but grand master of none…

    Sash: Start spreading the news, some New Yorkers are gay…

    Jill: Even Jack won’t be able to save her next week…

    Holly: The Good Golly miss Holly “cougar” for the under 30 survivors.

    Benry: Good competitor even without his mirror for reassurance…

    Chase: Knows how to pick a good woman… NOT!

    Jane: Adapting quite well to the jungle even without Tarzan close by…

    Alina: Willing to “alina” with anybody and bad mouth everybody.

    Fabio: Probably the swing vote nobody can count on since nobody’s name is “swing.”

    Kelly S. Even the ground level radar hasn’t picked up her reflections yet.

  2. I just can’t get into the game this year. I do not have a favorite player nor do I care who wins. Rus, last season may have been nasty, but at least he had a personality, thats something that is lacking in all of them this year. Boring, boring season.

  3. I am having a hard time staying focused on this show. I never watched Survivor before so have nothing to compare to. Really thought they would vote Marty out, why didn’t they? I don’t know. I am not impressed with this show, and my co-teacher says there is a really good, funny show on another channel. May have to check it out if things don’t get interesting!

  4. I’m not sure why Brenda didn’t vote for Marty the second time, since the idol wasn’t ‘flushed out”. She has had it out for Kelly B since the start and I guess she just had to go for it. She was cute, sorry to see her go. But, it was fun when she called Marty out… the look on his face and the ‘wheels turning’ was pretty fun. Brenda is running the show over there.

    I liked Eve, but I’m sure there was lots going on they didn’t show. Funny how Dan keeps hanging on. I’d like to know that guy in real life… keep hoping something will happen with him.

    Has anyone heard Purple Kelly say anything??? She is like almost nonexistent on the show.

    That was a lame challenge last night (Hell, even Betty could probably beat Dan) and I can see why KeriJ is having a problem getting into it. Like Dorothy said… no personality on the show.

    I can only hope My Man Marty can undermine Brenda’s grip on the Tribe. He has another week of life left to make some ‘moves’, and of course more if they don’t have to go to Tribal.

    I don’t know why everyone is dissing Jill… I think she is playing a very solid game, but could be the next to go, since Jane is allied with the youngs.

    I would like to congratulate AC and his pal JT for their ‘Initial Logos’… very cute. I think I like AC’s better than JT’s.

  5. evil :evil: ……..grin :grin: ……..twisted :twisted: ……….shock :shock: ……..mrgreen :mrgreen: ………cool :cool: ………??? :???: ……….! :!: …………mad :mad: ………neutral :neutral: …………sad :sad: ………? :?: ………….cry :cry: ………….oops :oops: …………….roll :roll: ………lol :lol: ……………idea :idea: ……….wink :wink: ……………arrow :arrow: ……………..razz :razz: ……….eek :eek: ……………..smile :smile: ……………

    1. You’re right Aggie. I think this year for reality TV just plain sucks. From Big Brother, to The Apprentice and now Survivor. WTF are they doing to us this year? But every night, faithfully, I watch and bitch about how boring it is and how I can’t seem to really get into them. I feel like a kid, afraid to go to sleep for fear that I may miss something exciting. :lol:

    2. I don’t think Jane has much to worry about. The target will be Jill for sure. Marty might give her the idol in a move to get rid of Brenda or Sash if he can get Fabio on his side, as they wouldn’t target him but Jill.

  6. I did like Marty’s move telling Fabio he was a Chess Grand Master. That is the kind of gameplay we need to see more of on Survivor.

  7. Just noticed the blue ‘Video on Brenda’ at the bottom of Snakes comments… Interesting look at her. Can see why she wanted Kelly B out, but still think she should have gone for Marty since he didn’t play the idol. I have to disagree with PK on his assessment of her, and think that Marty is more the Russell wannabe. I think more than anyone, Brenda is the shrewdest and most in control of other’s destinies in the game. Very few are thinking or playing on her level.

  8. Hopefully Marty won’t use the I.I and he’ll be going home. There are so many on that side that I don’t like….it’s tough to pick just one.

  9. Is it me? I think if Marty was really a friend to Jill, he would have given the idol to Jill. Afterall, Jill gave all of her clues for Marty to find the idol. He corrected himself when he found the idol and said , “We have the idol.”
    Anyway, he is a dirt bag!

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