BloggerGal hangs with past Survivor alumni!

My husband and I attended Reality Rally in Temecula California this weekend. This for charity event was created by Survivor contestant Gillian Larson. Reality Rally is an event modeled after The Amazing Race where teams race throughout the city in a competition involving crazy activities, all for the coveted trophy, cash prizes, and most importantly raising funds for the charity of choice. This year’s charity is Michelle’s Place, a breast cancer resource center located in Temecula. The idea is for regular folk to form teams with Reality TV stars to compete. The weekend long event gave fans ample opportunity to hang out and meet their favorite stars.

Since Gillian was a Survivor contestant, there was a huge contingent of Survivor reality TV stars. My absolute favorite was Bob Crowley, both on Survivor and at the cocktail party. He is such a down to earth guy. I was having difficulty figuring out the flash on my camera and he and I spent some time trying to figure it out. I kidded him saying, “If you can’t figure it out Bob, no one can!” My husband really enjoyed having a lengthy conversation with him. I didn’t get a chance to speak to Dr. Marcus Lehman, but he takes an awesome picture, doesn’t he?

Sandra Diaz-Twine hasn’t changed a bit after winning, not one, but two Survivor seasons. She was great to talk to and she even invited us to meet her back at the Pechanga Casino to play some roulette.

I had a lengthy conversation with Marty Piombo. I explained to him that I have to DVR Survivor, so that I can blog American Idol live. He teased me and told me that was just wrong! He absolutely loves Survivor and never misses an episode. He did confess that he tapes the show and then watches with his Fast Forward button. I wasn’t too crazy about Marty, the Survivor player, but I loved Marty when I met him. We took our picture with Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, but I didn’t get the opportunity to spend any time with him.

I couldn’t recognize Survivor contestant Joel Anderson. He is huge, well muscled and frankly…hot! When I came home, I checked out his Survivor photos and frankly was shocked that he was the same guy I met.

My husband was really excited to meet YauMan Chan. He loves those middle-aged Survivor contestants. I guess they give him hope for all us middle aged folks!

I have to admit, there were a lot of Survivor contestants that I recognized, but I just didn’t know their names. All the reality stars I met were wonderful people. It was great for them all to donate their time to such a worthy cause. I hope you are all enjoying this season’s Survivor. Bloggergal

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  1. Wow, that Bloggergal sure gets around! And so glad she does. Thanks for the pics and update on some of the Survivors… that must have been such fun! Thanks again, Bloggergal… and glad to see you watch the BEST reality show on tv!

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