Procrastinator,grave digger, and a mullet :)

OK, OK. So it took me awhile to catch up I admit I watched all 3 episodes on inner-tube last night. Ready for the equivalent of my Evil Dick from BB8, I sit down, daughter out with husband at softball, glass of wine in hand ready to be amused and shocked????

By the 2nd episode I’m asking myself “Why in the world did they get rid of Chicken??” Where is the oomph here. This guy gets naked in a competition wait at one point weren’t they all getting naked?? Then I am watching a cafeteria lady (who BTW reminds me of the lady Adam Sandler sings about 20 years before her prime)get-pushed off a dock by a bunch of anorexic Nicole Richie’s (sorry Lionel). My gosh are you kiddin me here?

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I am flabbergasted is that a word??? That’s my excitement? Maybe ED just set the bar a little to high for me, because the anorexic girl and the gay flight attend overhearing the grave digger and poker player saying who they want out is not giving me a choke hold here?? Is it just me?

I tell you I was glad to see Sister Christian go and the blonde smaller pocket size version of “China” go. Maybe it’s just to early, maybe the Sangria was too sweet but Survivor be it beautiful in China isn’t grabbing me by the Buddha if you know what I mean..

I am favoring the gravedigger and NO Jeff NOT BECAUSE his body is “Greek god-like” lmao… I like how he is quietly working and winning or at least doing his part for his side. Yeah so what he said to Jean Paul or Pierre or Robert whatever who he wanted gone. Those little sniveling rats shouldn’t’t have been listening. The poker player picked up on Todd from the giddy up..

My predictions or favorites??? The grave digger and the poker player. I like them both. Now why Jean Robert would think James would want the 70 pound cynical freak from New York I don’t know, but he is good at reading people. Maybe James is just used to seeing that sunken in cheek chic look?? How can a woman let herself get so little before going on survivor knowing you aren’t going to be eating. Hey maybe that’s her strategy she knows how to starve already sooo???

Anyways looking forward to hearing your opinion guys and girls.

Just a Jersey girls opinion anyway


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  1. Let me be ther first to say a great big howdy to Hope. Welcome to our humble home. We are a wild and wacky bunch.

    Pocket size China …. now that’s funny !!

  2. Welcome Hope, good to see some more ideas on this season of Survivor.

    I’m with you on the “ED raised the bar” thing. It was my first year of BB and I can not wait for next summer!

    I like Todd and Courtney and Amanda, they should be listening in and finding out every bit of info to keep them from getting booted off every week.

    Last week I was thinking why don’t they show more of the Lunch Lady, not much air time at all, then I see way too much of her during that last challenge last week. lol

    On a different note, does anyone watch House? He had a little parody of Survivor within his episode last night, kinda funny.

    Sherre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SAID THE W word. Shame on you!!!!

    Knock it off already! lol

    Congrats on the job Jeff. Must keep income flowing. ;) If I see Wendy anywhere I’ll tell her you miss her.


  3. Reality Awards update…

    It looks like Dick may have won two awards, possibily one being the big prize — Reality Performer of the Year! I say this because I say a picture of several of the HGs posing with their awards which look like giant martini glasses. Dick is holding two, one is chrystal and the other is gold (big prize???” Anyway, Dick was nominated for the following awards along with the other nominees (I don’t know theses people):

    — Favorite Fight
    “Chance” Kamal Givens vs. “Mr. Boston” on “I Love New York”
    Rocky vs. Dreams on “Survivor: Fiji”
    Sharon Osborne vs. Piers Morgan on “America’s got Talent”
    Leilene vs. Pumpkin on “Charm School”
    Evel Dick vs. Jen on “Big Brother 8”
    Saaphyri v. Htown on “Flavor of Love 2”

    — Favorite Winner
    Tyler and James from “The Amazing Race”
    Rock from “Hell’s Kitchen”
    Evil Dick from “Big Brother 8”
    Traci Bingham from “Surreal Life: Fame Game”
    Yul from “Survivor: Fiji”

    — Favorite Villain
    Dustin Diamond from “Celebrity Fit Club”
    Cecille from “Beauty and the Geek”
    Johnny V from “Scott Baio is 45 and Single”
    Evel Dick from “Big Brother 8”
    Renee from “America’s Next Top Model”
    Larissa from “Charm School”

    — Favorite Potty Mouth
    Chef Gordon Ramsay form “Hell’s Kitchen”
    Dustin Diamond from “Celebrity Fit Club”
    Evel Dick from “Big Brother 8”
    Adrianne Curry from “My Fair Brady: We’re Getting Married”

    — Reality Performer of the Year
    Adrianne and Chris Knight from “My Fair Brady”
    Sanjaya from “American Idol”
    New York from “I Love New York”
    Len Goodman from “Dancing with the Stars”
    Evel Dick from “Big Brother 8”
    Ant from “Celebrity Fit Club”

    Also, this last part is a bit disturbing. There is also a picture of Jessica posing with none other then…

    drum roll please…
    Ron Jeremy…

  4. Thanks for the list G, how are you today?

    Ron Jeremy, oh my, that’s not a good picture partner for Jess!!!

    If I had to guess ED should have won Best Potty Mouth but I haven’t watched most of those other shows.


  5. Welcome aboard Hope!

    Hi Everyone!
    Hope noone is doing ‘w—‘ today.

    Luv your lists Big G!

    I was on a forum awhile back…either politics or trading…anyway, this one guy mentioned he looks like Ron Jeremy. I asked who that was. Brought down the house. I really had no clue. Once everyone quit doing the lolssss…. they explained who he is. THEN… the guy mentioned where he lives and it turns out that it is within 5 mins. of where I do.
    THEN… THEN…. one night my son’s car breaks down with him and his girlfriend…The tow truck comes…in the interim, they got to chatting with a guy while waiting for the tow… the break down happened at a close by convenience store. A guy my son was talking with happend to know a few of the same people as my son. etc. etc. The guy offers to give my son and his girlfriend a ride in his truck,…following the tow truck…that way they wouldn’t have to bunch up in the tow truck cab. Son and girlfriend took the offer. They pull in here and the girlfriend runs ahead of my son and grabs me to come outside. She said…. the guy looks just like Ron Jeremy. I thought…how weird… there was a guy on a forum who lives nearby who said that too. I go outside and was introduced to this guy…. he was nice enough… but, immediately asked me out. NOT my type at all.

    Curiousity got the best of me so I looked up Ron Jeremy on the internet and this guy I met could be his friggin double. No joke. And turns out it is the same guy on the forum. The Forum is not a local thing either. It’s Posters/Members are Global. High odds to come across someone in one’s own neighborhood.

    Be back in a bit…………….. need to do a couple of errands…

  6. RHSC

    I wonder if this guy had the same skills that Ron Jeremy had… I am told that Ron could take care of his own needs like no man should be able to take care of his own needs… and thats all I am gonna say about that…

    but yes, Jess could do sooooooo much better for a picture partner…

  7. Just so we have it listed here… here’s the latest Tribe Standings… So pick the next bootee…

    –Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Aaron ———– Surfing Instructor
    Amanda ——– Hiking Guide
    Jean-Robert — Professional Poker Player
    Courtney ——- Waitress
    Denise ——— School Lunch Lady
    James ——— Gravedigger
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Todd ———— Flight Attendant

    –Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Dave ———— Former Model
    Erik ————– Musician
    Jaime ———– Student
    Frosti ———– Parkour Athlete/Student
    Peih-Gee —— Jeweler
    Sherea ——— Elementary Teacher
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st

  8. Now I say Dave is next to go if Zahn Hu looses

    and I hope Denise goes if Fei Long looses… because I don’t think I can stand seeing here in a bathing suit again… which is another good use of the word “Wrong” just so, so wrong…

  9. hey guys …. just stop by for a quicky …. hehehe ..

    Red …. Ron Jeremy …. can I just say ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! That is more creepy that Jean Robert …. sorry Hope … that guy just creeps me out .

    Thanks Big G … for the updated boot list ….

    I am going to stay with my pick of next boot to be David …. I was for sure he would go last week . Some sites I frequent are saying Sherea .

    Tina … sorry girl … I mis spoke and said the actual word ….. but I do have to try and get a little of …. welll you know ….

    be back later

  10. If Zahn Hu loses- Dave or Sherea

    If Fei Long loses – JR or James

    G, it wasn’t a bathing suit, I think she just took off her shirt for that challenge, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


  11. I’m hearing the same thing. Sherea or Dave to go. Either or is fine by me.

    Gotta run and watch the Markets… they’re moving fast today. Oh… don’t know if I mentioned. I trade Commodities now. Pretty cool for income.

    Start some gossip for me to read when I return…. ;)

  12. Hi fellow Survivors….and welcome aboard Hope! :) Wonderful come out post, keep ‘em comin’. Mr. God, what can I say, seemingly omnipotent as usual,lol. And Red, I’m amazed by your “in depth” knowledge of Ron Jeremy, LOL! (Yes pun intended!). Just thought I’d wander into our “Wacky,Wild, Humble Home” to see what I have missed these last few days. Old ENIGMA (the cyBORG) had to go in for a tune up,lol. It seems that that 3-4 foot length of titanium, chewing gum, and bread ties, that I like to call my spine, decided it was time to seize up :( and remind me that “resistance id futile”, lol. So Mrs. ENIGMA broke out the sledge hammer and cordless screw driver and after more than a few tweaks and loud yodeling, here I am, like it or not!!! BTW are mullets coming back into style? Please let me know………talk later ;)

  13. Thanks to all the welcomes :)
    WOW it’s nice to nice my post has generated some Ron Jeremy referrences lmao..
    That man is sooooo repulsive I am not quite sure how he made it as far as he did in his career wait thats right( drumroll please) he pretty much did it all by himself lol …
    ok ok so that was stupid.
    Anyway I know this is about survivor and all but since you guys were talkin about the awards ,
    I wanted to mention that I spoke with (ed)him on HOUSE CALLS with that lil peanut of a person Gretchen. ED was sooo cool and super nice and if you get a chance have a listen on innertube..I even made him chuckle a couple of times at Gretchens expense :>.. I heard he was up for some awards but didn’t know when that shopw aired guess I missed it:(
    Mullets I think are coming back at least I see them a little more everyday .. NOT….. except on poor lil boys who’s parents get it cut that way. Business in the front party in the back.. when My husband says that about them I have to literally LMAO EVERYTIME…
    Anyway I have to say my predicition has to be that poor lil skinny girl Courtney I do like her spunk but thats about all she is going to have left soon… It will be all air (cocky new york air..but air).. and I’m from the east coast so I can say that about her!!!
    Thanks Again for the warm welcome guys looking forward to some fun…
    Hope :)

  14. Top 10 Snappy Responses and Quick Recoveries to Questions You Didn’t Hear Because You Were Zoned Out… These also work if you missed the question because you were busy reading this blog…

    1. “I’m not going to dignify that with a response!”

    2. “Whoa, I just had one of my psychic realizations: someone in this room is embezzling money!”

    3. “What did you say about my wife!?” They will quickly repeat the question.

    4. Raise your index finger to your lips and say, “Shhh, let’s all just listen with our hearts for a moment. I think the answer will become obvious.”

    5. “I must have answered this question a hundred times in the last month! Doesn’t anybody listen anymore?”

    6. Act as if you are silently falling in love with the person waiting for your response.

    7. Act as if you are going to respond, then pause to reconsider your response. Repeat for hours on end until quitting time.

    8. Hang your head and say, “What difference does it make? We’re all going to die anyway!”

    9. “That may be true. Or not. What do you think, Ed?”

    10. “I didn’t hear your question; I zoned out. I was a million miles away. Which brings up a greater issue: what are we going to do to liven up these lame meetings?”

  15. And… always remember. If it is a question/comment given by your boss… Look up from your computer screen (where you’ve just typed on a blog), and say,… ‘I was just noting that on Word doc. Yes Sir/Ma’m… Absolutely….I agree’, …etc.

    If it is a question/comment by a co-employee, just stare and wait it out.

  16. YIKES …… Hope … girlfriend … I have to say I am with Big G …. I was not expecting to granny’s grandma when I came in it is a little distrubing. After the intial shock … it was funny though … LOL .

    Big G …. I like this response the best and have used it on occasion works like a charm everytime.

    5. “I must have answered this question a hundred times in the last month! Doesn’t anybody listen anymore?”

  17. Self love encompasses all then I guess (sad face)……

    lol RHSC i LOVE THE CO-WORKER stare and wait it out… how many times did I do that.. or say “Yeah I’ll take another coffee !” and the question was so not about coffee :)

  18. Hey Sherre,

    We’re trading Corn. Then, I clicked in here and well… allow me to say this to Hope’s face (pun intended) rather than behind her back…

    I clicked in here and whoa! …. your self portrait…. somehow it was fitting I happened to be trading the Grain Markets…it’s sooooo…. cowgirlish…farmish…

    Okeydokey…. carry on folks… who can we gossip about. I know… a combo. Someone here and someone not here. Let’s start a rumor about Jeff and Hope. Jeff’s busy and can’t check in as often…

  19. Enigma, glad to see you back … wow sounds like you have had a rough go of it … I bet you are fun to go through the airport with … huh….

  20. ALRIGHT u guys u have me so paranoid about my grandmothers picture!!!!!!!!!! :)
    that I can’t posssibly think about sex!!! even with jeff
    I am now trying to not scare you and change my avatar and I don’t mind telling you I am screaming at the comp!!!

  21. Rumors, rumors, rumors!

    Still in love with Wendy….however I love the name Hope….hmm? (Let the rumors start to fly!)

    I am surrounded by so many wonderful ladies here on my blog. I am very honored to be in all of your company!

    …and just because I am at W— does not mean I am not watching all of you. Remember Big Brother is watching….

    um….er……you know what I mean!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  22. JP you have to come around every once in a while to let Big G … know that he is know the only man in our lives …. hehe …. oh you are watching huh …. hey Red now there is a rumor for you …. JP like to watch …. hummmmm …. LOL !!!

    Hope are you a red head too ….. you know Big G …. is very fond of the redhead green eyed girls .

  23. I’m not the one sorry Jeff …
    Blonde Blue Eyed baby girllll.
    But wait Sherre your lil picture has red hair and green eyes or is that an alter ego ??? lol

  24. well that little picture is my yahoo alter …. hehe …. but I really am red headed …. mostly a dark alburn …. but mostly these days since the “life” lights streaked my alburn locks I have to get the color from a box … hehe … also I really have big green eyes. But I have been a blonde too …. that is the wonderful thing about being a female you can change your hairstyle / color to fit you mood .

  25. sherre passes JP a napkin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wipe the drool man …. that’s embarrassing …. hehehe …..

  26. thanks sherre…..thanks for the napkin…nice to have someone care about my issue with drool! :p

    …and i love you too but i do not think i can compete with your love for Big G….so there ya go.


    My one true love is Jessica from BB8….now she can come and hang with me anytime (Eric Who?)

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  27. Jeff, perhaps you missed the post I made earlier where I mentioned the picture of Jessica and Ron Jeremy… Forget eric, there’s your competition… Ron jeremy being famous for what hes famous for must have skills, cause it can’t be his looks…

  28. Oh … JP you sweet talker … you know I dig the “youthful” older guys and Big G… well he’s got that whole creater thing going ….but oh my my what gossip that could start … younger man and “youthfull” older women …LOL …

  29. True….not sure I can compete with Ron…well….at least in “some” ways….

    as far as your comment Sherre….all i can say is….

    *gulp*….is it getting warm in here or is it just me?


    Peace, Jeff Probst

  30. “youthfull” older women??? Takes me back to the mid 70’s and my first time… seduced by a “youthfull” older women that I babysat for… and I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut and not spoil a good thing…

  31. ok ok SO NO SCARY JOKES THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is me but I like changing Avatar so don’t get used to it !!
    This is my daughter Patience with me..

    AND THEN I’LL change the avatar to something sarcastic :)

  32. LOL …. Hope …. sweetie …. you are making me dizzy … I think I am going to have to always look with one eye closed when it comes to you changing your avatar. LOL

  33. okay guys …. I have to make my way home …. y’all have a good evening and I will catch you tomorrow.

    Later Tater’s !

  34. ARE YOU THERE GOD IT’S ME HOPE (or Margret whatever you get the point)
    (LOL i did like that book when i was younger)

    yeah a dollar that’s it!!!

  35. Good Morning Survivor-mates! Its Thursday, someone is leaving tonight.

    LOL Hope, great avatar….I must have missed the one of you and your daughter. But Awwwwww, I’m sure it was a great picture.

    How is everyone today?


  36. I’m thinking Sherea if Zhan Hu loses, or Dave maybe….and if Fei Long loses, I’d pick James or JR to go.


  37. Hello Survivor Blog mates !

    I am still thinking that Dave will be the one to go …. if not Dave then Sherea …. have you seen the previews …. Sherea and Dave are not getting along …. and I can say when a women says …. back up off me ….. you better be backing up !!! They also hinted at both tribes at tribal council …. so the winner must be able to sit in and observe…. maybe . whacha think ???

    I don’t think that James will go for a few weeks … at least until the merge he is too strong in the physical challenges.

    JR …. yeah he could be a possbility if Fei Long loses … because he annoys everyone.

    I think they should send Courtney home …. that child can not afford to lose any weight at all. It is hard to watch her …. I know rumors have her in the final three but honestly folks I don’t see her making it that long .

  38. James also seems to be the only one that can catch a crab lol. That might hold him there if he can start providing some nutrition. The thing is maybe they have been catching and we only get to see such a small edited version of the big picture.

    Surely at some point they are going to give them their clothes back or a sewing machine and some material, something. This bra and underwear thing can’t continue on. Sherea’s bra breaks and believe me anyone sitting close by is going to have a black eye, those things are lethal!!!

    Poor Courtney, don’t you think she’d be whining about starving by now? Gosh I know I would. There again, maybe its the editing. I’d be flirting with some cameraman and promising all kinds of things if he’d just bring me a sandwich! ha ha


  39. Sherea …. was certainly blessed with a nice set of twins … but I am with you Tina those babies could put an eye out !

    I think Courtney staved herself before surivor …. she is painlfully thin …. If I where on the crew she wouldn’t have to promise favors for food …. I would be sneaking her cookies and stuff … LOL ….

  40. Ouch!!! My Eye… My Eye… geeze, I was just trying to get a close look and wham!!! now that gonna leave a mark…

    Morning/afternoon everyone… sorry I have been pretty busy this morning answering prayers… I can’t tell you how many people I had to tell “No, you’re not winning the Lottery” today…

    As for going home, Dave!!! if for no other reason than he possesses NO PEOPLE SKILLS as all… you can’t be talking-down to these people… they are adults and don’t like being treated in a condecending way…

    So, unless his tribe wins, he gone and the twins stay… yeah twins!!!

  41. Say, I heard that Turkey recalled their ambassador to U.S. today… so does anyone know what the official meal on Thanksgiving is now gonna be??? I mean, I have people coming over, and a chicken just ain’t gonna do, ya know???

  42. Only have a NY minute here today.
    I think Dave…but, the twins might be going only due to if that tribe loses, they’ll keep the male for now.

    Howdy Everyone and chat later,

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