A Naked Man and The Boot

Well… the mighty tribe Fei Long lost two in a row this week. Reward and Immunity. This season is pretty dang physical. Dontcha think. (oh great. Now, I’ve got the Olivia Newton song going round and round in my head ‘Let’s Get Physical’).
Reward: Zhan Hu. Comfort items won. Pillows, Lanterns, Tarp, etc.:

Immunity: Zhan Hu

Voted Out from Fei Long: Leslie…known as ‘Mom’ got the boot.  Most really wanted Jean-Robert to go…but, he does have the strength for the challenges right now and they are wise to stay strong physically.  Other than that, I do believe Jean-Robert would have been gone.


Leave it to Jean-Robert to boast and have Courtney and Todd overhear him and James talking about getting laid via Courtney and winning a million bux all in the same timeframe.  In your dreams only Jean-Robert.  In your dreams.  Like any of the women would want to even accidently touch Jean-Robert..much less have sex with him.  I have to admit I was disappointed to see James enjoying time with his and Jean-Robert’s conversation.  Maybe it’s just strategy..but, with Todd and Courtney overhearing it all, I’d say JRobert and James days are numbered once a merge happens.  I figure Fei Long will keep them around to have the numbers going into a merge.

Of course, we’ve seen twists…so, is a mix-up/switch on the horizon?

Up to this point, I wasn’t liking Todd a lot. Things changed, in my own personal opinion, of him this week. The dude is playing a smart game. Very smart. He should last a long time. His and Amanda’s alliance (with Aaron as the add on) is a force to be reckoned with. Mentally.

The Reward challenge was a test of brute strength in knocking each other off the planks into the water. Women against women. Men against men. The women of  Zhan Hu were tough.

Dave’s intimidation move was to do the challenge butt naked. Who knows, maybe, the other guys inner psych did take a hit seeing it.

They kidnapped (part of the Reward challenges this season) Leslie. Tonight Leslie returned the favor to Jamie by giving her the clue to the ‘hidden’ (which really isn’t hidden this year) Immunity Idol at each tribe’s camp.  Tonight’s scroll contained two clues. We, the audience, know where the idol is..in plain view.  The clues have already stated this.  Recall… last week Leslie shared her info with Todd so he also knows a ‘clue’. It didn’t show Jamie sharing her info with anyone.

Jean Robert…get a clue. The females do not want you trying to cuddle them at night. They are creeped out by you.  And, please pull your pants up…the camera person, thank goodness, blurred out your netherlands area.  I’d rather see Dave’s bare butt…than what Jean Robert was trying to show off.

Leslie made a graceful exit tonight. Kudos to her.

Next week, we get to see the armor worn in war. Oooolala. Cool!

By golly, if the Survivors can mud wrestle, throw each other around, we can have our own fun on this site.  And, yes, we are known for our ‘gossip’ in these blogs.

Weekly Confession:  Don’t believe what they say about me & certain other regulars here.  It’s just not true.  Well…. mostly not.   Kinda not.  Alright.  O…K.  Most of it’s right on target.

Join in…Read, Post and have Fun!

165 thoughts on “A Naked Man and The Boot”

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    PS: What did you think of tonights episode?

  2. Okeydokey…gonna try out the new feature now. Thanks for standing on top of things Jeff!

    And, btw, that was fast getting this section up since I just wrote and submitted the blog. You tis the superman!

    Just need an explanation as to how to upload a pic or do you have an avitar group listing to choose from? I may be overlooking it.

  3. Oh… it’s putting my behind the scenes writing blogs handle. That’s cool.

    Hey All… RHSC is moi… Redhead Survivor Chic. Okeydokey… figured I’d better clue ya in so ‘office gossip’ won’t get confusing. ;)

  4. Awww.. Jeff. Makin’ me blush with your sweet words.

    I tried uploading straight off my computer. didn’t work. I tried going to one of those avatar storage sites and I put the image there to transfer here. Didn’t work. I tried it at another site. It worked.

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    I’m doing something wrong. Argggggg!

  5. cool beans … I think I did this right … I will have to come back later and get my profile updated. I have to bee quick about this this morning got errands to run before work and a full day after that … but I just had to check in with my survivor buds.

    Okay I have to say I was totally shock to say the least the Fei Long lost not only one but two challenges …. WTF ….. I was sure Dave would be getting the boot this week … but I did think that if Fei Long lost that Leslie would be going home … Sister Christian … now tell me why in the world did this group not come up with that name …. hummmm

    netherlands …. Red you are too funny …. that guy just creeps me out !

    James …. James ….. booboo …. what are you thinking …. He needs to go back to being the strong SILENT type !

    Todd …. he is a snake … very very game smart

    Amanda … still the girl to watch … she has been excellent in the challenges and she as made a very smart alliance in Todd and Aaron .

    Courtney … that girl needs to eat … I felt so sorry for her last night wackin away at those ropes …. she is the reason Fei Long lost the challenge.

    Leslie …. she just never really had a chance … with wearing God on her sleeve and talking way to much … she was a huge liabilty … do you think what she said was true …. was it Heart vs Brawn?

    Okay Red since my prediction was wrong about the boot do I have to give Big G his hard drive back ???

    Oh yeah I drop the Lu … from SherreLu

    Later Tater !

  6. Geeeze, not even close to being first… don’t you people ever sleep???

    anyway, good show last night, more on that when I get to work…

    in the mean time, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day!!!

  7. Wow, what a show, I have to tell you, I was starting to like the gravedigger until he started chatting with poker-boy, maybe as Red said, it was strategy. Takes me awhile before I find my favorite people.
    Talk to you later…. ;)

  8. Nice to see Zhan hu finally getting their act together. Would definatlly like to see less of Jean-Robert, EWWWWW.
    As far as James goes, I hope that chatting with JR was only strategic and evidence of his self proclaimed poor social skills.
    Courtney is pretty scary looking. She needs to step it up if she’s going to stick around. Hopefully if their are less physical challenges she can shine then, but I am not convinced that she is as smart as she thinks she is.

  9. Someone (Cameraman, anyone) should give Courtney something to eat. Its almost disturbing how skinny she is.

    I think Leslie was ok with going. She doesn’t seem like she would have lasted long term.

    The RC was awesome, that was brutal. The girls kicked butt. As for Dave removing his shorts, well actually it was a pretty good strategy. I remember Richard Hatch doing this on AS.

    I was glad to see Zhan Hu win two challenges in a row. They definitely needed to win something and get their spirits up a bit.

    The whole arguement about the crab and how to cook it seemed stupid to me. I’d rather have rice without a crab flavor in it, personally. Can’t they just try to catch some more crabs??? They have the fishing equipment.

    Todd and Amanda played it smart keeping to themselves the information they overheard. A novice player would have went and confronted them and ruined everything. How about James and JR discussing that million bucks and a POA. I sure hope JR is better at poker than he is at Survivor.

    Hopefully Jamie can figure out the HII’s location, although I don’t know how I’d get it down if I were there.

    So good morning DNP’ers! TGIF!


  10. Side note to God:

    Obviously from the amount of blurred out beaver shots during the RC, they are not of the shaved persuasion! lol


  11. All the nakedness must really add to the primal feeling of being “survivors” I wonder if it also facilitates personal relationships. Seeing everyone’s business hanging out must eliminate barriers, make everyone feel in the same boat as it were.
    I don’t mean in a sexy way. If everyone is dirty and half naked maybe it creates comraderie?

  12. Maybe you are right about that Candy, but I think it kept those guys from wanting to grab below the waist of Dave last night. I’m sure by this time they have all gotten past the naked barrier. I don’t think I ever could do that with cameras rolling though.


  13. Will someone please give Courtney a Sandwich??? The very nature of survivor is going without and everyone loose weight during their stay, but poor ol Courtney has nothing to loose (weight wise)… if somehow she makes it to the late stages of the game, she’s gonna start looking like a survivor from Auschwitz…

    JR… I don’t like being cold… I need to use that line some day and see where it gets me… Strong as hell in the comps, weak as hell with people skills… and he and gravedigger need to learn how to talk quietly… shhhhh….

    Leslie going home, but some of those folks are christens… had no clue what she was doing out there… She had TWO clues to the immunity idol that is hidden in plain sight and couldn’t think to look up… No Freaking Clue At All…. Then there’s the fact that Jeff never mentioned the hidden immunity idol, I guess they’re keeping that a secret except from the tribes except those who have gotten clues… an interesting twist to the game…

    Dave is still an Ass and is only there because they found a way to win… the next time Zhan Hu looses, he’s gone…

  14. Latest Tribe Standings

    –Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Aaron ———– Surfing Instructor
    Amanda ——– Hiking Guide
    Jean-Robert — Professional Poker Player
    Courtney ——- Waitress
    Denise ——— School Lunch Lady
    James ——— Gravedigger
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Todd ———— Flight Attendant

    –Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Dave ———— Former Model
    Erik ————– Musician
    Jaime ———– Student
    Frosti ———– Parkour Athlete/Student
    Peih-Gee —— Jeweler
    Sherea ——— Elementary Teacher
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st

  15. Howdy Everyone,

    I registered as RHSC…same as I use to write the Commentary Blogs…. aka… Redhead Survivor Chic. Same person, just a shorter version of name.

    Thanks Big G for keeping the lists. It’s so cool to see it formatted out like that.

    I think (which is dangerous in and of itself – me thinking) that my weeks were mixed up and Dave goes next week. Will see. I knew Leslie and others get booted…but, can say don’t know the exact order. Several of us get our Spoiler Info from the same source. It’ll be right in the end,…just the order gets off sometimes.

    Plus, when Big G sends lightning bolts to guys’ poor widdle wee wees… it throws the universe off. Things get chaotic for awhile. Then, all becomes right again.

    I was disappointed in James. We might start to be seeing his personality and might not like him so much anymore?? Hope it was just strategy to go along with JR’s delusional fantasy.

    Right now, Jamie on Zhan Hu has two clues. Todd on Fei Long (via Leslie’s sharing) has one clue to the Individual Idol location. This is probably, along with playing it calm..low key..but, not a slacker…will get Todd and Amanda a long way. Amanda is tough. Don’t know if Todd has shared the clue with her yet though.

    Okeydokey…. any office gossip…let’s bring it on.

    For the newer Readers/Posters…when I say ‘Office Gossip’… this site is our ‘office’ away from office. ;) …. We have the following thus far.

    Big G and Sherre… caught on a rendevous

  16. For sure being naked in the comp was good stratagy on Daves part. maybe it will show his commitment to his tribemates and keep him around longer.

  17. Okeydokey… I can’t resist this comment. I really can’t.

    Maybe Dave’s nakedness will cause the female members of his tribe to either
    1. Definitely want him around
    2. Definitely want him gone.

    Depending, of course, on their bird’s eye view…which we, the audience, weren’t privvy to.

  18. I am going to play in someone else’s sandbox … since Mr. Moderator will not let me play in here *sigh*

  19. I wonder if Jene-Robert will try Daves tactic of getting nekid and begin sleeping in the buff as a way of “Keeping Warm”???”

    If anyone looses their lunch at that thought, I would like to say I am sorry…

  20. G,

    Too late on losing the lunch (I read it). Add to that an ear piercing scream…hands over eyes and vigorously shaking head Nooooooooooo

  21. Too bad that Fei Long couldn’t win the reward challange and get the confort items… nothing like a blankie to keep ya warm, but I guess it’s back to the ladies for JR…

    Best quote of the night… “Like I’m going to keep anyone warm! I weigh seven pounds” Would Sombody Please Give that Girl a Sandwich!!!

  22. I have been like a kid on the outside of a candy store today …. I can see in but I can’t get in to get the candy .

    Still awaiting moderation …. maybe I will be approved by Monday … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

    you guys have a good week end and maybe if I pass inspection I will catch you next week.


  23. They could give Courtney a sandwich every day she is out there and I still don’t think she would have any knid of unfair advantage.

  24. So I am still trying to get the Avatars working correctly…

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  25. Am I the only one still at work? Or maybe you guys are all working and I’m playing? Either way, you should be here keeping me company.

  26. Poor Courtney,

    When it comes to the physical challenges, Pathetic doesn’t even come close to describing her talents (or the lack there of)…

  27. Evel Me

    I still at work, actually doing a bit of work in between blogging and celebrating Mothers Day on top of that…

  28. I celebrate Mothers Day every two weeks… It coinsides with my payday… then I have to pay this mother and pay that mother and… well, there’s quite a few mothers out there with a hand in my pocket… so instead of complaining about it, I celebrate…

  29. Well it looks like I still have my members card LOL … sorry I missed all the fun today guys I was on the outside looking in .

  30. Well….the avatar thing is still not working right. I think I am getting closer though…sorry for the delay.

    It will ROCK once it starts working! :)

    I don’t think you guys are doing anything wrong…it is just a new plug in that is tough to configure and requires stuff on another site so that is part of the difficulty getting it all configured.

    Thank you again for your patience!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

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  32. What a surprise to find out the avatars are working after all.

    Thanks Jeff, you rock!

    Now I need to find one that I really want to use, as I just grabbed one that was handy. :)

    How’s everyone’s weekend so far? I hope good.


  33. ‘m having a ‘puter glitch I guess. Got to the site for gravatar. Downloaded an avatar and all it keeps saying…transferring data..at the bottom when I try to put the avatar in the slot where it is suppose to go. Wahhhhhh…. can’t get mine done.

  34. O…K…. I promise not to use the light saber ifin ya’ll come on and POST… get some chatter going. If not, then, well…all promises for not using it are null and void.

    I do believe the weeks are mixed…and Dave will be outta China come this Thursday.
    I do believe Todd is going to go a long long way. He is playing a smart game.
    I do not believe Jean-Robert will last another 3 weeks. 4 at max.

  35. Wow not too much posting over the weekend. I had company this weekend, so that’s my excuse. But they are all gone now muah!

    I saw where ED posted on his myspace page, read it this morning before I left for work, can’t get to that site from here, its “ACCESS DENIED”, thanks to Surf Control. Blech!

    How is everyone?


  36. Good Morning Everyone…

    First let me say, I Hate Mondays!!!

    Now that I have that out of my system, I have some BB8 Info… In an effort to clear up some roumers about the way things were handeled on BB8, Allison Grodner, the executive producer for Big Brother 8 said that the rules for BB8 were made up as the show went along… She went on to say that Evil Dick’s coded letter from his son did not violate the show’s rules because the producers did’t think he did anything that compromised the game.

    At that late stage of the game she is probably right, but I wonder what would they have done had he received the letter 3-4 weeks earlier and discovered the code???

    She went on to say that Jen’s penalty vote punishment was made up just for this situation. “We always reserve the right to give penalty nominations when rules are broken that are not safety violations or something so extreme that you should be ejected. But this was unprecedented.

    There were other tid-bits of information and is you wish to read the entire article, it can be found at http://www.bb8spoiler.com.

    Note to the guys, there is a good picture of Jen waring the Unitard… The words incerted into the pict “Open For Business” tells a lot…

    anyway enjoy the read, now I’m gonna try to do a little something around here at the job to justify my existance… notice how I avoided the w word…

  37. RHSC

    as for fearing your power now??? I have always feared and respected your power… you are a redhead after all…

  38. Evel Me…

    as to my calling Pay Day Mothers Day… do this, on your next pay day, tell people you w### with “Happy Mothers Day” and watch the initial panic in heir eyes as they wonder how could they have missed it… what am I gonna get mom at the lat minute… and the general look of confusion… It’s quite fun to watch peoples reaction and then the look of relief after you explain the concept…

  39. LOL yes, I was just grabbing anything I could when I found Mario and Princess Peach, but I have a new one however its not showing up and I can’t get rid of Mario for now, it keeps saying there was trouble, to try later.

    That’s funny about Mother’s Day, I’ll remember that one!

    RHSC, I’m not afraid. ;)


  40. RHSC

    of course it’s a smart answer… what am I gonn do, throw lighting bolts at you only to see you block them with your light saber… I am in awe of the power of the Green Eye Redhead, and if they have a nice butt to look at, all the better… : )

  41. So Evel Me, the first thing you grabbed as an avartar was Princess Peach getting spanked… hmmmmmmm, a Fruidian slip perhaps???

  42. Where the #%& is everyone else???

    Not that I don’t luv ya Big G and Evel….I do

    Just curious where the others are.

  43. It’s Columbus Day… Perhaps they had the day off, because we all know the only time people blog is when they’re on the clock… again, I avoid the use of the dreded “w” word…

  44. geeze… lives outside of the internet, I have heard stories but never believed them to be true… I wonder what it’s like???

  45. Well… I hear a lot of it is horrible. Lots and lots of ghastly dealings/actions. Then, there is this thing they call ‘human interaction’….which. I’m told, is pretty ‘interesting’. They actually touch each other.

    I’m thinking of trying it out. Just out of curiousity.

  46. Im gonna have to do a little research on this “human Interaction” thing… but if you need someone to play “Touch” with, Im game… but you have to be gentle!!!

  47. hey what’s happening survivor bloggers !

    cool avatars guys … well as usual I tried…. again …. but I think I hosed it up somehow… typical …. it is the way my day as been going! Mondays SUCK !!

  48. Yepparoo Sherre… Big G is looking for some ‘human touch’. I’m skeerd (southern for scared) of jealous wives. Them there women folk who have hooked a man can be more dangerous than a light saber.

    Hims all yours. Lightning bolts and all. Give him a run for his money. Literally. ;)

  49. I would change my avatar but I hosed my account up somehow and can’t upload any new ones. so we are stuck with pissin on bush …. LOL !!!

  50. Hey Sherre! I love your Avatar! I’ve been to lunch, come back and G and da redhead with the green eyes are talking about human interaction, I am clueless, what is this concept they speak of.

    Glad you joined in. I’m supposing if whichever tribe (too lazy to scroll up and look at G’s last list) Dave is on loses, he’ll go, on the flip side if the other tribe loses, Aaron or JR?

    Its hard to blog about something that you just get an hour a week so lets fill it in with other stuff.

    I don’t know if Freud wore a slip or not G. I do know that spankings are not for kids. lol


  51. There are some very colorful personalities on this year’s survivor, think about this….how would you like to see any of them in a BB environment?

    This survivor seems so brutal. Almost every challenge is “SO” physical, clothes come off, blurring starts on the TV, oh wait…..that’s all G’s fault right??? lol

    Anyone want to take bets on how long James lasts? Of course not to the F3 but how fast will he go?

    Ok, someone else talk please!


  52. hey Tina …. I decided to lose the pissy doggie …. guess I did not hose anything up …. it seems you can only have two per email addy ….. and I am stuck with the piss on bush dog … *sigh*

    James is not going to last long if he don’t stay away from that creep jean robert … he is leading him down the wrong road .

  53. tomorrow is my birthday …. so today is the beginning of my birthday week …. I am thinking of what to do to celebrate …. anyone have any ideas ???

    okay it must be low impact , low budget …. and not include me getting arrested or jumping out of anything.

  54. Yeah I had two avatars listed and tried to use the 2nd one and it wouldn’t swap over, I have no idea what will show up this time. I hope I’m not destined to world of Mario and the Princess!


  55. Sherre, now its back to Survivor Avatar.

    G, are you the one behind us not getting to change our avatars??


  56. yep, but shes has a Light Saber so I thought she be braver… but nope, shes just chicken… and so were clear on this, she was lookin to do some touchin… I was just offerin to help a friend… anyway, that’s my story and Im stickin to it!!! :)

  57. I don’t blame her, I’d be skeered of Mrs. G too! After all, behind every great man…..well you know the story.


  58. every time I try and remove my pissy dog avatar … I get a message saying there was a problem in removing the avatar check back in a few moments …. so I just give up . IT HAS BEEN A MONDAY !

  59. hey Big G…. don’t get me to lying …. I don’t know anything about Red reaching out to touch someone …. lol….

  60. You can go back an read, but Red Said…

    ” Then, there is this thing they call ‘human interaction’….which. I’m told, is pretty ‘interesting’. They actually touch each other.

    I’m thinking of trying it out. Just out of curiousity. ”

    all I did wa tell her if she needed help, I was game… but she had to be gentle… :)

  61. oh yeah I read that part about the human interaction …. LOL …. you should try it …. let us know how it works for ya … and maybe we will try it !

  62. Yeah, I see how that works… let god try it out fist… well I was watching as Jene-Robert was trying out the touchie-feely stuff… he even had an excuse “Im Cold”… and those ladies wanted nothing to do with that… me thinks this is gonna get him booted in a few weeks… so now that Ive thought about it, I don’t think I want to try the whole touchie thing right now…

  63. I understand completely . The interaction thing can be scary in the beginning …. but I am told once you get hands on experience it gets easier.

  64. just be warned that along with that interaction …. may be reaction …. and it might not be the reaction you hoped for !

  65. So who has the scoop on who won/didn’t win at the Reality Awards…..I heard Jameka won for best prayer and Amber for best crying scene (wow there’s a shock), but what happened to Dick?


  66. Poor Big G….

    Afraid of getting the ‘boots’.

    If we promise to make ‘the boot’ high heels…does that help.

    Scaredy cat….meowwwww

  67. Hey G, please don’t compare yourself to JR, because I don’t know of any human of either gender that would want to snuggle up to him, and well you aren’t like that at least in our minds, don’t blow it! lol


  68. LOL ….. yeah Big G….. that might be the best thing for you .

    T … I don’t have any scoop today …. sorry ….

    Later Tater !!

  69. Eric & Jess won Best Showmance

    and I AM NOTHING LIKE JR!!! He is a completly different specis… and I am sure the ladies wish his mother ship would come an get him…

    JR 3, maybe 4 weeks and he’ll be gone…

  70. …..so what you are saying is……Dick……didn’t win anything??? God say it ain’t so!

    Glad to hear it G, because those white robes really do wonders for you…lol

    I think the mother ship should come reclaim JR extremely fast, before he has a chance to procreate! I’m hoping he’ll be gone faster than that. Then maybe James will behave better.


  71. Red you should watch teasing Big G … with the heels …. he already has a thing for redhair green eyed girls …. add some thigh boots to that image and it could be explosive !!!

    okay …. time to go home …..

    later tater’s

  72. Darn I always wanted green eyes, but my sister go them instead. Don’t ya’ll know how lucky you are.

    On my way home too…..have a safe drive and a good evening all.


  73. good morning Survivor Blog mates

    hope all of you are having a lovely morning …. mine is okay considering it’s my birthday and I have to work … but it has been a morning filled with birthday wishes and hugs and kisses so maybe a day at work will not be that bad.

    okay …. Red …. Tina …. Big G …. where is my cake and ice cream ….. hummmmm .. ….

    okay back to survivor talk …..

    Okay many of us where wrong about last weeks boot …. so what do we think this week …. I here talk that Sherea may be the next …. so between those two …. assuming their tribe does not win immunity ….. who do you think ?

    I am sticking with Dave …. I think he would have been the one to go last week had they not pulled a win out of the hat .

  74. Tina has the avatar of the Princess being spanked… personally, I think she my just like that sort of thing, and theres nothing wrong woith that… but right now, I got dibs on Spanking Sherre…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! WOO HOO!!! Now how many do I get to give ya??? Any big plans??? Nothing that involves sitting down for awhile I hope :) Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy… This is my lucky day…

  75. For all of you suffering BB8 withdrawl, here’s a couple of tid-bits from an interview with Jessaca…

    — Where do things stand with Eric?
    Eric and I are dating. I am anxiously awaiting his first trip to Kansas.

    — Who (besides Eric ) surprised you the most by their game play ?
    Zach surprised me the most. He flew under the radar for the first part of the season. Zach was a totally different game player towards the end of the game. I underestimated how competitive he was.

    — Jessica, now that you’ve seen the show, list five things you would’ve done differently in the house.
    I haven’t finished watching the entire show yet. I am only up to week five. With that in mind:
    1. I would have worked harder at being a friend and ally with Jen.
    2. I would have had more of a strategic relationship with Zach. He was a good guy and I think we would have worked well as a team together.
    3. I would have listened to my own instincts more and other people less.
    4. I would not have put Dustin up as the replacement nominee even though he offered to go up as a pawn. You should never put up someone you cannot afford to lose!
    5. Since I obviously know now that I should not have trusted them, I would have nominated Dick and Daniele during my second HOH, before they had the chance to come after me.

    — Use one word to describe each HG?
    Carol- rival
    Mike- quiet
    Nick- nice
    Kail- seasoned
    Dustin- intelligent
    Jen- pretty
    Amber- expressive
    Eric- clever
    Jameka- fun
    Zach- analytical
    Daniele- competitive
    Dick- loud

    — What was sequester like? Where was it located?
    Sequester was relaxing!! It was a beautiful home, and we were treated like royalty with manicures, massages, etc. We no longer had to think about game strategy, so it was stress free. Eric and I really had a lot of fun together, and I enjoyed hanging out with Dustin and Jen too – it gave me the chance to get to know both of them better.

    I am not sure where it was located because we were taken to the location blind folded. All I know is the car ride was about thirty minutes from the set and we went through two security gates because my handler had to get out of the car and punch in a code.

    OK, that’s your BB8 fix for the day…

  76. Thank you Big G ….

    okay …. my god daughter said I was over the hill …. lol …. I am 44 years old today @ 1700 .

    No big plans … I usually take off work my birthday but it did not work out for me this time . So far I have had hugs …. kisses …. birthday songs and wishes and a lemon birthday cake …. now all I need is the ice cream to go with the cake and some booze .

    These are the requirements for my birthday activities

    must be low impact … hello … 44

    low budget … my husband is cheap

    cannot include me jumping out or off of anything …

    and must not include me being arrested

    you guys have any suggestions ????

  77. must be low impact … My Birthday Spankings are Low Impact!!! :)

    low budget … My Birthday Spankings Cost Nothing… :)

    cannot include me jumping out or off of anything … Nope, just bend over my knee. :)

    and must not include me being arrested… Sorry, this condition eliminates all my ideas. :)

  78. Don’t you get a pass for birthday spankings??? it’s like the Santa and the Tooth Fairy would never get arrested for breaking & entering… they get a pass… just like birthday spankings…

  79. you know Big G … you and I might be able to get away without being arrested for the birthday spankings but….. it might however cause my husband to be arrested …so whacha think ….

  80. well, I don’t know… how much would it bother you if your husband got arrested??? can you do without him for a few hours???

  81. okay Red where are you …. we are in need of your kneen eyes …. sniper training should help …

    Big G …. wants to give me my birthday spanking …. so we need a look out to let us know if you see my jealous husband …or Big G ‘s jealous wife . And we know how much you love juicy office gossip and this is your chance to have first hand knowledge.

  82. LOL…. I am not worried about the few hours he is away … being finger printed … mug shots taken … and posting bail …. I am concerned about what will happen later … after …. *gulp* his release !!

  83. Happy Birthday Sherre!!!!

    44 is young, you aren’t close to being old yet!

    I would watch out for G’s birthday spankings!!!

    I can’t get rid of this avatar, I’ve tried and tried. Oh well, I am stuck with it.

    Where is Red today?

    Thanks for the BB info G.


  84. I like your avatar Sherre, cute. Maybe I’ll try it again today, yesterday it wouldn’t let me do anything.


  85. ok, I can see where Red’s Sniper Skills could come in habdy… Isn’t it great to have a friend who’s a sniper… hows the saying go???

    — Friends Help You Move…

    — Good Friends Help You Move the Body…

    — But, GREAT Friends can Create a Body from 1000 Yards…

  86. oh yeah Sherre, love the avatar… redhead, green eyes… and Im drooling all over my keyboard… does anyone have a napkin??? :)

  87. yeah Tina … my gravatar account is still not letting me do anything so I just created a new account with another email address and it worked. That is my yahoo avatar … didn’t size it right but it represents my red hair and my green eyes.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes … and thank you for saying I am not old …. although I feel that way today .

    Dont know where Red is today ….

  88. Happy Birthday to Sherre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Let the Big G spankings begin. The rest of us get to watch though.

  89. yes Big G …. I knew you would appreciate my red hair and green eyes … I am telling you my husband was putty in my hands when we meet..

  90. Okay …. everyone must put their camera phones away … we don’t want to end up on you tube … LOL !!!

  91. Big G and Sherre on You Tube…………hmmmmmmm. I claim the rights as Director/Producer…I’m thinkin’… money. Money. Money to be made.

    Thanks for the update on Jess and Eric Big G. They do make such a cute couple. Sickening isn’t it. ;)

    Luv Everyone’s avatars!

    And, Yep, Big G… creating a body at that span is no problem. You know any really bad people who need to disappear?

  92. yeah …. I know of some really bad people …. but calling names may get this site hits that we don’t want … you know what I mean … LOL !!!

  93. okay I resized my avatar …. so it is not so big …. how’s that … this one … or the other one ???

  94. Luv the avatar Sherre! It’s just right. Not too big, not too small. Just right. Cool!

    Ahhhh… right. No names… just point em out to me. Silently. ;)

    And… meant to say… NO Working on Birthday. Just do as we usually do. Pretend to work…cept, today, You can have more fun doing the pretending since it’s your Birthday!

  95. I am doing my best to pretend to work …. LOL ….. I have had a lot of practice so it should be easy !

  96. hey where is JP …. he is MIA mostly during the week …. he is working so hard creating this ever so cool place for us to hang out …. he has not had time to just “hang out ” . That is just not right … he should come join the fun !

    BTW …. love all the additions …. nice job JP !

  97. Oh… have to tell this.

    Long story short. Last night I was watching ‘The Bachelor’. At one point, the bachelor brought in his twin brother to see which of the women would know it wasn’t him…of course, the ‘point’ being…lol.. which ones were there for the right reasons.. like … a test of spending a few minutes with a twin to determine if the women could tell the difference is a real test. Ahhh well… lame as I thought it would be..this part… it turned out really funny. While the non bachelor was visiting with the women, the bachelor was watching via live cam from a limo outside.

    A few could tell right off the bat. Others had no clue. Here’s what had me ROTFLMAO…one of the women said… if that was Brad (the bachelor), then all of a sudden he got dentures. His twin (Chad) happened to have whiter teeth is what it was actually. I laughed when the woman said that though. She associated ‘white teeth’ with dentures.

    Both brothers showed up right before the rose ceremony to let all the women in on the ‘trick’.

    Chad is happily married so he didn’t do any kissing… not that they showed anyway.

  98. I saw the twins on Dancing with the Stars …. well my husband says Wayne Newton is walking with the stars … LOL ….

  99. Soooo true Sherre!
    And, Newton’s face lift is horrible. He looks like he belongs in a wax museum. Why not just age gracefully… maybe a little cosmetic surgery…just a little. Not like he’s done.

    Isn’t Jane Seymour beautiful!!

    And, those male professional dancers. Oooolalalalalal

  100. ROFL @ Red ….yeah Newton has certainly had some work done … my husband keep cracking jokes last night when I was trying to watch the show …. how with all that black in his hair he looked like a corpse . Yes Jane Seymour’s beauty is timeless. How about Marie osmand …. she looks great . I love seeing the “youthful” older women hold their own with the young chicks.

  101. Newton needs to go tonight, Seymour is an example of how to age with beauty and without plastic surgery, at least she doesn’t look like she’s had any. I taped the Bachelor but haven’t seen it yet, that sounds hilarious!!!

    Of course my son’s last football game is tonight so I probably won’t get caught up tonight, for House, DWTS, and something else comes on tonight.

    And Maks is my favorite male professional dancer on DWTS.

    Who IS that little blonde girl on DWTS that is the celebrity, she gets good scores every week and I have no idea who she is or what she was on. I don’t like her much.

    Though he didn’t have his best night, I really like Helio.


  102. she is a cheetah girl ….Sabrina Bryan … I like her. I think she will do really well.

    The spice girl got high marks last night too .

    But Mr Las Vegas must go !

  103. That’s it they keep saying Cheetah girl, but I guess I’ve had my head in the clouds for awhile because I don’t know who that is.

    Spice girl is with Maks, he’s a good choreographer and she’s a fast learner.

    I agree, Danke Schoen Mr. Newton, as JP says, the tribe has spoken, its time for you to go!


  104. Tina if you had pre-teen girls you would know who the cheetah girls are …. LOL … I did not know who they where either till my friends 10 year told me …. hehehe she is a hip hop dancer / singer / actress

  105. It’s really an unfair advantage for anyone who has had as much dancing as say…the cheeta girl has to be competing with the others. But, the viewers usually pull for whoever is most entertaining at first anyway….i.e. whoever is considered the underdog…then, it gets to the nitty gritty. I loved watching Apollo. He was a tough competitor in the Olympics and on DWTS.

    Me thinks Big G is bored with this type of talk…. LOL.

  106. yeap …. that was the reaction that I was going for …. hehehe …

    hootie …. hoo ….. hootie hoo….

  107. Big G is not bored…

    Big G has not been taking a nap… although when you get up at 3:15 everyday, a nap does sound pretty good…

    Big G has actually been demonstrating what a valuable employee I am, at least bs-ing what a valuable employee I am…

  108. Big G …. I think all of the regulars here can say that you are the best BS’er here ….. LOL !

  109. Well… heck fire Big G… quit yer BSing about your value as an employee and get back to the important stuff. BSing on the blog here. Much more beneficial value.

  110. Or…. take your punishment like a man. I shall forth upon the force of my light saber. Sooo, get to chattin’ and quit doing the W thing. (note I didn’t say the actual word).

  111. Red …. please don’t say the actual word …. it is bad enough just being here today … it has been all I could do to appear as though I am hard at …. well you know ….

  112. What happened to David? Where’s Jeff? Did he disappear with Wendy on Exile Island? God were you supposed to send a boat back for them 2 weeks ago??


  113. I have a dumb question…

    How can a plane full of sky-divers crash and everyone dies? They were already waring their parachutes… Didn’t anyone think to jump??? If I were on the plane, it would be like, “excuse Me, Coming Through, Make Way Please, Can some one et the Door Please?”

  114. they must have not handed out that little thing called common sense with that chute

    wow …. that is a commute …. mine is only 25 five mins …. I can do it in 20 or 15 if I break the speed limit laws ….I try and not do that since I drive a black SS monte carlo …. I tend to stand out like a sore thumb . My husband said I COULD not get any more speeding tickets.

  115. Tina … I don’t think David digs survivor …. I know Donna Rose and EET …. don’t dig it either … I do think Donna Rose was trying to watch it …. but I guess it is one of those shows you either love or hate. Wendy … not sure what happen to her. Maybe they did disappear to exile island. Jeff …. he may be working as I recall I think he may work different shifts…. he does need to check in once in a while though .

  116. With all this talk of spankings …. kidnappings …. snipers ….beavers … etc …we might scare the newbies away …. ya think .

  117. okay it is time for me to make my way home … I have enjoyed spending part of my birthday with you all .

    Big G … you had your chance at the birthday spankin and miss it …LOL

    Later Taters

  118. Hey everyone….

    First off, Happy Birthday to Sherre! You look AMAZING girl! Hope you have a great time celebrating tonight!

    I am still here and have not left I promise. A little side note on me and my world…I am a computer contractor and as of today I just started another new job! (16 days without work was no fun!)

    I am glad you all are loving the avatars…I am happy with them. Glad they are working now…I look forward to getting them on the Big Brother Blog as well. :)

    Tonight we will have a NEW POST and a new contributer to the blog. Her name is Hope and she is someone who will dig deep into the people playing Survivor. I am excited to have her a part of our blog.

    Thanks to all of you guys….RHSC, Enigma, Big G, Sherre, Tina, Candy, Hopeisme and all of our lurkers….feel free to jump in and be a part of our fun! Love you all! (sorry if I missed someone) (I sure miss Wendy!)

    Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me….I want this to be a good place to hang during Survivor China!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

    realitytvchat (at) gmail (dot) com

  119. Good morning Survivor Blog mates

    Thank you JP for the birthday wishes and congrats on the new job glad to see you have not been banished to exile island …. we where thinking of sending out search and rescue.

    My celebration was sorta low key being has it was a work day … but my celebration will continue through out the week and into the weekend and with my husband treating me to a nice dinner. I learned this trick from my now 19 year old god daughter … that if your birthday is during the week that you are allowed to celebate the weekend prior to and the weekend after … that way you maximize your gifts . I have learned many useful gifting techniques from this child.

    Welcome Hope to our humble home I look forward to your posts.

    DWTS finally let Wayne go …. no they need to let the guy with the faces go … can’t call his name …. but he makes horrilbe faces when he dances.

    Okay got to go for now … I can’t get away with the appearing to work technique today …. I have to get some reports done that are due so I must put a few hours in today.

    Later Tater

  120. A bigggg hugg and thank you to Jeff/BBBlogger/aka :)
    Thank you to Sherre too.

    I hope my smart a** comments aren’t too bad this time .. well actually I think they are pretty well thought out (sigh)..

    I have to admit that I gotta keep watchin cause nothin tickled my fancy too much yet..
    But as time goes by I am sure i will have a fav and a fav not very soon..

    Thanks Again for the oppurtunity.
    I’m glad to be here!!!!


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