A Sneak Peek?

Hmmmm, there is a particular “redhead” I’d like to do some peeking…….. Wait! Stop! I just gotta think about the game!

While yes there is a wide variety of “eye candy” to admire this season among the Survivor China cast. I thought it would be interesting to take a peek behind the scenes of our favorite reality fix. A lot goes into every episode. Everything must be custom designed and built from scratch. Safety of the cast and crew are a big concern. Its quite a challenge to create a “challenge”. Take a look……

They might think of passing out a few hard hats next time…lol. Well that’s all for now. I will be peeking, and,I will be sure to tell you what I see. ;-)

Zai jian,


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  1. I would like to publically welcome ENIGMA to the blog. He will be writing along with RHSC and be able to keep the blog rolling while waiting for the weekly Thursday night show.

    Be sure to give Enigma a warm welcome!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  2. I can not wait till it gets farther into the seaSON i LOVE SURVIVOR i WAS SORRY TO SEE THE OLD fARMER GO.

  3. Will we be peeking at any behinds, behind the scenes?

    That was a burning qusetion, that I had to ask….I am sure there will be some itching invovled as well…..


    Evel Dave

  4. Im with Evel Dave, Im all for peeking at behinds, especially redhead behinds… and I am proud to say that with me, there is no burning and/or itching involved…

  5. AFTERNOON, GOD, Brian, & evel, there may be lots of peeking in tonites episode, looks like they are pulling clothes off of each other………and its wet & muddy……….jeff, i’ll look for the new site…………….

  6. ni hao survivor blog mates

    I like the way the place is shaping up …. looking good Jeff , Red and Enigma !!! This is going to be the hottest place for Survivor fans to hang out !!! Not sure if I will be able to go to the chat site at work I will check it out when I am at home.

    Yea Donna they are really playing up the fact that they are pulling each other’s cloths off … but it is not like they will really show us anything …. pity I would love to see James in the buff !!

    It is going to be a exciting night with Survivor and CSI Las Vegas …. can’t wait to see if Sarah drowns in the flash flood.

  7. Welcome Enigma!

    We’re a cwwwazzy bunch here. Gotta luv us! :)

    Been doing my Commodity Trading today so haven’t had a chance to check in here.
    Looking Superduper!! Love the new layout.

    Gotta run again…but,…quick question before I do.

    Are we going to post ‘Spoilers’ right here in the posts like I did last week? Just wondering if anyone minded seeing these in posts since it’s not hidden.

    Be back in a bit………..


  8. Tribe Members — * = Booted

    Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Aaron Reisberger
    Amanda Kimmel
    Bobby Bellande
    Courtney Yates
    Denise Martin
    James Clement
    Leslie Nease
    Todd Herzog

    Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley Massaro
    Dave Cruser
    Erik Huffman
    Jaime Dugan
    Sherea Lloyd
    * Chicken

  9. Well G… by lightning bolt buddy… You do the honors this week…since I stole your thunder last week with the spoilers… You steal mine this week. Fair is fair. I won’t post it. Tis your honor.

    This new layout here…. I’m really REALLY lovin’ it!!!

    And, wasn’t Engima’s blog to start today the coolest!

    SherreLu…are we the only two redheads here?

  10. This Tribe – Zhan Hu is dumb dumb. They need a leader. Dave tries and all they want to do is complain …cept for PG..at least she saw his reasoning for the shelter location.

    They best be getting it together!

  11. I don’t know… Dave is kinda being weird now. Will see. They still don’t have fire. Geez. and, haven’t eaten.

    Well, we all already know what the twist is for the winners of the Reward Challenge. They get to kidnap a member of the other tribe.

    Some of you others need to post!!… I feel soooooo alone.


    Tribe Members — and whos been booted

    Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Aaron Reisberger
    Amanda Kimmel
    Bobby Bellande
    Courtney Yates
    Denise Martin
    James Clement
    Leslie Nease
    Todd Herzog

    Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley Massaro >>> Booted 2nd
    Dave Cruser
    Erik Huffman
    Jaime Dugan
    Sherea Lloyd
    Chicken >>> Booted 1st

  13. Thanks G!

    I like that running tally and list. Cool! You may have your lightning bolts back now. You’re being a real real good boy.

    I wasn’t sorry to see Ashley get booted.

    What I don’t think is the tribe member who received the clue should have shared the info this soon. Ahhh well.

    Also, I need to get with it and learn the names of the members…

  14. Oh.. and Fei Long probably would have lost the immunity challenge ifin it wasn’t for James’ strength. He’ll be around for awhile…then, he’ll be a threat in the individual challenges… way it goes most of the time.

  15. Damn, just got home….. I scanned past the spoilers, lol.
    Got the show on the good ole DVR

    Can’t wait to see what happened……I think Chicken may come back……

    I mean the chicken I had for dinner, it didn’t sit too well…..lol


  16. We may not have seen James b……..t but we did see the muscle in action wow that man can move. Fei long tribe have a great teem, But I’m concerned we have another Jamecka Amber god god god again. I just wish they would leave religion out of these shows. Anyway( God tks for the listing of names and tribe names) JEFF site looks great. By the way I’m piflette but hated that deformed name so using my own. James hot hot hot hot!

  17. Hiya Enigma,

    I sure am happy you are involved in the Commentary Blogs. That YouTube you provided is great.

    A trampoline… when ya inviting us all over?? :)

    Scrolling up, it looks like several of the BB gang are finally here. Yippee!

    Nitey Nite

  18. Oops.. meant to add…. a lightning bolt might of hit the trampoline?? G … just cuz I returned the bolts, ya gotta be nice.

    And, G…let me repeat… Great job on the listing of Tribe Members and boots!

  19. ni hao Survivor Blog Mates

    So what did we think of last night show.?

    Ashley awwwwwwh sorry guys … guess you all are going to be missing some of the man eye candy . I did not think she would last that long anyway she was just to outspoken.

    Dave is a trip though … he is loving the power as leader … but if he does not get control of that know it all attitude he will not last long either.

    Todd he is going to be one to watch … he is a sneaky little devil … and very game wise . What was Leslie thinking telling him of the idol clue …. dumn ass !!!

    Amanda…. still think she is going to be the one to watch … she seems to be game savvy as well being very strong in the challenge last night.

    James …. can I just say DAMN !!! and Thank you God for beautiful creation !!!! He is going to be strong in challenges can’t wait to see MORE of him !!!

    Fei Long is going to be hard to beat … they really are the strongest team.

    All in all I am loving this season .

    I love the new layout … it looks very nice and it is easier for this old girl to read.

    Red … I have to get that beautiful auburn red color I love from miss clariol these days… since God strarted streaking my hair with his lifelights. LOL … Just Curious Red … do you have green eyes too ??? The green eyes are what sucker my husband in when I meet him … lol… he didn’t know what hit him !!!

  20. Sherrelu, Great assement of everyone and I agree with you one hundred percent. I think when you are caught up in the game you can not get your emotions and/or attitudes in check as well as you would like but that is going to be the downfall of some players. The new format is so much easier to read.

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