Another Hidden Idol Blindside On Survivor Micronesia


First off I have to say what the heck got into Natalie? She’s gone from a mute to a crazy woman and is really making herself out to be one of the craziest and most insane survivors I’ve seen in a LONG time. So before I can get into crazy Natalie we must go back to the beginning. It all began directly after Ozzy’s departure where Amanda and James weren’t too happy. They realized Parvati screwed them over and are no liking it. James and Amanda therefore created a strong pact, which was not seen in China, which I feel will continue throughout this game. Overall both said its finally time for them to start playing the game and that they did.

Back at camp Erik was sucking up to everyone, telling them that it was the “right move” to not tell him Ozzy was going as he would have told Ozzy. Erik agreed that it was good to get Ozzy out but I have a feeling deep down he misses his “zoo keeper”. Everyone then realized Amanda and James weren’t happy and it seems as if they were kind of avoiding everyone back at camp. Parvati took the most head from the two and spoke to each separately. As she talked to Amanda it seemed as if things were ok between the two. Amanda then told us in private that she has to make Parvati believe she isn’t angry since she is running the show right now. That’s a good move for Amanda to make considering it seems the game has shifted in favor of the ladies.

Parvati then spoke with James who reprised his famous “don’t bite the apply quote” but this time referring to Parvati voting Ozzy out. He told her to her face that things weren’t good between them anymore and let her know things will be akward. He also pulled the quote out as they spoke giving Parvati a shocked look on her face. I don’t understand why she feels that James wouldn’t be mad. Ozzy was his number one ally in the game and she, someone he used to be able to trust, just betrayed him and his friends.

At the reward challenge a familiar favorite was played, the Survivor auction. This time around there was a slight twist as players could not share money or food like in previous seasons. Food was won most of the time as Cirie won a hot dog and fries, Erik won some nachos, Amanda won a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and James won some bats. Technically Natalie won the bats but James ate them for free since she didn’t want them. Next up was a prize that would change the game dramatically. Natalie, who began her crazy streak right here, won a “note in a bottle” to send someone to Exile Island. Jeff also said that the hidden idol was re-hidden with new clues since it went out the door with Ozzy last round. Natalie quickly sent Jason to exile and also received all of his money. She then won a cake in the next auction where she quickly chose Cirie, Parvati and Alexis to share it with. She went somewhat crazy here saying she didn’t have any food so they couldn’t “hog the cake”. Another catch was they only had a minute to eat which led to a very interesting chow down of chocolate cake ending in Erik licking the rest off of Cirie’s fingers.

Back at camp it seemed as if the rush of sugar caused Natalie to go all bi-polar and become a psycho woman. How can we never see this girl on the show and then BOOM she becomes the star. All the girls were in a pow-wow and knew that Jason would find the idol on exile island, which he did end up doing. They then came up with a plan for Natalie to speak to Jason at the next immunity challenge to tell him to let anyone else but himself win. Natalie would then tell Jason that she and the other ladies are voting James out of the game, making Jason think that he is safe in in a result not play the hidden idol. I must admit it is a genius plan but Natalie’s reactions to her new found craziness was priceless. She had to call Jason “that bitch” about 20 times in two seconds and discussed how she will get all the guys “at the jugular” then floss her teeth with their jugular vein. She then simulated this and the thought seriously makes me wonder how this girl passed the psych test.

At the immunity challenge all went to plan as Natalie got a chance to tell Jason not to win. They didn’t want James to win since that was their second choice to go and they all wanted Erik to stay since it was his birthday. The challenge was a rehash of past challenges they had. The first four to break a clay dish and drop puzzle pieces would move to the next round. James, Jason, Erik and Amanda moved on where they had to dig up a key, unlock more pieces. They then had to put together a puzzle wheel and lower two planks. The first two to do this were James and Erik and both moved to the last round. The first of the two to get across a rope bridge using the two planks would win immunity. It was tight up until the last second where Erik beat James by mere seconds. The girls on the sidelines had some nice reactions as they knew if James won their plan wouldn’t go down as planned.

Back at camp the girls were jumping for joy as their plan could go into action. When Jason went to catch some fish Natalie sprung into action and searched through Jason’s back for the idol. She did indeed found it and then went to Jason to tell him James would be leaving. Of course she knew James wouldn’t be leaving but had to make Jason think that he was so he wouldn’t use the idol. James, thanks to the girls, did think he was in fact the one going that night but Amanda told him otherwise. She didn’t really tell him the plan but told him enough that he probably understood what was going to happen. In the end the blindside took place once again with a deja vu moment. Just like last week Jason and the idol were sent packing thanks to the girls. Next week it seems we may have another medical emergency as foreshadowed by earlier in this episode. James’ finger is pretty bad and even Cirie, who is a nurse, acknowledged it wasn’t getting any better. Will another favorite been sent home thanks to an injury? We’ll have to wait and see.