Fireworks, Fireballs and Strategy

Now, that was a cool Reward challenge tonight.  Fireballs had to be maneuvered between and on sticks to a device, up and into the device, then, the lit fireworks.  Loved it.

Reward:  Fei Long 

Great reward it was.  A local family came to the tribe and taught them the art of fishing.  Watching how they used the birds to catch the fish, alongwith the net avenue.  Too cool.  This is one of the main parts I love about Survivor.  The local customs and way of life.  Learning that other parts of the world are creative, logical, smart and utilize simplicity to it’s fullest grandeur.

Gotta give Jean -Robert kudos for being the language translator.  Don’t know if it was the editing, but, he came across in a better light, overall, tonight.

Fei Long elected to kidnap Dave…who, proceeded to show his ‘plumber’s crack’ to the tribe.  Dave..oh ..Dave… has a thing for sharing his naked body parts.

Dave shares the hidden Immunity Idol clues with…. Todd.  Now, here is a Strategist.  Todd knows how to work people, without seeming shady or overbearing.  Todd now has 3 clues.

Back at Zhan Hu.  Sherea is not expending hardly any energy.  Leaving the chores to the rest of the tribe.  The tribe members realize how much Dave does.

Immunity challengeFei Long again.

It was great to watch.  Battle armor and sling slots.  Breaking of vases.  Reminded me of the times I played paintball with the anticipation of hitting a target.

Back at Camp:

It becomes obvious that the boot vote is going to be between Dave and Sherea.

Voted Out:  Dave 

I do like the way Jeff P. brings up what the cameras have witnessed.  He digs into the lead in that a member is lazy at camp.  And, then, Sherea tells how she is really pulling her weight in the challenges and camp.  Yeah, right Sherea.  Like the audience, us, are blind and stupid.

I really think Zhan Hu made a huge mistake by not voting out Sherea this week.  Time will tell.

Weekly Confession:

HELP!…. Please don’t make me look at Sherea laying around on her lazy behind in her bra anymore.  I confess.  I want her gone…gone…gone.

Sherea Lloyd
Time for ‘Do Tell': (This will be a Weekly Addition also…same as ‘Confessions’)

Do Tell what Ya’ll (Southern version of the Northern ‘Yous Guys’…which is translated via the MidWest/West…as ‘You’) think of the Following:

Is it just me or is Sherea really really obnoxiously lazy and rolls her eyes a LOT.?

Will we see a turn around in Jean-Robert?

Your opinion on Todd making it to Final 3 and will Amanda be there with him?

Are the females still infatuated with James?

Why haven’t we seen/been discussing on the blog here…more of Eric?  He’s a cutie pie.

See Ya on the Blog…..


136 thoughts on “Fireworks, Fireballs and Strategy”

  1. Who knew JR could speak chinese??? Never saw that one coming… and that little fact may carry him a week or two longer…

    Dave… I Feel Uneasy About Tonight…

    Dave Has 3 Clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol…

    And it didn’t loo k like he put any effort into looking for it…


    Notice that Jeff Never Mentions the Hidden Idol… Sooner or later this is gonna be a bid suprise…

    and I AM First!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. Taken from ED’s myspace page, thought you guys might enjoy….now I’m leaving for work!

    October 11, 2007 – Thursday

    The Fox Reality Awards (Fairplay/Bonadouchebag) /// Daniele & Nick and misc bullshit…..

    Ok, I just read a link to Adrianne Curry’s blog where she seems to be taking “credit” for the mess at the Fox Reality Awards show.

    Let me start off by saying that I met Adrianne and she was cool as fuck, but wtf with taking credit for the bullshit that happened on stage. It was her fault? Come on….

    From my perspective…..

    Fairplay came up to me and told me that he was presenting the award for Best Entertainer of the Year and that I was going to be winning it. He told me he wanted to jump on me and act like he was humping me, as part of some sort of schtick he wanted to do. He asked me to catch him. I said fine, I would….

    Danny had no fucking business getting on the stage. Now if she feels like she egged him on, fine. But Danny was leaving the stage when Fairplay tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and Fairplay jumped on him and did his humping deal. Danny threw him over his head, fucking asshole thing to do. They had both been drinking, because of a power outage that lasted over an hour and an open bar… well, I am assuming it was alcohol anyhow. And what Fairplay did was harmless. What Danny did was fucking bullshit.

    So, I don’t understand Adrianne’s blog at all.

    I guess to her credit she posted an edit that said she was drunk when she wrote it. And mentioned me and something about the set up at the end.

    I do want to say, like I did in the beginning…. I thought she was cool, to me, anyhow.

    If she wants to talk about this thing, I am more than willing to. Maybe she just is reading way more into a few words she said than what was really going on. Who the fuck knows……..

    Nick and Dani..

    They are driving back from Minnesota as I write this, well probly in a hotel this late. They are taking the northern route and taking in the sites like Mt. Rushmore.
    I am happy for them. Yes, I like Nick… just not in a gay way, lol. Don’t ask me about her old boyfriend, I don’t know shit and don’t care. And all I have to say is it was just a boyfriend, not a husband. And BEFORE she moved into the Big Brother house, the lease on their place was up. It was planned that her stuff would be put in storage and he was moving back in with his parents.

    Daniele text messaged me today and apologized for some of the things said on the show, which meant a lot to me. Not so much did the things said bother or hurt me… her saying she was sorry for them just meant so much. She said that she is happy with where our relationship is and she wants it to get better. She also asked if we could take a trip to NYC together soon. I will be looking forward to the trip.

    More radio interviews today and tomorrow. Lots of other shit going on. LA Ink is on, just getting the date soon.

    That’s the bullshit of the day in the life of EvelDick.

    Thanks for reading….

    More soon, I’m sure.


  3. Good Friday Morning Survivor Blog Mates !

    Red …. excellent post on last nights show …. I have to say I look forward to your weekly entry.

    Loved … Loved … Loved the reward challenge …. how cool was that !

    Reward was awesome … my husband and I love to fish … fresh water and salt water and the brid fishing was a very interesting technique to say the least. I always look forward to watching them interact with the locals you learn a lot about their personalities that way.

    Jeah Robert really impressed me with being able to communicate in mandarin …. very cool… I just wish he would pull his dang pants up!

    Todd …. he is the one to watch … him and Amanda .

    Erik ….. I have mentioned him before ….very cute …. he is a southern boy from Nashville Tennesse … and I love me some southern boys !

    Dave …. well I think they made a mistake by letting Dave go at this point in the game … he was way too useful around camp. A little overbearing … and bossy but not lazy like Sherea.

    Sherea …. god that girl is getting on my last nerve … If I could have reached through the TV last night when she rolled her eyes I would have smacked her ! She really needs to let that eye rollin … head bobbin ….go and get her fat lazy butt up and help out …. Hello saving her strength for the challenges …. she better show she is a productive member of that tribe or she will be the next to go.

    Lunch lady got more face time last night …. I like her … she is not much for the guys to look at but I think she came ready for what survivor has to offer and seems to be productive member of her tribe and a very genuine person.

    James … not diggin him so much lately …. love the body though …

    okay girls …. here’s my pick for best hotties ….

    Erik …. love to run my fingers through those curls !!!

    Aaron … those eyes …. that smile …. that tight little …. well …. okay you get the picture right ?

    okay …. that’s my take

    later tater !

  4. The madam opened the brothel door and saw a rather dignified, well-dressed,
    good-looking man in his late forties or early fifties.

    “May I help you?” she asked.

    “I want to see Valerie,” the man replied.

    “Sir, Valerie is one of our most expensive ladies. Perhaps you would prefer
    someone else,” said the madam.

    “No. I must see Valerie,” he replied.

    Just then, Valerie appeared and announced to the man that she charged $5,000
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    The following night the man was there yet again. Everyone was astounded that
    he had come for a third Consecutive night, but he paid Valerie and they went
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    The man replied, “South Carolina.”

    “Really?” she said. “I have family in South Carolina.”

    “I know,” the man said. “Your father died, and I am your sister’s attorney.
    She asked me to give you your $15,000 inheritance.”

    The moral of the story is that three things in life are certain:

    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. Being screwed by a lawyer

  5. Howdy!

    Thanks for the good thoughts on the Commentary. Appreciated!

    Sherre,…Yes…Yes! Spoilers!

    Big G,… LMAO.. good joke.

    Evel….Thanks for the update.

    Be back in a bit……………

  6. Spoil us Sherre! And I agree with you on Erik!

    Very nice commentary Red!

    Nice one G!

    Those birds catching those fish well that was just like right off the Discovery Channel, very cool, though I would have preferred that they didn’t have to regurgitate them!

    Who knew JR could speak Cantonese? I still don’t see him making it too much longer.

    I was sure they were voting off Sherea last night, surprised it was Dave, very surprised. Even though I picked him or her to leave. I don’t think she’ll be there much longer.



  7. Oh and yes Sherea did roll her eyes, but did anyone catch Courtney, she did a “Jen” eye roll at one point, was classic.


  8. okay ….. you ask for it ….




    caution spoiler ahead ….

    tribe switch episode 5


    you ready

    James / Aaron going to Zhan Hu

    Frosti / Sherea going to Fei Long

    okay …. this is being reported on some very reliable spoiler sites …. so far they have been right on point !

    This switch would certainly shake things up dontcha think ?

    okay one more spoiler for the road ….




    it as been rumored that James finds the hidden Idol and arrives to Zhan Hu with it …

    Maybe this is linked to the “grave” error he makes .

  9. Very good spoiler…

    James finds the hidden Idol??? hmmmm, right now, it would seem that the only one with knowledge would be Todd and the shows editing made it seem like he might know where it was, but you can’t trust the editing…

    Dave knowing there was an idol and having three clues, AND knowing his butt was on the line was a fool not to be turning over the camp…

    I really like the fact that Jeff has never mentioned the hidden idol… so I am assuming that if is is played, it may come as a complete suprise to the tribe… think about it, lets say James does find the hidden idol and the tribe votes him off… all except his vote are for him, then he presents the idol and whom ever he voted for (one single vote) is out… now that’s just good TV…

    don’t know if that will happen, but what drama… and of course the look on the evictee’s face… a Kodak Moment…

  10. Those spoilers would be soooo cool if true. Thanks for finding and sharing Sherre!

    And, it would be totally totally great if the one with the hidden idol does have all the votes against em like Big G’s scenario plays out…then the lone vote gets someone booted out.

    The only thing I can figure is that somehow James gets ahold of the clues and outwits Todd. They did make a point of showing Todd tossing the cannister aside and putting the clues into his head band.

    Since the idol is high up, I wonder if who does identify it…has to retrieve it or just keep the info and reveal the location if they choose to use it.

    It is neat that Jeff P hasn’t mentioned it and it stays a secret, being played out like it is.

  11. I wonder if who does identify it…has to retrieve it or just keep the info and reveal the location if they choose to use it.???

    ME, I m taking that sucker with me… sure would hate to be getting voted off and say I know where it is only to have Jeff say back, Then Why Didn’t You Bring It… Dumb A$$…

  12. I agree… that it probably has to be brought…but… how does one get it down without someone bigger seeing them go for it and gets it first.

  13. you know if you think about it …. the idol is really not hidden at all …. it is right there is plain site for everyone to see …. you just have to be aware of your surroundings. You don’t have to have any clues as to where the idol is …. you just have to find it …. so maybe James just gets a light bulb moment and figures out where it is …. they have all seen it … they just have not associated it with it being the idol. Todd is not the only one with the knowledge of the clues … Jaime also knows of one clue that Leslie give to her .

    Yes that would be excellent that the switch takes place and they vote James and he says … sorry guys I found the idol so gotcha ! haha …. whacha gonna do now !!!

  14. you know I find myself each week watching to see if someone will look up and say damn …. is that what I think it is …. could it be ….. I think it is …. and wait till everyone is asleep and take it down .

  15. Hey, is it just me, or did Courtney drop a few pounds??? I sware, that girl is gonna vanish from the face of the earth is someone doesn’t give her a sandwich… Guys have a term for s_x with a girl that thin… we say it’s like jumping on a bag of antlers… we do appreciate a little meat on the bone…

  16. LOL …. last night when they had the meal made for them I wanted everyone to give her half of their share …. she looks bad …. I mean really bad. It is hard to look at her

    So Big G …. you like your Redhead green eyed girls to be a little thick too huh ….

  17. I was shocked to see Courtney on the first episode and thinking…what in the world are the producers thinking…allowing someone that thin on Survivor. Ridiculous.

  18. I agree Red …. Courtney looks like she is anorexic for real. If I where her mother or sister I would be very concerned for her well being and her safety . She is so weak she can’t do anything hardly with out looking like she is going to fall over . You would think that somewhere in the survivor guidelines there should be a rule for that …. you know kinda like at the fair …. you have to be this tall to ride this ride …

  19. here’s the latest Tribe Standings… So pick the next bootee…

    –Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Aaron ———– Surfing Instructor
    Amanda ——– Hiking Guide
    Jean-Robert — Professional Poker Player
    Courtney ——- Waitress
    Denise ——— School Lunch Lady
    James ——— Gravedigger
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Todd ———— Flight Attendant

    –Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
    Erik ————– Musician
    Jaime ———– Student
    Frosti ———– Parkour Athlete/Student
    Peih-Gee —— Jeweler
    Sherea ——— Elementary Teacher
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st

  20. Zahn Hu is shrinking fast… again, it all depends on the challenge and who wins…

    Zahn hu —– Sherea

    Fei Long —- Denise

    I think Jean-Robert may have bought himself some time with his language skills… but only a little… I hope its Sherea… You have to be a member of the tribe in all ways, productive around the camp, socially fitting in, and good in the challenges… she is very weak in the first two and therefore, marked for the boot!!!

  21. I was wondering why they didn’t show Todd trying to get it down. I would have to just hack away at the bamboo structure holding it up and grab it, there’s no way I could climb up there and get it.

    Nice info on the tribe switch, thanks Sherre!

    Ok, if James finds the HII, and arrives at Zhan Hu with it, then Fei Long must win the next RC in order to kidnap someone from Zhan Hu to bring over the clues? Ahhh my mind is baffled.

    I imagine JP will keep the HII a secret until someone gets it down. He totally makes TC fun doesn’t he??


    There was a shot of Courtney last night, near the beginning….and I had paused it on the DVR to wait for my sister to get back in the den to watch it, and it happened to be showing the back of Courtney, omg, her shoulder blades were sticking way out and well it was just gross. I understand thin but this is starvation.

  22. Jeff, becareful with the “This Tall to Ride” they should also be “This Old to Ride”

    …or Chris Hanson may come a knockin…

  23. LOL @ JP …. wow you are a tall guy …. myself I am a shorty 5’2″ … so I guess that means that for some rides I am not tall enough .

  24. I hope Zhan Hu doesn’t have another TC next week. I’d like there to be a little balance going into a merge.

    If there are no swaps of folks before the next TC then:

    Zhan Hu – Sherea
    Fei Long – Aaron or JR

    If the play switcheroo before TC:

    Fei Long – Sherea
    Zhan Hu – Aaron

    lol not much difference huh?


    Zhan Hu -

  25. I was wondering why they didn’t show Todd trying to get it down…

    The editing made it seem like Todd MAY have figured out the location of the Hidden Idol… but that may ONLY be the clever editing… There was nothing in last nights episode that demonstrated he really figured it out… but he does have more then enough clues… Perhaps Todd is jus one of those people that is just generally clueless…

  26. Wow Jeff, I never pegged you for 6’5″ tall. Ok, you are going to have to post us a photo to see. ;)


  27. I am going to have to disagree there G, I don’t think Todd is clueless. I think he knew he wasn’t going to TC, so he didn’t have to get it down yet. But who am I to argue with you huh? You know all right? :)


  28. Im just saying, they get a camera shot of him glancing up, but not at what hes looking at… then they show a closeup of the idol… Did he firgured it out??? or was this just clever editing???

    My guess is clever editing — right now…

  29. Here’s a brain teaser…

    A switch happens.

    One of the members switched…(doesn’t matter who)… has the individual immunity idol.
    Tribal Council (doesn’t matter which tribe)…Vote happens. One tribe member has all the votes against him/her. She would be booted…but, he/she shows the idol. Now,.. since a tribe switch has happened, …there exists the possibility of the following: The lone name the person wrote down…who would have been booted cept for the idol…and it turns out that tribe member (the lone vote) has the other immunity idol and shows it.

    LMAO at what the Producers, Jeff and other Tribe Members would be thinking.

  30. Hey…YOU wanted to see Jeff Probst….who am I to stop you from acheiving your goal! :)

    I am willing to share….but I expect the same! :)

    Yes….6’5” and you know what they say about tall guys….


    “You must be this tall to ride”

    **I think we all ready covered this.


    Peace, Jeff Probst

  31. RHSC

    you have a very wicked mind… I like that!!! but in that scenero, I think they :

    would have a build a fire challenge…

    or perhaps just a random drawing — choose a stone out of a bag – black stone is booted…

    or another vote for just those unlucky enough not to have an idol… now the last would be the best… no time to confer, just vote… much like the double elimination on BB8…

    on a side note, how do we know that Jeff Probst isn’t Jeff Probst… hmmmmmmm…

  32. well boot for next week …. hummm …

    I think that with or without the which that there are reasons for Sherea to be booted.

    Zhan Hu …. they think she is lazy and with Dave gone they are going to have to fetch the wood and water and keep the fire going and all those things that they where use to Dave doing and I bet she will not change her lazy ways

    Fei Long …. they will not like Sherea for being lazy and I don’t think the head bobbin and eye rolling will fly with those guys.

    So she is a target with either tribe …

    Aaron …. Fei Long …. don’t think he would be a target with those guys but with Zhan Hu they might target him if the switch happens for being a outsider and he has that leader thing going for him.

    Should be a interesting show next week.

  33. People tell me I am a ringer for Diane Keaton. The shorter version as I’m 5’1″…and weigh in at 107lbs.

    Sherre,… yepparoo…should be interesting indeed!

  34. OOPS DANG TYPOS … should have read this way ….

    I think that with or without the SWITCH that there are reasons for Sherea to be booted.

  35. And.. I’m 56 yrs…. probably the oldest one here…but… did get carded yesterday to buy cigs. Go figure.

  36. my reason for Sherea … his those dang eyes rollin around in her head … but yeah you need protective eye wear when standing next to that girl

  37. RHSC…

    56 years old??? older, more expiereced green eyed redhead??? been there, doen that, and love it I might add…

  38. Glad you like it Big G…

    But… I’m only experienced in sniping, splitting the atom, working on scientific data to disprove the big bang theory, etc. etc. Anything else, well… we geeks are known for our lack of experience in other areas. I’d have to be taught what 99% of the population already knows.

  39. I wasn’t going to say this part….but, I cannot resist.

    Soooo……here goes…… (I blush even at the mere thought of writing it…seriously).

    When other females had their heads buried in male anatomy,,,,mine was buried in books.

  40. hey Big G….. My head was not buried in books …. LOL …. need I say more??

    should have been but I loved the little boys from the get go.

    That is why I learned to fish and hunt and drive fast cars.

  41. I feel another ‘office’ rendevous coming on between Sherre and Big G.

    I need to go take my usual ‘spying’ spot at the side of the building.


  42. ROFL @ Red …. I am still waiting on the birthday spankin from Big G … he made promises but …. he never delivered !

  43. LOL Jeff, I know your heart belongs to Wendy.

    And mine….well I don’t really have one, I’m Evel remember? :)


  44. OK, whats your fav show on the Discovery Channel???

    me, I love Dirty Jobs… but then, I m a dirty boy… :)

  45. Dirty Jobs rocks. Mike Rowe has sort of has that JP look too. Another cutie pie.

    Sherre you always get to leave before me. I still have 45 mins or more left!




    Trevor: “Now one of the biggest tactical moves of the entire game was Eric not taking the opportunity to backdoor Dick and Daniele down the stretch. I think that actually cost you, may well have cost you, the game because if he backdoors Dick and Daniele one of them will go home and I had you getting to the final two in that scenario. What was your thoughts on that, like looking back on it what do you think of that whole situation?”

    Jessica: “Well, ummm I’m gonna, on the chat we had earlier, Eric explained he wasn’t allowed to use the veto that week. The producers said that America wasn’t given enough time to decide who he should use it on if he was going to so that just flat out told him he is not allowed to use the veto at all – nominations had to stay the same. Which is why Eric didn’t use the veto. I think that’s because they knew if he used the veto I was going to put up one of the Donatos, Dick or Daniele, and so they just said you know you can’t do it. I didn’t know it at the time. I said, ‘What? What is going through your head? This is the perfect opportunity to get one of the big dogs out of here’ and he wouldn’t do it but I went along with him because I had to. He had the power that week. He was my ally.”

    Trevor: “Wait a sec. I’d never even heard that. So the producers actually told Eric he wasn’t allowed to use the Power of Veto like he told you this beforehand why he didn’t use it?”

    Jessica: “No, he couldn’t tell me in the house that he wasn’t allowed to use it but afterward he said they said ‘Do not use it. You don’t have a choice. You are to keep nominations the same.”

    Rob: “So did you pressure him a lot that week to use the veto or?”

    Jessica: “I did. I wanted him to. I didn’t pressure him but I talked to him about it saying we have an amazing opportunity right now. I put up two people that were were just kinda like, so we have the opportunity to get somebody out that is huge in the game and I wanted to but because he was told that he couldn’t he had to keep arguing to me ‘No no no. We have the right people up. Trust in the alliance it’s all going to be good’ and I had to go along with it because I didn’t have a choice.”

    Rob: “Did you trust the alliance?”

    Jessica: “I doubted the alliance probably more than anybody. I doubted it to Eric and I never tried to let Dick and Daniele know that I doubted it because I felt like they would use that against me if they did. Eric had to talk to me every day because I said ‘We’re making the wrong decision, we’re making the wrong decision, I can’t do this with them, I don’t trust them’ but he couldn’t do anything about it. His hands were tied the entire season.”


    There’s a lot more to the interview located at:

    Anyone have some thoughts on this???

  47. Thanks for that info G. As a Donato fan, I’m glad they didn’t let him use the veto. It might have been a very different ending if he would have been able to use it.

    Do you guys think they’ll have an “America’s Player” next year? I kind of doubt it.

    And BTW, Good Morning!


  48. OK, now I’m at the “W” place so I have a few moments to comment on the BB8 news I posted…

    First, remember the producer stating that they made the rules up as they went along? That makes a lot of sense when you’re steering the game in a given direction…

    We don’t have time to get feedback from America to see what they would want the AP to do with the veto is about as lame an excuse as the dog ate my homework… The producers knew exactly what would have happened had Eric used the veto… Dani would have been gone and Dick would have gone nuts and followed shortly thereafter… This would have put Eric and Jess as strong possibilities for the F2, although Zach still had the potential to be in the money… and of course that’s not what the producers had envisioned for the F2…

    I find it sad that they would manipulate the game to that degree. I have no problem with them tweaking things as they go along, but the implement a major move in a critical part of the game by denying the use of the veto… a move that changed the entire outcome of the game… I think goes over the line and is just as bad as giving a HG the answers to questions to insure they get HoH or POV…

    But all of that is just my humble opinion… oh, would CBS please fire the producer!!!

  49. Good Morning Tina… as a Donato fan, don’t you think it cheapens the victory??? wouldn’t it be better to win on your own marits then to have people change the rules in your favor???

    I do believe the evil Ds played a good game, but I do not believe they deserved to win… I would have liked to see the game played out without the manipulation…

  50. I don’t agree that America would have chosen for Eric to use the POV.

    Does it cheapen the victory? Ummm no, I would have hated to see Jessica win, Eric yeah, he deserved it, he had a very hard game to play. But Jessica??? Booyah my butt. Never was impressed with her or her gameplay.

    That being said, I doubt there will ever be a BB played out as this one was. Through AP, there was so much manipulation allowed (on that part I think we agree). Even so, I was thoroughly happy with the outcome.

    IMO Dick gave BB8 the excitement it had. Without it we wouldn’t have had much of anything but whiners, prayers, and crying…..and Eric.

    On a side note, I think Eric would have been more popular without his showmance (JMO), for I grimaced everytime it showed Eric and Jess kissing, luckily I could hit fast forward on the DVR.


  51. Tina Said: “I don’t agree that America would have chosen for Eric to use the POV. ”

    and that is true, BUT it shouldn’t have been the producers who made that decision… The twist was called “America’s Player” NOT “Producers Patsy”

    In this instance, if the producers didn’t have time to get America Input, too bad… Let Eric pay for himself… I mean, in taking on all of the tasks assigned to him as the AP, Eric still had to play the game for himself to advance… everyday, he made decisions that had nothing to do with the AP role, decisions that helped him advance, decisions that could have gotten him eliminated…

    The producers should have just left well enough alone and let Eric choose to use or not use the veto… But this would not have fit in two their desired F2 of the evil Ds…

  52. Yeah wouldn’t it be great to have that job? I really think you and I should stop what we are doing, go bang on Alison’s office and say, we have a plan for BB9. :) Muahhhhh!

    I see your point G, it wasn’t right, but at the same time, I’m glad of the outcome. The only one I feel bad for is Eric. Zach should have been gone a long time ago, but given that he stayed, he must have done something right. Eric, on the other hand, was thrown overboard with no a life raft.

    Where in the hell is everyone today? Besides me and G I mean…


  53. Maybe everyone is giving us some Alone Time… But all were doing is arguing about the outcome of BB8… and as fun as that is, I sure don’t need to be alone to beat up on you or take my beating… :)

  54. hey yall !

    Hope you all are having a marvelous monday .

    Hey Big G …. very interesting news you posted on AP and the veto .
    I always felt like the producers where manupulating things with AP anyways …. they saw early on that Dick was a favorite (not mine) and wanted to keep him around. I don’t agree that america would have voted for Eric not to use the veto …. I think they would have voted for him to use it . Not every one like Dick and Danielle .
    Jessica and Eric had alot fans as well and we all knew that the only way they where going to be there in the end was to back door one of the dirty D’s , and I think that their fans would have come through for them and made sure Eric used the veto …… but this is all water under bridge and will not change the outcome of the game . Dick won the money and set the stage for the wanna be’s next season.

  55. Tina, we gott behave now, other people are here…

    Hey, good morning Sherre…

    Yeah, I agree… In the circumstance that Eric found himself in had he used the veto, Dick who was the HoH could only nominate Dani — now that would have been a crule form of justice… I think that America viewed Dani as a whiney little itch and nobody would have been sorry to see her go…

    but as you said, water under the bridge… as for BB9 ED wanna-be’s, of which none will or could compare to the orginal…

  56. Good afternoon Sherre, so glad you could join us!

    As for arguing, I don’t think so, diagree maybe, but never argue. :-P

    Did anyone watch the Really Awards? I never knew there were so many reality shows. I guess I don’t watch that many because I’d never heard of some of them.


  57. okay back from lunch now ….

    now Big G…. I disagree about the wanna be’s …. I think BB9 house guest will push the limit . Dick set the stage for them and opened that nasty as you wanna be door. But that is a little ways off …. So I have Survivor and American Idol to get my reality fix from until then.

    where’s the gang today ???

    okay gotta run again …be back later

  58. I have a little suggestion to JP….how about a new poll, I mean I don’t think anyone is upset anymore about the church lady leaving. :D


  59. Bad yes, but is there any other way?

    G, not to worry I’m sure the church lady still gets down on her knees and ……oh my what is that under your robe? Leslie??? Well I was going to finish that with “prays” but guess I was mistaken!

    Can someone remind me when we start getting jury members on survivor?


  60. LOL… lest we forget Jamika wanting to taste GOD… so lets not make any assumptions about what/who is under the robe…

    as for the Jury, maybe 3 more week should see the first memeber…

    16 players start

    minus the final three

    minus the 7 for the jury…

    leaves 6 to be booted never to be heard from again…

    So Week 7 should be ther first jury member…

    Which begs the question, where do they stay, and what do they get to do during the final weeks of the show??? Do they get the royal treatment like BB and the jury house???

  61. I had a busy day.
    but, still I came to gossip and play
    Looks like everyone is gone…on their way home

  62. Reality Award Winners… Truthfully, I have never heard of most of these…

    As a side note, the evil side of me would love to see the Favorite Villain (ED) and Baddest Bitch: (Brooke aka Pumkin) never heard of her… Paired up somehow…

    Ok, and he winners are…

    Reality Performer of the Year: Evel Dick from “Big Brother 8?

    Favorite Showmance (a tie between): Eric and Jessica from “Big Brother 8? & Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie”

    Favorite Fight: Leilene vs. Pumkin on “Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School”

    Favorite Tears: Amber on “Big Brother 8?

    Favorite Winner: Rock from “Hell’s Kitchen”

    Favorite Non-Competition Program: “Scott Baio Is 45… And Single”

    Favorite Altered State: Frank from “The Real World Las Vegas Reunion”

    Favorite Villain: Evel Dick from “Big Brother 8?

    Favorite Hottie: Bridget from “The Girls Next Door”

    Favorite Potty mouth: Adrianne Curry from “My Fair Brady: We’re Getting Married”

    Favorite Loser: Sanjaya from “American Idol”

    Favorite Judge/Host: Mary Murphy from “So You Think You Can Dance”

    America’s Favorite Reality Show: “American Idol”

    Favorite Moment of Prayer: Jameeka from “Big Brother 8?

    Favorite Competition Program: “So You Think You Can Dance”

    Baddest Bitch: Brooke (aka Pumkin) “Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School”

  63. American Idol, BB8, So You Think You Can Dance, and Hell’s Kitchen…I have no idea what the rest of those shows are. But I did watch this award show, done really bad. I think folks knew they were going to win before they won, just wasn’t really good other than seeing some familiar faces. Thanks for posting the list.

    That stunt Danny pulled on Johnny Fairplay was brutal. Danny has some real issues, one of them is he’s simply got to grow up. He’s not funny, and the whole thing looked very alcohol induced.

    So G, how are you today? Lonesome in here huh?


  64. hey survivor blog mates …

    hope you are having a terrific tuesday !

    those reality awards are always a joke to me …. I never watch .

    As for Danny and Fairplay …. Fairplay deserves everything he gets … he is a asshole.

    Mary the judge on so you think you can dance …. love….love ….. love her …. she as the best laugh.

  65. hey Red …. looks like you where here and we where gone …. now we are here and you are gone ….LOL ….. we need to get the gang together once a week anyways ….

  66. For the American Idol fans ….

    Kellie Pickler is going to be at the NC state fair today … Chris Daughtry will be there this week too …. Nroth Carolina’s own .

  67. I adore Kellie Pickler… but I wish she would have left her chest alone… I have never liked store bought boobies… particularly on Pickler…

  68. yeah I love Kellie too …. she is adorable . I always love it when American Idol has some folks from North Carolina that I can pull for . Gotta pull for the home town folks you know !

    She is causes some traffic nightmares though …. the state fair started last Friday and will end this sunday …. traffic is hellish to say the least.

  69. As for other reality shows, hells kitchen is good and the new one out Kitche Nightmares is what you would expect… As for Gordan Ramsay himself, I like hime — wouldn’t want to work for him, but I do like him and with that in mind, I stumbled across a story about Gordan Ramsay and bashing the French, the part about the French Girlfriend is so touching…

    Gordon Ramsay’s been at it again – and this time he’s attacking the French.

    On a US chat show, the celeb chef, 40, has branded the citizens of France smelly, difficult and poor drivers.

    ‘The French are so difficult,’ Gordon told host Jay Leno. ‘And they really do have bad breath. It’s disgusting.

    ‘I had a French girlfriend. It was like going to bed with a rottweiler on your chest.

  70. I heard on the news a few weeks back that Gordon was sporting commando and got too close to a burner and burned his left or right testicle, OUCH! Karma is a b*tch huh?

    I’m a huge Hell’s Kitchen fan, though was not a Rock fan this year.

    I have no first hand knowledge of the French.

    Time to go home, yay!


  71. Happy Hump Day Suvivor Blog Mates !

    Hell’s Kitchen …. love it …. didn’t love Roc …. I thought Jen should have won .

    anyone watch dancing with the stars …. if so who got the boot ???

    So are we still think Sherea will be the next one to go …. *** hoping ***

    or do we think Aaron …. I think the tribe switch will turn things upside down …. so Aaron will probably be a target for his strength and being a “outsider” from fei long .

    Thoughts ????

  72. Good Morning All…

    This is gonna be a short day for me as I begin a couple of days off to show my sister California before it fall off into the ocean, which can’t happen soon enough…

    anyway, I was a commercial yseterday with a preview of tomorrows survivor where they mentioned a 2 for 2 swap… but even stranger, the tribes were involved in a water challenge of some sort and at the end of the preview Jeff is seen telling the tribes that, that was the worst showing for a challenge he has ever seen…

    hmmmmmm, I wonder, do we have a bunch of water logged wusses making up these tribes???

    should be lots to talk about once its over… I will be TIVOing it because I will be off seeing the sights… Be back early nect week to see what you all have been saying behind my back… now don’t go making me get out the lighting bolts…

  73. Good Morning! Floyd got the boot on DWTS. He and (Melanie – spice girl) were in the bottom two. That shocked me, as I thought Mel and Maks were doing quite well.

    Have fun G, I will miss ya. ;) But if you aren’t here, you are fair game to gossip about. So charge up the lightning bolts.


  74. OK Tina… but I see by your continual use of the avatar that you really REALLY must like to be spanked… Im not judgeing, to each their own… was just curious what was up with that… and of course by pointing this out, it gives everyone much better things to gossip about for the nest few days…

  75. LOL I tried changing the avatar and it won’t accept it. I will have to log in with a different email address to make that happen. In the words of Daniele, I will neither confirm nor deny that I like spankings!


  76. Big G …. Hope you and your sister have a grand time seeing the sites of cali … I have never been there … my Auntie and Uncle lived there for many years in Poway … he was a lifer in the marine corp. have fun and don’t zap anyone while seeing those sites.

    Yeah I saw the previews too …. I have heard some talk of the IC being thrown so maybe that is what Jeff is refering too . I also think that James finding the idol really is true … guess we will se.

    Tina I am so glad that floyd was the one to go …. I did not like his attitude.

  77. My Predictions for tomorrow…

    If Fei Long Tribe Looses
    — Lunch Lady

    If Zhan Hu Tribe Looses
    — easy choice is Sherea

  78. I sure hope that it is Sherea …. If I have to endure those eyes rollin around in that bobbin head for much longer I don’t know if I will be able to watch.

    I think predictions will be very very hard this week due to the tribe switch …. Spoiler sites are still saying that Aaron will be the one to go. They are making it seem in the previews that Todd is the one that finds the HII … but spoilers are saying James finds both idols … Fei Long before the switch and zhan hu after the switch.

  79. Wow I hadn’t heard anything about James finding both idols, that would kind of suck huh?

    I stand by Sherea or Jean Robert/Aaron, depending on what tribe they are on at the time and who loses.

    I was glad to see Floyd go, he made me very uncomfortable watching him “dance”.

    That cheetah girl got 3 10’s, wow huh?

    G, do you just not like the mullet? lol If she suddenly gets a lot of air time, maybe, but they’ve barely shown her (and when they did it made you sick I know) but she seems like a nice enough person.

    In an interview Jeff asked her about the mullet and she said well its perfect for my job, to keep it short for serving food, but I can still have it long and be sexy for my husband. I wasn’t going to mention that but ya brought up the Lunch Lady ha!

    Enjoy your time with your sister. :)


  80. Reading…trying to get caught up here and I see…Big G is leaving for a few days. Wahhhhh. Say it ain’t so. O…K… as long as it’s a temporary situation … and not something frivilous like a real life outside of here for any extended period of time.

    It was a really good show last night on DWTS. I love that choreographer… oh shoot… mind went bland..what’s his name… from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’…..

    I hope Sherea is the next to get booted off Survivor!

  81. hey Red what’s shakin !!!

    I think Big G … is going to try that human interaction thing … LOL …

    I missed DWTS last night …. you know hubby likes to watch the Unit … but I know the guy you are talking about on so you think you can dance …. he is a judge on there too … he usually does lyrical I think don’t he ??

  82. oh yeah Red … I am having a lovely day … it is hump day you know … so that means … it is hump night ….LOL….

  83. the Unit is a good show, but pretty lame last night… stuck in a mine field and make the daughter walk home…

  84. yeah it was lame last night …. but hubby thinks american idol is lame and he suffers through every season with me …

  85. Hey Red, how’s your Wednesday?

    That dude from So You Think You Can Dance is Wade somebody? I can’t think of his last name, but it was cool to see him dance. I liked the dance, but the music that went to it was just too weird for my taste.

    I’ve never seen the Unit but I might have to check that out sometime.


  86. My new name is still waiting moderation….hope everyone enjoys Survivor tonight. G, it sure is quiet without you, Sherre, and RHSC…..ya’ll have abandoned me today. :(


  87. Adios Aaron.

    Are any of you guys there?

    What do you think of the strategy of throwing a challenge to get make sure the other tribe doesn’t dispose of your tribemates?

    Thank God they got those girls some new swimsuits!!!

    Good morning, if anyone is there.


  88. Adios Aaron.
    Ok I give up on trying a new name and avatar…..reposting so I don’t have to await moderation:

    Are any of you guys there?

    What do you think of the strategy of throwing a challenge to get make sure the other tribe doesn’t dispose of your tribemates?

    Thank God they got those girls some new swimsuits!!!

    Good morning, if anyone is there.


  89. Good Morning Tina… Im Back!!!

    I saw yesterday that you were considering a sex change, but now you’re back to the spankings… I perfer the the you that likes spankings…

    anyway, where’s all the posting for last thursdays episode??? they haven’t even changed the poll much less set up a new area to post in… SLACKERS!!!

    Anyway, my take on last thursdays episode… the switch was great, it mixed things up nicely… NBot quite sure what those two bimbos were thinking… what they should have been doing is building new alliances with strong people… you don’t know whats going on at the other tribe, and the throw a comp is just dumb… I wish James or Aaron had the HII and could have sent one the those silly girls (P.G.) home… would ave taught them a valuable lesson…

    as for Aaron going home, again I am suprised… if their going to do that, then James was clearly the bigger threat… so, no rhyme or reaso from them two…

    and it looks like next week the hunt for the HII heats up as everyone is in the chase, or is that just clever editing??? I am still hoping that only one or two people have a clue, and it is used as a suprise… One Vote could send someone home… now that would be cool…

  90. I’m going through an identity crisis, don’t mind me. :)

    There was NOTHING about the HII shown or if so I missed it. I was really hoping Todd or someone would get that baby down.

    How was your long weekend? It sure was lonely around here.


  91. Last week nothing was shown or mentioned… in fact because they did the double switch and both tribes got snacks, they didn’t even have a reward challenge, therefore no one was given another clue to the HII…

    What I was referring to was the preview for this weeks show that mentioned the hunt for the HII was gonna heat up and they showed some tribe members climbing the arch where the HII is located… but again, I never fully believe what they show in the preview as it could be clever editing by the producers…

    and um tina, you seem to need a shave… and Im not talking about your legs…

  92. The long weekend was great… Yosemite, Monterey Bay and San Francisco… then finished off by a BBQ at the house…

  93. G, I guess you were right when you said it was careful editing when they showed the HII and Todd looking at it, he was probably looking at a bird flying by and they cut to the HII.

    Wow, I’ve always wanted to go to Yosimite, Monterey Bay, San Francisco, and well I did have BBQ at the house lol.

    I’ve tried to change my avatar again, sigh, maybe it will show up.


  94. And just what needs shaving??? Just ignore your head and shave everywhere else… that should do it for me… so for your next avatar, show something shaved… you can choose what… :)

    and the people running this site have been slacking as of late… no x on aaron, no new area, still polling the church lady… real slackers these people are!!!

  95. Actually I’ve changed my avatar to something more feminine and even deleted the “Jack from Lost” avatar but its not cooperating.

    Jeff must be stuck on exile island. RHSC and Sherre, I just don’t know. I’m beginning to feel like we are the only ones that care anymore!

    I miss Dick. :P

  96. hey …. hootie hoo …..

    what’s up Survivor Blog Mates ….

    what in the world is going on …. I just knew when I came in here today there would be a new entry posted on last weeks thrown challenge …. the switch … Aaron being booted…. I have to say I am disappointed. Okay Red …. Holly …. Enigma … what’s up with the no posting thing man ???

    Sorry I havent been here Tina …. Big G…. I was a little under the weather on Friday …. and My dear friend had a baby …. premature …boy 2lb 7oz …. so far so good though … so It has been crazy round my way to say the least.

    I did not like the girls throwing the challenge at all …. that really sucked …. it will surely bounce back to bite them in the butt.

    Do you guys believe that Erik is being trueful about being a virgin …. It is really hard to believe for me … he is such a cutie pie surely some lucky girl has had a slice !!! LOL !!

    okay …. who is shavin wha now ?

  97. Sherrrrrre! Good to hear from you, glad you are feeling better and that all is good so far with your friend and her baby.

    On Erik being a virgin?? How old is he, I thought like 26 or so?? Is it the truth or some sort of warped strategy? I dunno, but he’s cute.

    They let the lunch lady talk a little more, though what an accent, whoa, and took away James’ eye candy, yikes!!!!!!! lol

    This was a really really good episode and it does make me sad that there is no new post to post to.

    Oh you know G, he’s always wanting things!

  98. I was glad to see that lunch lady got a little more air time …. she seems to be a really hard worker round camp and good in the challenges. James really seemed to appreciate her work ethic …. That showed his character has a person I thought. I thought it was a sweet moment when he was guiding her up the hill with his hand on her back … very gentleman like …. gotta love that !

    I hope everything is okay with our gate keepers here . …. maybe we should send out search and rescue for them …. ya think !

    Tina I see you be playing with your avatar ….

  99. Hey Tina, Im just trying to be helpful, your avatar look a little shaggy is all, and I don’t think a girl should look shaggy… so a little shave here, and a little shave there… the shaggy look would be gone, and you would be smooth as a babys bottom…

    just trying to help is all… lol…

    and Hi Sherre, I’ve known babies that were well under 2 lbs that did well… the care they give those itty-bitty babies today is quite amazing… and I hope you’re feeling better… if not, shave something, it can’t hurt, unless you go against the grain… :)

  100. Hey Big G ….. I have missed your humor …. I needed a big dose of that this weekend.
    I am feeling a bit better though ….. and my friends wee one is breathing on his own …. dealing with a bit of jaundice today …. but we are taking one day at a time …. he is a strong little guy and was just anxious to come out and see all of us.

    Yes shaving is always best done with the grain !!

  101. okay guys …. sorry to cut it so short today …. I’ve hardly had time to turn around today …. maybe tomorrow …. I can stay and play.

    later tater !

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