Following The Brawn and Bikinis

Agree?  Ya gotta love Survivor for the scenery.  Inclusive of the Location, Nature, Culture and the Human eye candy.

There’s always a couple of guys who make the girls drool and a few girls who gets the blood pumpin’ for the guys.  We love to love some.  Others We love to hate.  Then, there are those who just blend and fade away.  It’s the law of the jungle.  We shall explore all avenues on this blog.  Your place to holler, speak out, converse and become a Survivor Family all our own.

NOTATION:  For the newer Readers of this Blog…Please know that the most recent Comments will be at the top.  Buttttt… Do scroll down the page for the other Commentaries being sure to read (or, at least, skim through) the Posters comments.  We have a diversified array of Characters.  Entertainment value can be found right here on this site.  Chat, Spoilers, General Blogging.  We’ve had Big Brother.  Now, we’re entering Survivor, The Bachelor, etc. territory.  And, we’ll have fun fun fun till Daddy takes the T-Bird away.  Speaking of T-Birds.. I actually have one.  For those of you too young for the previous 2 sentences to make sense, do a search on the words.  It’s a song by the group ‘The Beach Boys’.

Do you think it’s time for a Survivor brain teaser yet?  Let’s make this an ego trip.  Everyone pick three Survivor participants and let’s see, at the end, which Poster has chosen the winner.  I say do a Pick 3 because…well… just cuz it was the first number to come to my mind.

WEEKLY CONFESSION:  Each week, I’ll provide a Personal Confession.  For real.  No ‘tongue in cheek’.   This past week’s confession.  I was one of the few who did not require a translator to understand the dude Chicken’s talk.

Now…. Everyone… get to blogggggin’.

:)  ……………..  RHSC  (short for Redhead Survivor Chic)

21 thoughts on “Following The Brawn and Bikinis”

  1. First of all Jeff, no fair being first to post…

    Second, so just what is Redhead Survivor Chic doing to earn this praise/scorn (as the case might be)???

  2. Hey Red Thanks for the new entry ! I was just commenting that we needed to spice things up and from one red head to another … we know we can certainly spice things up LOL !!!

    Pick three… that is hard to do … with only one showing of our survivors but I will go out on a limb here and pick three

    Amanda … Pretty girl and she is a hiking instructor and a outdoor type

    Denise … this is a reach I know but I just have a feeling

    James … just because it would be unfair to the female viewing audience not to have him around to admire.

    I do however reserve the right to change my mind after we get to know the tribe members better.

    I also did not need a translator for chicken LOL !!!

    I still did not get an email notice **sigh**

  3. SherreLu,
    Redheads rule…don’t we! Got teased as a child but, being an adult redhead is cool. Go figure.

    Yep, all women are privvy to change our minds. It’s our birth right.

    My picks (for one of em to win it all)…for now is James, Amanda, James. If these get voted out, I’ll add another name in the slot opened up.

    Love your reasoning for keeping James. Totally agree. Plus, I think the team needs his muscle.

    Amanda…same reasoning at my end.

    Aaron… He’s a leader but, not a dominating, in your face (so far) one. His skills are needed.

    Jeff felt sorry for me when you took those heavy duty lightning bolts … leaving me just the heat ones. This is my retaliation.

    Thanks so much for the welcome. Appreciated.

  4. GOD’s Picks:

    Aaron — Seems Smart

    James — Female Eye Candy

    Jaime — Male Eye Candy

    I adore redheads…

    I reserve the right to change my picks upon their elimination…

  5. Aaron – Savvy and Smart

    Amanda – Likeable and Cute

    Todd – Magnetic and Good in Challenges

    James (if I could add a 4th) I like him but I don’t know how well he knows how to play the game.

    Comment on Courtney (because they are making us hate her) I don’t particularly like her but I think she’ll stick around awhile.

    Nice blog RSC!

  6. Oh yeah and Denise, the lunch lady, I have a feeling about her too SherreLu, I think she’ll be around awhile. Kind of like the “mom”?

  7. I truly believe some of the participants learn from previous seasons. And… some are so absorbed in their possible face time that they are caught unaware of the difficulties in being a tribe member.

    As we’ve already seen and commented on…who, in their ever luvin’ right mind, would bring (much less actually wear as we saw) high heels!

    Also, why not wear layers of clothes to start. Mind blowing that these basic factors, having been witnessed, season after season, don’t compute for some.

    I have a feeling we’re all going to have similar favs to win. Why?? Because we are hard core Reality TV Watchers!!

  8. Thanks Evel.

    I have the same feeling about Todd.

    Courtney could be another Amber. It’s so much editing to lead us to like/dislike tribe members.

  9. I have always had a huge problem with the way these girls dress … HELLO !!
    You would think that by now after so many years they would want to watch previous seasons as training tools … what and what NOT to do on Survivor and how do I start a dang fire … don’t you think that everyone that is on this show should know by now that they are going to have to start a fire. Just don’t make good sense!!

    I think that Denise (not good guy eye candy for the guys) will hang around a while. She looks like she will be the quiet hard working type that will take on a mother type role but also I think she will be strong in challenges. I was reading in her bio that one of her hobbies is axe and knife throwing … got to love a woman who can throw a axe !!

  10. Oh..Oh… not to change the subject… O…K… changing gears here.

    Before I do though.. so, G. You like em redheads huh. Here’s an observation .. how many redheads has Survivor had? Seems it’s been few and far between. Mostly blondes and brunettes. Hmmmm

    Now, onto the comment I originally had planned in this post. Show: ‘The Bachelor’. How many watched? You’d think those girls would learn too. The too much drinking and always one sloppy drunk girl or the ones who think they have fallen in love and are crushed after a few hrs with a guy. Geeez. Do they pay these extra to do these ditzy things?
    Same for the clothing on Survivor. Wonder if they tell some of em…they’ll be paid extra for looking like dumb asses. ;)

  11. I don’t watch the Bachelor … just never got into that show. I am a HUGE american idol fan and that drives my husband just a little bit crazy so I try and limit my reality type shows. I love dancing with the stars too but it is on oppsite some of my favs. Last night was awful for me they had

    Bones House (Fox)
    NCIS and The Unit (CBS)
    Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

    I just can not watch all of them so I watched Bones/House and recorded NCIS and The Unit
    I had to miss cutie pootie Cameron on Dancing with the stars. **sigh**

  12. Evel Me…

    No One!!! Redhead Survivor Chic took away all my lighting bolts after I hit that guy in the pecker for peeing on the side of the road…

  13. Yeah RSC, Take his side, but just so you know, he been telling every female he comes accross the story then asking them to kiss the boo-boo… It hasn’t worked yet, but it only takes one to say yes…

  14. I’m really enjoying reading the blog. I’m not much of a talker on it but I guess I’ll put in my 2 cents on who I think might do will do well. First frosti of course. then amanda and erik. Thanks for a great blog. I’ll be lurking ….

  15. Welcome to the Blog Ilikefrosti! Feel free to lurk around but just know that most of us don’t bite (the jury is still out on RHSC though)

    Please make sure to sign up for the Survivor Newsletter email list so you can get updates when new posts happen!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  16. ewww

    didn’t see this yet….. late bloomer i know


    James— because he’s a grace digger come on guys you have to be stone cold to be a winner here

    John/Paul/Peter/Robert— oh what the hell the poker player brains brains brains

    and for the trifecta (is that spelled right?)

    The lunch lady– hey i know i don’t know her name yet and i poked fun at her but if she is takin care of all those kids when their hungry ,she can take care of a few waif’s and flight attendents…

    Jersey girl signing off

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