Friday’s Final Four – Making for a great ending on Sunday!

So last night we found out that Peih-Gee is still a person…but unfortunately no longer in China!

She seemed to have a good connection after she was left behind with Amanda while Denise, Courtney and Todd hung out at the great wall of China.

The immunity challenge was a revisit of challenges from before and definitely helped Amanda since between Denise not being able to get by stage 2 (eating a balute) and if by chance Courtney would have made it to the final part there is no way she would have swung that sword and been able to cut through the ropes.

Amanda won immunity and was guaranteed a spot in the Final Four.

With the way they all look at Todd as being the hated one, I think the 3 remaining ladies all hope to bring him with to the final 2.  Also I think there will be a final 2 and not a final 3 since Jeff said yesterday on the promo there will be 3 more tribal councils which to me means 2 more then the live reveal of the winner.

So the fun starts on 7PM Central on Sunday.  I am planning on writing a blog post that afternoon so everyone on the mailing list will get a reminder.  Since they have been having the finale on Sunday I have actually missed a few since I am not used to watching Survivor on Sundays!  Go figure!

So there you have it…your final 4 are….

Denise “The Lunch Lady”

Amanda “The Chamelon”

Courtney “The Long Shot”

and Todd “The Schemer”

Let us know is going to win and why you think that.  My money is still on my homegirl Amanda because A: she has played a smart game and B: she will be my next wife!  :)

Peace,  Jeff Probst

26 thoughts on “Friday’s Final Four – Making for a great ending on Sunday!”

  1. Guilty Guilty Guilty!!! Im talking abput me, but I ain’t sayin what Im guilty of…:)

    ok, about last nights show, just how dumb is Denise???

    I say she’s dumb on several levels… first she again doesn’t take PG on reward… Karma is so gonna bite her… and her reason for not wanting PG to get strong… what kind of crap is that??? THEN… she wouldn’t eat the balute during immunity… ITS A MILLION $$$ ON THE LINE!!! Geeze… I don’t have anything against her personally, but she is playing a really bad game and at this point and if she were the sole survivor and the jury only had to vote her the $$$, I m not sure they would…

    I can’t think of one thing she has done on her own initiative that changed the game in even a small way except to starve PG… yep, Karma is so gonna bite her!!!

    Then, they approach her about Todd… and she thinks that one, she is gonna be in the F3… the women has no clue she is nothing but a pawn… Second, even if Todd had made enemines on the Jury, they will see his game play… No chance in hell of Denise winning over Todd… Maybe, just maybe Courtney, but no way Todd…

    So, her best chance of at least making it to the F3 is to remove Todd and go with PG and Amanda… here, there would be a fight between PG and Amanda for the $$$… Not sure how that would have played out, could go either way… but at least Denise would leave with a little third place money… but, as she has been doing for some time now, she is completly miss reading the game and the people around her…

    one other note… I really, REALLY do not want Todd to win… after his comments about being really pissed off if they were to vote him off, that just didn’t sit right with me… its a game, a game with a lot at stake, but stil a game, and if people around you are able to get the better of you, oh well…

    again, Amanda IMHO has played the best game… got James, wanted to get Todd… I just wish the producers would blur out her butt so much…;)

    now it all comes down to Sunday… 2 hours… and Jury Questions… and of corse there’s TAR, so Monday is gonna be a very busy blog day… I hope EVERYONE will be here… :)

  2. LOL Poor Big G, and the fuzzy spots on the TV. I’m still wondering about those blurrs as well. I’m thinking maybe they need to give Amanda a razor, because they do that everytime they show her backside. It can’t be just her swimsuit??

    I’ll give ya yes Denise hasn’t played very smart, but she has gotten this far being a pawn or what was it Amanda called her, oh yeah puppet.

    I figure Amanda’s “girls day out” with PG was purely damage control and assuring her vote on the jury. Which she probably will get.

    I imagine Amanda will win, but I do want it to be Todd and her in the F2. PG’s holier than though speech at TC – reminded me of Amber and the good people, blech. This game is about backstabbing, lying, whatever it takes to get to the end. Did you see James’ face when PG is going on and on about how she tried every competition (I’m sure he was thinking about her and Jamie throwing that IC).

    I think Todd and Amanda either one deserve it, they have done what it takes, focused, strategized, made huge moves, and both of them are deserving. If either of them wins I’ll be happy.

    I can’t wait till Sunday, it should be a riot, especially at the reunion show, I want to know if Todd’s sister “really” lost the baby. I want to know how stupid James feels for not playing the idols, how stupid Jamie feels for playing a fake idol, how stupid Denise feels for not voting Todd out when she had a chance. Basically there were a lot of stupid moves this year.

    TGIF everyone! Happy Mother’s Day G ?? I think. :)


  3. you’re correct, this game is about backstabbin and making people appreciate the knife sticking out of their back… but to take getting booted so personal that you’re gonna be really, really, really, really, pissed about it, speaks volumes… and the fact that Todd and Courtney could complain about the reward at the Great Wall… my goodness, I would be in awe of it all… my time would be spent taking in everything around me, and if I had to figure out how to cook the food… so what… Then Todd eats what they were bringing back… yep, that how you curry favor with a potential jury memeber…

    and thanks for reminding me about Mothers Day… I’ve been so busy spending it lately, kind of forgot… and the Credit Card Bills are sure gonna suck (the money out of my bank)… ;)

  4. Yeah that was just wrong of Todd to eat what they had to bring back to the ones that didn’t get to go. I had forgotten about that! I almost liked Courtney last night when she was rolling her eyes at PG’s good people speech lol.

    I’ve been spending it too G, but I’m down to just 4 presents left to buy, for my co-workers so that’s pretty good as I’m usually shopping the weekend before Christmas, this time I should be through!

    How much does the runner up get, do you remember? Isn’t it like 100k?


  5. either 50K or 100K… not a bad days pay for the adventure of it all…

    and I just remembered, last week TAR said in two weeks… so no double blogging on Monday… but I am sure there will be plenty of blood on the floor to comment on… :)

  6. LOL yes I’m sure of that too!!! It will be a nice Christmas for the F2 either way I bet.

    And then TAR for a few more weeks, then I suppose American Idol will be starting, then before you know it BB9 will have a whole new set of folks for us to love and hate!!!!



  7. Oh and if you don’t mind G, can you do us up a new list? :) How’d you like the new names CBS gave them, The Lunch Lady, The Chameleon, The Long Shot, and The Schemer? lol

    I’m picking the Lunch Lady to be voted off, then its anyone’s game. Whoever wins that final IC can hand pick who they want to take to the F2 with them. I imagine either of the girls would pick Todd. I think if Todd won, if he was smart he’d pick Courtney, but for some reason, I see Amanda outlasting Todd or Courtney in an endurance challenge.


  8. I was looking up some spoilers for Sunday, didn’t find much… but what I did find was more info that it is gonna be a F3 not a F2… and then it clicked… I don’t think it would happen, but we could get a tie out of this vote… 7 jury members, if 1 vote goes to Courtney, Amanda and Todd could get 3 each and then what??? make fire for a million??? wouldn’t that just be stupid???

    Spoilers I did find was that there would be a reward challenge… the winner would get some type of advantage during the immunity challenge…

    anyway, this is how I see the final vote…

    Final Jury Members and their vote…

    1. Jaime >>>>>>>> Todd (I Think)
    2. JR >>>>>>>>>>> Amanda (A Lock)
    3. Frosti >>>>>>>>> Courtney (A Lock)
    4. James >>>>>>>> Amanda (I think)
    5. Erik >>>>>>>>>> Amanda (A Lock)
    6. Peih-Gee >>>>>> Amanda (A Lock)
    7. Denise >>>>>>>> Amanda (I Think)

  9. Well G, I thought a F3 all the way up until last night and Jeff said we have 3 more TC’s to deal with, which figures out to a F2 right? Or no? Now I’m confused!!

    Hey Enigma, good to see you back on here. :)


  10. I missed the part where Jeff mentioned 3 more TC’s… was it before or after last nights TC??? because if it was before, then last nights would have been 1, then on Sunday where the Denise gets booted will be the 2nd… the thrid would be the Jury in action… and sorry Enigma, but the Lunch Lady is so going down…

    oh well, my day is ending, but I’ll be here Monday to put my two cents in… we have enough for that beer yet??? ;)

    happy weekend all… :)

  11. Maybe it was challenges and I misheard him because as we all know now, TODD won! :) I’m happy. I know he wasn’t well liked around this board, but I was pulling for him. I would have rather seen Denise get the 100K popularity vote than James but oh well, at least she got 50k! So where are you all???

  12. Good Morning Tina…

    Believe it or not, I miis the first two hours… I had a party to go to… but the last hour reunion was good… not at dramatic as I would have liked, but goon none the less…

    My first thought of last night is, Damn, Amanda Is Hot… that girl cleans up real nice… I of course wa disappointed that she didn’t win, but Todd did earn it… I was real disappointed that Courtney got 2 votes… besides being the skinny chick who couldn’t compete in the challenges, what did she do to earn any votes??? oh yeah, hooked up with a good alliance…

    Denise loosing her job because the kids recognised her??? oh lets just take away every joy in life a child has… that was wrong on every level… and I am glad that they tossed her some cash, a very nice move by the producer…

    James, Denise, and PG as the fan favortes with Jam3es being the winner… can’t argue those choices at all… PG was very deserving because of her struggle to cling on to the F5… Denise, although likable, made a lot of bad choices that caused her to be booted…

    James had the story of the night with his taking pictures with the 2 ladies at the furneral… He made one crappy day kind of special… not a bad days work…

    ok, so there’s my 2 cents for now…

  13. To tell you the truth, I always look forward to that last IC, the endurance thing, and this one, well it wasn’t really so much of an endurance challenge than it was a balancing act. I was pretty disappointed about it.

    The exciting part was they said the next Survivor will be favs vs. fans or something like that, so we’ll see some old faces. I can’t wait to find out who those will be! :)

    It’s c-c-c-cold here this morning, sigh…yet still no snow.


  14. I’ll bet that “eye Candy” James is back for the next show…

    we have rain and not so cold… my Mother in Michigan got hammered by snow…

    so, who won the final IC???

  15. It’s c-c-c-cold here this morning, sigh… (???) You wern’t looking for someone to keep you warm were you??? :)

  16. Your girl Amanda won the last IC. First out was Todd, then Courtney, then Denise and Amanda was the winner.

    I’m not complaining of the cold, just the lack of snow that I wanted with it and didn’t get. :(

    My sister called me and said Todd was on the Regis and Kelly show this morning and they had flown him there and it was a big joke because the airlines lost his luggage lol, kind of funny him being a flight attendant. So they bought him an I <3 NY shirt to wear. Also they asked if he was going back to being a flight attendant and he said no, basically he lost his job. You aren’t allowed to tell anyone why you want 8 weeks off of work or you are in violation of contract. I can’t imagine he’d want to go back to doing that anyway now that he’s got a million bucks. :)


  17. thanks for the info… you’re not allowed to tell your employer why you want time off??? wow, that’s a hard sell… I can see why some folks may loose their job over this adventure…

    anyway, I hoe Todd takes a few of those dollars and gets a normal hair cut… Im sorry, but he looked kind of elfish with that do… all that was missing was the pointed ears… lol…

    so Amanda won and booted Denise… I wonder how she would have faired had she kept Denise and booted Todd??? or for that matter, had they booted Todd earlier and she went against PG???

  18. Howdy Everyone!

    That was a good finale’ all the way around.

    I do think Todd played the best game. His stance at the Q/A for the Jury gave him the game. At least someone didn’t win who snuck in/rode coattails…as in a couple of past Survivors. I liked Amanda up until this final episode. Her (as PG said) doe eyed looks were really getting tiresome. I was pulling for her to win prior to last night…then, I found myself really really pulling for Todd to take it.

    And, James winning the 100 grand was soooo cool! Then, the producer giving Denise 50 g. was good. I didn’t like the way Denise played the game because she made some stupid moves…but, ahhh well.

    As for the next Season… I’m loving it! Personally I think it will be PG and/or James in it.

    Gotta run…. Just think… Feb brings us another Big Brother! Gonna be tough to beat Evil Dick’s reign though.

    Talk to ya’ll later,
    Teri Sue

  19. I agree Teri Sue, I was perfectly happy with Amanda winning until the Q & A session and Todd blew her out of the water, without campaigning against her. The way he blew up JR’s ego won him his vote.

    Oh and G, Jeff did a show of hands to as if PG would have been in the F3, though I didn’t see it (need to go back and watch) his reaction was that she would have beaten Amanda.

    And yeah Todd’s hair is crazy, maybe he’s trying to look taller? lol

    I’ve read some things that indicate it could be James and PG or James and Amanda or James and Courtney, so who knows who will be in ASS. I did hear they are going to release the contestants early in January though.


  20. geeze, when you think of it, come Feb were gonna have a new Survivor, Big Borther and American Idol… my Tivo will be working overtime… ;)

  21. hello everyone …. sorry for abandoning you guys …. I hope you can forgive me …. with the holidays and being sick I just have not made time for my guilty pleasures. But I wanted to pop in and say hello and chime in on the finale ….

    Todd … I have to say I was blown away …. I did not get to watch ….did not even remember to record it … go figure first survivor finale I have missed in years …. but I guess that is what happens when you try that human interaction thing …. and part take a little to much of the christmas cheer …. LOL ….

    Todd did play the best game and was I guess deserving ot the being crowned sole survivor.

    Not sure how I am going to be able to manage to keep up with AI …. BB …. and survivor …. American Idol will be the one I know I will watch …. BB …. well I will see who the house guests are and if they are interesting …. it will be very hard to top the Donato effect …. you know.

    I have enjoyed spending time here with you guys …. sorry again for not being around as much lately.

    I hope to see you all on the BB blog and the AI blog.

    Hope you have a Blessed Christmas …. and a Happy New Year .

    kisses and hugs all around ….

    later taters !

  22. I too, just wanted to pop in and say hi there!

    I missed the last couple of episodes, go figure with moving and all I didn’t even think about an antae (we bought land and have been working all fall to get all the utilities set up and a place to live in) lol

    i’ll be checking in on the other blogs(Thanks Jeff for having them) and hope to see you there!

    Fare Thee Well!

  23. I wonder if the Lunch Lady wasn’t feeding us a load of bull with her sob story??? Here’s a press release I came across… makes you wonder…

    Press Release: Mrs. Denise Martin
    December 17, 2007
    Douglas Public Schools

    On the “Survivor China” television program that aired on December 16, 2007, Mrs. Denise Martin, an employee of the Douglas Public Schools, stated that she was demoted from her position as a cafeteria worker upon her return from taping the show. This statement is false. In fact, Mrs. Martin held a full-time position as a custodian prior to her participation in the series, and she returned to this same position upon her return from China. Mrs. Martin was granted – at her request – an unpaid leave of absence so that she could participate in the “Survivor” program. We were pleased and excited to support Denise, and have enthusiastically cheered her on throughout the duration of the show.

    Although Mrs. Martin was a cafeteria employee prior to her selection as a contestant, she asked to be considered for a promotion to full-time custodian, and was promoted to this position on March 30, 2007. This promotion came with additional benefits and a higher salary. Following her leave, she then returned to this same position.

    Regretfully, the Douglas Public School District was inaccurately portrayed as failing to be accommodating to an employee during what the District viewed as a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. This is far from the case. On the contrary, we granted all requests made by Mrs. Martin so that she could participate in the “Survivor” series. Since Mrs. Martin was on an approved leave, her position was held open for her, and she returned to this same position upon her return from China. As a District, we make every effort to support our employees, and will continue to do so.

    Nancy T. Lane
    Superintendent of Schools

  24. Good to hear from you guys. :)

    G, that doesn’t surprise me, and probably the custodial staff could entail lunch duty or janitorial duties, but she played her cards and got 50k. I don’t blame the school for telling their side of things though.

    I’ve got suits here today all day so I won’t be able to check in unless they give us a break.

    Have a great day all.


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