James makes a grave mistake…

I think tonight’s show marks a very historic tribal council in Survivor history…and the laughing of the jury members…and the smiles of the 6 other players still in the game should speak very loudly.

James did not play the hidden immunity idol before the votes were read…and thus he was eliminated 5 to 1 to 1.

Todd got 1 vote. (from PG)

PG got 1 vote. (from James)

James got the other 5 votes.

…and with that James the hunky grave digger was buried and voted out of China.

I don’t know about you but when Jeff asked if anyone had the hidden immunity idol and they showed James going toward the bag at his feet I thought he was going to play it.  My guess is that is a clever edit from him doing something earlier during tribal council but I am a sucker for that stuff.  I love the clever editing they do.  Very good stuff. 

 So ladies…sorry to say that the hunky gravedigger is now gone.  No more watching him run around without a shirt anymore.  I guess you will have to start watching and drooling over Erik or maybe even Todd (just teasin ladies).

I would love to hear your thoughts….do you think James made the all time worst decision since Marcelas did not use the Power of Veto and was eliminated?  Who will be the next person voted out?  Which one of our final 6 will become the Sole Survivor of Survivor China?  I look forward to reading your comments.

Peace,  Jeff Probst

78 thoughts on “James makes a grave mistake…”

  1. 1st in the Buff…

    I cant believe he had a feeling and sat on those stupid HII’s… He had 2 of them… TWO!!! and did nothing… that was dumber then I expected… and of course, as I predicted, the jury laughed, which says it all… Even They Knew!!!

    on a side note, I was glad to see Denise get a reward and she kicks…

  2. now a bit more about last night…

    here’s what should have happened…

    PG knows here days are numbered… once she approached Amanda and was told to sit back and do nothing, she should have ran to James and told him what she suspected… James, having been warned may have played the HII and with a vote or two for Todd, todd would have been out… but more importantly, this move would have broke up the Todd/Amanda team and made PG a friend which she really needs to stay around… as it sits right now, unless she wins immunity, shes gone next week…

    but she didn’t warn James, James sat on his Idols, and then there were 6…

    now asuming Amanda makes it to the end, her move to convince everyone to kick James is what I think win her the big money… I think she won big points with the jury with that move, including James…

  3. The Savy Six…

    Amanda ——– Smart and Cute
    Courtney ——- PITA
    Denise ——— Mullett Madness
    Todd ———— More-man (or less)
    Erik ————– Virgin
    Peih-Gee —— Serious Asian Chick

    Jury List

    1. Jaime ———— Blondie
    2. Jean-Robert — Tool
    3. Frosti–———– Monkey Boy
    4. James ——–—DUMB ASS
    5. TBA
    6. TBA
    7. TBA

  4. good morning dan du’s !!

    well well well look what we have here a new entry and a new poll ….. looks like my naggin paid off …. didn’t even have to use my attributes ! haha

    yes it look like James made even a bigger fool of himself than what Jamie did playing the fake HII … I just don’t get why you would have sat there with two idols and not a least pull one of them out ….

    all together now ….. “DUMB ASS!!!”

    I was really glad to see that Denise got to go on the reward challenge you could really tell that it touched her heart in ways that I don’t think even touched PG. That was really nice to see and think she deserved that reward. I was a little disappointed that she did not do better in the IC because one of her hobbies is axe throwing …. so I thought that would have been right up her alley.

    Okay guys I have to run …. I am doing double duty today …. we have people out on vacation .
    So I will catch you guys later!

  5. Good morning dan du’s! The tribe is down to 6 now, awesome. Next week’s tearful moments are most assuredly from family/friends show. I love those!!!

    Yes James is a DUMBASS. I agree Jeff, that was probably careful editing on the producers part where it shows James looking down as if he’s going to use the idol. But the giggle on Todd’s face immediately after James doesn’t use the idol was awesome.

    I thought that reward challenge was awesome and those kung fu dudes were seriously devoted and completely scary. I was so glad Denise got to go, and glad that PG got to go, since those two seemed to be left out of most rewards.

    Thanks for the updated list G! Happy mother’s day to you! lol


  6. Who will be voted off next…..hmmm I’d have to go with Erik. Of course it depends on who wins immunity.


  7. Oh yeah, and thanks Jeff for the new post and poll. :) Now if you’d just put that X on James’ face, I’ll quit naggin. :)


  8. well there is the X …. on James face ….. see what our naggin will do …. we got a new entry … a new poll and an X ….

    I say Erik …. and then Peih Gee …. I think the final four will be Amanda, Todd, Courtney , and Denise …. with the winner being Amanda …. everyone on the jury will see Todd as the snake …. knows the game …. but made enemies … Courtney …. no one really like her attitude …. so don’t see her winning … Amanda …. good game play … hasn’t really made any enemies.

  9. here’s a poll question for you …

    what do you think people will remember most from Survivor China …

    I will have to say the use of the fake HII and the non use of the HII …

  10. I think PG will be the dark horse that wins everything. It’s amazing that she has come this far. Amanda may choose to keep her around because she can be contraversial and deflect attention from the Todd/ Amanda alliance. Courtney is a definate floater so she could also get final 4. I would get rid of Denise next because she could be a huge physical threat. She has the disipline and raw strenghth to get through to the end winning chalenges. Maybe she’s beenholding back so far as to not be percieved as a threat.

  11. did you listen to James remarks at the end??? he said he had a feeling, but still didn’t pull out one of the idols… DUMB DUMB DUMB!!! and as he’s talking, he’s holding them up for the camera… and if would have just looked at the others, he could have seen their looks… even JR could have picked up thoses tells… there wasn’t a poker face to be found… and as Jeff read the votes, James was sitting there thinking “DUMB ASS” ;)

    again, I think the best move could have been PG telling James to watch his ass at TC and making an alliance with him… that would have broken up the todd/amanda team and James, PG and Erick would have been in contol… and those three could easily have brought in Denise for a 4th vote… todd would have been gone, amanda next week and we have a whole different game… ah, those shoulda-woulda-couldas always see things so clearly…

    next week, Erick or PG depending on who wins immunity… I think they should go after PG first if she doesn’t win because she is a fighter during those challenges…

  12. Good Morning!…………….LOVED the show last night!…………but you do have to admire DUMB ASS for going out without a fuss, not poing fingers and being pi$$ed at everybody, he knew it was his own fault, he was a big threat, and had a chance to save himself.

  13. So does anyone know when the finale is for sure? I’m guessing Dec 16th? Yes Shannon, he did go out with more humility than I expected.

    I imagine the jury will see Todd as the one that got rid of James when in reality, it was Amanda.

    Do we know for sure if there is going to be a final 2 or final 3? Someone made mention on the show last night they didn’t want James in the final 3?


  14. When I went browsing yesterday I saw something that said final 3 – Todd, Amanda & Courtney………………also said Todd wins?! ………..the only way I see this happening is if the Jury does’t see Amanda as “playing” the game………….

    from what I’ve seen the spoilers aren’t 100% so who knows

  15. If I were Amanda, during the final I would proudly state that she organized the vote to get rid of James… Reminding the jury of course that it is a game, that he had the 2 HII’s and he was a huge threat… so she saw an opportunity and took it… If Im on the jury, that would win points with me…

  16. assuming the F3 is Todd, Courtney and Amanda, it gonna really be between Todd and Amanda… and I m not sure how anyone would know who won as thats revealed on a live show unless there was a leak from within the show… the Jury would only know for sure who they individually voted for… so they wouldn’t be in a good position to leak reliable information…

    as for the Jury not knowing Amanda’s role??? James seemed to believe the center of power in the tribe was Todd/Amanda — so Im not convinced this is reliable and as past season have demonstrated, a lot goes on during the question/answer session between the jury and the finalists…

    regardless, only a few weeks left and then what are we gonna do??? ;(

  17. We are going to go Christmas shopping, watch Survivor, bring in the New Year and then wait on BB9! lol

    I agree G, no one can know the winner only who they voted for. I think the easy pick would be Amanda, because she hasn’t ruffled as many people’s feathers. Todd gets pretty dramatic sometimes, but I like him. He knows (as does Amanda) how to play the game. Either of them are fine with me. Courtney, whatever lol. I believe the spoiler folks may have it right on the final 3, but their picking Amanda has to be pure speculation.



  18. I do have one compliant about last night show… during the immunity chllenge, there was a brief scene of Amanda walking where they blurred her butt out… Now Come On Already!!! Theres no need for that kind of editing… I didn’t seem them blurring out James pecks… so leave Amanda Butt alone!!!

  19. G, they have been blurring out either the top or bottom of Amanda’s behind for weeks. I will write to them to let know you don’t approve. ;)


  20. Good morning all! I think Shannon blew some of her cold weather this way, only there is no snow to go with it. Its just cold!

    How is everyone?


  21. 87, 88, 89, 100 — I guess that must be a shortcut to finishing that task…

    well, I would say good morning, but it’s Monday… and not just any Monday, but it now two weeks before the next Muthers day Monday… But it’s better then being two blonds with Karma kicking your ass I guess…

    I wa glad to see those two out and coming right after they pulled that u-turn stunt last week makes it all the better…

    and yay to TK & Rachel… from next to last to first… of all the teams, those two see to be having the best time… I don’t think they have had any big personality break downs, which is why I like them… if you’re so forturnate as to be in TAR, you have to stay focused on the race aspect of the game, but have fun with it…

    ok, I’ll break down and say it… Good Morning Fellow Dan Du’s!!! now where’s my caffine???

  22. I’m with you on TK and Rachel, I like them a lot and was glad to see them come in 1st. I’m glad the goths are still in it as well. I was sooooooooooo glad the blondes were booted, but that one guy and his girlfriend (don’t know their names but he called her a bitch), well I don’t like them at all and am ready for them to go next.

    And can that man please change his shirt from Who’s Your Daddy to Who’s An Asshole??

    Serving up some java to G….enjoy!


  23. Good Morning

    Tina, I still have cold and it’s snowing – the Chinook that was supposed to blow through this morning musta took a detour!

    Well, I’m down another $20 last night when the blondes went, but karma will get you everytime-never saw it work so fast before though! I was glad for TK & Rachel too!

    Nathan & Jennifer I think are the couple you’re talking about Tina, and if I was her I’d string him up by his b@lls-not that she is any great prize!- Can you not count outloud, because i need to count out loud!

    BTW i give myself a muthers day every thurs!

  24. muthers day every thursday??? gee, if I could do that, I would like double my pay… hmmmmmmm… need to look into that… ;)

    yep, Nathan & Jennifer and by the looks of things in the previews they and the bro-sis team are not gonna do so well next week…

    Also, only 3 more weeks of Survivor… :(

  25. Me too Shannon, every Thursday is Mother’s Day, actually its Friday but direct deposits hit a day early. :)

    Wow 3 more weeks of Survivor, hey its getting down to the wire….shall we take bets??? LOL I’ll take Amanda, Todd, and Courtney in the F3. Any takers?? LOL


  26. Howdy Tribe!

    I’ve been outta touch for soooo long. Back injury and family stuff has consumed my time. Still is; however, wanted to stop in and say Hi.

    Dumb dumb dumb move on James’ part. He coulda used the idos two weeks in a row and made it to the Final 4 easily…just on that alone. I agree P should have approached James with the news. But.. we are where we are in the count down.

    In my opinion, Todd and Amanda have played the best strategy game this Season. For any season actually. Boston Rob is still up there in the ranks, but, Todd and Amanda are right there with, if not above him…for the mental game.

    I want either Todd, Amanda or Denise to win. PG would be ok too. Actually, anyone left – except Courtney will be good with me. There’s noone left I dislike.

    Goooooo TK and Rachel on TAR!!!
    So glad to see the blondies got the karma boomerang.

    Anyone watching the ‘Tin Man’ mini series. Updated take on ‘The Wizard of Oz’? The first – last night…I really enjoyed a lot.

    Chat later gators….after while crocodiles… :)

    Teri Sue

  27. Yo Big G,

    Thanks for keeping the updated list current! You tha man!

    Jeff P,

    Sorry I haven’t been able to help lately. That should change soon now hopefully and I can assist.

    Ladies of Dan Du,

    Always enjoy your chat! Keep the ‘attitude’… rock on and it’ll keep the men on the straight n narrow. ;)

  28. F3 — Does anyone out there hav an opinion on there being a F3 instead of a F2???

    Im not sure I like it as much and I think it takes a little away from the game. The object of the game is of course to Out-Wit, Out-Play Out-Last. That being said, I think if your are able to arrange a F2 where you give yourself an advantage alongside a weaker player, I think you worked your butt off to make all this happen. and the jury will know if you coasted in or not. but making it a F3 to lessen this advantage is a just one less episode they get to air. I say, Bring Back the F2!!! Much more drama…

    I also have an idea for a twist to the game… what would you think of after the votes have been counted, the person being kicked gets one chance to remain. They could have a bag of stones, all painted black except one which is painted white. Pull one the lone white stone the vote is nullified and you stay. This would happen at each TC until the white stone is picked. Then is vote/kick as usual. Think about it… what if James could have stayed after being voted out — how would that have changed up the game??? I say it could add tons of drama to the next show has alliances need to be rearranged… this twist would add one extra episode to the schedule and the aspect of will they get the white stone is added drama to each TC unitl it is pulled…

    Anyway, Good Morning Dan Du’s…

  29. I agree with you on the F2, preferred it much more. Usually the votes aren’t split 3 ways anyhow so why do that?

    I’m going to agree to disagree with your painted stone twist. That could blow a hole in someone’s plan who has actually worked and schemed and deserves to stay. JMO.

    Good morning back atcha’ll!


  30. Afternoon Dan Du’s!

    I prefer a F2 also.

    The white stone twist would keep em on their toes. But, agree with Tina… it might knock out someone who has played a good strategic game. To get to the F4 takes almost constant mental plays and most times, there’s an idiot who screws it up without any twist. :)

    I really do want Todd or Amanda to win. They haven’t been slouches to my knowledge around camp and they have stuck to a strategy which worked. Amanda made the smartest move thus far by getting rid of James when the gettin’ was good. She’s smart…very smart game player.

    ~Teri Sue

  31. So I know you are all wondering….

    Where in the world is Jeff Probst…

    Well, since the idea of Big Brother 9 starting earlier than next July I have been trying to get the good ole blog looking much better.


    Check out the following 2 new updates!

    1. New Banner – let me know what you think…simple but very nice!
    2. Gravatars – I have added the same sweet gravatars that you love from Survivor Blog to the Big Brother Blog! Go and check it out!

    I hope you are all very excited for the new season and thank you for not giving up on Survivor!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  32. Yay Jeff. I knew you were busy with something and I will go check out the BB9 blog for sure.

    And no I’m not giving up on Survivor, of all the shows I watch this week, only Survivor and Dexter (showtime) are going to be new episodes. How sad is that??? I’m fully into survivor mode and indulge in each week of it.

    Thanks for keeping this blog here for us few remaining tribe mates. ;)

    Good morning everyone! Its Suvivor Eve!


  33. Good morning Dan Dus… So, who wants to be humped first???

    about my idea for a twist to the game of nullifying a boot by getting lucky by pulling a white rock out of a bag… I agree, it could upset someones carefully laid plans… So What!!! its not like there gonna share the winnings with us… my biggest interest in the game is the drama aspect of it all, and this would add tons of drama…

    one other little thing I would add to this twist is to not tell the tribe whats going on… once the person is booted and chooses a stone, assuming it’s a black stone, I would tell them the tribe has spoken and send them on their way… leave the tribe guessing what going on with this twist…

    then, even when the lucky guy/gal pulls the white rock, I would still send them on their way for he night — perhaps give them a nice nights sleep and a good meal… The remaining tribe will still be confused and by all this and they would have a false sense of security… then in the morning, the booted tribe mate returns to explain the whole white rock twist…

    Shock & Drama… that would be a fun episode to watch as they scramble to survive this twist…

    the only other aspect of this, is I wouldn’t implement it until the merge…

    the more twists you throw at these people, the more confused they are, the better the drama…

  34. I’d enjoy watching G on survivor lol, you know wearing the buff and all. ;)

    Just a big afterthought here, suppose James would have played the idol for a moment, PG and Todd each had a vote. Would they have drawn stones or revoted? Just wondering.


  35. usually when there’s a fire challenge when there is a tie! remember a fer years ago when those two girls took over 3 hours, then jeff gave them matches and they still took forever!!!!

  36. me waring a buff… hmmmmmmm, now that would be a kodak moment… I think in the end I would just ware it as a head band, and just let it all hang out…

    as for breaking a tie, they have had starting fire competitions to break ties before… theres a skill set you really need to practice before going on that show…

  37. That’s right I remember Stephanie beating Bobby Jon that year when they were the last two on their tribe. Well between Todd and PG, I dunno who would make fire first. Could have been pretty exciting and they might have had to give them matches too lol.


  38. oh oh, I just got a pop up that said this web site is under review and may not be available after Jan 4,2008… it looks like the web poilce found me… DAMN!!! ok, I need some help here, most likely this web site will be blocked in the coming weeks, so while I still have access to you ladies… still have access to you ladies… hmmmm, I Really Like the Way That Sounds… anyway, I need some suggestions on ways to goof off now… stupid web police… there’s a small chance that the other bb site may have slipped under the radar, but I doubt it… what a bunch of party poopers they are…

  39. oh no, say it ain’t so G!

    I am surprised my office hasn’t given it the whole access denied thing too.

    At least they give you a month to find something new to do lol. How thoughtful of them. ;)


  40. Hey Dan Du’s Gals and Guys!

    Just a quick note here….

    Oh no Big G… you gotta figure out a way around it. Especially when BB starts up again!

    Jeff aka BBBlogger,

    Do we need to reregister over at BB9 blog? I tried logging in and it said error. Plus, you’ll haveta do my gravatar for me again over yonder. Sorry…but, haven’t had time to figure out why it won’t allow me to put em. Thanks in advance.

  41. Hey Teri,

    On the other site you do not have to log in. Plus you can log into this one since you are one of my writers here. Each site is seperate.

    As far as the gravatar….let me know via Email and I will help you out.

    I am happy with the look of the Gravatars on the BBBlog…should make it a little more fun over there! Anyone else think the generic black and white eye is creepy!! LOL I hope it make people change them to something cool!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  42. Good morning dan du’ers! It’s Survivor night.

    Can we get a shout out as to who you think is going home tonight?

    I’m shouting out Erik’s name!


  43. WOW, what a quiet day… here, things have been exploding all around me, so Ive been hiding under my desk… but the dust seems to be setteling now, and it almost time to go home…

    I have a feeling that tonights show isn’t gonna be near as drama-filled as the last couple of weeks… but im sure I’ll have something to say about the show in the morning…

    later all

  44. Have a safe drive home all my fellow dan du’ers!

    Jeff, I love the countdown clock to BB9, that’s cute.


  45. Ok, do ya’ll think Todd was pulling a Johnny Fairplay or not? I really don’t know. I tend to think it was a pile of bs. That PG just keeps on winning, I’m ready for her to go!


  46. Good Show Last Night, Better than I Expected…

    Todd — Johnny Fair-Play… I m not sure if Todd was pulling a “my grandma died” routine or not… Unlike JF, he didn’t brag about it to the camera… but it seemed like almost everyone was quick to key in on the idea that it was fake… if the story is true, Im sorry for his little sis for having her personal biz blasted over the country, but old JP was quick to sieze that moment and give it more air time… again, if the miscarrage story is true, I hope his sister beats him like a rug for talking about in on national television…

    congrats to Denise on the reward challenge… although, she should have taken PG… Todd and Amanda??? Give me a break… Amanda and PG would have been much better choice, then perhaps they may have hatched a plan that would have worked to remove Todd this week…

    When PG won the Immunity Challenge, they really had a chance to boot Todd, and regardless of his game play, he should have been targeted last night… it would have been nice to see a tie at the very least… and Denise said this may be my biggest mistake of the game as she cast her vote for Erick, I would have to agree with her… It seems evident that Todd is happe for the F# to be Himself (of course) Amanda and Courtney… the way those 3 interact says it all… so they miss a good chance to get Todd out…

    Last week Amanda was spot-on to get rid of James, this week she should have followed up with Todd when she had the chance… It looks like thats the plan for ext week, but because all the spoilers are pointing at the F3 being Todd Ammanda and Courteny, I m thinking that Todd will win Immunity next week… Amanda my dear — A Day Late and a $ Short will not win this game…

    Im still picking Amanda as the winner — she’s not playing a perfect game, but she is playing the best game…

    oh, on a side note, if Survivor does an all-stars again, I Pray that Johnny Fair-Play isn’t one of them…

    Good Morning Dan Du!!!

  47. and then there were 5…

    Amanda ——– Smart and Cute
    Todd ———— More-man (or less)
    Courtney ——- PITA
    Peih-Gee —— Serious Asian Chick
    Denise ——— Mullett Madness

    Jury List

    1. Jaime ———— Blondie
    2. Jean-Robert — Tool
    3. Frosti–———– Monkey Boy
    4. James ——–—DUMB ASS
    5. Erik ————– Virgin
    6. TBA
    7. TBA

  48. I don’t know I’m hoping PG pulls a Kelly and wins the next few immunity competitions. If Todd wins the next one she is gone for sure. This week totally was the moment to get rid of Todd. There will be a lot of folks kicking themselves over that one. If Pg wins net week than Lunch lady will go next. She has to have seen that, Duh.
    Why is she so loyal to that little sleaze?

  49. I think Denise was worried about repercussions back at camp if she voted Todd it would have been a tie and then there would have been a fire challenge and if Todd won he would have made life miserable for her! and she would have been the next to go instead of after PG

  50. It was awsome to see Denise and her Hubby win the reward challenge!

    ………..and the look on Eriks face when Jeff said, “Erik you will be paired with……….your mom!”

  51. Oh yeah some real opinons are coming out finally! Yay!

    Anyone notice that other than the eyeroll I saw from Courtney last night, she hasn’t been unusually irritating lately.

    Candy, if PG wins the next immunity I say good for her! She’s really fought to be in here and done a good job. She’s had to struggle and fight to stay, and she in my opinion is deserving of being in the final 3, that being said, I just don’t really like her as a person, and is not my favoritie to win, but that’s just my opinion. What the jury thinks is what matters.

    Ok, G, I understand you like smart and cute (amanda) lol, but please what the heck was all that bird calling her and her sister were doing? It got on my last nerve. But I will give you that she has played a good game and would be deserving of the million dollars.

    Denise, should have played her hand while she had some hope. I like Denise but I don’t see where she’s made any plays (could have last night) telling me she deserves a million dollars.

    Courtney, was quite entertaining doing the oscar nominated impression of Todd last night, but she’s going to feel horrible if Todd’s sister did miscarry. She’s obnoxious and totally not deserving (in my opinion) of being in the final 3.

    That leaves us to Todd, who everyone seems to not like, but for some reason I do. I liked him first thing and still do. I liked ED too so go figure. Anyhow, I think he’s deserving of being awarded the million dollars, he’s made some plays, and stayed cool most of the time…not always.

    That’s my 2cents! :)


  52. the bird call, although irritating — it did give them something they could key in on while perhaps interfearing with the others… I think it was courtney the said, can you please stop that noise… in the end, they didn’t win, but you gotta use what you have…

    as for Denise — if she were in the F3, I wouldn’t give her the mill, a nice person — Yes!!! but she has coasted along quite nicely being a follower… I cannot think of one move she has made in the game… Todd and Amanda are the movers and are the ones deserving of the money (right now)… they missed there chance to make a move last night and remove Todd from the game… that of course will be as big a mistake as James not playing those Immunity IDOLS…

  53. LOL lets buy a beer when we get enough money :) And just for what its worth, I didn’t say I thought Denise was deserving either, I said she wasn’t. I think the F3 that are most deserving (of those that are left) are Todd, Amanda, and PG. Courtney did win that one IC but Denise hasn’t won any IC’s.

    I did feel bad for PG when Denise didn’t reciprocate the favor and pick her in the RC.


  54. oh, I can’t wait for the Q&A session at the final TC… I wonder if James will have thought it through and admire the move to get him out as good game play or hold it against Amanda — Her idea after all…

  55. Here’s a questions we can bat around… Who do you all think will have taken their eviction the most personnel and have it sow in their questions to the F3???

  56. Yeah James should be a hoot at the final TC. I would love to just ask James why he didn’t use one of those immunization idols lol.

    Hmmm who will take it most personal?

    Jamie – She made a fool of herself, will probably vote for Amanda

    JR – I think he was really mad but has had time to cool off, but will still hold it against Todd

    Frosti – I am pretty sure he knew he was going. He might vote Courtney?

    James – He will take it very personal – will either be mad at Todd or admire Amanda if he knows she was behind it.

    Erik – Doubt he takes it personal – he was just next to go – will vote for Amanda I think


    PG (probably next) – she will take it personally as she’s tried and lasted longer than any others from her tribe – its anyone’s guess who she’ll vote for, maybe Todd

    Denise – I think she already is reserved to be 4th. I don’t see her being mad, vote probably will go to Amanda.

    You must remember Amanda has NEVER had a vote against her, well I batted my 2 more cents, we up to buying a beer yet? lol

    Drive safe all and have a great weekend.

    Jeff – Can we get an X on Erik’s face? :) Thank you! :)


  57. Jeff – Thank you for X’ing out Erik’s face.

    Where have my loyal tribemates disappeared to? I was off work yesterday and no one writes a thing? C’mon this is the finale week, let’s throw down and wrap up this season properly.


  58. Happy hump day!

    I’ve been busy packing and moving this week.

    I also missed TAR on sunday as I was at a Christmas party — Ladies only…sorry G

  59. Glad to hear from you Shannon! Wow, I was getting ready to move last year about this time, and I’m still not through lol. Good luck with it.

    G, are you even lurking anymore?


  60. Yes, I have been lurking a bit, but have been pretty busy… oh yes, happy birthday to me… got a real cool camera, so if you’re wondering whos in your bushes at night clicking away… well, its not me…

    I didn’t miss tar last sunday, glad to see the Whos Your Daddy team win…

    opps, gotta run…

  61. Im Back….

    I was also glad tp see Azaria & Hendekea eliminted… although, they were not my first choice to go, they were high on my list of teams I thought were much too whiney… top of my whiney list would be Nathan & Jennifer…

    from the previews, it looks like the goths will have issues next week… hmmmm, I thought they were more stable then that…

    still my favorites are TK and Rachel, they seem to be having the most fune of everyone…

    well, gotta run again…

  62. I wonder who has Big G running like this….hmmm….anyhow I like TK and Rachel and the goths as well. Nathan and Jennifer, I don’t want them to win, but they do make for fun TV watching lol. Who’s your daddy is just RUDE to his daughter, but she looks as if she’s used to his behavior. I like grandpa but not so much his grandson. If only grandpa could be with the daughter and grandson could be with the who’s your daddy guy….anyhow, glad to see you stop by.


  63. Hi Tina…

    Thanks for the birthday greeting… I would send along a pict in the birthday suit, but I don’t much like suits… besides, look what the evil Suits did to Sherre… We never hear from her anymore!!! errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

    Only two more survivor eipsodes left… Go Amanda… She’s Smart, She’s Cute, She’s (Hopefully) Soon to be Rich… I wonder if she’s available??? :)

    I have Jury (GUILTY!!!!) Duty tomorrow… hopefully I will be online Friday to run through all of Thursday Nights Drama… then the big final on Sunday…

    see ya then…

  64. I hope it all goes swift for you. When we have jury duty here its usually for a week or 10 days.

    I think you may be happy and Amanda will pull this off. At this point I’ll be happy with Todd coming in 2nd.

    I think Sherre will be back, and she knows we miss her. ;)

    It should be a good TV night, and I for one am anticipating the finale on Sunday!

    keep it real big G! ;)


  65. ok, Denise is dumb on several levels… first she again doesn’t take PG on reward… Karma is so gonna bite her… and her reason for not wanting PG to get strong… what crap… THEN… she wouldn’t eat the balute during immunity… ITS A MILLION $$$ ON THE LINE!!! Geeze… I don’t have anything against her personally, but she is playing a really bad game and at this point, if she were the sole survivor and the jury only had to vote her the $$$, I m not sure they would… I can’t think of one thing she has done on her own initiative that changed the game in even a small way except to starve PG… yep, Karma is so gonna bite her!!!

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