Just 2 Weeks Til The Survivor Premier

Have you seen the CBS advertisement for Survivor? The “Fans” are really going to be challenged this year. Questions to ponder; will there be more than one hidden immunity idol (James..), will there be exile island againwith the clues (maybe Fairplay should be on this island all the time), and will the “Favorites” just be to smart for their own good to even come close to the other tribe. What are your thoughts? Please send in your comments and let us know what you think. This is your site and as a new “Blogger” I want to make this as interesting and informative as possible. But I want your input. Lets have fun with this and watch Johnny go down!!

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5 thoughts on “Just 2 Weeks Til The Survivor Premier”

  1. Now that’s a finish I can Live with… Whos You Daddy Leading throughout the show with TK and Rachel bringing up second… Gramps and his grandson screwing up in the biginning, but still staying a close third… and then the puzzle,,, Christine, so close but yet so far… Rachel initially out in left field but pulls it together for the win…

    All three teams were deserving of the win, but I think the best team won… I can’t remember them ever arguing over anything… cool calm collective… they just pressed forward enjoying the chase… only in the end did the intensity of the race really begin to sink in with TK as he said a few time “This is Intense!!!”

    IMHO, best team won… my only disappointment is he didn’t seal the deal with a proposal… that would have made perhaps the best TAR ever even better!!!

    OH Well, bring on BB and Survivor!!!

  2. Oh yeah, not quite sure who will be voted out first, I like many others are hoping Jonny Fairplay is out early… I know he may bring a lot of drama to the game, but he’s soooooooo obnoxious… I just don’t like watching him…

  3. I am with Big G on this one …. I hope that it is fairplay …. I don’t like even looking at him. Didn’t like him then (even before he told that horrible lie about his grandma) and I do not think my opinion will change this time around.

    I hope that Yau wins it all this time. I have great respect for men like him. Plus he is one of the older guys …. I am kinda partial to the older guys. hehe !

    Big G …. you will have to keep me informed of the happenings on the big bro blog …. I can’t get there from here …. they have me locked out ! *sigh*

  4. I heard (read) somewhere that they are bringing exile island back. I haven’t heard anything else, no spoilers or anything, but I haven’t looked for any either.

    As for TAR, yes! That was awesome. I really like that show and see why it keeps winning the Emmy!

    As for JFP, ugh, I don’t see me being sympathetic or even remotely liking him at all.

    ((((Sherre)))) I’ve missed you. I hate that you are locked out of BB Blog, that really sucks. Maybe you can pop in at home and talk to us some anyhow.

    How’s everyone’s Monday?


  5. (((((Tina))))) right back atcha … hopefully I can pop in on the BB blog at home.

    I have been lurking here and there …. the numbers pics are pretty cool ! Looks like the BB blog is off to a fun start.

    I have been going to the American Idol blog too. That one is not locked out.

    My Monday as been a REAL muther of a Monday …. and the system just went down …. so I think that I am going to say good night Gracie.

    later taters !

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