Just 3 Weeks Til The Survivor Fans Vs Favorites

Hi! I hope everyone is ready for a very interesting season of Survivor. I will be writing for the Survivor Blog and what better season to write for then when Johnny Fairplay comes back to town. What will he do this time to try and win? Then we have James back and we hope he remembers to actually use the Immunity idols. Well, just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone for staying with the Survivor Blog. We will keep these blogs full of information as often as we can. Feel free to let us know how to make this blog better for all of you.

Later, SBlogger

8 thoughts on “Just 3 Weeks Til The Survivor Fans Vs Favorites”

  1. Welcome to the party SBlogger! Glad to have you on the team!! I look forward to reading your blog posts and keeping this blog alive.

    I look forward to seeing Johnny Fairplay and what kind of “drama” he will bring to the show.

    Hope everyone is excited for the new season of Survivor!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  2. I for one am sorry to see Fairplay back…He has been nothing but a loser since he was last on the show….Hopefully he will get voted out the first week..

  3. I agree with you on Fairplay dixie….he’s a loser. I don’t think he’ll stay long as all those folks know how dirty he is, but we will see. :)


  4. Hey Shannon, good to see you again :) I’m sure you will get your share of Johnny all too soon. He’s the one that pretended his grandmother died so the winner of the RC would pick his family member (think it was a friend??) to be able to stay at camp with them. It appears his grandmother was just fine.

    That is why everyone was questioning Todd’s story about his sister losing her baby this go around. I guess that wasn’t a joke though.

    TAR finale in 2 days, I can’t wait. :)


  5. Hi Shannon, go with what Tina said and be warned, you will learn to despise Jonny Fairplay. To see his picture, look up obnoxious in the dictionary.

  6. Corrine is an ugly &%#$! that was the most cruelest, cold, low-down comment from her mouth. She is one jealous *&^%$! Sugar should have won survivor GABON. Bob did not deserve it! had it not been the goodness of Sugar’s heart and emotional tears, she would have won it had she stayed with Kenny and Krystal. As far as Matty and Randy–two whinie cry-babies! and Randy, like Sugar said, you set your ownself on that fake idol. i never whooped and hollered when you took it from Bob. and if Bob felt the way he did about that idol, he should have never given it to Randy but he just as guilty as the rest of them when he went along with the plan. and if Bob had any integrity, he could’ve gave Sugar that $100,000 from Sprint. if not, that is purely GREED on his part!! as far as the others, Sugar outsmarted all of you regardless. even if you don’t want to admit it! she found your weaknesses and took advantage of it. she is one smart cookie!! and Sugar, i hope and pray that great things go your way and that you are blessed with success. good luck!!!!!

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