Mud Wrestling and Lost Top

First… a Huge Howdy to Engima!

Wow!  I bet you guys were disappointed that they blurred out Amanda losing her top in the Reward Challenge.  Hahaha.  Toooo bad.  How many of you wished you had a magic control to unblur your screen?  Hahaha.  Are you jealous cause us females get to see James with his shirt off all the time???
Now…as for that Reward twist.  Why on earth did Leslie share the info – once Jamie gave it to her – with Todd?  Voice your opinion please.  I thought it was rather dumb…at least sharing the info this quick.

Immunity Challenge.  It was evident where the force was.  But, by Frosti coming up front to relieve Dave… they did catch up.  However, Fei Long Tribe is on a tear right now.  They’re strong physically and mentally.  Well… there is always an exception to the rule.  In this case, Jean-Robert.  He thinks he has his strategy down pat.  Work less, sleep a lot.  Yet, do well in the challenges.  We’ll see if it works for him.

Booted Out:  Ashley

Okeydokey Folks… another one, same tribe, bites the dust.  Her and Dave’s little tiff didn’t help.  Dave is in a tough spot right now.  Either he takes the lead and gets the heat for it or noone leads and they’ll continue to drop like flies on that tribe.

As Promised….

My Weekly Confession:  I still love James.  I wasn’t sorry to see Ashley go.  She was mox nix for me.  (that’s German slang – English version of spelling) for ‘Whatever’.  She wasn’t one of my favs…but, had nothing for or against her.  So,  I wasn’t happy or unhappy to see her voted out.

Your Thoughts on This Weeks Episode Please!! - Give it up.  Talk it up!  See Ya’ll on the blog………..

31 thoughts on “Mud Wrestling and Lost Top”

  1. Todd has the best game play (thus far) and I was less put off by PG this time around. I was waiting for the organ music when Church Lady was talking about her need of a Bible. Amber flashback!

    Courtney got better editing this time. I’ve still yet to see hardly any Lunch Lady air time.

    That RC was awesome. I admit I hit rewind and play a few times on it lol. My hubby asked if I could get the unblooped out version, I reminded him, this is not BB!

    Amanda and Todd alliance, good idea, Aaron too, hmmm we’ll see.

    Hey where is everyone, I’ve never been first before!

    Wake up its Friday.

  2. Here’s a runny talley of both tribes and who’s been booted so far… I will repost this as new areas are created…

    Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Aaron Reisberger
    Amanda Kimmel
    Bobby Bellande
    Courtney Yates
    Denise Martin
    James Clement
    Leslie Nease
    Todd Herzog

    Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley Massaro >>> Booted 2nd
    Dave Cruser
    Erik Huffman
    Jaime Dugan
    Sherea Lloyd
    Chicken >>> Booted 1st

  3. Here’s a better list of the tribes…

    –Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Aaron ———– Surfing Instructor
    Amanda ——– Hiking Guide
    Jean-Robert — Professional Poker Player
    Courtney ——- Waitress
    Denise ——— School Lunch Lady
    James ——— Gravedigger
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host
    Todd ———— Flight Attendant

    –Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Dave ———— Former Model
    Erik ————– Musician
    Jaime ———– Student
    Frosti ———– Parkour Athlete/Student
    Peih-Gee —— Jeweler
    Sherea ——— Elementary Teacher
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st

  4. As to who get booted next all depens on which tribe wins the challenge…

    If Zhan Hu looses, then I say Dave… Hard Wroker, but you can’t treat people that way… what an ass…

    If Fei Long looses, then I say Jean-Robert… He’s an idiot… let me bluff them into thinking Im lazy??? yeah, there’s a plan that sure to get you booted…

    As for last nights challenge, that was a slugfest… and next week looks like more of the same… So Cool!!!

  5. Hey Red I did not see this entry when I first came in this morning so I posted on the previous entry … so here is a replay of my first morning post.

    ni hao Survivor Blog Mates

    So what did we think of last night show.?

    Ashley awwwwwwh sorry guys … guess you all are going to be missing some of the man eye candy . I did not think she would last that long anyway she was just to outspoken.

    Dave is a trip though … he is loving the power as leader … but if he does not get control of that know it all attitude he will not last long either.

    Todd he is going to be one to watch … he is a sneaky little devil … and very game wise . What was Leslie thinking telling him of the idol clue …. dumn ass !!!

    Amanda…. still think she is going to be the one to watch … she seems to be game savvy as well being very strong in the challenge last night.

    James …. can I just say DAMN !!! and Thank you God for beautiful creation !!!! He is going to be strong in challenges can’t wait to see MORE of him !!!

    Fei Long is going to be hard to beat … they really are the strongest team.

    next boot … IMO Dave if zhan hu don’t win next immunity challenge.

    All in all I am loving this season .

    I love the new layout … it looks very nice and it is easier for this old girl to read.

    Red … I have to get that beautiful auburn red color I love from miss clariol these days… since God strarted streaking my hair with his lifelights. LOL … Just Curious Red … do you have green eyes too ??? The green eyes are what sucker my husband in when I meet him … lol… he didn’t know what hit him !!!

  6. I agree, if Fei Long loses, JR definitely hands down will be going home. Although I suspect Todd might be banking for Leslie to go since she’s been sick and he’s wanting the Immunity Idol info not shared with anyone else.

    What a dork Leslie is for sharing that. Its in plain sight means you don’t need someone’s help to get the tribe away to dig like last year.

    Thanks for the lists, as I’m still not savvy on everyone’s name yet. :)

  7. God, Great list and SherreLu again I agree with your take. To hard to say who will be voted out next week as so much can happen. I have to watch the episode to get a better take. I am turned off by people who get power hungry and their way or no way so I would not mind seeing a few hit the road.

  8. Did everyone take off work today? Are ya’ll all in a chat room somewhere?

    Talk to me! We just had a new episode last night and hardly anyone is talking.

  9. LOL … hey Vegas and Evel me … I keep thinking the same thing I keep checking in and no one is home …. I feel so alone …. whawha ….

  10. i wish frosti was on the other tribe. his tribe is unorganized. He is a good player and I’m afraid that being on this team will not bode well. I do think amanda is a good player too, she’s my second fav. that flight attendant guy is kinda creepy imo. john robert is like a bull in the challenges ,did you see him just drag the wrestler girl around by his pants? too funny, but he isnt very likeable, so his time may not be long. yay frosti for stepping up in the challenge!! show em what you’re made of!!

  11. John Robert creeps me out but I have to agree with you he did come on strong in that challenge… he body slammed Ashley at one point … my husband was loving it and we keep waiting for sherea’s twins to pop out . I think Frosti would do better on the other team but I don’t think that he will have to worry about being booted for a while yet … maybe after the merge.

  12. Howdy Everyone!!

    I am swamped today with other stuff…so, this will be short and I’ll get caught up later.

    Sherr,… yepparoo … green eyes here too. My hair color is copper penny red. I do bottle it from time to time though… else I’d have those ‘highlights’ which comes with time.

    G,….good job on the lists. Super actually!
    My picks are the same as yours to leave…depending on which tribe loses Immunity.

    Dave is being a jerk. He could lead in a less egotistical way…like Tom did that one Season and won it all. Tom lead and still played a game of integrity and skill.

    Jean-Robert… yuck!….ewwww.

    The Amanda and Todd …with Aaron now added… is good I do believe. Amanda and Todd are smart cookies to let Aaron be the one to do the dirty work…unless he catches on and makes another alliance with a few others. Will be interesting to see it all play out.

    and… I already said it…but, geez…bears repeating… what a dumb dumb dumb move to share the hidden immunity idol.

    Welcome to the new Posters and a great big…huge… Hi…to the already Regulars.
    Ya’ll be careful. G has his lightning bolts back… ;)

  13. well it looks like the DNP alliance has forsaken the Survivor home *sigh* Even big G…has left us hanging high and dry ! Come on back big G… we won’t let Leslie bug you like Amber did !!!

  14. LOL SherreLu, I think you are right. Its a beautiful day today (at least here) and I believe all our bloggers are out enjoying their Friday. How odd is that??

    I hope its a great weekend for everyone.


  15. Let’s tell deep dark secrets about ourselves.

    I’ll start…

    I’m a Reality TV addict.
    CSI addict

    I love chocolate.

    Use to be a SWAT sniper so not afraid of a dark alleyway.
    Am afraid of heights though…
    Go figure

  16. LOL … Red that is good … a sniper that is afraid of heights

    What women don’t love chocolate ??

    deep dark secret… hummmmm lets see …

    Well I too love reality TV … American Idol has to be one of my favorites I adored Taylor but Chris should have won.
    CSI Vegas and Miami addict … my husband laughs at me because I watch all the reruns on A&E and Spike … and then I watch the reruns on CBS on their regular night.

    A CSI re-run junkie !! LOL !!!

    and unlike Bill Clinton I did inhale !! lol

  17. Okay guys … it is time for me to make my way home for the day … I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

    Red I will try and catch you on sometime this week end


  18. SherreLu,

    I do the same thing with the reruns. CSI. That was a good premier with the Sara and miniature psycho female.
    Love American Idol. We’ve had two from the state I live in at present…and, I agree.. Chris shoulda won.

    LOL on the inhale. :)

  19. Georgia,
    You Said… “Who is saying they are God??? Would you please change your name? It is a complete turn-off for this blog site.”

    GOD is holdover from the Big Brother Blog and was inspired from the likes of Whamber and Jamika… From day one, it has been used in fun and jest and never in an offensive way… I did think about changing it for Survivor, but people here seem to appreciate my Lighting Bolts… except for Redhead Survivor Chic who took them away after I ZAPPED a guy peeing on the side of the road… yep, hit him in the wee-wee… Redhead Survivor Chic has since given the lighting bolts back to me, but I had to promise no more hitting guys in the wee-wee…

    As for your suggestion that I change my name, I think with all the stupid poop that happens everyday in the world, me being GOD shouldn’t be the thing that gets you upset… So, for the time being I am going to remain GOD and continue to throw lighting bolts at all who deserve them… Don’t worry RSC, I’ll watch my aim… and the next guy who gets it “there” will really deserve it… Promise!!!

    and Georgia, welcome to the blog!!!

  20. SherreLu

    Sorry I wasn’t on more today, but had tons of work to do… Anyone know the winning Lottery Numbers so I don’t have to do all this work???

    anyway, I dod want to say to all the Green Eye Redheads on the blog and around the world… GOD loves ya — one and all!!!

  21. What do they say, anything for a buck??? Well I checked on one of the BB8 pages just to see any new news on the evil D’s or E&J… Well, our boy Nick is selling one of his t-shirts he wore on the show on E-Bay (see link — But please don’t bid)… The shirt is autographed, oh goodie… when I checked the site, bidding was over $700… geeze… anyway, not sure I blame him, if hes gonna date Dani, he’s gonna need every nickel he can get…

    And RSC, thanks for the free pass this weekend!!! hmmmmmm, maybe Nick in the wee wee or would leaving him to Dani be worse???

  22. G,
    You’re right. Anything for bux. Ole Nick is gonna need em fer sure.

    Hmmmm… between your lightning bolts on Nick and Dani.. the boy will be yelping for a looooong time.

    LOL.. bet it did sound like maniac laughter. I tend to do that.

  23. Hello everyone,

    This is my first time blogging on here hopefully you won’t be too cruel. LOL

    I am a survivor addict! I love this season and I totally have to agree with you about Dave being gone next wek if they lose or JR and his lazy ass if the others do.

    I do think though before they merge that someon is gonna push for James to go bye-bye. Not because of anything he is doing wrong (hell I think he is a great guy and as strong as an ox). Did anyone else seem him knock down a tree by pushing it?

    But anyways I think they will get rid of him because once they merge he will continiously win the immunity. I don’t like it, but thats how the game is played sometimes. Just my prediction for the future. Anyone think I’m totally wrong?

  24. Welcome to our blog Celedering!

    We have a crazy mix of people around here so I hope you join in and feel free to talk about our favorite Reality TV Show survivor!

    If you need anything, just let me know.

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  25. Hey guys….haven’t talked to ya’ll in a while. I am trying real hard to like Survivor..God, please no lightening bolts, lol!!!!!

    I miss you guys from the BB Blog.. That was such a blast. Having withdrawals.

    BTW….God…don’t change your name on the blog…I know how you mean it and it is not offensive to me in the least.

    Love you guys!

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