Random thoughts on Survivor China’s debut

Do you ever wonder if the people who are starting a new season of Survivor have ever WATCHED the previous season before?  It just seems like sometimes they just do not have a clue.  For example, when I watched them walking with their luggage I was like well that is odd…I would bet they get rid of all of their luggage soon and sure enough after the Buddhist ritual they left “all their worldly possessions”  (well at least what was in the suitcases) behind and started the new season of Survivor.

Overall I was impressed.  This looks to be an interesting season with some dynamic individuals.

The NY waitress is hot in a “you really need to eat more” way but her mind is just not firing on all cylinders.  She will not win the game but may do ok with others carrying her since she is clueless.  (Just like our girl Dani from Big Brother!)

The Christian Talk Show host is taking a stand for what she believes.  I wish she would know that she entered a game and that sometimes God understands.  I did think that the ritual, although claiming to not be worship, sure had worship types of things: candles, bowing, kneeling, incense, folding hands.  I can see why she would be uncomfortable but still….kind of an in your face statement to the others and may hurt her in the game if she really is in it to win. 

The professional poker player calling the tiniest man in the world shifty because he is an airline attendant…so much for just putting it all out there.  I also think he should keep his shirt on. 

Speaking of keeping their shirt on, I think the world would love for the hunky grave digger to keep his OFF.  He seems to be all the rage on my blog (and I am sure other blogs around the world)!  It takes a good man to be a gravedigger and I guess he is it! 

Is it just me or does the lunch lady have one serious mullet going on?  I hope there is a cut your hair off challenge this year for her sake…and ours.

Chicken…sigh….not even fun to watch.  I am ok with his early exit.  I like to understand people but man…I just did not get him at all! 

Oh well…More to come soon….

Jeff Probst

83 thoughts on “Random thoughts on Survivor China’s debut”

  1. Sorry G.. Your apprentice beat ya. :)

    The other post which says ‘Second. Me too’… Ya’ll will have to excuse. My multi personalities sometimes comes forth. Blame it on G. He made me.

  2. Yeah, if I was ever lucky enough to be on Survivor, I’d be wearing so many layers. How could they all be so clueless?

  3. I love the scene of the lady walking through the mud in her high heels… Come on, it’s Survivor, you come dressed in what you want to ware for the next 39 days… and for the cute chics, it’s ok to not have a bra…

  4. I think it’s kind of stupid to think that whole Budist temple thing was just about freaking out preacher lady. They are in China, they usually like to sample some local color and what not. The mormon dude didn’t freak out… I’m sure she’s not the only Christian in the bunch, just the least evolved, ie the only one without respect or tolerence

  5. I for one am impressed that the “preacher lady” stood up for what she beleived in. Regardless of her beleif I respect that she stayed true to it. She obviously does not live in fear of what others think of her. I hope she wins!

  6. Haven’t left yet…so, wanted to add this comment. Then, I’m outta here.

    Not to start a war of words or anything…and, first, I must say I think the buddist ceremony was great. But.. once the talk show woman left, all they had to do was let it pass. It was the producers who created the ‘drama’. They could have chosen to leave it out of the editing. Course, why would they. It’s good TV.

    Tolerance and Respect works both ways. If someone doesn’t want to participate in a ceremony which is bowing and in prayer position to dieties they don’t agree with.. let it be. Let the person leave that part. The talk show woman (need to look her name up) walked out at that part. Not before. Some people will stand firm on their beliefs. Some will go along for show. Respect and Tolerate both perspectives. The ones who stayed and the one who left.

  7. and, I agree that it should be common knowledge amongst those who apply and get on Survivor. Wear layers of clothing. Leave the high heels at home. Geez. They’ve stripped of everything except what they had on before. It’s expected.

  8. Red … I agree with what you said about the talk show host (Leslie) I think the show was edited in such a way to make for controversy. Her dad was a US Marine and she has been around the world from him. So I am sure she has been exposed to many different cultures and if she felt this was a worship ceremony and did not want to attend they should not have made a big issue of it.

    I just wish it was on more than one night a week dang it!!

  9. what were those women thinking in what the choose to wear? I mean……….come on!!!!, i guess they’ve never watched survivor b4???? ugh, boy are they stupid!!!

  10. sherrelu, i’m not feeling this one too much….but i always say that one the first one of the season….now if LOST would hurry and come back on…….i know, i know, not til feb. o8

  11. Ok the kids said I’m allowed to another 15 minutes on the comp. I believe that when people sign up for reality show. They should not in any way be allowed to mention, discuss, react to anything relating to RELIGIONS and be told in advance to respect where they will be received as guests. People have been fighting for thousands of years over religions and it’s not about to change, so producers please let us enjoy your great entertainment without having to suffer the religious part. ”my opinion”

  12. i wonder even though they had to leave all the luggage behind if they let them get some things out it b4 they left for the “island” and they just didn’t show it….i’m sorry to see chicken go, he had knowledge that those little “yungin’s” will need, at least he knows how to stay in the “woods”

  13. Another thing Donna, when you look at the 2 teams, the other seemed to have more chemistry, already people where rolling there eyes at each other, this team will not hold.

  14. Chicken said it best last night if that team does not get it together they are going to be seeing Jeff a lot. Everyone knows that watches the show that they first thing you do is build a shelter … we can do the “get to know you” after we get a roof of some sort over our heads. You know !!

    Donna K I am sure it will get better over the next couple of episodes … shame it is not on more than once a week.

    I am looking forward to next week all my favs are coming back

    CSI Miami
    CSI Vegas

    Can’t wait

  15. Come on Donna K, them yungin’s don’t need old folks around to tell them what to do, they know everything after all… But ol chicken didn’t do himself any favors, when workin with the yungin’s, you help, you show, you explain, but most importantly, you have patience… chicken las lacking in them thar skills…

  16. That Robert dude should keep his shirt on. At all times. And I’m glad that Chicken dude is gone, I couldn’t stand the way he spoke.

    Oh! is anybody watching Beauty and The Geek. Omg, Luke is so CUTE! and the little chinese guy wearing a bow tie. Awww!

  17. Sherrelu, wouldnt we all be perfect for a team all of us on the blog wow what a team we would make, I would come over there with a necklace ornated with a magnifying glass for fire. Earings with fishing hooks. And certainly dressed for the part……

  18. The premiere of “Survivor: China” (its 15th edition) drew an audience of more than 15 million viewers, the night’s most watched program and the number one program in all key demographics, according to preliminary Nielsen Live Plus same-day ratings for Thursday, Sept. 20.

  19. Wendy, there is nothing wrong with going with out a bra… especially when you’re hot… I mean when the weather is hot… yeah, when it’s hot outside…

  20. Obviously god isn’t speaking from experience about the bras. As much as I hate them, they are necessary sometimes.

    Kudos to Survivor on the ratings.

    I’m a big Lost fan and can’t wait to see if Sara is alive on CSI (Vegas).

  21. You are right Evel Me, I have NO experience and I might add, will never acquire any… I just know what I (and most men) Like…

  22. Can’t wait for CSI. Intense previews of the Sara situation. I think she’ll be alive.

    Now, to the bras situation. I just don’t like them. Wear em most times in public when absolutely need be. Men invented bras, corsetts (sp), high heels, etc. Go figure.

    And, yep, watched Beauty and the Geek. Have DVR and 4 TVs here. lol. Record some, watch others while they’re on. The Chinese dude is sooo cute!

  23. I want ‘Men in Trees’ to continue. Know they’re planning on showing the remaining episodes of 1st Season. It’s a witty, very well script/acted series. Shame they took it off when they did.

    I also love ‘Prison Break’

    Wish I had started with ‘Lost’ from the beginning. Once I missed Season 1, I was fearful of trying to take it on and being confused.

  24. I have a rule myself not to wear a bra (or pants) inside the house but that girl KNEW she was starting survivor and still didn’t wear one which just screams moron to me.

  25. And that’s all your fault.

    By the way, I don’t have any ice cream in the casa so don’t even think about any mixing like last time.

  26. See ya’ll next week. I’m headed out shortly for a weekend camping trip with one of my boyfriends.

    Nooo… not a hoe. lol. I date only 3 on a regular basis. AND… the cool thing is they all know that I’m seeing others. Not that they like the idea…but, hey. I can’t be accused of cheating. Truth and Honesty. Sets the mind free. Booyah!

    Great Weekend to All!

  27. Just saying….signed up for this blog twice and did not get an email about the update!!! Jeff you don’t like me anymore?????

  28. Hello, I kinds skimmed through all of the posts. I wanted to comment on Chicken having knowledge. Chicken also CHOOSE to behaive in a childish manner. If they did not take his advice in the first place he will show them by rufusing to give any advice or opinon or bonding. That was a bad choose in this game because nobody wants to deal with Mr. Diva and as an elder, I thought it was stupid of him. Kinda like get over yourself. I also was shocked when I saw the cast at the way a lot of the players were dressed since this happens every season they should have known better but it does all make for good television. After watching Big Brother it is hard to have this show once a week and not get a better feel for each person but time will tell.

  29. Of course it Brian from BBBlog and of course you can’t beleive anything he posts… But that was a good one Brian…

  30. Grow up Brian, get a life. If you have time to spread lies on different blogs then you have issues and we will just move on with our lives while you play your childish games.

  31. God, remember when I predicted Eric and Jessica would be on the Amazing Race? Eric and Jessica will be the Big Money Makers out of this whole reality world thing.

  32. Hmmmm,right back to BB8, the show that won’t go away. BTW Good to see that Donna Rose is here to keep it real! Now all we need is Ronjj…LOL!!!!

    So on with Survivor China ->

    I was going to be “Evel Chicken” this go around but alas I need some help picking a game related name. (BTW, *ssface or d*ckhead just doesn’t have the flair I am looking for,lol!)So please chime in with your suggestions, I already know that this is a creative bunch, so have at it.

  33. Names…hmmmmm… James is all I can imagine so I’m no help.

    Get something on the brain and it’s like a song which won’t go away. ;)

    Hey… since ‘Survivor’ is only once a week, we could combine and make fun/comment on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘The Bachelor’ …. on this same blog.

  34. Hey RSC,

    how was the camping… the bugs bite you anywhere good???

    3 Boyfriends??? They all know about each other??? You wouldn’t be looking for a fourth, would you??? I always believed that quality was worth waiting for…

  35. Hi G,

    One non human bite. As for human… hmmmm. ;)

    Yep, they all know I’m seeing others. So totally cool that way. I don’t have to lie.

    Agree. Gotta find the quality. Decisions. Decisions. What’s a girl to do.

  36. I didn’t want to say the other “F” word. So, I created a new word that is most likely politically acceptable (God only knows why). So, by removing the “R” in “Fruck”…

  37. 5 years ago, I sent in my application for Survivor 3. Enclosed was a video of me eating live worms. Not a single phone call, letter or anything. After watching the first episode of Survivor China and seeing the cry babies I can truly say that if I were there, I would not have been the first one voted out.

    First, I can start a fire with my farts. If you can handle the smell then we’re good.

  38. LOL Brian. You crack me up!

    Hey, Red, I like your idea about combining the blog about the other shows. I’ll watch the Bachelor, but Dancing with the Stars…not so much. But that’s a fun idea.

    And who let Bam in and will he ever bring Peb with him? And let’s all pray (God bless you God) that Ronjj found something else to do with his arrogant time.

    One more thing, I saw an interview with Evel Dick Donato where he said they were constantly being ushered into the house during the day for a lock down, why? Due to the many banners being flown overhead. My job is done and my kitties can vacation until next year.

  39. The big bang theory, ok just finished watching the show not related to this but please tell me, one of the nerds said he had 120 cyber friends, are any of you in that circle, or any of you look like one of the four nerds just had to ask!!!

  40. Being “GOD” I don’t like to brag too much, but once in awhile it is nice to remind people just how good I can be… Case in point, I have mentioned from time to time the need to toss a lighting bolt at people who really pissed me off… well once such incident has made the news…

    Follow the link: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22478633-13762,00.html

    Or just read below…

    AN Croatian motorbike rider was knocked unconscious when lightning struck his hoo-hoo during a roadside toilet break.

    Metro.co.uk reported Ante Djindjic, 29, escaped relatively unscathed from the incident, suffering only light burns to his chest and arms.

    He said: “I don’t remember what happened. One minute I was taking a leak and the next thing I knew I was in hospital.

    “Doctors said the lightning went through my body and because I was wearing rubber boots it earthed itself through my hoo-hoo.”

    “Thankfully, the doctors said that there would be no lasting effects, and my hoo-hoo will function normally eventually.”

    That’s just as long as lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice.

    So, think you have had a bad day, well as you can see, it could have been worse…

  41. Ouch!

    Is a hoo-hoo the same as a wee-wee?

    No more lightning bolts for you G… till you learn to play nice. ;)

  42. Jeff… Sure, I’ll help what I can. Be happy to. I can’t find your email. Why don’t you email me since you probably have it on file?

  43. Brian,

    If Redhead Survivor Chic hadn’t taken away all my lighting bolts, I would have zapped you ass after that post…

    stick with forecasting the future dude…

  44. hello fellow survivor blog mates !!

    Boy we need to do something to spice this joint up ! It’s dead around here ! It sucks that Survivor is only on once a week … we don’t have anything to debate/argue about … **sigh**

    So who do we think is going to be booted off this week ?
    My pick is Ashley … if she don’t start carrying her weight around camp and if she is still whinning about being sick.

  45. I agree SherreLu! We are working on doing something to get the site going…promise!

    The email system SHOULD be setup now so hopefully with all the new posts you will get an email.

    As far as Ashley…I enjoy looking at her and she is definately one of the ladies to be worried about since she is in good shape but not sure how long she will stay around.

    More coming soon!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  46. Thanks Jeff that is cool… look forward to the coming attractions !

    I bet all the guys enjoy looking at Ashley LOL … but don’t those lip rings distract you ? I think she might be strong for challenges but her personality might put people off.

    Thanks for getting the email notice going

  47. I guess the lip rings are a little distracting…personality wise she is alright…eye candy wise I wish I was not diabetic! ;)

    The email thing will be going soon…promise!

    Jeff Probst

  48. all I have to say his tonight no shirt please pretty please. Marie Pierre alias piflette hated that deformed named so used my own.

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