116 thoughts on “Surivor China starts in 3 hours!”

  1. I have the chicken wings and subs ready to go. 15 people are coming over and I’m making a party of it. I can’t wait for the BEST Survivor ever!!!

  2. I am the mother of a teenager. I think he is losing his mind (he was such a great kid)so I am so ready for an escape tonight.

  3. Agh! that waitress chick and radio lady have really irritated me. Mostly for not having the grace to respect the welcomening ceremony, and that radio one, what..she can respect her personal god but can’t respect other religion. And it was a damn welcoming ceremony, she was not being held a gunpoint and forced to change religion. What a bunch of utter shit. Gah!

    and please PLEASE god, make Chicken put his shirt back on, I’m being tramatized here.

  4. Those of you on the east coast should be getting ready to watch while those of us here on the west coast still have over two hours. Let’s hope this is a good season. I watched the first season and it was great I have watched since but the shear excitment of the first season has been hard to match as it was all so new.

  5. really enjoyed the first episode. I wish asley woulda went but oh well. I already have a favorite, FROSTI!!!

  6. Hey all former DNP’s!!!! I watched it and have to say, it was pretty good! Have to agree with Wendy…As soon as I saw the waitress, Courtney is it??? She got on my nerves and I thought that the radio host was very rude! Jeff specifically said it was a WELCOMING ceremony only………paleese!!!!!!!!

    Vegasgirl…I am glad to know I am not the only one with teenagers who are losing their minds!!!

  7. Now James, what can I say…he is a fine specimen! I liked him right off the bat, even if he has a creepy job. Someone has to do it!

  8. Sorry Vivian…your good.

    So should everyone else…your posts should show up now automatically as long as you use the same name and email.


  9. Wow. I had the Survivor Blog we were posting on from earlier today…bookmarked and it wasn’t taking my posts. Soooo weird.

    Let’s see if this one makes it.

  10. The music of Survivor always gets me going. Tonight was cool.

    I definitely like James.

    Chicken cut his own throat. He didn’t have to be so dramatic about it all. Just should have given his opinion when asked regardless of how the team had reacted to his suggestions earlier. Not good to rock the boat this early.

  11. Not surprised either….kinda figured he wasn’t gonna last long. I think James’ awkwardness is sweet too Wendy. Really liked him. Wonder if next week will change my mind

  12. Redhead….the other one IS taking comments…but since I finally fixed the comment thing, they are time stamped wrong and are located UP IN THE MIX of the other comments.

    Sorry for the growing pains. Should have them all worked out by next week! Thanks for the patience.

    Just think…when Survivor is over, we will have to migrate to American-Idol-Blog.net! ;)

    **maybe I should just combine all of my sites eh! Dang!

    Jeff Probst

  13. If James remains the strong silent type… I’m gonna swoon through this season.

    Okeydokey…folks. Each week, I’m gonna post the Spoilers..like I did earlier today as to which Tribe wins Immunity and who gets voted out; therefore, every Thursday, you might want to look away when you see my posts.

  14. wendy….yes…britney spears video on youtube….are you telling me you are one of the only people in the world to NOT see it? I gotta find it and share it with ya! :)

  15. Oh I am so with you all about James and that darn annoying waitress! She reminded me so much of Dani. “I’m from NY and we don’t have people like these there.” Huh? Little toad!

    Loved the first episode. Don’t love waiting a whole week for the next episode though.

  16. Jean-Robert, now there is a guy who needs to put his shirt back on ugh! I’m not really feelin’ it so far dawg. There doesn’t seem to be an Earl so far. That PG girl would be all right if she could maybe relax a little.

  17. I liked Ashley (if that’s the wrestler) which shocked me, I thought she was going to be arrogant and annoying, but it turns out that Aisian chick (don’t know her name but she got a vote or two last night)is annoying to me.

    I thought that was careful editing to get you to hate the waitress but time will tell. I liked Frosti and James and Ashley so far, oh and Dave.

    Good Morning DNPer’s and all!

    Do we need a new name for our Survivor alliance group? Any suggestions?

  18. I agree Candy, Jean-Robert looked “awkward” with his shirt off. And what was with that girl wearing just her bra to the challenge??

  19. buk buk buk Buuuuk… it’s chicken man…

    ok, enough of that… love the show, can already pickout the loosers, but i want to focus on just one right now…

    and that would be Leslie — the good christian — here we go again… pathetic, simply pathetic… she demonstrated quite nicely what is wrong in the world… when faced with another religion, you don’t have to change your deep seated beliefs, but you can use it as a learning experience, and for “My Sake” respect what others believe… it’s all good…

    unless of course they’re sacraficing virgins or doing other harm (putting women in burquas), then we have issues…

  20. oh, and would someone, I mean everyone NOT tip that stupid watress!!!

    why can suvivor pick people that demonstrate all that is good with America instead of choosing twits like her???

  21. I’m with you GOD so over the christian thing. Religion is like gas dude, keep it to yourself ! When someone else passes it just pretend you didn’t notice !!!!

  22. Good Morning all

    Well looks like Chickens survivor experience was short lived … I saw that one coming … he just come on way to strong … sometimes the younger crowd will respect the elder castaways and sometimes they are annoyed by them I think that if he had not been such a ass to Peih gee that she would not have voted for him . She wanted his advice and help with the shelter and he blew her off … plus I don’t think even I could have stood that accent for very long and I am a southerner.

    Jean-Robert well the first thing that come to mind … Richard Hach …. yuk …yew …ugh .. the beer belly is just gross!

    The waitress dont like she annoyed me right off.

    Frosti I kinda like him and I think he will be strong in the challenges.

    James … well all I can say is DAMN that is one fine gravedigger and he can keep his shirt off the entire time.

    Ashley … she annoyed me but I will give her another shot … maybe she will change her attitude.

  23. Oh yeah, the gay Mormon… How’s that for an intro, ” Hi I’m the gay Mormon, and who are you?” “I’m the bitchy ego centric waitress and this is my pal the jesus freak radio talk show host” That was just too funny!!! I’d didn’t think you were alowed to be a gay Mormon.

  24. oh now God don’t get your robe in a twist ! We got to have a little something for the girls to drool over … I mean you guys can’t always have all the fun right???

    Gay morman … that is a trip … I thougth there was some kind of rule against being a gay morman !

    James is a bouncer too… makes me want to take a trip to LA !

  25. although they did not show much of him last night … Erik … from nashville TN .. is pretty easy on the eyes too.

  26. James…well…James…ummhmm……he is such a fine specimen and he seems sweet. I hope that isn’t just the editing and I hope it doesn’t change. He is my fav so far!!!

  27. No I am not being shallow and basing this only on his looks…………he did a lot of work and also helped win immunity!

  28. As for the grave diger he can keep not only his shirt off, man have you seen the b……on him, the show should be very interesting this season, mmmmmmm! finally good view for the ladies, I’m still not over the fact that David said french cannot go to heaven, what have we ever done to you, I assure you french ladies can be very very nice! loll!

  29. Piflette

    it’s ok, I like the French… oh waite, I mean I like to French… no that no right either… What I really mean is I like to French the French… So come on up!!!

  30. Well there you go god how have they ever come up with the word french for such a plaisant act mmm makes you wonder…….

  31. ok, by my count there are 2 french ladies on the blog… hmmmmmm, I seem to recall that there was this phrase in french that required 2 ladies… do either of you remember what that was called???

  32. I would answer that god, but I dont want to be disrespectful to you god…………. meaning I dont know what the hell your talking about and maybe it’s better that way loll

  33. Oh James that’s his name, Sherrelu, for the ratings I’m sure we will see more of him booyah Dick, someone just took over your fame!!!!

  34. WOW, I just noticed, I have all the ladies to myself today…

    Redhead Survivor Chic

    Woo Hoo, it’s good to be me…

    So ladies, How you Doin???

  35. Sorry “Evel Me”, I missed your post earlier… and now wendy is here…


    so now the list is:

    Redhead Survivor Chic
    Evel Me


  36. G,..You’d best be likin’ this blog. I still have the heat lightning control. Maybe I can’t ‘zap’….but, where’s there’s heat, there’s humidity; therefore, I can make things quite uncomfortable.

  37. Redhead Survivor Chic, what not to like, me and all the ladies… woo hoo… but I was meaning to talk to you about the lighting bolts… I was watching suvivor last night when that twit Leslie became all offended in the buddest temple… so Im thinking, here’s one that deserves to be zapped… when I went to throw a lighting bolt at her, I found all the batteries were dead…

    I am almost afraid to ask what have you been doing with my lighting bolts…

  38. So where are David and Brian and EET? Not that you aren’t good company god, just was wondering. Did Donna R and Donna K make it over here? Maybe with new names?

  39. Dreaaaaam Dream dream dream
    dreaaaaam dream dream dream
    when I want you in my arms
    and I want you to hold me tight, whenever I want you all I have to do is dreaaam……..

  40. I remember Donna Rose saying on the BB site that she couldn’t post to this site and that she would see us next year… I miss her

    EET said something about the evil government computer blocking him, so he’s only on at night now…

    and I locked the door to keep Brian and Dave out so I can have all the ladies to my self…

  41. G,
    Who needs batteries. Not a redhead for sure.

    Actually,..(dodging all the bolts thrown my way for saying this)… I was glad to see the woman refuse to bow in the temple. Symbolic welcoming ceremony or not. All these other ‘religions’ get their britches in a wad if the Christian ceremonies are suggested to them. They use their right to refuse.

    Now I am not a church goer as I do not like the materialistic organized religion. So, am not a bible thumper at all. I am simply saying I respect the woman for standing her ground. If a buddism or other religion was being practiced and a buddist refused a christian ceremony, everyone would be applauding that person for being firm on their beliefs and not submitting to the christian ceremony.

    Okeydokey…. let the bolts be requested of g..from those who disagree with me. zap away. ;)

  42. G and I knew he was going to be voted out… and I was soooo glad he was after watching his interaction with the others.

  43. RSC,

    I understand where you are coming from exactly on the Christian talkshow host person not bowing down. My religion is personal not public and I have a good idea they did this knowing it would push that lady’s buttons. (God insert funny comment if you will)

    Personally I thought they portrayed the NY waitress and the Christian lady in a negative way.

    I was ok to see Chicken go because it was so hard to understand him, and I’m from the south. He wasn’t whispering and they still had to put up subtitles.


  44. I’m glad they got rid of chicken I just wish they could have told him why!!! Not because he gave his opinion, but because he didn’t give it when it was asked for!!! I wanted to reach right through the TV and CHOKE THE CHICKEN

  45. Not that I’m glad to see chicken go, but I could not understand a word he said, The accent was way to much for me. Well my accent would probably be way to much for you guys to but hey, I’d loved to have another boston rob, loved to hear that guy talk.

  46. All I am saying is there is only one God… haven’t seen any others up here… and would it be nice if everyone, christin, jew, muslim, buddest, etc… could just respect the way other choose to practice their belief…

    I remember some years ago a person (born again christan) who firmly believed that if you did not accept Jesus, you were going to hell… Period… No exceptions… didn’t matter if you lived somewhere where they never heard of Jesus… just going to hell… and yeah, I hit with a lighting bolt…

    Don’t taze Me Bro…

  47. I agree… so totally a set-up for the talk show woman. It was done to create ‘drama’. LOL. Thing is most have probably forgot about it except when the show producers bring it up and push her to talk about it in their ‘private’ interviews which we get to see.

    Use your bolts or ahhhh other equipment…on Jeff ifin ya feel threatened. ;)

  48. I also agree that they should have said…something..to the effect. Chicken,.. all ya had to do bud was just speak your mind. Butttt… Chicken got his feelings hurt and played a ‘poor me’ game. NOT good in Survivor.

  49. Chicken has no one to blame but himself. He became his own worst enemy when he gave himself permission to be a jerk with an attitude rather then build relationships as people talked to him more one on one. I was glad to see him go. Too soon to really get a feel for a lot of them but there are a few already starting to like.

  50. Redhead Survivor Chic,

    I would love to toss a coupe of bolts at Jeff, (just to scare him out of the house), but the batteries are dead!!!

    and I don’t want to be perceived as christian bashing… that does seem to be far too popular these days… and to the christians credit, they do seem to shrug off the bashing quite well… where if you look sideways at other religions, everyones offended… it is a sad world we live in…

    I think I need to go to the store and get some batteries…

  51. I think the talk show host did the right thing… it did look somewhat like worship and she had expressed to them her concerns so I think they should have not asked her to do it. I liked her interaction with james it was sweet and motherly.

    Chicken well… the good ole boy was just to far out of his element. I think if he had not bee so critical and just took control of the shelter he would have gained more respect. But boy howdy did he have a drawl. If he had stayed I could have the resident interpreter we have folks that talk like here where I live so I understood him fine.

  52. G..

    I have an invention which makes it where lightning doesn’t require batteries.

    But…it’ll cost ya.

  53. yeah, count me in as being happy chicken is gone… But I love the yell he let out when Jeff announced he was out… scared the poop out of everyone around him…

  54. The yell … DAMN … did you see those guys jump … I like what he said when Jeff said the tribe as spoken and he said I heard um !!!

  55. On another subject, I always thought you had to be pretty smart to get into MIT… so can anyone explain how some twit who thinks strapping a fake bomb to her chest and then walking into Logan Airport was smart enough to get into MIT… and if you’re wondering why she did this, she said it was art, and she wanted people to see it…

    Next tribal council I m voting her off the planet…

    the link if you care to read about this future Darwin Award Winner:

  56. Good god, there are all different kinds of smart. Some folks are just floating around in their own universe. Art eh, I hear he blew a fart….
    But seriously I’m so sick of “artists” underestimating us common folk. She probably thinks we don’t ‘get it’ Grrrrrrrr

  57. afternoon all, my fellow DNP’ers…..i’ve been busy as hell this morning with w@@k so this is the first chance i’ve had to post,…courtney got on my nerves right away, the christian lady did too, how rude of her, and what another Whamber?….OMG, sorry to see chicken go, but they cut their own throats now that they voted him off..the phiagee one, she’s a piece of work too….ashley was a wimp at first, but hey she recovered…the rest of em are OK, not too excited about anyone yet……..but seems to me they will be cold and wet if they don’t get their asses in gear and build a damn camp!………ok, see ya all next week…….

  58. I have an invention which makes it where lightning doesn’t require batteries

    Ummm RSC, is that one of Zach’s inventions? lol

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