Survivor Blog is back and we are getting ready for “Earth’s Last Eden”

Hey everyone,

Jeff Probst here (aka Big Brother Blogger)

We are starting up this blog and will be following this year’s Survivor show.  I am excited to see how the show differs in High Definition.

18 new survivors located in Gabon, Africa.  Also known as “Earth’s Last Eden”.  I wonder if there will be any “Adam and Eve” themes or competitions that come up?  Who knows…

Survivor: Gabon Premieres Thursday, September 25th, 8:00pm et/pt so mark your calendar right now.

So we are just starting to get the blog setup for the new season.  Please sign up for emails if you want one per post.  Love to get to know you.

Remember, on this site you have to have an account on the blog so sign up today and be a part of our Survivor Blog.

Peace,  Jeff Probst

PS: please share your comments and any ideas you have for this season for the blog.  Very excited to have you all as a part of this blog.

8 thoughts on “Survivor Blog is back and we are getting ready for “Earth’s Last Eden””

  1. Can’t wait to see what exciting things they have in store for these guys. Our family hasn’t missed a season.

  2. SO EXCITED for another great season……..can’t imagine last season being topped, with all the romance, blind siding, crazy immunity idol action, and drama down to the end.

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Doesn’t Survivor come along just at the right moment, too bad its not live and available on a feed 24/7 as I am fixing to go thru major BB withdrawals!


  4. I am always ready to meet the new characters for the new season! Last season wasn’t a dissapointment. I am sure this season will be just as great, if not more so.

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