The Switcheroo

Last week….well…. no reward challenge due to the switch.  But, never fear, there was a Tribal boot.

This will be quick blog.  Busy here on the homefront.  My apologies for not getting this written sooner.

The Tribes had to choose two members they wanted to come over from the other side.  Fei Long chose Frosti and Sherea.  Zhan Hu chose Aaron and James.  Thing is Zhan Hu thought they were getting the two from Fei Long without having to give up any of their members.  Duh!

The switch happens and the games begin.

Immunity Challenge:

The two females on Zhan Hu thought it would be strategic to throw the competition so that one of the switched (James or Aaron) would be voted out… and what was their thinking?  Go figure.  Guess they don’t count on Fei Long voting out either Sherea or Frosti if they lose next time and Zhan Hu would gain on the lopsided numbers?  Geez.

End Result:  Aaron is voted out.  But, get this… Aaron thought he was going with his new tribe and cast his vote for James.  Ding dong!

The Hidden Immunity Idols were not shown to be found yet.  The previews do try to indicate that they are spotted this week.  Unless it is clever editing.  Will see.

Let’s talk it up….

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55 thoughts on “The Switcheroo”

  1. Howdy Everyone,

    Sorry for the short blog comment this time. I have been swamped with family stuff.

    But… at least it gets a different section started.

    In my opinion, that was not a smart move to throw the competition like the two women did. They figure they’ll knock off James next when they lose the next one and it will even up the numbers when they go to merge? What if merge doesn’t happen till one tribe is down to one member like what happened with Steph that past season. By then, Zhan Hu be way under water in numbers…

  2. Good morning Survivor Bloggers ….

    Hey Red …. glad to see you …. hope everything is okay on the homefront . I understand oh so well about the family issues …. have a lot of stuff going on at home and work as well .

    I did not like the girls throwing the challenge but then I am a very competive person and I could not stand the thought of losing period …. be it with the old tribe or the new one.

    It looks like the previews are hinting to a gross food challenge ….. these are the ones I can’t
    bear to watch I usually have to turn away until the are through. I do think that they will merge at 10 members and I think that James will survive until the merge.

    On a different note…. did you guys see Dancing with the stars …. Marie scared the crap out of me …. at first it was like slow motion watching her go down …. I was like WTF …. My husband said good lord they killed Marie. Jane ….. beautiful as always …. the Judges seem to be in a pissy mood.

    okay all for now be back later

  3. Hey Look… a new posting area… now where did this come from??? Although I see the poll is still worried about the church lady… amazing that somone who was there for such a short time and annoyed so many people could have such a lasting effect… I’ll just bet that Chicken wished he got this much attention…

    gross food challenge??? Woo Hoo, I love those, and for a million bucks there’s not much I wouldn’t eat… but Iam more interested in the HII… Who gets it… who knows about it… when and if it will be used… is it a one time use idol or will it carry someone on to the F4…

    I wish they played Susvivor more like BB in that that the show is on a couple of times a week… Twice would be good…

    anyway, much to do today, but if any of you girls need to borrow a razor, just let me know. ;)

  4. Oh yes, here’s the latest Tribe Standings with the switchs in place…

    So pick the next bootee…

    –Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Amanda ——– Hiking Guide
    Jean-Robert — Professional Poker Player
    Courtney ——- Waitress
    Denise ——— School Lunch Lady
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Todd ———— Flight Attendant
    Sherea (S) -— Elementary Teacher
    Frosti (S) –—– Parkour Athlete/Student

    –Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
    Erik ————– Musician
    Jaime ———– Student
    Peih-Gee —— Jeweler
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st
    Aaron (S) —— Surfing Instructor>>>>>Booted 5th
    James (S) -— Gravedigger

  5. As for the next bootee, Im picking Shere… of course this all depends on which tribe looses… if Zhan Hu looses, I am not quite sure what will happen, I can almost see James working a deal to boot P.G. or perhaps James gets the HII and his single vote boots P.G. Damn, that would be good…

    So theres my perdictions…

  6. I think Sherea …. this week …. I think she and Jean Robert are the most vulnerable … but then that is assuming that Fei Long loses the challenge …. I just hope that it is Sherea …. I can’t stand the thought of having to watch her yet another week ….. I sure don’t want her to make the jury…. so she must go !!!

  7. Welcome back my friends.

    Thanks for the list G.

    Ok, I know I’m in the minority, but I didn’t think it was that horrible of a move for them to throw the challenge. It may come back to bite them, but I can’t stand the idea of the tribes being so lopsided at the point of the merge which has all too often been the case.

    I don’t like the idea of losing anything especially on purpose, but I think they should feel bad because Erik and Aaron worked their butts off to get those puzzle pieces. If they would have let Erik in on it, he could have played along, not sure if he would have.

    I’m also very anxious to find out the recipient(s) of the HII. Someone has to bring these things into play and soon.

    As for the next bootee, my easy guess would be Sherea…however, that is taking into consideration Jamie and PG aren’t pulling the same stunt again. If that is the case, then James needs to find that HII and fast! It should be a great episode next week.

    A gross food challenge, oh my. The grossest one I saw was when Tom was eating those embryo baby ducks, and he says to the opposing tribemate, watch out for the beaks. LMAO, that was classic!


  8. I don’t think it was a bad move …. as a game stand point for them to throw the challenge …. but remember the reason they where losing challenges was because they could not get it together as a tribe …. they had good tribe members … they just could work together as a team. Fei long found that balance they needed to work together desite their personal feelings. So with James and Aaron they had the chance to build a good tribe …. and just blew it . You would have thought they would have just wanted to win regardless.

    yeah…. gross food challenges ….. I can’t dig it …. to much like fear factor …. my hubbby loved that show but I just could not sit through it.

    okay …. who do you think will punk out on the food challenge ….

    I think

    Courtney — if she doesn’t sit out ..

    Sherea ….

    Jamie ….

    Not sure about the rest …. this will be interesting this week ….

  9. oops …. typo …..

    should have read could NOT work together as a team ….

    I am trying to do 10 things at once ….

  10. embryo baby ducks… are called Balute, some people call them the Egg with Legs… I always refer to them as Duck Abortions… They were everywhere when I was stationed in the Phlippines… and my kids have eaten them, but I have never been drunk enough… I am not sure I can be drunk enough… but put a million bucks on the line, then I am gonna be like Cool Hand Luke in downing them babies…

    as for punking out on the food challenge, Courtney is too easy an answer because she doesn’t eat anything… and for sure Sherea…

    I think Jamie may do alright in this one… and the Lunch Lady should be OK as this can’t be very different from what she serves the kids…

    And Tina, I see you’re still looking shaggy there… when ya gonna shave it for me??? ;)

  11. yeah …. Big G …. you are right about courtney …. being an easy answer …

    ok then whay guy do you think will punk out on the food challenge ???

    I think Todd and maybe Erik

  12. I am trying to focus …. truely I am …. multitasking usually comes very easy to me …. but I am having a off day ….

    Never had baby duckies …. but I have had squirrel … and rabbit …. and deer meat …. frog legs …. some I guess would call that gross …. I have always wanted to try gator but I have not found a place here that serves it. You know it is true …. southerners will eat anything if you deep fry it !

  13. Never had the ducks to eat either, no matter what they are called. I’ve had squirrel, rabbit, deer, frog legs, gator, and snails….guess that’s about it.

    James will probably kick butt on the food challenge, but you never know. It should be interesting to see. I bet Chicken would have been good at the food challenge. :)

    I’m working on the shaving thing for ya G.


  14. Oooooo… don’t know if I could do baby duckies. I remember Tom whoofin’ em down though.

    Thanks Big G for the list. You come through every week.

    Sherre,… my son loves gator. I took a small bite and it was actually good. Just have to find the places where it is cooked right.

    Evel…. get you a female avatar. LOL. I keep expecting to see a guy’s name signing when you put Tina. It doesn’t take much to confuse me. Just kidding dear. Ifin ya like the male pic (and a good pic I must say!)…that’s AOK.

    As to DWTS….that was freaky when Marie went down. I was DVRing it and knew she was acting a bit over hyper right before it happened. Then when I rewound it, saw the glazed look come into her eyes. Bless her heart. She is such a trooper. Her words when she came to…’Oh Crap’… classic… I was laughing then.

  15. well I have eaten snales, frog legs, deer, rattle snake, iguana and finally… and don’t everyone go gettin mad at me, I didn’t cook it, didn’t know it would be served, and was just trying to be polite when I had a small portion… OK, so not my fault… and I wouldn’t eat it again because I really didn’t care for it… ok, so again, don’t be mad at me… dog…

    I was invited to a wedding way out in the boonies of the Philippines… and they handed me this plate… I think they wanted to see the “white guy” freak out a bit, but I suprised them an ate a bit of it… kind of stringy, not really all that good… So Iggy is safe from me…

  16. I doubt there is much meat on Iggy. I’m glad to hear that was just a one time thing.

    I have tried and tried to change my avatar, even deleted Jacks picture but still it remains. One day it will magically change just like the other one did.

    When Marie went down, I turned to my sister and said, Oh man Len just killed her with his criticism….then I hit fast forward on the DVR and found out she was ok. That was really odd, don’t you just love live TV?

  17. Big G … when my husband was stationed in Korea he said they cooked dog and cat … but he don’t think he ever ate any …. but then again …. how does that song go …. he drank enough to float a battle ship around so he might have eaten it and just not remembered.

    My grandparents would also eat hog brains and eggs … and fish roe and eggs …. they could not make us grandkids it with them though .

  18. OMG! I just saw the screen caps from jokers and it shows some of those little pet turtles on a plate, next shot shows the embryonic ducks, and it looks like James and Lunch Lady are both eating but not very well. Lunch Lady looks like she’s crying or at the very least throwing up.


  19. you know I am telling you I would just have to pass on the gross food ….. I know that I would never be able to swallow baby ducks …. nope couldn’t do it … would not even try .. you know !

  20. Me too Sherre, those little green turtles are just not an edible thing in my opinion.

    Mental Note To Self: Do not eat dinner while watching Survivor this week!

  21. “Lunch Lady looks like she’s crying or at the very least throwing up.” Well now she knows how the kiddies feel… LOL… :)

    Oh yes, I also have eaten tripe which is either a cow or pigs stomach… was actually good…

  22. When I was in grammer school, had a friend and when I spent the night at her house, her parents fixed ‘brains n eggs’. It was surprisingly good. They told me if was sausage and eggs so to not freak me out. Later I found out it was pig brains.

  23. I don’t know Big G…. i’m liking Tina’s pic… face stubble especially. Have to admit… wish it was a real male lookin like that posting.

    Cuz I’m sure Tina is a good lookin female like Sherre and we need more males…to … keep Big G on his toes.

  24. Big G …. every part of the pig is eaten in the south … and I mean every part …. my daddy loves pickled pigs feet and pig tails …

    have you ever had scratchers ???

    okay kiddies …. I have to cut out … and make my way home …. it is Bones and House night and I get to watch this week instead of record …. hoo whoo !!

    later taters !!!

  25. no, no, no, no, no… Im kind of liking haveing all you ladies to my self… but stubble on a lady does sort of chafe… so tina, ya still need to shave for me… LOL :)

  26. I assure you I have no stubble! Good Morning!

    G, you aren’t close to any of these fires are you?


  27. Good morning Survivor Bloggers …

    hope all of you are having a lovely hump day !

    okay not to be an ungrateful blogger …. since JP did make sure we had a lovely place to come and hang out and talk about survivor and what not …. mostly what not …on some days …. but we need a new poll ….. and Aaron’s picture needs to be crossed out .
    Have we been Abandoned ???

    Holly came in one day … posted …. not seen or heard of her since ..

    Enigma came in one day …. posted told us of his back problems … not seen or heard of since !!

    JP came in one day … posted … and told us of his new job … not seen or heard of since.

    Where is everyone at ???? Should we send out search and rescue !!!

    Okay enough whinning …. on with the purpose of the blog !!

    Saw the previews again … with the baby duckies …. does look like lunch lady is throwing up … this is going to be one of those shows I have to listen to … and not watch…

    HII …. I still think that James will be one of the ones to find the idol…. maybe during the kidnappin … or afterwards. I sure am ready for someone to find it though.

    all right all for now … I have to do some W ….. well you know ….


  28. Good morning ladies…

    Tina, no — I am not anywhere near the fires, and you sound like my mother… LOL and you still look like you have stubble… smooth, you have to think smooth…

    Sherre, I think we have been abandoned… the poll??? I say just do away with it… it doesn’t seem nearly as popular as the BB8 one…

    as for the preview, I saw it for the first time — I must say that the lunch lady appears not to be enjoying the mystery meat… I also think that its a pretty sure bet that James finds the HII, how and when it will be played is anyones guess… I hope he keeps that knowledge to himself and not decide to share it…

    as to who goes home??? Im thinking Sherea and that Jean Robert should be safe because he is the last Large Male they have left for the physical challenges. It would be pretty dumb to toss him now…

    On the other hand, if Zhan Hu looses then I think that the HII could come into play… PG wants to get rid of James, he is the target — a dumb move by Zhan Hu IMHO, but it is what it is… If James finds the HII and they target him, then I think PG could be walking…

    one other note, during BB8, I came up with the DNP alliance name, now Im thinking we should be calling ourselves the Orpahns — I want my mama!!!

    well now I have to clean my desk… visitors are expected…

  29. Glad to hear you aren’t in the fire zone G. I don’t know what else to do to change my avatar, its been done, deleted Jack, its just not linked to the new one for some reason.

    I have no idea what happened to all our other bloggers. It would be nice to see the X’s on the booted tribe-mates.

    I read somewhere how James makes a “grave” error. Perhaps he finds the HII and doesn’t play it, thinking he’s safe? Not sure how reliable the source of the information is. It should be a good episode tomorrow night.

    It wouldn’t bother me if PG walked, but I’m thinking Sherea will be the one walking….depends on who loses I guess.

    Will the Food Challenge be for a Reward or for Immunity? I would think immunity, in which case Jamie and PG might not be in control of throwing the challenge. The faces on the onlookers watching LL and James didn’t look like they would be much better at it so it might come down to James pulling off a win.

    Oh JR, I keep forgetting about him. Can’t we count him out already? lol


  30. I did a little searching and found a little info on the challenges…

    Reward Challenge: “Search and Decode” – (Reward: “Ultimate bathroom experience”

    Immunity Challenge: “Name That Spoon” (food challenge)

    If I felt that my (cute) butt is on the line, Im would just hold my nose and wolf down what ever they put in fronr of me…

  31. wow …. vistors …. I love the dog and pony shows …. they always tell us days in advance … like we don’t know how to act when we have vistors. I think it is funny when they arrive unexpected …. you get to watch the big dogs dance then LOL ….

    Big G …. I am glad you are not anywhere near the fires …. I was watching GMA this morning before I left for WOOO …. and it looks very scary. We are suffering from a servere drought ourselves and I worry about fire all the time especially since I live out in the boonies I have woods all around me.

  32. Yeah, I can appreciate their problems… I have been through several Typhoons/Hurricanes, a government being overthrown, a moderiate earth quake and a rather large volcano where I lost most of my personnel effects… yep, no fun at all…

    as for the reward being an ultimate bathroom experience… I would be cautious… back in Aug, I took the wife to Las Vegas. Had a very nice dinner, saw a show, even won a few bucks at BJ… I had booked a rather nice room that included a jacuzzie… and used one of those natural sea sponges…


    I woke up in the middle of the night itching everywhere!!! turns out I may have been allergic to that thing… I realized that if I went to a Las Vegas ER, I would most likely still be there waiting, so we drove the 9 hours home before seeing a doc… a real nice drive (not) I might add… anyway, a small town ER and I was in and out in 30 minutes…

    not the ultimate bathroom experience I would ever want again…

  33. hey, one other note… I saw a promo for The Amazing Race which is beginning on Nov 4… of all the reality shows, this is the one I would love to do…

  34. yeah I can see me and my husband doing the amazing race …. and fussing back and forth the whole time …. we would be a very entertaining couple !

    Living on the east coast …. and only a hour and half drive from the ocean we have been through many hurricanes …. don’t like them …. but I have to say… most of us here in NC would love to see a big storm just for the rain…. only thing is you have to take the wind with the rain …and I don’t dig the wind at all !

  35. Maybe some of this rain we are getting in Arkansas will head your way Sherre. We were pretty dry before it started a few days ago, and its supposed to last until Friday.

    Where did you encounter a volcano G?

    I wonder if you can just swallow those turtles whole, that I might could do. But to chew up that thing, no way!

    I like the Amazing Race as well, good show. I didn’t know it was starting on Nov 4th, thanks for letting me know.


  36. as for the reward being an ultimate bathroom experience… I would be cautious… back in Aug, I took the wife to Las Vegas. Had a very nice dinner, saw a show, even won a few bucks at BJ…

    LOL, I read that as you won a few bucks AND a BJ…whew I need to put my glasses back on!


  37. OMG Tina …. are you in AK ….my husbands family are from there …. yeah …. we been saying his mom was getting rain. It is raining today and the so called experts say that we have a good shot at some rain the next few days .

  38. I’ll be more than happy to send this rain on faster if I can. Yes I’m in Arkansas. Just barely, almost in TN. What part of the state is your husband’s family from?


  39. Okay Big G …. I have been doing some searching …. for a name of our little day time group.

    Since we have been left alone …. I started by looking for orphans in mandarin … but there is not translation …. but I did find these …

    dan du …. meaning on one’s own

    qie …. meaning to leave … abandon …

    bu zu ….. meaning tribe ….

    so what do you LOYAL bloggers think ?

    I like dan du tribe

  40. Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines

    and let me say, it takes a lot to impress me… I have been to chicago and seen the Sears tower — I thought it would be bigger, I have been to Niagra Falls and again, I thought it would be bigger… Mt Pinatubo — I hoped it would be smaller…

    During the fist eruption, which looked like a Nuke going off, I ran into one of the USGS folks monitoring the volcano. I asked him on a scale of 1-10 how bif this was… He replied “2” that this was just a throat clearing eruption and that they expected a bigger one… during the BIG one, I was about 8 miles away — let me tell you, I seemed like the world was coming to an end… Day turned to night, and because we had a typhoon passing to the south, there was a bunch of rain so the ash was falling as mud… we actually had to get on the roof of the house during the height of the eruption to remove the mud so the roof wouldn’t cave in…

    Boy, those were the days…

  41. Tina

    BJ = Black Jack, but I do like the way you think.. LOL :)

    and Sherre, dan du works for me…

    as for eating the turtles… I don’t think you eat the shells, just the undersides…

  42. I hope Sherea gets the boot! and James doesn’t make a grave mistake.

    Glad to hear the fires aren’t running you Big G outta your home!

    You girls are funny! Love reading. Sorry I haven’t been around much. I trade commodities from home and have had soooooo much family stuff going on…couldn’t even do that much less get over here except to write the ‘Switcherro’ blog comment when I did and then, Jeff has to publish our comments for a new Blog section. He was out of town it turns out and I’m sure playing catch up now. I was starting to worry. But, all is well.

    Anyone watch the series ‘Men in Trees’? I heard they cancelled it but are showing the remaining episodes already finished. They take most of the good shows off and leave a bunch of crappy ones on. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  43. Black Jack is fun to play! It has the best odds for the casino player rather than the house like the other games.

    On CSI… he proposed to Sara. Will they actually get married? Hope they don’t kill one of em off like they almost did Sara.

  44. I understand that Sara is leaving CSI… She may be gone as early as Nov. The actress is looking to do other things, but it is also reported to be because of a contract dispute with producers… so I doubt a marrage is in the future… Killing her off, maybe… depends on whether they hope to bring her back for an episode or two in the futrue…

  45. okay back from lunch …..

    Tina …. they live in a little place called Tuckerman …. it is not far from TN …. about 2hrs from west memphis …his aunt and uncle lived in memphis until recently …. when we travel there we take 40 all the way til memphis and when we cross the bridge into west memphis AR … we take hwy55 and some more little back roads . It takes us 16hours to drive straight through.

    okay …. do you guys want to put it to a vote …. dan du tribe Red what do you think about the daytime tribe name ????

    Red …. dont like men in trees …. I watch a few shows …. but could not get into it.

    I got my new TV guide yesterday …. havent had a chance to go through it ….but on the cover it had something about Sara back on CSI …. maybe that means they have come to a agreement about salary and she is staying …. I like Jorja …. she is a good actress … it would be hard to replace her. I did see that there will be a cross over with CSI / and without a trace …. I love cross over shows .

  46. Sounds like a scary time G. I don’t think I ever want to experience that.

    I figured out Black Jack once I re-read. ;)

    Dan Du – sounds good to me. Good job on finding out that info Sherre!

    I really can’t wait to see how these folks eat those turtles, not that its going to be a pretty sight, but now G has painted a visual of them scraping off the backsides and leaving the shells, ugh! Can it get worse??

    We had storms here last Thursday so my local CBS channel thought it was more important to tell us about the weather than to let me finish watching CSI. Grrrr, I didn’t see Gil propose but like G, I heard Sara was leaving. I don’t like that part of the storyline, dunno why, but I hope marriage isn’t the answer. I like Sara, just not the Sara/Gil thing.

    Well I’m in West Memphis, but I will have to look up Tuckerman. Hubby probably knows where it is. He’s from here. I’m not! lol


  47. Yeah, can you see me trying to explain wining a BJ to the wife??? somehow, I just don’t think she would be congradulating me… but I still like the way you think tina… :)

    eating the turtles, any way you chew it, that’s gonna be interesting…

  48. ROFL @ Big G …. nice play on words …. any way you chew it …. now that is funny !

    I will have to listen …. I admit …. I am a wus …. and I can not watch …. it is just tooooooooo gross ! and I have to say I may not be able to listen … I might just get the hubby to tell me what happens .

    Tina …. tuckerman is just a short drive from Jonesboro

  49. okay …. got to try and make my way home in the storms …. but boy the rain sure is good !

    Later Taters !!

  50. Hello everyone! I am a huge fan of Survivor and have been since the 2nd season! I keep dreaming that I would get to go, but sadly I never make that jump to tryout. Has anyone in here ever gone to one of the tryouts? I’m curious as to what it is like or if anyone ahs heard any rumors of what its like. I would love to know.


  51. Hi Celendering, welcome. I think I’m too pampered and set in my ways to try out for Survivor but would to hear about it as well.

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