When The Writing Is Not On The Wall…ahhh… Idol

The Merge

Yep, it happened.  Before any challenge…just about right outta the gate.  Drop those buffs and put on the brand spankin’ new black ones.  Let the Festivities begin.

Well..first, let’s get up to date.  Courtney and JR can’t stand each other.   We know now James has both authentic hidden Immunity Idols.  On the back of each is the message IDing it as an idol.  James knocks loose the first one at Zhan Hu tribe (having already been given the one from the Zei Long tribe site prior to the switcheroo).  It doesn’t have the ‘writing’ on it.  He gets the other one down.  The writing is there.

Jamie and Erik find the tossed unauthenticated one on the ground and of course go thru James’ stuff to see if there might be another one.  We are left to wonder if they know the difference.  This happens when James and PG are off together on the beach.

Now, to the Merge.  The Survivors are treated to ceremonies, food, etc.  JP warns them before they go that the ‘game does not stop’.  Of course, we, the audience, knows what this means…as do some of the survivors.

Long story short.  We get to see dancers, acrobatics and lots of color and flair.


It is a challenge based on observations of the festivities.  Frosti figures he’s screwed since he says his memory is lousy.  It gets down to Frosti and Jamie with the question as to what the female dancers were wearing on their feet.  Frosti states no fair since he wasn’t looking at their feet.  We’re getting to see Frosti’s personality come out finally.  Cool!

Jamie’s answer details silk stockings with bells… Frosti’s response:  Nothing.  In that the dancers were bare footed.

Frosti is this season’s first Individual Immunity.

The Alliances

JR threatens Todd that if he (JR) is booted out, he will hold Todd personally responsible…rather than Amanda since JR considers Todd the mastermind with the influence.  And JR states he will make damn sure Todd does not win since JR believes he has such grand influence on others (the upcoming jury members).  Todd just agrees and rolls his eyes.

James was so cool.  He and others get the picture.  They know the game and feel Courtney is a loose cannon… not thinking about the game…. just her disgust with JR.

Of course Zhan Hu tribe members want the war between Courtney and JR to take roots and continue.  Hoping to get JR voted out.

Jamie figures she will carry the ‘idol’ to tribal and use it in case she  has the most votes against her.

Tribal Council

A mishmash of arguments.  JR trying to demonstrate why Courtney will be no threat in challenges and will make it to the finals.  PG, etc. telling JR’s faults.  And, I loved it when James says JR needs to just quit talking and get his head in the game.

Jamie asks Jeff P. a combo question/statement that she wants to present what she thinks is the hidden Immunity Idol.  Jeff looks at it (giving no clue to what authenticates it) and states it is not an idol.  Jeff tosses it in the fire.

Jamie and JP receive the votes and it’s bye bye Jamie.

My Personal Weekly Confession

I love the regular Posters who come to this blog.  Thanks for being loyal.  You are great!!!!

To those who aren’t regulars, you really should be cause you’re missing a lot of fun interaction.

See Ya in the Comments Section………..


241 thoughts on “When The Writing Is Not On The Wall…ahhh… Idol”

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  2. Kudos to G, you called this one right on the money! Great new post Jeff, I’ll write more when I get to work. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. about last nights outcome, I guess wishes do come true… also more when I get to work…

    TGIF but more importantly, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

  4. i wish you all would change your names from God and Evil – It gives this site a bad first impression -because it is obvious ALL ABOUT YOU and not a team effort to communicate. Most people want to stay away from reading this blog because it is the first thing the blog shows. Can’t you just be a real person? Good and Bad along with it?

  5. good morning dan du’s

    thank you Red for a great recap …. and glad to see you …. we missed you .

    Wow …. that was a freakin sweet tribal last night …. it was as good as I had hoped for .
    When Jeff threw that fake idol in the fire …. I almost lost it …. that has got to be the most embarassing moment in survivor history.

    Who do I think will be the next bootee …. well that is really an easy guess … JR and Courtney are just like Dave and Sherea where …. always fussing and fighting and annoying everyone around them. JR would be okay if he could keep that mouth shut. That will be his down fall . I think that Peih Gee will play that fact up and JR will be the next one to go.

    James and Denise …. still may favorites …. but I do think that it will be Amanda that wins the whole thing. Todd will burn to many bridges with his broken promises… so I do not think that it will be him.

    So I pick JR …. next bootee

  6. welcome to the blog once again Georgia

    Do you have any thing to say about last night show or survivor in general . I would love to have your view on the show and not just your views on our member screen names. All of us here are REAL people and not just screen names .

    Big G …. and Evel me (Tina) I love your names and I know the reason you both have them …. born out of the Big Brother 8 house guests. Those names did not bother me then and they do not bother me now . Some people just need to lighten up and not take everything so seriously.

    Sorry my (small) rant for the day …. this is going to be wonderful day …

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too Big G … !!!

  7. Good morning everyone (again).

    That was soooooooo sweet to see Jaime set herself up like that, talking the talk before TC about how she’s not as dumb as everyone thinks, etc. Then when Jeff threw the fake idol into the fire, oh my gosh, that was sweet!

    As for my name, its Tina, if it helps I am originally from Georgia. :) My screenname (and G’s) are just a play on the BB characters, not meant to offend. We welcome your input on the show.

    I’ll give some thought and then post who I think will go next. The coffee just got ready, so let me refuel my braincells. :)


  8. Welcome Georgia…

    Let me echo what my two fav ladies have already said, the screen name came about from Big Brother 8, I mean after Jamika and Whamber, I thought we needed Gods perspective to add balance… and from there a personality developed… so tell us what you thought of last nights show… and be warned, I have a tendency to throw lighting bolts at people who disagree with me… :)

    Now about last night… WOW!!! how sweet was that, and James just couldn’t contain himself from telling telling others in his alliance… But from Haime’s perspective, nothing ventured — nothing gained… but still… the only way that could have been better is if it had been Courtney… that girl is getting on my nearves… Her and JR need to make nice, but we all know that ain’t gonna happen…

    as for JR, James has it correct, he has a way of painting a target on his butt… hes a big guy that stands out already and is perceived as a threat, but he could still at least try to fly low, but as James said, he doesn’t know when to shut up…

    James… I have a new respect for him… I thought he was great eye candy for the girls, but a bit slow… Last night he demonstrated that he knows whats going on and does have game… I wonder if the “Grave Mistake” that he makes that has been roumered about may be a failure to see himself on the chopping block and therefore failing to play the HII when he most needs it… Any thoughts on that???

    Todd, smart craft guy that is perhaps playing the game better then anyone else… still kind of dumb to share the HII knowledge though…

    Seeing that it’s Mothers Day, Im gonna go pay a few of the big guys off right now, but I’ll be checking back through out the day…

  9. Oh Yeah, Next Bootee… J.R. — because James is right, he just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Also, he doesn’t have one of the HII and I don’t see anyone giving up theirs… and finally, I don’t think he will fair very well in the Individual Immunity Challenge… So J.R.’s only move is to push all in and hope for an Ace on the River Card…

  10. Any thoughts on how Courtney is all of a sudden the blanket for Frosti….I guess his name fits her personality. I mean the girl is all over him.

    Although I would like to see JR gone next, and he probably will be, I bet Amanda tries to keep the number in their favor and pushes to get rid of Erik or PG. But its obvious they want to keep Courtney around so they may have to get rid of JR to keep her somewhat happy, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen her really happy.

    Happy Mother’s Day back at cha G. :) Every Friday is Mother’s Day for me.


  11. Thanks Tina… I just payed all them mothers (a couple of big ones too) so if you see me passing the collection plate, you’ll know why… :)

  12. HI there! first time blogger-long time ‘peeker’

    I am sorry to see Jaimie go—but only because it means I lose the pool and $20.00

    I would like to JR gone next, but not sure it will happen. I think the Zei Long people will stick together long enough to get rid of PG befor the start after each other.


  13. Courtney (would someone please give her a sandwich) needs t coozy up to someone as she must be able to see that some of her alliance is not happy with her and her obsession with JR… Frosti is a strong player, so why not him… and as much as I would like to see her gone, I can see her being the one to take to the finals… she’s not a strong player… her personality is as thin as she physically is… so unless there is a major sea change on who has pissed off who, I can clearly see her being helped along into the final 3… and the ironic thing is, the only person at this point she might have a chance of winning the money against… JR…

    there are a lessons to be learned here…

    1 — Alwyas Look at the BIG Picture…

    2 — Don’t let individual personalities draw your focus away from the prize

    3 — Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…

  14. Big G ….. you got it !!! those are words to live by !

    hey …. today was muther’s day for me too ….but a few of my muthers got IOU’s for next time.

  15. LOL …. I did leave that door wide open didn’t I ….

    buzz …. buzz ….. buzzz ….

    thanks …. better now !!

  16. hey, nothing keeps a girl happy like a fresh set of batteries… ;)

    oh, where I live, survivor is shown twice, once at 7 then again at 8… last night after watching the 7 o clock show, I flipped the channel over to the 8 o clock near the end, so I got to watch Jeff toss the fake HII into the fire twice… which was just as good as the first time… for a “Just Average” season of survivor, that was a moment people will remember…

    BUT, who here would not have done the same thing if they thought their butt was on the line???

    now, to start some conspiracy talk… anyone think the producers may have had a hand in setting that whole fake HII situation up??? maybe a suggestion to James to pull the wrong one down and leave it in plane sight… he could have put it back… don’t ya think??? hmmmmmmmmm… something to think about…

  17. Big G…. we need that updated bootee list …. with the new tribe ….

    what’s the matter you are falling down on the job …. *sigh*

  18. JP …. love …. love ….. love that X over Jamie’s pic …. not as sweet as the one over Sherea’s but close !!

  19. Sorry Sherre, I was all wrapped up in conspiracy theories… I’ll get right on that… and by the way, you sound like my wife!!! ;)

  20. oh no the producers would never think of manipulating the game …

    I think James just pulled the wrong one there …. he was not present at the time that Todd , Amanda… and Frosti pulled the other one down ….so he did not know which side it was on … but since they went through his stuff … don’t you think that you would have examined it more closely. …. yeah …. Jamie did know about the HII ….. so I guess she would have to take a stab at it …. but for me it was a huge risk . The look on her face ….. sweeeeeeeeeeet !!

  21. Out of all the players from BB8, who do you think (if any) could have lasted 39 days in China on Survivor? Just food for thought. :)

    Of course I would have tried taking the Fake II if I were Jamie, since she had a couple of clues and wouldn’t she have even looked more stupid if she had it and didn’t mention it? C’mon she had to try. But she didn’t have to build herself up with the talk before TC saying I’m not as dumb as everyone thinks. I would have kept my mouth shut. But that moves into what G is saying….perhaps the producers did have a hand in the Fake II. I’m positive they have much more of a hand in it than they do in BB. So much time is not shown on Survivor.

    Get him moving Sherre, we do need that list….what’s the matter G?? :)

    Jeff you lurking today?


  22. I think she and I belong to the same club …. you know we all use the same techniques to get what we want from the hubby !!

  23. The List…

    Amanda ——– Impatient
    Jean-Robert — Tool
    Courtney ——- PITA
    Denise ——— Mullett Madness
    Todd ———— More-man (or less)
    Frosti–———– Monkey Man
    Erik ————– Virgin
    Peih-Gee —— Serious Asian Chick
    James ——-— Muscle Madnessr

    Bootee List
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st
    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
    Aaron ——–— Surfing Instructor>>>>>Booted 5th
    Sherea -——– Elementary Teacher>>>>>Booted 6th

    Jury List

    1. Jaime —— Blondie

  24. But the HII were in James’ pants remember–1 in each leg, I don’t think Jaimie and Erik pulled them out to examine them, but would have known that they were the same size and shape


  25. Jamika — No
    Whamber — NO!!!
    Evil Dick — could go far if he keept his temper in check. Don’t think that would work as well in survivor
    Dani — hmmmmmmm… Possibility to make if close to final 3
    Eric — Very possible
    Jessica — Would love to watch her run around half naked for 39 days… :)

  26. Hey Shannon,

    Glad to have you here! We are a small but fun group of Survivor China fans. Always looking to add some new faces to the crew!

    Sorry to hear you lost $20 bucks. You had a 1 in 16 shot! Maybe we will have to have a “BLOG POOL”….anyone interested?

    If you need anything…just let me know.

    Peace, Jeff Probst

    PS: Tina…I am always lurking. It is my style….don’t worry….I still love ya! (and everyone around here!)

  27. I think out of the BB 8 bunch it would have been Eric …. and Zach ..

    Amber …. are you crazy …. they would throw her off a cliff or something

    Jameka …. yeah …. possible … but would not last pass 1st week .

    Dani …. no way …. I don’t see her as the “camping” type.

    Dick …. yeah …. but like Chicken …. he would go first tribal …. his mouth would get him .

    Jessica … same as dani dont see her as the camping type ….

    Joe ….no way to much of a queen …

    Dustin …. it is possible …. he would get the game play not sure if he could endure the challenges or the “campin”

    Jen …. never they would throw her off the boat there … she would be good in challenges though

  28. Hey, we have a new player… and she a girl… sure don’t have enough of those around here… ;)

    Hi Shannon… Welcome to our island of (in)sanity… only one rule here… never and I mean NEVER use the dreded “W” word… ooooow, fire alamr is ringing… gotta run…

  29. flase alarme!!!

    now where was I… oh yeah, the “W” word… the “W” word is what some people do at their place of employment when their not blogging here of course… that word is taboo here… and while were on the subject, if you see “Happy Mothers Day”, thats just pay day where we have to pay this mother and have to pay that mother, etc… ;(

    now you know all the rules…

    as for your comment about erik and jaime checking out the HII, remember it was at night, and it gets very very dark… so even if they unwrapped it, they may not have been able to tell the difference very well…

  30. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

    JP no worries about the $20–I won big with Aris & came close with Yau

    FYI I also wathe BB & TAR avidly? AI & CI sporatically i like the try outs at the start and the really good ones near the end, but that’s about it for my reality tv


  31. Shannon, I peeked under the skirt… I hope that was a skirt and not a kilt… OMG, now you got me thinking/… just what were you waring??? Tina, Sherre, anyone… a little help here please…

  32. Shannon…I like you all ready! Anyone who can keep Big G in check is just fine with me! :)

    Welcome to the tribe…now go gather some firewood and boil some water for us to drink! We are thirsty around here!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

    PS: is there anyone who would like to see me get the Amazing-Race-Blog.com up and running? I am thinking about working on it this weekend.

  33. Shannon, you dirty sneaky little… yeah, I like ya too… and don’t worry about boiling that water, Jeff is such a task master…

    Jeff, we will be needing the Amazing Race…

  34. Welcome Shannon! It is fun to watch G trip on his words lol. Jeff, TAR blog is a great idea. I plan on watching it this go around. I’ve only seen it all the way through once, that was the year they had families, but have watched it sporadically other years.

    Go figure, a female shows up and Jeff does to. :)

    Does anyone know, did the writers guild begin their strike? I heard where we might be having a lot more Reality TV because of it.


  35. hey Tina …. I am with you …. seems everytime we get a new female …. JP comes out to play … **sigh**

    unlike our loyal dan du …. big daddy G …. who comes out to play everyday …

    Big G …. shame on you for peeking under the skirt !!!

  36. yes Jeff get the TAR blog going……….I’m in a pool for that too, so hasseling me if I get a pair of losers and HAVE to cheer them on.

    Tina you picked the worst season to watch TAR all the way through. hopefully this one will be better!


  37. That’s what I heard Shannon! No one that watches it liked that season. Hopefully it will be better this year.

    BTW, did anyone notice the resemblence of Courtney’s eye flutter to a certain brunette on BB8? lol If only I knew how to do screen caps, I’d post one. It was so annoying!


  38. No Sherre, I watched about 1, maybe 2 episodes and wasn’t really into it. I did get to know the kids a bit. How’s that shaping up?


  39. my husband likes to watch …. you can tell that it is scripted …. but I like the kids on there …. what big personalities they have. They actually are more interesting than the people on survivor.

  40. OK OK OK…

    I will get the Amazing Race blog up tonight/tomorrow (my guess is tomorrow!).

    I will do some of the same things as I have been on blogs past…

    – Mailing list
    – Polls
    – Avatars
    – First comment needs to be approved (sorry but I still get so much darn spam without doing it!)

    Is there anything you would want…do you like the pictures to be there with the “RED X” when they are eliminated?

    Basically….tell me what you would like…and I will make it happen.

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  41. damn Sherre, I thought we voted the suites off the island… what they do, swim back??? must be lawyer-type suites, the sharks won’t eat them…

  42. OK, any thoughts on the best quote from last nights show??? I loved Todd’s “Get Over it…. Bitch” when talking about courtney…

    and what did everyone think of JR’s lame threat to Todd that if he is screwed that he will hold Todd personally responsible and make sure he doesn’t win??? geeze that was lame… here again, JR just begging for votes…

  43. Let’s send Courtney over to keep the suits busy. Lord knows she would distract them. Sorry Sherre, you shouldn’t have to deal with that on a FRIDAY!

    Well since I haven’t been watching, when does the season end? Is there just one winner, do kids ever leave? I saw the first or second show where this one kid wanted to leave.

    3 hours till the weekend!

    Thanks Jeff, we will of course, follow you around and wait for your approval on our first posts. ;)

    We appreciate all you do.


  44. I agree that had to be the best line of the night, because when we (my sister, myself, and my brother in law) were watching it, heard it, I hit pause and rewound it just so we could hear it again!

    JR’s threats, probably why folks say Todd won’t come out the winner? I dunno, I’m just sick of JR and Courtney, yet at the same time, how boring is it going to be with those that are left? They pretty much all get along.


  45. oh yeah, Shannon is gonna fit in here real nice…

    there are these 2 lawyers who have been an island for the past year when one day a stuningly beautiful naked woman floats ashore. Lying on the beach unconsious, the 2 lawyers look at her when one says:

    “Think we should screw her???”

    The other replies:

    “Out of what???”

  46. They all get along now, but come choppin time, no matter how much people get along, everyone is in it to win, and as the numbers shrink — conflict is sure to follow…

  47. yep …. Shannon …. you will fit in just fine …. just don’t let Big G …. scare you when he pulls out those lighting bolts …. they have GPS …. and he never aims them at the girls … you might not want to stand next to JP though.

  48. oh that brings up another question Shannon …. where are you located …. I am North Carolina …. home to a lot of past American Idol’s .

    Do you Blog from home or from W……

  49. I am in Alberta, Canada, about 1 hr N of the Montanna border

    Blogging @ W***, but I’m the boss(but not a SUIT) so it’s OK !

  50. Im in California about an hour away from San Francisco… I’ve always wanted to visit visit Banff, which I understand is just up the street and around the corner from you…

  51. WOW …. you are really north of me … bosses are okay if you are not a suit …. I used to be one of those …. I didn’t like it …. I like to be my OWN boss but no one elses ….

  52. something like that, 3hrs. I haven’t made it to California.yet but i/ve been to Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, and Montanna

  53. I/We have a staff of 5 plus my husband(we get to take turns being the Boss) We own a manufactuing business, and are pretty relaxed, this is our slow season, and we have a short work week……….. nobody here today but me and one other

  54. Not me …. I am a warm weather girl …. don’t like snow …. saw enough of that when I lived in Missouri. We get snow every once in a while here ..but not often . …when we do it is normally in the form of ice … or we get like a foot of snow and it shuts the state down.

  55. would you believe me if i said i lived in an igloo and drove a dog sled to W***

    just kidding……….actually we get alot of chinooks here and the snow doesn’t usually stay for long, though we are close to the mountains if you’re into skiing; which I’m not

  56. Howdy Everyone!

    Great to see the chatter. I’ve got to get caught up. Still busy here. Lonnng story. Just family stuff.

    Welcome to the new Posters! and, just so you know… ifin ya go to the side of the building, you might catch a Big G and Sherre rendevous. They’re our ‘blog office gossip’ item.

    It’s a tie for me on best quote. Todd’s about Courtney… ‘Get over it …bitch’…and, during tribal when James said JR needs to ‘Shut….up’. Both had me ROTFLMAO!

    I’m an Amazing Race fan also…. love to see the Countries and Cultures.

    I need to change my name to a more ‘generic’….one to suit all the blogs. Okeydokey…gotta run..

    Have a Superduper Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll check in over the weekend and get caught up on all the posts.

  57. Red …… glad to see you ….. you are like Enigma ….. here one minute gone the next ….like a flash ….

    we miss ya ….

    I might try and pop in over the week end maybe I will catch ya …

  58. Hey Sherre girl,

    Just about to sign off. Saw your post. Thanks! I miss you all too!!

    Really gotta run now… lol. Wayyyy behind…

  59. ** why do I think the words “red head girls have to stick together” is gonna drive me nutty now **

    ** oh the thoughts in my head **

    Sorry Big G….looks like you are starting to mess with my thoughts! Thanks!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  60. Sorry Shannon, I went to take a break. This afternoon is crawling by at a snail’s pace.

    LOL @ you living in an igloo! I do appreciate a pretty snowfall. But we usually end up like Sherre with ice, blech.


  61. I know what you mean about crawling by at a snail’s pace ….. and we still have the suit in the office …. be very very quiet …. I am bloggin behind her back …. hehehehe

  62. Here in california, gotta go to the mountains to see the white stuff… nothing here at all for the most part… and Im from Michigan originally and I do miss the snow…

  63. LOL Sherre, sounded like Elmer Fudd, be vewwy vewwy qwiet, I’m bwoggin behind her bwack!

    Wow G, that’s impressive, most folks that have lived in Michigan don’t miss the snow. :)

    Less than an hour to go for the weekend! Yeah!


  64. awwww Tina I have more than 3 hrs til the wee-end!

    I’d rather have the snow tahn this #$@*& cold wind


  65. yeah …. the suit is still here …. it feels a little naughtly bloggin behind her back …. hehehe ….

    yea …. the week end is here ….. and I have to say I am ready for it !!!

    Shannon girl it’s been fun …. glad you came in and pulled up a chair this time.

    you guys have a good one

    later taters …

  66. Sherre TTFN, & that probably goes for the rest of you too as the week-end looms near and everybody wants to leave W*** fast

  67. Yes, I’m out of here in about 10 mins….have a great weekend everyone, be safe driving home. :)

    Oh yeah just one more thing…..did anyone notice James called the Immunity Idol, “that immunization thing” last night? I was going WTF? lol

    bye for now…

  68. I get back and everybody leaves…. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    It must be me.

    Great weekend to Everyone!

    Yep, us redheads stickin’ together. Blondes do not have more fun. Ha… so there! Redheads Rule!

  69. Yo Jeff…..

    Just a suggestion and ifin I have missed the Section where it’s at… just slap me and point me in the right direction.

    Tell me how to try the avatar thingy again. I want to see if my ‘puter is still screwed. You may have to bail me out again and put it back.


  70. I found it…

    Nevermind Jeff… I got it. I wasn’t going to change..just wanted to see if my computer could get there now. It did.

  71. Wow! Look at all the new faces today! Red, that was one hell of a post….lol Hello everybody, killer episode, its finally starting to heat up………later! }——–>

  72. It’s Monday, is anyone out there?

    Jeff, were you able to squeez in TAR blog or can someone straighten me out on it here. Because there were so many folks and it went so fast my head is spinning!


  73. Good morning Tina…

    Jeff has put a link above for TAR, but just for you, here it is…


    I agree with you, too soon to make any real judgements on TAR, too many people — too many personalities to sort out. By my initial favs are TK and Rachel — They seem nice and have a good chemestry together. Then theres the father/daughter team of Ronald & Christina — I have a soft spot for teams like that and they also seem nice…

    the only other thing I have to say, that if you’re screaming at a donkey that you’re gonna cut him up and eat him, I don’t think your destin to win this race, pluse it make me wonder who was the true Ass in that situation…

  74. oops… it’s monday… I meant to say is, Anyone Looking for GOD on TAR blog, I am going by the screen name of Racer-X…

    lets see proof read look good…

    now just click submit…

    and, wala, there it is…

  75. Sherre, are thg suits gone??? Can you come out to play??? I would really like to get something going with you and Tina this morning… can’t think of a better way to start a monday thant THAT!!! :)

  76. Glad to see you Shannon and G! I guess I forgot how fast paced TAR is. I feel there are some strong teams there, but I can’t remember any of their names! lol

    Get something going G? What did you have in mind? It better be soon because this 100.6 degree fever I have might keep me from staying at w….. the office all day. But the boss is out so I’ll probably have to.


  77. For those of you who haven’t made it over to TAR blog yet, here are the teams

    Kynt & Vyxsin ———— Goth Couple
    Jennifer & Nathan —– Couple with Issues
    Ronald & Christina —- Father/Daughter Team
    Shana & Jennifer —— Hot Blonds
    Azaria & Hendekea —- Brother/Sister with Issues
    Lorena & Jason ——– Another Dating Copule with Issues
    Nicolas & Donald —— Grandson/Grandfather
    Ari & Staella ————– Best Friends ….. 1st Team Eliminated
    Marianna & Julia ——- Sisters
    Rachel & TK ————- Dating w/o Issues
    Kate & Pat ————— The Gay Married Ministers

  78. gee tina, what I had in mind required 3 consenting adults… ;) and Im still looking for Sherre… and as much as I like a hot chick, with a 100.6 fever please take some asprin and go home… your boss really needs to get with the program here and take better care of their devoted employees…

    hope you feel better…

  79. Hey Big G,

    Interested in writing for the new TAR blog? Also everyone else, if there is anyone intersted please let me know. I love to get people who are excited for the show to help provide info and insite to the blogs.

    Also, what do you think of the layout? It is a little different as I do try to make each blog a little different but overall I think I am liking it. What are your thoughts?


    Jeff Probst

  80. I did take some aspirins G, and I am less “hot” now. ;) But not to worry, I’d never spread germs, I’m the complete opposite of that. As for my boss, she’s at home taking care of herself because she’s sick. I beginning to wonder about this building. 2 people have died from a rare form of Leukemia in this building in the past 2 months.

    Anyhow enough rambling about that, where is Sherre???? Did the suits kidnap her? Sherre, send us some smoke signals and we’ll find you and rescue you!

    THANK YOU for the TAR list G, that is very helpful. :)


  81. maybe the suits have bit her on the neck and turned her into an evil suit… I just saw a movie like that (30 days of night)… which had vampires in suits… Ah-ha!!! normally I wouldn’t mind a little neck action, but Im beginning to think I don’t want to play with Sherre — the last thing I need is to be turned into a suit… of all the horrors… :)

    glad you’re feeling better… hot or not, I’ll still play with ya!!! :)

    Now I have to give this writing for TAR thing a little thought… time is a factor but more importantly, RHSC used to blog all the time, then she started writing for Jeff… and now we never see her… now Im not saying that Jeff is turning them into some kind of zombee writer , but you have to wonder whats going on here… could Jeff be a suit and bit RHSC turning her into one as well???

    Maybe Jeff sent the suits after Sherre… and soon they may be headed our way…

    I gotta run for now… there are doors that need to be blocked…

  82. G — I don’t think blocked door stop vamps or zobies, better stock up on stakes and holy water( you have some of that don’t you?)

  83. Not a bad idea Shannon, but some parts of the country are having a drought, and even using holy water to scare off suits/vampires is restricted… then you have all the tree huggers here in california wo won’t let you cut a tree down to make stakes… geeze, whta this world coming to???

  84. I know I haven’t been here long, but I agree with Tina that G would make a good writer for TAR. I love that sense of humour!

    why is everybody here instead of the TAR site anyway?

  85. **not a biter**

    well….at least not hard!

    Not sure…Red seems to be busy with her day trading and with things at home. She is around I am sure.

    I am not sure why all my BB8 bloggers decided to not be a part of this blog. I think it just is too slow for them since it is only on one day.

    I appreciate you guys being around…makes me feel like these blogs are worth doing!

    Big G…offer stands. Also if you would like to write on this blog I am sure Enigma, Hope and RHSC would love the company! Let me know.

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  86. I have a true story… Seeing last nights TAR and seeing how a donkey had such and amazing effect on the result reminded me of my one and only dealing with a donkey…

    This was many years ago around 1980 / 81. I was a fire fighter in the Air Force at the time and volunteered to take part in a fund raiser to raise money for a small volunteered fire department. The fund raiser was Donkey Baseball…

    For those of you who have never heard of this, the rules are simple, everyone in the field except the pitcher is riding a donkey. The batter once he hits the ball has to jump on a donkey standing by and run/ride the bases. The fielders ride their donkey to where the ball landed, get off the donkey to get the ball and then get back on the donkey before throwing the ball… Of course this sounds so simple… :)

    Well, we sold tickets to this event and had quite a few people in the stands… I had one turn at bat… Trust me, I wouldn’t have survived a second… I hit the ball, attempted to mount my trusty steed or get on the ass, which ever you prefer… but this donkey had made up his mind that he wasn’t taking any passengers that day…

    Well instead of just letting go of the rope, I hung on, trying as best as I could to climb on the donkey ad he ran across the field, bucking and jumping all over the place… I was kicked as couple of times, dragged through gravel, and he tried to bite me… after what seemed forever I was thrown out at first, having never come close to the base…

    The end result was a trip to the emergency room to be cleaned up and have my boo-boos attended to… I had a distinct limp for about a week after that…

    So I could appreciate a little of what the teams were going through last night… although I will say, this team (Ari & Staella) was never gonna go far in this race… so the donkey I think did ua all a favor in getting them eliminated early… what and ass they were, Ari & Staella, not the donkey… ;)

  87. ~~~~~ smoke ~~~~~~


    I am telling you guys this as been one more frustrating Monday …

    If I had those suits by their dagglers I would snatch em off !!!

    I have got quit a mess to clean up …. GRRRRRRRRRRR …

    Let me catch up and I will be back ….

  88. oh my goodness …. what a day …

    TAR …. wow …. I am like Tina …. there was so much going on last night …. I could not make heads nor tails or the couples …. except I am glad the ones that came in last where last …. did they not think of feeding the poor donkey with the peat. That donkey sure made a jack and jennie out of them . Karma is a beautiful thing sometimes.
    I think I like the guy and his granddad …. and the father and daughter …. so far anyways.

  89. The being the Survivor Blog, I thought I would post something about Survivor — While flipping through the channel Saturday I came across the World Porker Tour and who was there but none other then our next bootee Jean-Robert. He was at the final table for some tournment and I believer he finished either 3rd or 4th. Not sure how much he won, but I do know his total winnings exceed $750K. Not too shabby… but he’s still next to go home IMHO…

  90. since when do we JUST talk about survivor …. hummmmm

    yeap I think that JR is the next to go home as well ….

  91. okay kiddies ….. I have to make my way home and boy I’m I glad this day is over … it has been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day .

    maybe tuesday will be a better day …..

    Sorry I was mostly MIA …. today …. I have not abandoned you guys I promise …. just fixing the mess the suits made ….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

  92. I think they’ll get rid of PG before JR, They’ll want to kepp their numbers up before they turn on each other

    or should I say before they turn on each other more than they already have?

  93. Yeah, there’s always a lot going on in TAR and it is so fast pace that is easy to miss something… as usual, there is quite the mix of teams who either don’t have a clue or have personality issues with each other (or both)…

    The two teams I like are TK & Rachel who are dating and don’t appear to have any negative issues… the other is Ronald & Christina, the Father/Daughter Team. They seem nice, have a bit of a clue, and are in the race for the adventure of it…

    and that’s always been my take on TAR, go for the adventure and have fun. If you get all frantic and argue, what the point??? its only gonna make you make mistakes… which will just add to the frustration… stay cool, work as a team, have fun and the race will take care of itself…

  94. F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-N-G! That’s it in a nutshell. Poor Sherre, hope tomorrow goes better for all of us. Two banks merged (one of them being the one our company uses of course) and as a result all HELL has broken loose and no one is getting me any information. I agree, this has been a horrible day.

    I look forward to going home and watching some DWTS and Bachelor if I can stay awake that long. I plan to medicate myself upon my arrival home! lol

    Have a great day all.


  95. Poor G, can we say you got your A$$ kicked by an ass? That’s horrible. I’m glad they got your boo boos mended up nicely. ;)


  96. And thanks Sherre, I’m sure I’ll feel better when I leave this place. Ya’ll have a good evening.

  97. yes Tina, the one time I tried to ride an ass, the ass kicked my ass… I guess that’s called poetic justice… in the end, it was still was fun and it never crossed my mind to yell at the donkey…

  98. Good Morning…………..I’m Here

    and just for here is my quote for the day

    “I don’t suffer from insanity!……………..I enjoy every minute of it!


  99. Good morning ladies of Dan Du… all that is missing is Sherre… Im still not convinced that she hasn’t been bitten by one of those suits and turned into one of the living dead… but geeze, I feel like one of the living dead every morning that I make the long drive in…

    I hope everyone is feeling better today… after my story about my encounter with a donkey, I realized that it could have been worse… MUCH WORSE!!! have any of you ever seen the video out on youtube of the overweight guy out in a field with is pants down being chased by a love sick donkey??? if not, go to youtube and search on “Donkey Love” It is by far one of the funnyest things out there… and of course, like we needed to be told this, if’s not good when a donkey has his way with you… :)

  100. I thought he was there to answers natures call, but I really do not know… one thing for certain, had I found myself in this situation, I would have killed the guy with the video camera and destroyed the tape… BUT, I’ll Never Be In ~~THAT~~ Situation…

  101. G–I don’t know you that well ……….but somehow I just can’t see you (or anyone with more that a few braincells) in that situation

    But don’t you LOVE it when stupid do stupid things and then put it where EVERYONE can see it so WE(the smart people) can laugh our A$$es off at them?


  102. Of course shannon, that’s why I pointed it out this morning… So Ari & Staella on TAR yelled at a donkey and were sent home for their trouble, but at least the donley didn’t get any action… :)

  103. ok, survivor stuff…

    Next bootee I believe is JR unless he somehow wins immunity. My rational for this prediction is:

    1st, were not playing tribe against tribe anymore where his stregth would be an asset.
    2nd. because of his strengh, he now is perceived as a threat for Individual Immunity challenges and even reward challenges.
    3rd. His people skills suck!!! and he had been getting votes at almost all tribal consels.

    the real question is gonna be how much will JR be able to sway the jury against todd (his threat) should todd make it to the F3? that of course won’t play out for some weeks.

  104. That makes sense G – but I still think they will stick together long enough to get rid of the other tribe’s members before turning to stab each other in the back. But that’s just how I percieved it.

    BTW I will be going on a little trip Thursday after the kids get out of school and will miss Survivor & TAR so I expect lots and lots of info and a REALLY detailed RECAP when I get back on Monday morning!


  105. Uh oh….the pressure is on. Shannon needs some UPDATES.

    The only problem is..I am leaving town for 6 days and will not be back until Monday.

    I am hoping RHSC or Enigma updates this blog.

    I will try to do TAR after watching the 2nd show.

    We will do what we can.

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  106. Thanks JP — I knew I could count on you!

    Hey! has their been a reversal here?………. is it just me with the GUYS???lol

  107. Geeze Shannon, this place was a lot more fun (for me) when if was just me and the girls…

    Tina says good morning and disappears… Sherre has been turned into an evil non-dead suit… I would love to say “it looks like its just you and me” but JP keeps popping in trying to steal my action…

    So where ya going Shannon??? Are you taking the kids or trying to escape from them??? :)

    about my prediction that JR will be booted, I still think its so because he keeps getting votes… He hasn’t learned how to be low-key and is always drawing attention to himself… so I think courtney is gonna get her way this week…

  108. Gee I was begining to think you deserted me too, this has not been good for my ego!

    I am going to Edmonton for a tradeshow, (and no such luck the kids are comming with me!), it is a W@@@ thing, but we have fun too!

    I hope your prediction is right I don’t like JR anyways–just trying to offer a different perspective, did you notice that even thogh he stongly wanted to vote out PG instead of Jaimie, he played nice and did what his alliance wanted! They may try to keep him in to go to final 2 with—Thinking that nobody would vote for him to win.

    I guess we’ll have to wait & see

  109. Yeah, I have also been busy with that “w” thing… sometimes you just can’t escape it…

    BTW, it’s a F3 this year… and I too would love to be sitting next to JR… Show me the money!!! but for that matter, I don’t much like courtney either but again, would love to be in the final round with her also… easy money there too…

  110. F3?! I must have missed that little detail somewhere. I’m not sure I like it, last time there was a Final 3, it was only between the 2 guys and the girl didn’t get any votes at all! I would hate to be that 3rd person and twiddling my thumbs while the votes are being read

    gotta go to lunch

  111. Message for you guys from TAR blog(copied & pasted so I wouldn’t forget anything)

    “Is DanDu over at S Blog? Im using my cell and can go only so far (usually stops at 4 pages) Tell them Natvtxn is back in US and says hello! Tell Big G to quit peeking under the skirts or he might find a “britney spears!?” (Natvtxn was my ID at BBBlog)”

  112. yep, F3… not sure why they’re doing that, I heard that it’s to prevent one popular player from bringing along an unpopular one to hep ensure they get the money… so I would bring along both courtney and JR… money, money,money… perhaps that’s why… I don’t think it adds all that much to the drama at the final vote… but I m not the producer…

    So Edmonton for a long weekend with the kids… as long as there is FUN involved… don’t worry, we’ll get you some good updates on monday, although you should get a TIVO… best thing in the world for missed programs, and you can speed through commercials…

    well, gotta do something around here to make myself look productive… will chek back in a bit later…

  113. Sorry didn’t mean to run and hide but I got a call from the school and had to pick up my son, he’s ok, and to be quite honest I didn’t mind getting to come home today.

    Its probably biased editing but remember the preview that suggests Todd implanting the idea of voting off James to get rid of the two Immunity Idols? I’m torn on what way the tribe will vote. I tend to agree with Shannon that they will try to get rid of the remaining Zhan Hu members, at the same time….it depends on the mood of the camp since the merge. Opinions and relationships may have changed in which case they may escort JR to the door.

    See ya’ll tomorrow. :)


  114. looks like it’s time for me to get going…………you know feed the horses, feed the kids, drive son to hockey. Ah the joys of a working parent with kids who have a life so she can’t.lol


  115. good morning dan du’s

    hope all is well today …

    Sorry to be MIA again yesterday …. I did not actually make it in to the place I call hell on earth …. I had a doctor’s appt and boy …. you know if you don’t have anything wrong with you when you walk in …. they will do their best to find something. Any way my Monday….. was so stress filled I decided to take the afternoon off . I am so glad to find that you guys miss me when I am gone …. and NO Big G …. the suits did not bite me ….

    Okay …. I have to see what mess the suits created for me while I was out yesterday …. I will be back later today ….

  116. Shannon, Tina…

    I think we need to watch Sherre… first there’s another excuse for yesterday… then she denies that she’s been bitten with a Capital NO… hmmmmmm… and now she runs off to do the suits bidding… there was a time when we were more important to Sherre then the suits… but I fear they have claimed her as one of their own…

    I think we have to be very careful that she doesn’t bite us, and normally I wouldn’t mind being bit by a green eyed redhead, but I really don’t want to become an undead suit…

  117. ok, on to more serious business… here’s the question of the day… Do we really need a TAR blog?

    I was just over there and there are only 6 posts, 4 of which are mine, and one of those was me jsut bragging on being first… and let me tell you, it’s not so great being 1st when you’re about the only one there…

    My suggestion is just to hit on both TAR and Survivor right here… less traveling from one site to the other and the price of gas being what it is, the less traveling the better I say…

    So, Im curious what you think and then we can ambush Jeff with this…

  118. Well work fast G, because the suits have been in my world all morning. I think I’ve been bit a time or two….ouch, will be back later……


  119. G–I’ve been posting on the TAR blog too and after some investigation I realized that there are 2 posts that we’ve been blogging to-seperately; if you go to the arcieves and click on November the”l both be there…….but on that note with all the confusion i agree there only needs to be 1 site

    that’s 3 votes Jeff

  120. hey hey hey ….. I am not a undead suit …. **pout** I promise !!! I am hurt ….

    I think we could do TAR and Survivor right here ….. that would be fine …. being as we are going to talk about here anyways …. so that is 4 votes …

    I order my heating gas yesterday and It was up to 299.9 they said it would go up today to 315 a gallon. My husband as a 140 mile commute everyday …. it is killing us in gas money … I tell you I don’t know what people are going to do.

  121. Sherre **pouted** I just looked up evil undead suits and they can’t pout… Woo Hoo — Sherre’s not an evil undead suit… yeah!!!

    OK Sherre, seeing that you ok, I’ll go back to my previous position and you can bite me any time you like!!!

    As for Gas, I can throw a rock and hit 3 refineries and still pay some of the highest gas prices in the country… today $3.49 a gal… and as for throwing that rock, I don’t dare because they would just used that as an excuse to raise the price… and my daily round trip is about 125 miles…

  122. well ….. just to rub salt in my wounds that the “suits” made ….. grrrrrrrrrrr…

    We just found out this morning after we repair what the “suits” fixed …. they plan to outsource our jobs …. dont that just chap your ass …..

    My day just gets better and better ….

  123. you know Sherre, if you club the suits and tie them up in a closet before they can submit their report, their little plan to save money will never happen… and as I understand it, this is acceptable office behavior…

    I always believed that you get what you pay for and outsourcing rarely turns out to be the great money saver the suits thought it would be… however, it does make sense on paper and they know there is a pat on the back from the king of the suits should they pull this off… then 3 years later when they realize their mistake, the suits have all been promoted…

    so as I said, club them before they finish…

  124. Ok just here for a quickie…..Sherre that is horrible news, I’m with G, club them. 3.49 a gallon? And I was complaining about 2.89 a gallon. Wow. Shannon, did you just go to Taco Bell? If so I think you forgot to take our orders!

    I agree we can have TAR and Survivor all in one place, doesn’t matter to me! :)


  125. yeah …. we all know that the suits plan to save all this money … looks great on paper but 3 years down the line when the customers are leaving they will be wishing that they had keep all the “little” people like me …. who deals one on one with the customer and you know I am great at customer service *wink* . This is actually the third job I have had that did that. It just chaps my ass !!!! oh and the best part is that it will actually be a year before it is implemented so I get to stew about until then.

    Okay I am going to table that subject for today …. I just had to get my little rant out ….so I can continue to repair the suits new operating system …. yip pee …..

    I am going to go to lunch and get a better attitude .

    be back later ….

  126. Sherre… here’s my advice… Do not sit around for a year and stew about this… Get you resume ready and see what out there now… It is far better to be looking for a job when you don’t need one then to be looking for one when you do… this way you’ll be in a better position to judge whether you want a particular job instead of desperate to find anything… you have a year — Use It!!!

  127. Back from lunch …..

    yes Big G …. that is very sound advice …. I recently updated my resume … because I am always on the look out for something better …. you know …. but I have been told that I will have a position here …. I have held different positions here over the years …. one was mangement …. but I give it up for a desk job … for better hours …. being in mangement you never get to leave the job …. they where constantly calling me at home on my days off …. I was basically here every time the doors where open. The stress was more than I could bear. So my choice is to leave …. jump ship before it sinks …. and it WILL sink…. stay and see what postion they might offer me …. could be a better one …. or could be a crap job …. or I could stay till the bitter end and see if they offer a good serverance package. Best thing is I don’t have to make a decision right away.

  128. Shannon must have gotten lost making her way to the border …

    Tina …. did you go out to lunch ….

    Big G …. are you having your afternoon scotch ….

  129. I’m back!! to Montanna & back then out to lunch………..er……………make that out FOR lunch. Sorry forgot the Taco Bell!

    well, my husband phoned last nite and wanted me to head to Edmonton today for the show! I had to tell him NO CAN DO! but now I need to leave first thing in the morning and fear going through withdrawl!

  130. Hello DD’rs …. yes did the lunch thing, still a frustrating day. Hey tomorrow one of our tribemates will be hearing Jeff’s infamous words….The tribe has spoken, it is time for you to go…..did you notice Jamie left before he got a chance to say it is time for you to go? First time I’d seen that.

  131. Okay just took a quick look at the TAR site and found my new friend bloggin all by herself. She sent a coulpe of messages for you guys, I believe you know her as ‘Natvtxn’

    ………”.Tell everyone (DanDu) hey for me and to get over here so I can gossip! I need to know the latest tween Big G and Tina, Sherri, RHSC, etc…that little devil…oops…I mean angel!”

    Comment by Go Speed Racer — November 7, 2007 @ 11:24 am

    “Oh, also let them know (sorry about bugging you like this!) that on Sun afternoon, on the Fox Reality TV channel, AR is playing the last F3 couples episodes from last years race. You know, the beauty queens, Charlene & sister, and the dating couple that ended up winning……Hey, thanks for sharing the Artic wind. Its finally cold in Fl.”

    Comment by Go Speed Racer — November 7, 2007 @ 11:34 am

  132. i sure she was embarassed too—————wouldn’t you be, after trying to use an idol that wasn’t an idol………and to top it off Jeff thrws it in the fire so she can’t even sell it on ebay and make some extra cash that way!!lol

  133. that has got to be one of the funniest moments in survivor histroy for me….. I loved it when Jeff threw the fake idol in the fire. …. sweet revenge for Aaron !!!

  134. Yes that was a classic survivor moment, right along with the time that one dude, don’t remember his name, but he begged to be voted off, was a big muscular type guy, he couldn’t take it and Jeff threw his pole down after snuffing out his fire.

    I’m leaving for home soon, hope you all drive safely, talk to you tomorrow!


  135. Getting back into Survivor mode, I am thinking that tomorrows show will be lower key from last weeks. I mean, how could they ever top the fake idol… regardless, I still feel that it JR’s night to leave. He’s the only one wo has been getting votes, and courtney is gonna be pushing hard… they may vote out JR just to shut her up…

    The big thing to watch for is: Will JR know its coming??? How will he try to stay in the game??? Will he again threaten todd with turning jury against him as he did last week.

    me, I would keep JR for awhile… you girls know it nice o have a big guy around sometimes, and I would go after PG now after the stunt of throwing the comp… payback is hell they say…

    anyway, if it’s not JR, I think they would be smart to go after Frostie… ol monkey boy would be a serious thret for any immunity challenges, be it physical or mental… he proved that last week… “I wasn’t looking at their feet” my ass… the boy is cleaver, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him win which is why they should target him as soon as they can…

  136. i just had a thought if Jeff is convinced to change the site to a dual Survivor/TAR site he can still use JP but instead of Jeff Probst in can be J/P = Jeff/Phil

    it the end of the day and i’m ready to go home and start packing…………i’ll see everybody on Monday………hopefully ther won’t be too much w___ stacked up for to do

    have a great week-end, and remember i will need lots and lots of details

    …………and i’m off to the rodeo


  137. Good Morning dan du’s! Unfortunately I had to be at work before the crack of dawn so I thought I’d take a minute to reflect on survivor before the suits arrive. ;)

    I think G may be right about JR but I can’t get out of the back of my mind Todd’s comment about getting James out and the 2 immunity idols out of play. Of course James could give one back to Todd, which he should, in my opinion. PG or Frostie should be the next to go if the tribe stays loyal to the original members, but there again it all depends on who gets immunity.

    If JR gets immunity, I would think they would vote off PG or Frostie, unless Todd convinces the rest to get the Immunity Idols out of play by voting James off.

    Shannon, I hope you are enjoying the rodeo! We’ll look for you on Monday. By then we’ll have lots of survivor and TAR chatter going on. :)

    G, are you there yet? Sherre? Red? Jeff? Enigma? Wake up you sleepyheads. If I have to come in early then ya’ll should too right? :)


  138. good morning my dan du sister …..

    yes I am awake and at my hell on earth place …. I also wanted to come in and get an early start before the suits arrived. I have to get my morning caffine dose … matter of fact I think I will have a double dose …. if today is like the rest of the week as been then I will need it and then some.

    Survivor …. yes I think that tonights episode will be a little less exciting …. although the previews hint at James being the one to go …. maybe by Todd putting the Idols into play. If James is smart he will hang on to them both …. but I think he should give one to Todd it is the only fair thing to do… if not for Todd then James would not know of the idols at all . But then you know that sneaky snake Todd’s head will be spinning with game play …. and he will want to hatch out a deal to get James out …. since anyone with a clue knows that James will be hard to beat in the IC. IMO they should work to get out Peih Gee …. before anyone else …. that girl is in full on game mode and she will do or say whatever it takes to drive a wedge in the remaining Fei Long members. Of course this being survivor everyone is always suspicious of everyone else so it does not take much to plant doubt in someones mind.

    I do think that this is JR’s week to go …. but it is possible they scare James into putting the idol into play.

  139. Glad to see you made it Sherre and hopefully you’ve had your java by now. :) Big G, where are ya? I know Shannon is off riding bulls and consorting with cowboys, but where is G?

    Has anyone heard any spoilers as to when a possible family reunion might be?


  140. yes Tina I have had my morning cup of joe …. and now I am slamin my morning DT Dew… I told you I needed a double dose of caffine. I am looking around at my desk and it truely looks as though a fax machine threw up on my desk. I am going to take a moment and organize so I can blog with my fellow reality TV addicts …. while I dazzle the suits with my amazing multi tasking skills.

    I do hope shannon brings us one of those bull riding cowboys back ….

  141. oh …. I have not had time this week to visit any of the spoilers sites …. so I am not up to date on the gossip and rumors. Maybe I will have time later today to take a peek.

  142. Good morning and then good-bye(had to pick up a few last minute things and thought I’d check in)

    I saw a preview last nightand……………………….OMG!…it said JR was going to make the bluff of his life and then showed JR telling James he had the HII – *NOTE – he was telling James or it was very clever editing!

    and with that note I will leave you


  143. Good morning ladies… sorry Im late, but I am at home and I got to sleep in… and when you get up at 3 every day, sleeping in is quite a treat… however, it came with a price, I have to move some furniture out of the house to get ready for some new furniture… and of course that means vacume, dusting and general cleaning… Im beginning to wish that I got up and drove in to the office this morning…

    Bull Riding Cowboys??? Well I road a bull ONCE!!! the bull I might add was in full control of the situation and if I said I lasted 3 seconds, I might be accused of exaggerating a bit…

    So does that count???

  144. OMG, if what Shannon said was true, this could be way too funny… James has got to be thinkin “How many Dumb Asses are on this show??” all the more ammunition for JR to be going home this week, I say…

  145. so Big G …. you are doing those little “honey do’s” today …. new furniture …. yeah the hubby and me did a little rearrganging a couple of weeks ago …. we got a new TV and with that a new hutch …. I love my TV but not the hutch.

    Be careful today while moving that furniture around so as not to strain anything important .

    3 seconds … huh …. that was a quick ride …

  146. okay …. I do expect there to be a new entry tomorrow morning …. and a new poll would be nice as well …

    This blog entry is getting full and takes a long time to refresh and load …

    Thank you very much kind sirs and mums ….

  147. well, the furniture is all out, sure wish I had James and JR around here a few minutes ago… its the carpets turn, vacuming sure sucks… :)

  148. are you doing this cleaning and moving by yourself …. or is Ms. G …. running around in a little french maids outfit …. hummmmmmm ….. that would explain you lack of interest in the blog this morning …. LOL ….

  149. well the suits are on a rampage …. they are blocking almost every site I frequent …. they have blocked my hotmail and yahoo mail so I am waiting for the blogs to go next ….

    I hope not but I may only be able to blog from home after today ….

  150. Oh no Sherre, the suits are evil and must be done away with. I must admit that isn’t what’s kept me away today. Our company is having a silent auction of all kinds of crap (some of it good stuff actually) and I think I spent 2 hours just writing my name on stuff bidding on everything I saw lol, well not literally but close.

    So this preview sounds interesting…as does G’s 3 sec rides he’s offering. Glad you could stop by Shannon, hurry back.

    I hear in the rumor mill they might be having BB sooner than they thought due to the WG strike…we shall see.


  151. they have blocked almost everything yahoo …. *sigh*

    I hope they leave my blogs alone …. what will I do to pass the time …

    Having BB sooner rather than later would be great as long as it does not interfer with AI …. they are different networks …. and I don’t see BB toping AI …

  152. So Tina, am I to understand that you’re intrested in a “3 Second Ride???” well, that would be a first for me… aside from the bull of course… ;)

    Sherre, as for the Suits — The Bastards!!! and I can appreciate it, most of the good stuff is blocked at the office… and one of these days, I won’t be suprised to see the bloggs blocked as well, so I enjoy while I can…

  153. are you guys getting an error on your page …. I am and it never fully loads for me …. keeps saying 1 item remaining….. not sure what is going on ….

  154. It’s probably because this page is so long, maybe its erroring out.

    LOL G, I’ve had some short rides but 3 secs, ummm no lol.

    As for AI and BB being on at the same time, I just DVR one of them, probably both of them as I can’t stand to watch commercials anyhow. Just like tonight with CSI and Grey’s Anatomy… I tend to watch my shows delayed by at least 30 mins so I can skim thru the advertisements.

    It sure will be a funny episode if JR plays his poker-face to James and claims to have the HII, because he’s about the only one (maybe Erik and PG as well) that doesn’t know about James having them.

    Do you all think when the finale airs that Courtney will have gained any weight? Most of the time they all come back looking about 30 lbs heavier. I didn’t even recognize Sandra the year she won when she came back….forget the season but it was the first year Rupert was on, and Johnny Fairplay as well (I think).


  155. if you notice in the intro …. when they are showing all of them …. Courtney does not look that small …. I hope she gains some weight …. she looks painfully thin.

    I have not step over to the DVR yet …. we where waiting until we got our new TV so now I am going to have to get one …. We have directv so we want to get the new HDplusDVR receiver. I wanted to wait as long as I could so they would have more channels in HD … right now I think they have about 100 or so .

    Well guys I hope that I will be able to see you in the morning but if not I will pop in after I leave hell on earth.

    later taters …

  156. ok, I have really have to be careful what I write… you ladies are killin me… but if you were to look at it as a race, I came in first!!! :) but if any of you ladies want to expirence the best 3 seconds of your life, all you have to do is grab this bull by the horn… ;)

    Woo Hoo Ride em Cowboy!!! :)

    well, the furniture just got here, so now I have to put the room together… hope tonight is as fun as it looks from the preview…

    talk at ya all tomorrow…

  157. Have a good evening everyone, G, did ya finish vacuuming yet? I don’t know how I lived without my DVR Sherre, its awesome, I don’t have an HD tv so I don’t know what I’m missing yet lol.

    I hope you can join us tomorrow still Sherre!

    Shannon, still riding those cowboys? :)

    Jeff, you ready to snub out someone’s fire tonight? Or did you say you would be gone a few days, I can’t keep up with ya’ll’s schedules!

    Red, where are ya?

    Enigma? like a flash you come and go.

    JR, the tribe has spoken, its time for you to go. lol or is it?


  158. Wow G, I didn’t know you were a bull, that makes you all scary in a good sort of way. ;)

    I hope someone is available to write us a new blog entry after the show tonight.


  159. well well well …. I got in this morning ….

    Good Friday Morning dan du’s ….

    I am very disappointed that we have NO new blog entry this morning …. and still have an error on my page ….

    Well JR went home last night …. I hope James has learned a lesson about his tribe members. Todd or anybody else would not touch one of those Idol’s if it where me I would keep them for myself and put them into play .

    Denise I felt so sorry for her …. you could tell her feelings where hurt … when they did not pick her. I hope she wins next IC just so she can feel in power for once in this game.

    Courtney …. I knew when they started that challenge that girl had in the bag …. she is light as a feather …. she did not move until the very end …. I was very impressed . … but I still don’t like her.

    Amanda has her head in the game …. I do believe more and more that she will win this thing.

    Todd is an sneaky slimmy snake in the grass ….. don’t like him at all. But he is in full on game mode .

    Next week …. I just don’t know …. I will have to think on it a bit …. have my morning cup of Joe and slam a Dt Dew .

    Get up sleepy heads ….

  160. well looks like the suits have blocked all of my rumors and spoilers sites …. so no more peeking while in hell on earth… **sigh**

  161. Good Morning Sherre (and the rest of the dan du’s)

    I was hoping there would be a new blog as well. This page is long!

    I’m with you, I knew Courtney had it in the bag. Frosty hung in there really well also.

    I don’t feel the same way about Todd, I think he’s playing good game, but Amanda is being more logical about keeping the numbers. And can you believe they ask Courtney and she’s like I don’t care who ya’ll vote out. All of a sudden she isn’t itching to get JR out? I think her and Frosti have been getting closer than the editors are letting us see, so she’s happy.

    James is getting on my nerves, but I tell you what, when he started spinning on that log, the noise he was making was like some cartoon and I had to pause and get my laughter out before I could continue….very entertaining stuff.

    Did you hear Erik working that crowd at TC last night? Whoa, who knew he had it in him, they never show him doing much of anything.

    The way the votes were cast you can tell this tribe is still very divided and it will be interesting to see who goes next. It should be PG or James in my opinion.

    What do ya’ll think?

    Tina and…. TGIF

  162. I think Todd is in full on game mode and he is playing a good game …. I just don’t like him.

    James … I forgot about the noices he was making during the challenge …. you are right Tina it was a bit strange … I hope he don’t make that noise during other activities … LOL …

    It was a tribe divided …. but it usually starts happening at this point in the game …. they start turning on each other …. cause after all you are there to win the $$ …. and if you make some friends along the way …. cool …. but the point of it is the money …. some say they are there for the adventure …. and that may be true to a point …. but really it still all comes down to the end game and who wins the big prize.

    James …. would be smart to put those idols into play ….. use one this week regardless of what the others say … about voting and then ….. maybe he could gamble on votes next week …. but if he does not win IC …. he should use the idol. It could be wasted ….but at least he would be for sure to be in it one more week . I would not sit there with two idols and not put them into to play.

  163. Good morning girls… have we got the whole 3 second issued all out of our systems yet???

    so, lets talk about JR for a second… to us, it’s been a week, but for JR 2 days since Jaime gave Jeff some fire wood… JR was there at the privious TC… Although he thought for sure he was going home whne Jaime made her infamous move, he had to be paying some sot of attention when Jeff tossed it in the fire… and now he wants to do it again… Stupid Erick for telling him it was a waste… oh what fun it would have been to add a bit more wood to the fire at TC…

    as for James, that should have been an eye opener last night and I was beginning to think he was going home… roumers say he makes a grave error… could that error be believing that he is safe and not play one of the HII’s??? Also, do any of you think he should share one of the HII’s with Todd??? Todd game him the first and let him know where to find the second… he does have them, and sharing could build him some loyality with Todd and secure a jury vote if it were to go that far… but having 2 HII is a pretty strong position to be in — fi you know when to use them of course!!!

    Courtney — that challenge was just made for her… I predict it is perhaps the only thing she will win in this game… But I give her credit for winning…

    more later — got catching up to do…

  164. After what Todd pulled …. I would not share the idols with him …. just stupid of him to give the idol to James anyways. If James was going to give one up …. he should have already done so …. now with his name coming up at tribal …. he should feel a little less cocky…. and not assume that just because some know he has the idols … that they will not vote for him. you should always look for you name to be written down IMO …. be prepared …. I know you would not want to waste the use of the HII but come on …. this as proven to be a wish washy group ….. trust no one ….. believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see …. It was funny to me that JR threated his way through all of this …. and no one ever paid him any mind at all … dumb ass never had a clue …. oh he had one clue …. just didn’t dawn on him that someone had already fiqured it out …. he calls hisself a poker player …. he should have been able to see the tells.

  165. I think Todd should have one of the idols. I don’t think it should be forgotten that he gave it to James in good faith to keep their tribe safe and the numbers in their favor. I like Todd, maybe in the same way I liked ED. I like people who get in there and stir things up. I hate to see safe people graze through the game. James has 2 idols, and he’s a huge threat at immunity challenges.

    Erik was not too smart to share the info with JR, but as it turned out I don’t think JR told anyone that Erik shared it, in fact he bragged how he figured it out for himself. Quite honestly I’m glad they all don’t have to listen to his snoring.

    I understand no one really likes Courtney, and how its disturbing to see her skinny body (at least to me), but she was planted on that snake last night and no one can take that away from her. I think she adds fuel to the fire in camp….and you need people like that in the game or it will be BORING. (JMO) lol

    Amanda will probably win because she’s skating by with Todd’s maneuvers, my long shot favorite would be Frostie. :) I like that guy.

    James needs to play the idols, he’s not popular anymore. Denise and him don’t even seem close anymore. Weird, when did that happen, I didn’t see it coming. Merge changes everyone and shakes things up huh?


  166. yeah, I never quite understood why Todd would give the idol away… me, I would have just told James where to find the other one… that is too valuable an item to be just giving away…

    as for james giving one back… that can be argued both ways… I am not sure what I would do in this situation… this is where you have to be in the game, and play it by ear…

    as for Amanda… I am rooting for her to win it all…

    1st — shes easy on the eyes — I know, that has nothing to do with anything, but Im a guy, so sue me…

    2nd — Personality wise, she not makig any enemies in the game wich is very important when the jury votes…

    3rd — She is in big time game mode, perhaps better then anyone else because her moves have been subtle so it will be easy for everyone to overlook her…

  167. I’ll give you those 3 points on Amanda, even I agree that she’s very pretty. And usually that comes into play in the final votes of Survivor.

    I think she’s in game mode but I don’t think she comes up with the ideas on her own….I think her and Todd have made a pretty good team, each of them make up for what the other lacks.

    Sooooo who’s going next?


  168. but you know, James has a big X on his back right now and if he isn’t careful, he could be going… and I want to disagree on him being a big immunity challenge threat… when there were tow tribes, I would say yes, becaue the challenges are more physical in nature and well, as you ladies have pointed out, James is very physical in nature… but now the challenges require more skill then just brute force… James had no chance on last night IC and I was betting the wife that courtney was a gonna win… the girl is just a feather… but during the RC, I would have picked Courtney because being light in the boat… but then Courtney once again proves — if is has anything to do physically, she’s not going to be able to perform…

    and I put James along side her in these challenges — if there is a short-term physical challenge, James will power his way through — anything that takes a lot of skill or balance, I think he will not perform well… and the endurance challenge near the end… Nope, ol Jimmy is just too big…

  169. Just a great big “HOWDY” to all my long lost DNPrs (by the way, WHERE IS EET?) And now DanDu-ers!!!! I have been out of the US for quite a while. While some of it was pleasure, most of it was business. About a month-and-a half ago, my brother-in-law
    ‘s brother was killed in Iraq

  170. oops…..accidently pressed Submit…..was killed in Iraq in a copter crash. The funeral procession was unbelievable. Then we were busy making a photo-collage show and then was allowed on base to turn tiny parts of the copter into necklaces. (Yeah, I know this sounds kind of morbid, but it was really appreciated!) What an ordeal!!!! I’m soooooo glad to be home!!

    Needless, to say, I have really missed you guys!! I have had to resort to using my cell-internet….and I’m limited. After you guys fill up the comments to one entry over four pages….it won’t let me on. So, I had to go to TAR Site and graciously….Shannon kept me company!!

    OK!! I know I’m behind so bear with me. My favorite comment about what Todd said about
    Jamie last week: “She’s not quite all there! She’s back there riding on the Small Bike!!” What a hoot!!

    Big G: I might be wrong, but what I found on the SSpoilers was that they were Not doing a F3 at the end this season. It said they were going back to a F2. Also, (and I didn’t want to spoil it) but JP was commenting on some site after E8. So the Spoilers deciphered that he got the “boot.” Found other interesting news, but don’t want to spoil it for anyone (about Courtney).

    What a TENSE moment last night when James didn’t bring his pack or II. But DANG, for supposedly social interaction, he can pick up on stuff I haven’t seen yet. Loved his TC comments about JR last week and Eric’s this week. JR was ridiculous in how he tried to foolishly “bully” people into allying with him. OMG, I am so glad I don’t have to see his HAIRY BULGING GUT hanging over his shorts anymore!!

    Can’t wait to see how next week is played out. Hopefully, James will be smart and bring the II Every Time! My favorite F3 pick: Amanda, Denise, and James.

    Missed you DanDu-ers. If I don’t here from you, I hope you have a great weekend and a nice Veterans Day. Big G – you’re responsible for sending/receiving some big thoughts coming your way.

  171. Hey All…

    Just a reminder, you may not see much of me next week as I will be attending a class in San Francisco and I am not sure if I will be able to get to a computer much… but I will try to sneak in a comment or 2… You all have a great weekend, and if it’s a 3 day weekend — All the better!!! :)

  172. The Big 8

    Amanda ——– Impatient
    Courtney ——- PITA
    Denise ——— Mullett Madness
    Todd ———— More-man (or less)
    Frosti–———– Monkey Man
    Erik ————– Virgin
    Peih-Gee —— Serious Asian Chick
    James ——-— Muscle Madnessr

    Bootee List
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st
    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
    Aaron ——–— Surfing Instructor>>>>>Booted 5th
    Sherea -——– Elementary Teacher>>>>>Booted 6th

    Jury List

    1. Jaime —— Blondie
    2. Jean-Robert — Tool

  173. Howdy gang! I was on another hiatus. Called Jeff to bail me out, but couldn’t get a hold of him and spent 2 weeks in a Chinese prison,lol. It was a learning expirience…..got aquainted with Far east pottys……Actually had a loved one pass on and finally getting things back together. Sherre btw, try to get the net on your cell phone, a lot of people at my wife’s company share theirs around so others can check their email etc. g-man I love your update posts, you should take Jeff up on his offer, I think you would be great at it. Shannon do you still need help with your avatar selection, please let me know. And who all will be in TAR, just curious. Enigma signing out……..

  174. Good ‘Morning’! – I know it’s late, and nobody’s around but, I thought I’d check in and see what was happening? I’m disappointed to not see an updated post, but beggars can’s be choosers(hope to see something soon)

    Was reading the comments to catch up on what I missed – and I have to say G, a cowboy rides the bull for 8 seconds and if he gets bucked off any sooner he gets a NO TIME!! – Sorry! it sounds like you bucked off to me, 3 secs just doesn’t cut it! lol

    Everybody else I’ll catch up with you later!!

  175. I’m protesting until we get a new page on the grounds that people can’t load the page because its so full.

    C’mon guys, please, give us a new posting page. :)


  176. Your wish is my command. New post.

    Tina…would YOU like to help us around here? Seems like life has swallowed up all my BLOGGERS! (which I totally understand and it is totally OK)

    I did a new post….see you there!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

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