Getting To Know You – Survivor Fans Unite. All For One and One for All

First, I want to say… Please Please Read the Previous Blog Commentary Sections. Those concentrate mainly on the show ‘Survivor’.

I wanted to put this one on a weekend for those who have time and want to post ‘stuff’ about yourself as we become a bloggin’ Community united. Post whatever you feel like. Throw in Survivor comments…or not. Your preference.

Make it a weekend free-for-all blogggggggggin’ party.

See Ya later gater….after while crocodile, (the youthful older crowd will recognize the familiarity of that phrase). Was that tactful or what…using the word ‘youthful’. Hey, I’m in that group so no complaints please.. and, no throwing lightning bolts at me.. or popsicle sticks…or snapping rubber bands my way. Those use to hurt like sheeet… riding the school bus always got it going. Ahhh..the memories.


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  1. I am so glad this blog exists. my whole family watches survivor we pick who we think will win and see who was right. I have 2 kids and been married for 17 years

  2. Hey Tammy,

    Glad you found us! I only have to approve your first comment before you can comment freely on our blog. If I did not do this, there would be SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM! I appologize but it is a neccessary step.

    Your comments, have been approved and now your free to chat it up with the rest of us.

    Glad to have you here. Feel free to join in when you see fit!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  3. Hi All!

    Jeff is right. It’s a spam filter and much needed. We don’t realize how much spam hits websites and once the webmaster sees that it’s not an auto generated comment, then, further post approval becomes moot.

    Between the Survivor blogs and BB ones here… it’s becoming clear, the majority is not teenagers and actually are 30 yrs plus. I have been pleasantly surprised that such a span is present on the internet and watching these reality shows.

    I’m mid 50s, divorced, content in life…. ex swat, ex military. now, a commodities trader. Have lived all over…mainly the South … except for stints overseas in Germany, Holland, etc.
    Enjoy most reality shows. A few.. I can do without.
    Also, love watching the CSI type of shows. Course with my background, that’s a given. lol.

    Okeydokey… back outside as it is beautiful weather down here in the South today.

  4. Now most would think that GOD would be living on a cloud up in heaven… well, not this GOD, I in fact live in Hell, or as most call it “California.” Im not originally from here, transplanted by the Air Force and after I retired here in 1999, I found a reasonable job and here I be…

    There are many reasons why I refer to it as Hell, but the top 4 would be the Long Commute in horrible traffic, the Lack of Trees, the fact that it Doesn’t Rain, and of course the Cost of Living… On a good day, I tell people I don’t worry about the big earthquake that predicted to dump Cali into the Pacific because I know how to swim… On a bad day, I tell people – You know that big earthquake that’s gonna dump Cali into the Pacific??? Look for me at the fault line pushing… :)

    I hope to one day to escape…

    Today, I am a defense contractor where I administer a computer network for Air Force Space Command…

    Married, 3 kids (one adopted and all adults now)

    And that would be me…

    Continue to look for me to post witty comments, post news I find interesting about BB8 or other weird news of the world, and toss a lighting bolt as I see necessary…

    I heard that there is a new line of Cups designed to protect one from the effects of lightings strikes… now why would someone need one those???

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  5. Soooo all I need to do to meet G is go to the fault line. I’m on my way.

    I’ll be bringin’ those brand new techno lightning bolts I mentioned. Got em on the black market. Have now figured out their mechanics and will corner the market on em. You won’t believe the sound of the thunder these emit. Sounds like a 100 ft. bear who has encountered a human male peeing in the bear’s already marked territory.

    Oh…and I heard that the poor guy you zapped on the side of the road is the one who invented the cup. The new cups created in haste. So, just remember G… you still have the upper hand cuz as the saying goes… ‘haste makes waste’. ;)

  6. I am working hard on new Avatars for all my commentors! Thoughts? Look ok?

    Please start looking for a picture or graphic you would like to use. I will let you know how to update them soon.

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  7. BooYah! Cool!

    One suggestion. If you could find a grouping of avatars. Several sites offer them to webmasters to include at their sites. Just upload the grouping to here. Then, all is needed is a link to where we, individually, can choose which one to use for our postings.

    Thanks for continuing to improve the site!

  8. Love the ‘youthful older’ crowd comment. This is my first full season of Survivor. My hubby is a reality show junkie, and slow but sure, he’s pulling me in. I watched the last half of Survivor last season and loved it. Last summer was also my first BB, and I’m hooked on that now as well. We live in Cali, both semi-retired, and loving life.

  9. Hello all, I am a single mo, live in las Vegas, ran my own business till I had several knee surgies 0n disability right now but looking forward to earning an honest living again. Traveled most of my life Iceland, japan, across the United States several times but call Vegas home. My whole life is about to change as my son goes off to college after this school year and I will have to choose a place to move to as I am the only one left. Now the the boring info is reported on to the interesting stuff like how I love the reality shows (ok, some of the reality shows). It did all start with Survivor the first season was through the roof exciting. I made it a family thing with my son. We would light candles, I would cook and it was a fun time. Big Brother, The Hills, and a very late comer to The Real World (which I can take or leave). I just think they are fun. Needless to say my relatives and friends give me a hard time about it but I love the reality shows.

  10. Vegasgirl,
    Cool! Another single female. Know what you mean about being in an empty nest. My youngest is college age. Both boys are on their own now.

    If you ever get down this way (Alabama) or just decide to do some traveling, let me know and we’ll make contact. We can do the atmosphere and cook while we watch reality tv! All of my friends are scattered across the globe. Other than dating (and even then, there is quite some times I need my space)… I do miss ‘girl talk’.

  11. Okay so what do we think of Sherea? I think she’s gonna be the dark horse. She’s smart and works hard and…. she kind of set Ashley up. Don’t you think? Her and the little blond chick got Ashley all fired up over Dave and bye-bye Ashley. That strategy seems to work well on Survivor. Create drama between two other people and you can fly under the radar. She seems to be the only one so far with legitimate game. The rest of them seem to be all talk.

  12. Insites on the Fei Long Tribe


    — Aaron – Surfing Instructor

    For Boot:
    – leader target
    – leadership actions — non irritating
    – medium facetime

    Against Boot:
    – strong for challenges
    – outdoors person
    – personable
    – playa
    – good in camp

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3


    Amanda – Model

    For Boot:
    – no evidence

    Against Boot :
    – fit for challenges
    – outdoors person
    – savvy gameplayer
    – projected to at least make the jury or Final 3
    – under the radar

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3


    Courtney – Wattress

    For Boot:
    – weak for challenges
    – initially ‘off-putting’
    – poor in camp

    Against Boot :
    – cut throat player
    – may make the jury finish in Final 5

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3


    Denise – Lunch Lady

    For Boot :
    – opinionated

    Against Boot :
    – loyal
    – worker bee
    – good in camp
    – personable
    – may make jury
    – low facetime

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3


    James – Grave Digger

    For Boot:
    – no evidence

    Against Boot :
    – strong for challenges
    – good in camp
    – should make jury

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3


    Jean-Robert – Poker Player

    For Boot :
    – indoors person-high maintenance?
    – medium/high facetime
    – lazy strategy

    Against Boot :
    – savvy gameplayer
    – strong for challenges
    – iffy on whether he makes the jury

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3


    Leslie – Religious Talk Show Host

    For Boot:
    – opinionated
    – big talker
    – poor in camp
    – projected to be out early — 4th or 5th boot?

    Against Boot :
    – loyal
    – hidden idol clue

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3


    Todd – Gay Morman Flight Attendent

    For Boot :
    – physically small
    – strategy overkill
    – may make the jury at least

    Against Boot :
    – savvy gameplayer
    – personable
    – hidden idol clue

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3


  13. ni hao Survivor Blog mates and welcome to all the new folks.

    hope all of you had a lovely weekend … Looks like Jeff is still working on the redecorating … looking good … looking good. Sorry I missed the weekend getting to know you party. Maybe I can make it next time around.

    I don’t really dig Sherea … the only ones that I like so far are frostie … amanda… and I think that sneaky little flight attendant Todd will do really well.
    But it is early yet and we haven’t had a chance to get to know these guys yet … it would be awesome if they could do something like BBAD so we could see more of what goes on around camp everyday. That way we would not have to wait so long for our survivor fix … we could get a daily dose !!

    So it looks like the current poll thinks Dave will be the next to go … pity … he let his know it all attitude get in the way .. he could have done well .

  14. Insites on the Zhan Hu Tribe


    Dave Cruser – Bartender

    For Boot:
    – leadership target
    – leadership actions – Very irritating

    Against Boot:
    – mediator
    – adaptable
    – outdoors person/traveler
    – good in camp

    Vulnerability: Very Vulnerable in Episode 3


    Erik Huffman – Musician

    For Boot:
    – no evidence

    Against Boot:
    – easy going
    – personable
    – straight shooter
    – should make make jury
    – under the radar

    Vulnerability: Safe in Episode 3


    Frosti – Performer/Stunt Performer

    For Boot:
    – youngest contestant

    Against Boot:
    – athletic for challenges
    – good in camp
    – could make make jury

    Vulnerability: Safe in Episode 3


    Jaime – Student

    For Boot:
    – athletic for challenges

    Against Boot:
    – personable
    – PR savvy
    – under the radar/low facetime

    Vulnerability: Safe in Episode 3


    Peih-Gee – Sales/Jewelry

    For Boot:
    – opinionated
    – high maintenance
    – possibly abrasive
    – leadership target
    – leadership actions – non irritating

    Against Boot:
    – Asian girl on Jury
    – playa
    – good in camp

    Vulnerability: Safe in Episode 3


  15. This is starting to look like the tribe that never wins, similar to the one Stephanie and Bobby Jon were on in Season ??. Anyhow, I hope it doesn’t come to that. I like to see things a little more even when it comes time to merge. I believe if/when Fei Long loses an IC, JR will be the first boot off that tribe. Otherwise I agree, probably Dave will be the next to go.

  16. I must add a few things ….

    James – Grave Digger

    For Boot:
    – no evidence >>>>>>>>>>>>> should be because he is a bull and will kick all of their butts in indivdual immunity challenges.

    Against Boot :
    – strong for challenges
    – good in camp >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> should also add because he is FINE FINE FINE !!
    – should make jury

    Vulnerability : Safe in Episode 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this tribe will all be safe until merge if the others do not get it together.

  17. Thanks SherreLu

    and as for my weekend, well lets just say the next time I create a world in 7 days, I gonna use an 8th day and create a Maintenance Free Yard…

  18. I think Dave maybe safe for a little while because he doesn’t play well with others. He takes focus off others in the tribe who want to fly low while they can pick more vocal tribe members off who may be stronger players. no one thinks he’s a threat to win the money so they will keep him around.

  19. LOL Big G …. I feel the same way …. but we have not had much rain at all this summer the whole state of North Carolina is under drought conditions … so not so much grass cutting just trying to keep things cleaned up . It has been a chore just trying to keep my trees and shrubs alive through this drought and not run my well dry doing it.

    and if we did have that 8th day we would just fill it up with more things that we HAVE to do . I want to lobby for a 2 day work week and a five day week end !!!

  20. I love your blogs GOD. Redhead Survivor Chic, nice to know others are in this boat with me. everyone else have a great week.

  21. just a little rumor I come across and thought I would share with you survivor addicts…

    Possible spoiler / rumor for season 16


    Eliza, Julie, Ami, Katie,Ian,Jen,Coby,Lydia,Judd,Gary,Terry,Cirie,Shane,Ozzy,Parvati,
    Jonathan,Yau-Man,Michelle,Courtney and James

    Not the list I would pick and not sure how true any of this info is but it is something to think about … and I think that if they do a all stars for season 16 …. that they would almost have to have yau man back !! Yau and Rupert where my favorites players of all the seasons of survivor.

  23. Ok lunch is over with, ya’ll start blogging again!

    Rupert was my all time favorite too SherreLu!

  24. Wow! I’m still reading to get caught up here. Was a busy day in the Commodities Markets. I’m smiling. :)

    Lookit G go with his lists. Cool! Thanks!!
    With this whole week inbetween episodes, it makes me get to know the tribe members better by reading your lists/summaries G.

    Howdy to everyone and my apologies for not ‘naming names’ individually. But, ifin ya want, I’ll gossip behind your backs. ;)

    Be back later when I get caught up….

  25. UGH …. staff meetings what a big pain in the buttocks !!! A complete buzz kill !!!

    Okay Red where are you and who do you want to gossip about ????

  26. God I would vote for that eight day, would make it a 3 day weekend. I’m finally writing on the correct page geeez thank you Jeff, I was always clicking on the topic indicated on top. Even after you told me what to do I was back at it again lolll! now I got it. Anyway, I read all of your posts and aside from the tropical storms must be nice to be in the sun all year long, I’m from the coast of Atlantic in Can. We have two seasons winter and summer, this time a year we freeeze our ass or I should say our ass freezes whatever….

  27. I wonder howit feels to be Dave at this point of the game… Based on last weeks TC, it was pretty clear that the tribe had issued with his people skills… Now he must know, that unless he finds some way to motivate this bunch of loosers to win the immunity challenge, that he is most likely going home… and asking these bunch to work as a team is as foreign to them as the Chinesse language… I predict, Dave out in 3…

    any other predictions???

  28. Well I think the first time Fei Long looses immunity that church lady will be history … you gotta know that sneaky snake Todd is going to try and get her out since she shared her idol clue …. can I say again … dumbass move !!!

  29. mmmm god is not being very nice, they are a disfuncational group and do need motivation and guidance it seems or they will end up like that teem with Steph and Bobby John…what season was that? anyway. I would but head with Dave, way to dominant.

  30. Red … on the CSI subject … Boy that was one good premier …. you don’t get female serial killers very often. What do you think is going to become of sara and gill ?? Warick is my favorite … got to love those green eyes right !!!

  31. I deal with guys like Dave on a day to day basis … you have to learn how to manipulate them. One of my bosses has the very same attitude … you know that he is the only one with a clue and everyone else is clue LESS … so butting heads with them only makes them more determined about being right … Peih Gee seems to have figured that one out … but the rest of these misfits are going to fight him tooth and nail and he will be out .

  32. Geez… I’m been so busy… couldn’t gossip. Damnit!

    Poor poor Dave. He’ll be the next to go ifin his tribe loses. That tribe. I bet Frosti wishes he wasn’t in it. I’m hoping he makes it to merge and gets in a firm alliance.

  33. SherreLu,

    I didn’t see your post cuz I didn’t do a reload on ‘puter before I finished typing. Was in the middle of post, then, left, came back to finish.

    Yes! Cool CSI premier. She made an excellent psycho. And, the miniature spin was fantastic!

    Shoot…got to run again… I can’t complete one full thought.

  34. yeah I know the busy part … had staff meetings today and my boss was wearing his ass for a hat … LOL …. I do miss the days I worked for myself *sigh*

  35. I know what you are saying Sherrelu, I work in that kind of environment to and I normally handle myself well with people on power trips. But in a game like this ohhhhhh! being tired, hungry, dirty….and having him on my back grrrrrrrr! I dont think I could take it I would either be in his face or be beating him with a long long long chop stick….

  36. SherreLu

    when it comes to gossiping about me, I stand by the imortal words of Bart Simpson…

    I didn’t do it… No one saw me do it… You can’t prove a thing…

  37. I know this is Survivor Blog but did anyone watch Two and ahalf men last night? Because Holly was on for about a second!

  38. love that show vegas …. I am with Jeff though … who’s holly ?

    I missed CSI miami … I am so bummed about that …. had a killer of a Monday … my boss was kicking ass and taking names yesterday … and today it seems he is still wearing his ass for a hat and he also seems to have worn his pissy pants today as well … lucky for me … my name has not made the list yet. But I am working on it.

    Can someone be a dear and recap CSI for me please ….

  39. Gee Jeff, 2 1/2 men??? didn’t know you swung that way… I on the other hand perfer 2 women… and if I get to pick, Green Eyed Redheads… Talk about being in heaven!!!

  40. SherreLu,

    I had a busy night butttt… watched most of it.
    A girl on a swim team… becomes an internet interest due to a pix taken of her in her swimsuit and plastered all over the internet. At one of her swim meets comp. her boyfriend is shot with a bow/arrow just as the gun goes off to start the swim race.

    Several people are instantly suspects of course. Mom, who is so focused on her daughter’s new found fame, that she is not as concerned with her safety…possibility of the girl being the next target. The Archery coach, etc. become possible suspects. Archery coach had thrown the slain boyfriend off the football team recently.

    On top of this, the subplot is that Horatio’s name is connected to the case and somewhere someone puts him as the one who put a man in prison years ago. That case of a grand jury indict and Horatio was not openly known as the main one to get the guy until all the hoopla surrounding the girl’s boyfriend’s death. Horatio is targeted, stuff torched, etc. etc.

    Turns out…. another girl, who was infatuated with the swim team girl’s b/f and jealous of the girl’s new found fame…shot the bow/ but, was aiming at the girl. Got the b/f instead.

    Son of the guy Horatio put away was behind the threats to Horatio. I missed the details to this part. Will try to find out.

    Sorry to hear you’re dealing with a pissy boss right now.

    G,… there are a few greeneyed redheads right here on this blog…. you lucky dog you.

    Be back later folks…………………………………..

  41. Thanks Red …. wow seems like a good episode …. guess I will have to catch it on the re-run… which is perfect since I am the re-run queen !

    Yeah I been playing duck and cover with my pissy boss for a week , just trying to keep out of the line of fire … hopefully this will be his last day in house and he will be on the road the rest of the week .

    Big G… this green eyed redhead as a soft spot for sweet talking youthful older gents *wink*

  42. OK, I may have the name wrong. Who was it that got together with Jayce. She had a very distint voice, long blond hair (gee, the long blonde hair on BB should narrow it down), and I believe she has a maniquin in he room.

  43. Sorry Vegas I don’t have a clue who you are talking about …. there was a Holly King with long blonde hair on BB … is that the girl you are talking about??? Had a little girl voice ??

  44. Ahhhhh…. SherreLu and Big G aren’t here…after the ‘comments’ they left…I’m going to start an ‘office rumor’. (Office is the blog here…lol).

    I heard that Big G likes green eyed redheads. Makes him weak in the knees. I also heard that SherreLu flirted back with Big G. Hmmmm. Gossipy stuff.

  45. It’s true I must confess …. I have a crush on Big G … I was attracted to his electric personality !!

  46. ok, GOD is blushing a bit… but my chest is all puffed out, and I think my head is swelling to… oh well, it’s good to be me!!!

  47. LOL… not this way with those G bolts Sherre… Big G has a lot of ‘makin’ up’ to do to me for zapping that poor guy’s wee wee roadside. I require cash and cars to get back in my good graces. Lots and lots of it.

  48. Did anyone watch the new series ‘The Bionic Woman’ and another one ‘Journeyman’. Very very cool! Loved the premieres of both! I watched what I thought would be just diversion and found myself glued to the TV.

  49. ok, Redhead Survivor Chic, Im on my way to the ATM… I would say “God Help Me”, but that would be redundently weird…

  50. To all my Big Brother Blog fans…the new site is up….

    No…not a new blog but a new Big Brother Video SITE!

    Go there to see the 6 YouTube videos of Eric and Jess, 8 part interview with Dick, Dani and Nick, wrap up party and more!!

    Let me know what you think of the new site!

    Peace, Jeff Probst (aka BBBlogger)

  51. G,…. I prefer non sequential large bills. As for autos, 08 models only.. red in color. Meet my demands… I mean…requests….ahhhh,… my hints….and, mums the word on Your and Sherre’s redevous.

    Jeff, … will go check out the link. Thanks!

  52. ni hau Survivor Blog mates

    check this out … so last night I was watching my usual re-run of CSI Miami on A&E and they previewed this new reality show and the name of it is Last One Standing … looks pretty cool at first glance and seems to have lots of beefcake for the females

    So if you have not check it out yet here is the overview of the show and the link I found the info on

    In this new 12-part reality series six British and American athletes immerse themselves in a world of remote tribes, living and training with indigenous tribesmen in order to learn new sports and prepare to compete in tribal games and rite of passage ceremonies. The competitors come from all walks of life and include a kickboxer, a rugby player, a Strongman champ, an endurance runner, a cricket player, and a BMX biker. The competition will take them around the world as they compete in sports they’ll have learned just days before, from endurance canoe racing in New Guinea to Zulu stick fighting in South Africa. Let’s hope at least one of them remains standing! (this site as a more details)

    later tater

  53. well guys whenever my first post as gone through final inspection ….. grrrrrrrrrrrrr….. I posted some info on a new reality show call Last One Standing that will premier tomorrow night with an overview of the show and links to check it out ….

  54. Sherre,

    Probably a glitch why your post didn’t take the first…and, had to await moderation. Would be my guess. Jeff has said only the initial post from someone would have to be approved to keep down spam.

    Thanks for the heads up on the new show! Will have to definitely check that one out.


    Went to the link. wow. 930,000 miles. Now there’s a dependable auto. Just routine replacement parts throughout the years. BUT…. go to this link and I’ll gladly accept one of these…alongwith the Cash, of course.

    Tell your wife we’re kidnapping ya.

  55. Did anyone know that FOX was gonna show a Reality Awards Show??? I didn’t, but I do know now… and I have a couple of Spoilers… and I don’t know when this will air, but who would have thunk…

    So Read ahead if you want to know the Spoilers…

    — Eric and Jessica won for best Showmance — WELL OF COURSE THEY DID!!!

    Jen DID NOT win for best Hottie — She’s Still Hot, Hight Maintenance mind you, but Hot…

    and of course…

    Amber won for best tears — DUH!!!

    will post more as I get them…

  56. OK Redhead Survivor Chic,

    You weren’t impressed with that Honda — Ok, I can understand that… Now you seem like a classy lady and a classy lady needs a classy car… So, take a look at this one… Im sure this could meet all your needs…

    and my favorite feature of this car, Bench Seats… oh yeah, I have some very fond memories of Bench Seats….

  57. hey y’all I check this out

    remember that horrible Johnnie “fairplay” I found this on my morning everything survivor hunt and thought I would share .

    Bonaduce Bloodies “Survivor” Star –

    UPDATE: We’ve just talked to a friend of Jonny’s who tells us he’s sleeping now. We’re told that after the incident, he was taken to a hospital where and treated for his wounds. There was no on-call dentist on site, but they were able to find Dr. Dean Carlston — through 1-800-DENTIST! — who worked on Fairplay’s effed up mouth from 2:00 – 4:30 AM. We’re told Fairplay did file a police report and that he “has every intention of seeing this through.” Jonny’s friend also says that Fairplay absolutely did not attack Danny Bonaduce.

    Danny Bonaduce is a felony suspect.

    Fairplay was taken to a nearby hospital, where police were called. TMZ cameras were rolling as the bloody reality star was loaded into an ambulance. Some jerk can be heard taunting the injured Fairplay, yelling the phrase “Team Bonaduce” as he got into the ride.

    Bonaduce is named as the suspect in a felony battery report.

    On The Adam Carolla radio show today, Bonaduce said hes had a thing against Fairplay ever since he pulled the famous “grandmother stunt” on Survivor, lying that she had died in order to get sympathy on the show.

    Bonaduce on the Adam Corrola show
    Danny said he thought the show was over and he was leaving, and Fairplay was on the stage, asking the audience why he was booing him. Danny says, as he walked by, he said “They’re booing him because they hate him.”

    Someone then asked Danny to go on stage and tell him that, which he says he did. Danny says he was off the first step of the stage when Fairplay suddenly ran at him, jumped on him and wrapped his legs around him.

    Danny says he didn’t know if Fairplay was joking. He then says he grabbed the butt of Fairplays jeans and threw him over his head, not realizing how light he was. Danny says Fairplay face planted into one of the seats behind him.

  58. also found this for the Yau-Man fans

    October 2nd, 2007
    Survivors Yau-Man Chan to speak in Edmonton

    EDMONTON – Survivor Fiji star Yau-Man Chan will be in Edmonton this month to give a talk on “What can we learn from Survivor?” in support of the Youth Emergency Shelter Society.

    Chan, 55, did not win the popular reality TV series but was well-liked by television audiences because of his wisdom, integrity and authenticity. He lives in California, where is an Internet technology director at Berkeley.

    In his talk, Chan will discuss how Survivor is a laboratory experiment that confirms psychological and social behaviours when normal people are subjected to physical and mental stress. Chan provides a laymans perspective with insider knowledge, and contends that the nastiness of Survivor contestants is a mirror on society.

    The TV celebrity will do two three-hour talks at NAIT on Oct. 20 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

    Tickets are $50, or $40 before Oct. 6. Early bird ticket holders will be entered in a draw to win lunch with Chan.

    Tickets can be purchased through the Edmonton Chinese Lions Club website at

  59. oh and I don’t want to forget to give credit to the source … you can find this and much more at

    later tater

  60. TV Trivia

    50 years ago today the television show Leave it to Beaver first appeared in American households… A simple show about an about an idealized American family that has become a slice of Americana that could never be repeated today… and unlike today, all the stars of this show grew up to live normal productive lives… So in honor of this bit of Trivia and to commemorate the 50th Anniversary, I would like to proudly say…

    “I Love Beaver!!!”

    With that said, I would like to recount one of my favorite episodes where beaver loses money intended for a haircut right before a school play… of course big brother Wally tries to help out his younger brother by giving him a haircut – a haircut that lets say, didn’t quite work out as they had hoped… in the end, what did we get??? A Shaved Beaver of Course!!! This was my first exposure and probably all of America’s first exposure to the concept of Shaved Beaver, a style like Blue Jeans that I hope never goes out of style…

    And of course, how could I end this post without saying

    “I Love Shaved Beaver!!!”

    oh yeah, in other news, Sputnik 1 was also launched 50 years abo today, but that achievement pales in comparison with Shaved Beaver…

  61. Hey, after all the guys were proudly proclaiming they love dick during Big Brother, I just thought this was a chance for the ladies to step up… and at least when you say “I Love Beaver” you don’t have to worry about being back doored!! :) LOL!!!

  62. Tonight is the night for either the exit of Dave or the exit of Leslie? (church lady) or at least those are my predictions. Of course when the episode airs, that dead giveaway is who gets a lot of airtime so I reserve the right to change my mind.

    Shaved beaver? Dick Lovers? Sputnik? Dinner with Yao? lol you guys keep me so informed and entertained.

    I was never a Beaver fan, but I stick by my I’m a big Dick lover statement. :)

    BTW, did you guys see that the Donato’s double dated at Mike Boogies restaurant.

    (sorry I don’t know how to make it a link)

    Glad to see ya’ll talking today.


  63. okay… okay …. I will confess …. I do love my beaver shaved …

    okay Red there is some good office gossip for ya !!!

  64. Ok SherreLu, please clarify you mean your own beaver right? lol

    You know this brings up something….I’ve seen the girls on Survivor with their armpits hairy, but usually that part of them doesn’t look as if it needs attention? Does CBS allow them to keep it trimmed? Just curious.


  65. I tried to find a picture from that episode where Wally cuts Beaver’s Hair that I could link to… Som I put “Shaved Beaver” in Google and OMG… you wouldn’t believe what came back!!! ; )

  66. ROFLMAO ….. okay…. yes … to clarify … I mean MY own beaver ….

    you know you bring up and interesting question … how would they hide that in those bathing suits / panties …. we know that area can become very unruley without a certain amount of attention so… what do they do?

  67. what do they do???

    ~~~No Closeups of the Unruley Area…

    ~~~Blur the Image when it becomes Too Unruley …

    I should have been a Producer/Editor/Director…

  68. Well I’m sure they give them “products” for their monthly thing, so maybe they also provide a few other things because I don’t really remember hairy legs on the girls either. And not everyone grows a beard or maybe they do, gosh I can’t remember. I do remember the black fellow with the shaved head, and he brought a razor as his comfort item. I don’t recall his name.

    God, that’s what I was thinking, that I should be a producer, so if you make it first, give me a shout lol. I would love to be a BB producer, what fun it would be.


  69. the vote so far is

    Big G … loves shaved beaver

    Evel Me (Tina) …. not fond of the beaver and stands previous claim for “loving dick”

    Sherre … loves “my” beaver shaved

    LOL …. and Big G… went in search of the “shaved beaver” and was lead astray !!!

  70. okay I will try this one more time I had two post that went into that cyber waste land …. *sigh*

    or have I lost my membership …. *sigh*

  71. Evel Me

    my hard drive didn’t melt with shaved beaver pics, in fact, it seemed to get harder, hmmmmm…

    and as for being a producer, I look at this way, we’re no longer allowed to torture terrorist that have been caught, but as a producer of reality tv, no one seems to care how much you torture the contestents…

    so here’s a thought… Survivor Gitmo!!! and when we vote them off the island, we point them toward Meca and set them adrift…

  72. ROFL @ Survivor Gitmo! SG produced by God, sound effects by Amber, music by ED, and bring back Eric as AP.

    On your hard drive, I bet you know just how to reboot it.


  73. I gots me some better news than the pain of ‘hard drives’ being booted.

    I know the Finalists in Survivor.

    Soooo, ya wanna know, at least, who goes home tonight???? That’s all I’ll give up for now. :)

  74. It does not matter to me who is going home as long as it is not James…. now theres a hard drive

    I think I have a pretty good idea who it is going to be tonight ….

    I think that it is going to be Dave

    Final three …. I predict …..

    Todd the snake
    and maybe courtney

  75. Sherre,

    What would Big G have won? How about he woulda received….ya ready for this…. it’s your favorite…you would have had to give up…………………………… goes……………………………….

    …. shaved beaver…..

  76. Oh my…. I just saw Big G spit out a mouth full of bottled water…

    now…he’s banging his head on his desk….

    oh..wait…. ouch. He just took a hammer to his ‘puter.

    ALL because he did not win…

  77. Has anyone thought about what kind of hits this site is getting now?

    We’ve probably got the CIA…FBI monitoring due to my use of words…kidnap…ransom, etc.
    We’ve probably got all of the internet pervs going nuts as they entered keywords…beaver..shaved..legs..panties, etc.

    Are we a motley crew or what… :)

  78. not to mention the occasional new survivor fans that come in on the middle of our converstions …. wow what they must think of us LOL !!!

  79. When did he get to be Big G? lol

    Rebooting doesn’t hurt if its done properly.

    I would like confirmation on the final 2, but from the things I’ve read have to agree with what you said SherreLu….its just a matter of which team loses first as to what order they go in I guess.


  80. you know god …. the big guy …. Big G ….

    yea I think you are right …. all the things I read here and there are pretty sure about Amanda being there ….and from the looks of the zhan hu tribe … they are not going to do well in the comps … I also read of a switch taking place … so that may also determine the order of boots.

  81. I was in a meeting for the past hour orr so and I come back here and see that I LOST my Hard Drive??? And I WOULD HAVE WON Sherre Shaved Beaver!!!


  82. Confusius says…. never leave the immediate vicinity when one’s hard drive is at risk. The lost reward may cause one to go limping (.pun intended) away…crying tears of ‘what coulda been’.

  83. Hello, Wellanyone else see Johnny Fairplay and danny Bonaduce all over the TV? Anyone see the whole thing and have any comments? I mean he was a Survivor player. I think Danny could have stayed off stage but it was all in good fun. Juming up on danny the way Fairplay did was weird and in my opinon Danny had every rightto toss the guy off of him. Although I feel bad that Johnny got so hurt. I hope tonight is a good as it looks on TV ads.

  84. Hi again Folks…

    Just a quick stop in to say I’m outta here for the day. I’ll do a Commentary on tonight’s episode of Survivor Jeff will probably run it tomorrow morning.

    See ya on the flip side.

  85. Red is set for tonight and I am planning on also posting my thoughts on the first 3 episodes on Friday night (or Saturday).

    Glad to see you guys are all still having fun on the blog….we will get more people over here…the traffic numbers are improving and will as we keep the site active.

    Peace, DJ Bill

    *trying hard to not comment on all the “beaver” talk today…:)

  86. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment
    is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people
    from that service? Thanks a lot!

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