Survivor China: Another Look behind the Scenes with ENIGMA

Hello fellow Survivor fans! Once again I have returned from the far east with another “peek behind the scenes” of our favorite reality show Survivor. As I have stated in previous articles, Survivor has quite a large support system working long, grueling hours behind the scenes to produce the sleek finished product we all enjoy every Thursday evening. Sure, we all know that it takes quite a bit of effort to produce anything for television these days, but I thought you would enjoy another look at the what it takes to transplant a part of the “Hollywood” machine to a little known area of the most “enigmatic”, if you will ?, country on Earth.

Let’s take a look…

Ok gang, let’s talk toilets!
The video from a Survivor point of view was very informative and entertaining. But, and there must always be a “butt”, pun intended ?! When the clip reached the part about having to explain to the Chinese how to use a western style toilet, I just had to know why??? C’mon a toilet is a toilet right? Wrong? I did a little more peeking and found out why. I really do wish that I didn’t.

Please view at your own risk…!!!

Just another quick look……

And finally friends, if I have any after this posting, this one is not for the faint of heart. This final clip just makes you proud to own a proper potty ? !

There you have it. You may not want it, but I think we all have a better idea of what it is like to leave our comfortable homes and “go native” so to speak.
Now it is your turn to speak, did I look a little too far behind the scenes this time?
Tell me what you thought about Base Camp. And if you have traveled abroad and encountered a different way of taking care of business, please share with us……

ENIGMA signing off…

94 thoughts on “Survivor China: Another Look behind the Scenes with ENIGMA”

  1. I missed you…LOL, Hey is Maple Grove the next Silicon Valley, I hear tell it is………..

    Going to take care of business……………


  2. Good morning my loyal dan du tribe members !

    well well well …. look who as decided to pay us a visit !

    welcome back JP and Enigma …. long time not see … hope all is well .

    Thanks for the new poll …. I pick Sherea !

    Engima … thanks my friend for the new entry …. and as much as I would like to see the sites you have brought to us I can not view those sites at work …. dang I know I said the W word … growing up we had outhouses so I can kinda get the visual in my mind.

    update on my friends wee one …. he is doing well … still breathing on his own … still dealing with the jaundice and he lost a little wt … he is 2.2 lbs … but they started him on the breast milk yesterday and he seems to digest it well … so that should improve .

    Tina …. thanks girl for sending that rain this way …. it is a beautiful site and well needed !

    I will be back later …. hope every one is geared up for the gross food challenge tonight …. this should separate the men from the boys …. so to speak …. dontcha think !

  3. Wow I feel all warm and tingly inside, Sorry for my long sabbatical. Thank you for the welcome back, Sherre, and I hope your friend’s little one continues to improve. I wish you were able to view the video, damn w*rk, I would take an out house ANY day over the conditions some people in China must endure. I understand that this is not nationwide for them, but I haven’t had the “pleasure” of using an outhouse in about 25 years. You would think that a world “super power” whose people are making everything I buy would be able to have a uniform toilet policy? They are communists after all, they should all have the same potty, the same size, across the country….either that or they could make one…in China………….lol, am I still welcome???



  4. Good Morning. Its great to see your post Enigma and so glad to hear from you too JP! Those videos were great.

    So help me out, do you sit on the floor or squat or am I missing something?

    Thanks for the new poll as well and for putting that X on Aaron’s picture.

    Ok God, are you happy yet? I shaved. lol

    I did figure out where to change my avatar. I was doing it at the original site and for some reason it wasn’t recognizing it. When I did it from my profile voila, it worked.

    Tonight’s the night of Turtles and Ducks and from what I can tell some folks do not swallow this stuff. Courtney being one of them, ugh! Its going to be tough to watch!


  5. ROFLMAO @ TINA …… look Big G …. tina found that razor ! …

    hahahahaha …. thanks girl …. I needed that laugh !!

  6. will ya look at this… a new posting area — before the episode… a new poll… just what the hell is going on here??? I did notice that Aaron is still not corssed out yet, so Im still going to refer to the management of this fine establishment as slackers… ;)

    tina, looking good girl… Im starting to like the stubble… :)

    welcome back to JP and Enigma… now go away again, I liked having the girls all to my self… :) but if you insist on sticking around, what are your views of what been going on and any thoughts about tonights eipsode???

  7. I think you better look again G, Aaron is crossed out on my page.

    So are we all in agreement, Sherea goes home tonight??

    I’ll find a more suitable picture soon, just thought I’d try to appease Big G. ;)


  8. yeap …. Aaron is crossed out on my page too …

    Tina I love …. love…. love the avatar ….. that laugh will last me through out the day …

  9. LOL Sherre, glad you enjoyed!

    I would not look so nice bald I assure you. Only a few women can pull that off.

    I did love that movie V for Vendetta though. One of my favs.


  10. for the longest time Aarons pict was not crossed out, so I refreshed the page and now he is… hmmmmmmmmm… stupid computer is just trying to make me look bad… anyway, I take back the slacker statement… for now…

    and tins, I’ll take this stubble over the other stubble any day… :)

    as for going home tonight… I think Sherea, but not before she has to eat some god-awful thing… and I’ll just bet its her performance in the eating challenge that puts her butt on the block over JR… she doesn’t impress me as someone who’s willing to go too far outside their comfort zone…

  11. Sherea does not impress me at all …. she is a lazy person . I can not tolerate laziness in a person. I hope she has the most nasty food ( if you can call it food) item there is to eat …. something big and chewy …. that gets bigger as you chew it ….

  12. something that severely triggers her gag reflex… I mean someone has to puke during this comp, might as wel be her… I know, Im bad… ;)

  13. Glad you like my shaven look. I’ll change it to something else eventually “now that I know how to do it properly”.

    As for the food challenge, I’m thinking there are a lot of them that don’t do so good. I’ve seen footage of Courtney completely letting hers come back out of her mouth, it looks like Denise is throwing up but not a very long shot so maybe not. I bet James dominates in this like Tom did with the ducks before.

    Question….they have a picture of the turtles, the ducks, then there is something else that is brown and oval and gelatin looking….anyone seen the SC’s to see what I mean? I am wondering what that is. Wouldn’t you like to be the lucky person who sits out this IC???


  14. yes …. if it where me …. they would have to sit me out …. I could not do … would not even try. Not enough money in the world … Hell I may throw up just watching tonight ….. I know …. I am a big wuz !!

    Tina I have seen the brown gel like items but I do not know what they might be.

  15. ya know Sherre, I think if you’re gonna signe up for something like Survivor, then you need to at least try… you may gag, you may blow chunks, I pretty sure I would to some degree, but in this situation, I say hold your nose and try your best… exspecially if your team is really trying… and I’ll bet if your found your self in this situation, peer pressure would motivate you to try… and there’s nothing wrong with throwing up on national television… I have been on few dates where I have had to hold the hair and rub her back… and once it was over, I thought nothing less of her…

    as for tonight, I do believe theres gonna be a lot of ewwwwwww’s to go around… :) and I expect a lot of lively comments from all tomorrow…

  16. AWWWWWWWH …. you Big G …. if you where there to hold my hair …. and rub my back …. then I would try and swallow anything . *wink*

  17. ok, Im ~~REALLY~~ starting to like this blog… A LOT!!! and I do REALLY like having you ladies all to my self… the ego is getting inflated…

    JP, you just go back to work, I have everything under control here… :)

  18. oh Big G … we could have a dozen guys on this blog and you would always be my favorite … **wink** at least you never have abandon us …. unlike someone else ** hint ** not that I need to call any names …. Mrs. G …. is a very lucky girl ….

  19. Sherre you are just too sweet… although, I must warn you, I will be abandoning you all for a week (12-16 Nov) because I am being sent to a class that week… I will try to get a few words in at night if I can, but day time will be a bit harder… but if I get the chance, you know I’ll be here… :)

    also, I saw the brown lump that they have to eat… and I don’t know what it is, so lets just call it mystery meat… the lunch lady should appreciate that reference… :)

  20. LOL G, mystery meat it is. Awww you will be missed while you are away, and you’ll miss my birthday so no spanking ha! :)

    And that’s ok G, I’ll take those few words at night and I like it a bit harder.


  21. oh no say it ain’t so …. a week without Big Daddy G ….. I just can’t bear the thought .

    We also have a huge project coming up as of Nov 1 we are converting operating systems yet again and there will be a lot of clean up I am sure …. all the data never transfers … so we have to key it in manually. But I always try and pop in once a day .

  22. oh and Big G …. you know you are leaving the door wide open for JP to pop in and try and take your place .

  23. JP take my place??? oh pleeeeese, aint no competition there… sorry JP, just calling them like I see them… :)

    besides, if he did try, he knows I have lighting bolts on hand ready to go… and remember that guy I hit in the wee-wee??? nuff said I think…

  24. okay watch how you throw those lighting bolts around now Big G …. I don’t want to catch any strays.

  25. Never Sherre… My Lighting Bolts are GPS guided and besides, you don’t have a wee-wee to aim at… :) although, I will bet you’ve had a few wee-wee’s aimed at you… :)

    OMG I am so so bad, but some times I just can’t help myself…

  26. –Fei Long Tribe (Red)

    Amanda ——– Hiking Guide
    Jean-Robert — Professional Poker Player
    Courtney ——- Waitress
    Denise ——— School Lunch Lady
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Todd ———— Flight Attendant
    Sherea (S) -— Elementary Teacher>>>>>Booted 6th
    Frosti (S) –—– Parkour Athlete/Student

    –Zhan Hu Tribe (Gold)

    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
    Erik ————– Musician
    Jaime ———– Student
    Peih-Gee —— Jeweler
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st
    Aaron (S) —— Surfing Instructor>>>>>Booted 5th
    James (S) -— Gravedigger

  27. good morning all ! Happy Friday !!

    okay ….. *** happy dance *** I am sooooooooooo glad that Sherea is gone …. do you feel me ! I don’t have to endure one more episode of her eye rollin and head bobbin !!! and she did not make the jury …. woo hoooo !!!!!

    Yes Todd is a idot …. just tell everything you know why dontcha !

    I am confused about the previews ….. did Erik and Jamie find the HII at their camp or did they go through James things ???? Was this his “grave mistake” ?? Did he leave it laying around for people to see ….

    I felt so sorry for lunch lady …. bless her heart she did try ….

    Courtney was woofing hers down …. I though she would be the one to punk out …. I was somewhat impressed.

    JR sure took at beating from Sherea and Courtney …. that made it even more sweet when they voted her out …. ** happy dance ** …..

  28. Goo Morning Sherre…

    happy dance… yeah, Im feeling ya, and you feel pretty good if I do say… :)

    I thought that Todd had a pretty good plan to have James throw the comp and then use HIS HII… this gets rid of one orginal Zhan Hu Tribe memeber and elininates one of the HII… pretty slick, but then he’s a freaking idiot for telling the world…

    Then there’s Frostie… that boy is everywhere… and to jump right into the middle of the search for the HII… well wern’t they kind of dumb to look for it right in front of everyone… but I guess it doesn’t really matter, todd would hve run right over and said “Hey Look What I Found!!!” Idiot!!!

    I will say this, Frosti has something in common with both Gene Simmons and myself… one big tongue… and he likes to let it hang out there like a worm on a hook… beware ladies…

    finally… James may be eye candy for you ladies… he is built!!! and he did put on quite the show last night with that shower… but I have to wonder if he is smarter then the holes he digs… real nice guy, but kind of slow…

    once again, good morning Dan Du…

  29. I also want to add, that James was really trying to throw that comp, but you could also see that he was feeling sorry for the Lunch Lady… too bad, I would have liked to have seen that plan carried out…

    vote James
    vote James
    vote James
    vote Jaime

    6th person voted ou… Excuse me Jeff, I have these bats (holds up HII)…
    Oh… in that case, 6th person voted out — Jamie

    and as Mastercard puts it, the look on their faces — Priceless…

  30. yes …. I have to say I was loving the show James was putting on …. pity it was blurred out for the TV viewing audience. And yes you could tell he really wanted the plan to work but he has a real soft spot for Denise …. if really seems like they all like her a lot.

  31. Oh, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, Pleeeeeeeeaaaassse Put and X over Sherea’s picture… we have been waiting for this for awhile now…

  32. okay …. where is the other LOYAL dan du members ???? hummmm

    I thought this blog would be buzzin with activity this morning after last nights show …


  33. hootie hoo …. hootie hoo ….. JP ….. where are you …..

    Sherea needs here well deserved X over her pic !

  34. Hey the gang is all here……..! Did everyone get a chance to view the videos? I went up and hugged my toilet after the last one….lol!!! I would also like to know what the main crew here thinks of this little bit of information sharing I have produced for your viewing pleasure? I read a lot about these types of toilets, you do squat,lol , they recommend that women be attired in a dress for the occasion,lol, and they will usually have foot shaped spots on the floor to either side to take the guesswork out of the performance…lolol! I don’t know, but I think everyone loves a little potty humor…..please let me know if you agree????


  35. okay …. JP we need a new poll also …

    suggestion ….. for new poll …. who will be the one to use the HII or will it come into play at all …

  36. good morning Enigma my friend … no I did not get a chance to view them last night …. but I promise I will this weekend ….. when I have more free time at home.

  37. wow …. Enigma moves to fast for me …. here one minute and gone the next …

    Big G …. question is do you have any ideas ….. hummmm …..

  38. I have lots of ideas, but being a gentlemen, I always let the lady choose… you see I have found, that when you gove the lady what she wants, she’s more likely to ask for more…

    so ladies choice… :)

    oh yes, back on a survivor note… based on the numbers, I do believe that the next bootie will begin the Jury…

  39. yes the jury should begin next week …. any picks so far ???

    I really am hoping for Peih Gee or Jamie …. but thinking that the merge will happen next week … Peih Gee and Jamie and Erik will probably team up with courtney to get JR out … being as Courtney so wanted him out this week …. I do see it happening next week … I have not been a fan of JR …. but recently he has shown that he can be a productive member of his tribe…. he does work around camp now …. but now he could be competition in the IIC … so I really hate to see him go before those witches Peih Gee and Jamie.

    so my pick for next week …. is a toss between JR and Jamie

  40. I agree, either JR or Jamie… I also agree that I don’t much like those two gals PG and Jamie… so now Frosti won’t look at them, Sherea seemed to ignore PG when she explained what they did for them!!! now the two are worried that they may have screwed up… clearly a plan that wasn’t throught through very well… oh well, live and learn I guess…

  41. Howdy Everyone!

    Great job Enigma! Cool videos indeed!

    Yippppeeee Sherea is gone. The wicked witch is gone. ding dong. ding dong. The witch is gone. She really showed her ‘attitude’ at tribal. Then got the boot. LOL

    Frosti is a sharp cookie. I hope he goes far. He just got on the wrong team at the beginning.

    Jean Robert is pulling his weight …and, speaking of weight. Something’s going on.. all are looking slimmer and those who needed it…better. Courtney isn’t losing. Bet they’re making sure she doesn’t…meaning the Producers.

    None of the Seasons have seen the dramatic weight loses that happened in the earlier ones though.

    It looks like Erik and Jamie go through James stuff and finds the idol. Something tells me he will get it back though… and the members in Todd and Amanda’s alliance will have both in their possession.

    Gotta run for awhile. But… I’ll be sneaking peeks from aside the building at you Sherre and Big G.

    Later ……………

  42. well Big G… Looks like we have been abandon again ….

    or maybe they where giving us a little alone time **wink**

  43. Sherre, yep it’s just you and me kid… although I am not sure I turst RHSC, she may be peeking in the window… and where the hell is Tina??? You think her avatars are holding her hostage??? or perhaps she’s out buying a new razor… :)

    anyway, gonna hit the road… happy weekend… and lets hope Jaime is the next bootee…

  44. Good Monday Morning dan du

    Hope all have had a lovely week end …. I see that we got a well deserved X over Sherea’s picture …. thank you …. her picture as never looked better!

    alright ….. where are all the loyal survivor bloggers …. come out come out where ever you are !!!!

  45. Good Morning Sherre… I knew you would come out to play… you love to play… but what ever happened to Tina??? what happend to Red??? where is everyone??? it sure would be nice to see a few more perspectives on the show… I miss the BB days…

    now I did catch an episode of another reality show… Dirty Jobs… this was his 150th DJ and was working a ranch in Montana where they raise Yaks… during the job, they taught him how to determine the sex of the animal which because the belly hair hangs so low, you really can’t tell what else may be hanging there… the solution was to look under the tail, 1 Hole is a male, 2 Holes is a female… It’s nice to know that some things are universal… :)

  46. Seems we are the only loyal dan du’s ….

    Red is probably sneaking around the corner peakin in the windows …

    Tina may be in search of the perfect shave ….

    JP …. that guy is a like a ghost ….he comes in …. but you never see him …

    Engima …. he is like flash gordon …. here one minute and before you can blink an eye he is gone …

    Holly …. she may be caught in a black hole of avatars and can’t get back to us…

    not sure really but it sure is quiet around here ….. I can hear an echo …

  47. Good afternoon/morning/evening (depending on where you are!).

    Thursday was a most exciting episode. Full of hopes and disappointments, full of plans and misguided attempts. C’mon, that Lunch Lady could eat all but like one bite?? In the end though I am thoroughly glad that Sherea is gone!

    Didn’t Frosty jump right into things!!! He was like spiderman climbing up that pole.

    Todd, Todd, Todd….I love him but “HE” should know that it would have been better to keep the HII a secret. Even after he got Amanda’s help to find it, he could have been a little more stealthy about when he got it down. BUT THEN, he goes and shares this info with everyone except JR and Sherea. Well Sherea’s gone, the HII is gone. Not a smart move on Todd’s part.

    As for the previews, whoa. Either Amanda and Todd are going through James’ stuff or they figure it out and get their own ido, I’m not sure. I haven’t been to any of the spoiler sites where the screen caps are scrutinized.

    Egads, Frosty’s tongue, I was like, wow, made my jaw drop….of course I closed it right back when I thought of how old he is. lol

    Missed you guys, was sick in bed last Friday. All better now. :)


  48. As for the previews, whoa. Either Amanda and Todd are going through James’ stuff or they figure it out and get their own **idol**

    ugh I hate typos!

  49. Oh yeah, my son (he’s 10) was telling me about Mike Rowe’s 150th episode. Too bad I missed it. Yaks huh? lol


  50. Howdy my Survivor Faithful…

    I just finished the most busiest 2 weeks of my life. I apologize for my absence but please know that I am around and still committed to my blogs.

    PS: we are slowly getting ready for American Idol at and am still thinking about doing an since I LOVE the amazing race! :)

    I hope you are all happy and getting ready for the MERGE this Thursday!


    Jeff Probst

  51. I have an open question to all my friends on this blog and my other blogs/sites.

    Is there any “membership” websites that you belong too…and if so…what kind?

    I am trying to think if there would be a place or something where I could have a TV related membership type of site. Only thing would be…what would you want it to provide?

    I am interested in hearing your feedback.

    Or…should I just stick with my blog format that worked well with Big Brother 8?

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  52. Geeze Sherre,

    I was beginning to believe the world had ended and you and I were the only 2 left… then everyone decides to show up… oh well, I guess I’ll just shelve the plan I was coming up with where we have to re-populate the planet… :)

    and Tina, I m gonna start refering to you as Sybal the way you keep changing avatars… last week you went from stubble I didn’t much like to stubble I DID much like… then today, it was all growed out… and now you’re back to the BAD stubble… so are we dealing with someone having and idenity crisis or someone with multiple personalities??? :)

  53. And here I thought you would appreciate a Mother Nature avatar G. Got something against long hair? I will let you surmise your own opinion about my identity and whether or not I have a MPD lol. I can’t believe you’d count me out after just one day of being out of commission?? Where’s the loyalty among blogmates? :)

    I change the wallpaper on my desktop at least once a week, that’s just me. You never know I might hit on an avatar you like one of these days.

    Glad to see you made it through your busy job Jeff. I kind of like the way you have these blogs (BB and Survivor), as it seems more personable than some of those I’ve been to where they won’t acknowledge your existance until you’ve posted 1000 messages. Some of them are so snotty.


  54. Hello Survivors……
    #1.) I am typin reallll slowwwww….lol
    Sorry if I seem to jet around here. It is just my dumb luck that when I pop in to start up a conversation, others, who shall remain nameless, seem to be privately involved. So then I’m gone like the Flash so they can take um er care of business,lol.
    Anyway, I thought last Thursday’s show was great, lots of excitement finally. I really wish CBS would figure out a way to expand the coverage or do a few net-episodes. My favorite reality show is Big Brother, I hate waiting until summer, but I guess that is why I get into it so much, they alway leave me wanting more..
    B.) What about Jeff’s question…..any ideas on how to improve the offerings around here? You are all the “die hards”, it would be nice to see you all have a say in improving the site etc. Do you think it would be better to go to a “one stop” reality site, like a forum, that offers areas for the different shows, or do you prefer to have the current format, with the whole site dedicated to one show? I am calling you out ,lol, god, Shere, Evel Me, what would you like to see more or um less of? LOL

  55. Hey …. the gang is almost all here !!!

    hey Tina …. sorry to hear you where under the weather …. glad you are feeling better …

    FYI …. I never counted you out …. I just knew that you where a loyal dan du and something must of come up. But you know Big G …. was coming up with all sorts of things for us to do … but Red kept peekin in the window and we could not do a thing … LOL ! I loved your avatart …. what happened to that one …you have nothing now …just an X …

    hey JP …. glad to hear that you are still with us. Sorry you job as kept you so busy …. hope you get some personal time soon .

    I like the blog format …. just the way it is …. it is very user friendly and very pleasing to the eye and I really enjoy the avatar addition also.

  56. hey Enigma my friend …. glad to see you here for a flash … LOL ….

    again … I like the idea of this format the way it is …. I don’t really care for the one stops … they tend not to have the personal touch that this format offers.

  57. Tina, no I don’t much like Mother Nature… Everytime theres a tornado, hurricane, flood, etc., people always say its an Act of God… Well, its not me, its Mother Nature PMSing… her hormones go out of whack, and I get the blame… go figure…

    but Tina, I am liking the new you… red hair, big green eyes… yep, liking that alot!!! a lot like Sherre but without the glasses…

    And Sherre, don’t go thinking I don’t like the glasses… I sort of have a fetish for ladies in glasses… and yeah, I know, Im a strange puppy!!!

  58. awwh Big G …. you freaky rascal you …. you are one strange bird …. but that is the appeal for me …. I love my fellows a little on the seasoned side and with a inner freak …. *wink*

  59. Good morning Dan Du’s! I know I’m a bit ahead of myself but does anyone have any picks for Survivor AS 2?

    A little more coffee and I will write more. :)


  60. Tina, Im liking the new avatar — A LOT!!! Nice — real, real nice… now Im off toa meeting… errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

  61. A meeting huh? Well I’m stuck at my desk werr….ummm doing that w thing.

    Red, Sherre, JP, Enigma, anyone out there? G’s in a meeting errrrr lol.


  62. so, we had a moderate earthquake last night… shook the house a bit, but unfortunately, California hasn’t fallen into the ocean… “sigh” oh well, perhaps next time…

    scared the wife though, so that was entertaining… sitting on the couch afterward I would shake my leg a bit to make her think there’s and aftershock… hehehe… he would hit me, but it was still funny… and I know, I need to take these more serious, there’s nothing funny about a jar of Mayo shattered on the floor of the grocery store which was pretty much all the only damage…

  63. That is scary G! I’m glad you are ok. Wildfires, Mudslides, Earthquakes….I just don’t think I could sleep at night if I lived in California.

    You sound like my hubby, we have the occasional tornado warnings and he scares the crap out of me.

    Happy Halloween to you all!


  64. hello dan du’s

    happy begaween !

    Sorry I was not here to play yesterday …. it was a pretty chaotic day…. on the workfront and home front.

    update on my friends wee one … on monday night he developed a bacterial infection … they flew him by life flight to chapel hill … he struggled thru the night on a vent … the antibiotics did not work and they took him off life support yesterday and 2:30pm. I know that all things happen for a reason and it is not mine to question why . But today I am struggling with that.
    I wanted to share this here with my blogmates since you all had expressed good wishes. Sometimes you just can’t have your happy ending.

    I will try and be back later today and chat about the upcoming survivor boot … and the shocking boot from dancing with the stars.

    Big G …. glad the quake was just minor and you are fine…. bad boy for scaring Mrs. G…. though !!

  65. I saw the Ep6 preview last night which clearly showed James removing Zhan Hu’s HII. The preview also showed Erik showing another HII to Jaime. So, what’s up with that???

    Did they swipe it… Will James snap him like the twig he is???

    Tomorrows Boot??? Either Jaime or JR, and I m leaning towards Jaime…

  66. No worries G….pants still on. :p

    Sorry to hear about your friends baby….hope they are doing better. I will keep them in my prayers!

    Earthquakes. Dang. No fun. Hope you are ok….

    I am going to put a new post and a new poll up this afternoon. I am very glad you are all here.

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  67. ((((Sherre)))) So sorry to hear the sad news.

    Whoa was I shocked at the exit on DWTS! I admit I was happy BUT I don’t think she deserved to go. Marie or Jane or Cameron I thought would go. Very big shock. About the same shock I had when Chris Daughtry was voted off AI.

    It seems like I’ve read where someone has what they think is a HII but its not, so I’m real confused on just what is going on. Will that be James’ grave error?? I need to go check out the screen caps and see, for I didn’t see any previews last night.

    Its lunchtime, be back later.


  68. Hey Sherre

    That news is sure more trick then it is treat… sorry about the little guy, I really thought he would be fine…

  69. ok, Im a bit confused… I love spoilers that cause you to ask more questions then they answer and thats what I think we have here…

    take a look at the screen caps in this link:

    In particular look at the two pictures on the far right. You can click on them for a closer view.

    The top Pict shows James Hand near the HII as hes searching or reaching.

    The bottom Pict is Eric holding a HII.

    BUT, they don’t appear to be the same. Close, but there are subtle differences…

    So whats up with ths??? Could you imangine being voted out and saying I have a HII, but it;s actually NOT the HII, just a close copy to add a crazy twist to the game??? This could be soooooooooooooo cool!!! and I don’t care if the producers have to manulape things to make this happen…

    So jeff goes, the next person voted off ….

    and the Bootee says with a big smile: Jeff I have this HII…

    and jeff looks at the HII and says, NOPE, you’re still gone…

    Smile turns to Shock!!!

    Now that’s “Must Watch TV”

    Any thoughts???

  70. I just looked at those screen caps, they are definitely different. Hmmm, but the real one says on the back of it, you have found the hidden immunity idol so I don’t know who has what. Except that the one that Amanda and Todd found and gave to James is a “real one”. Which one does it show with Jamie and Erik?? I don’t see a close up of that one but I’ll keep looking. Its going to be very interesting indeed if someone gets voted out thinking they have the real deal!


  71. Thank you all for your heartfelt thoughts and thank you for the hug Tina … be it real ones or cyber ones …. I take my hugs where I can get them you know.

    Dancing with the stars …. shocked to say the least ….. Sabrina was one of the best if not the best dancer this year…. America got it wrong …. everyone knows it should have been Marie…I was a Sabrina fan so I was sorry to see her go so soon . Now I don’t know who I will pull for …. I love that sexy little Cameron …. he is one of my favs a AMC .

    I am really confused about the HII thing this week it will be interesting to see how it plays out…. they are not showing the back of the HII and there was something written on the back I can’t recall what . So I am not sure that Erik has the real deal you know…. that would be a redfaced moment if you think you have the real one and you don’t .

    JP look forward to the new post and the new poll …

  72. you know Tina …. when they showed the previews …. Erik was saying while holding and turning the idol in question …. it looks idolish ….. well it may look idolish …. but it would say so …. right ???? So I think the previews are trying to fake us out and Erik and Jamie will have the third …. but fake HII …

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