Survivor China Premier is Thursday

This year’s 16 Survivor Contestants are a very unique group ranging from a Christian Talk Show host to a WWE Diva.  Should be a very competitive season and should have some unique things that we have not seen from Survivor past since they are in China. 

This year's cast of Survivor China.

 Here is our banner of the 16 new survivors.  We will get into each one more and more as the season progresses.  I am curious as to your early guesses as to who will be the Sole Survivor of Survivor China!

Jeff Probst

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7 thoughts on “Survivor China Premier is Thursday”

  1. Survivors past began to bore me. I used the DVR to record all the episides, but my wife and I end up deleting them one by one to free up space on the hard drive,lol. I do have a good feeling about this years show, I hope they have a “America’s Player”….lol


  2. hello everyone I hope this is as good as the BB8 site was had a great time there hope to here from you guys soon

  3. Does anyone know why there isn’t a “Blog: survivors strike back” this season? I was sooooooooo addicted to that!

  4. Very lame, very boring, very tired of the gays they have on the show, and in typical fashion CBS is trying to make the Christian contestant look bad.

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