The Big 8

Sorry I have been out of town for the past week….glad to see you are all still hanging in there.

As posted in our last post comments section… is the current state of the Survivor China game.

The Big 8

Name —- Our Nickname for them

Amanda ——– Impatient
Courtney ——- PITA
Denise ——— Mullett Madness
Todd ———— More-man (or less)
Frosti–———– Monkey Man
Erik ————– Virgin
Peih-Gee —— Serious Asian Chick
James ——-— Muscle Madness

Bootee List
Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st
Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
Aaron ——–— Surfing Instructor>>>>>Booted 5th
Sherea -——– Elementary Teacher>>>>>Booted 6th

Jury List

1. Jaime —— Blondie
2. Jean-Robert — Tool
3. TBA
4. TBA
5. TBA
6. TBA
7. TBA

I PROMISE to watch the last episode tonight and try to get a review post up soon.  I miss you guys and promise to end the season strong!


Jeff Probst

165 thoughts on “The Big 8”

  1. everyone wants a t-shirt! :) How about a buff? Gotta model it for all of the people on the site though! :p

    I think Big G took all of his “ladies” with him on vacation…

    Don’t worry. It will start picking up again soon! Glad you are here Shannon!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  2. I think Big G took all of his “ladies” with him on vacation…

    DAMN, I wish… Im trying to stay awake in a Network Security Class… I need a nap!!!

    opps, breaks over…


  3. Thanks for the new page/post Jeff. I know we all get bogged down with w… real life stuff, but we have to have some time for our unreal reality tv. :) G didn’t take me anywhere, I’m stuck at w… on my birthday, and I’m wearing my birthday suit! (not really, just wanted G to be mad that he missed it)

    I’m guessing the suits cut Sherre’s access to this site, which sucks! Shannon, Jeff, glad you guys are here. Its been really busy today or I would have written more already.

    I am sure things will pick up now that we are down to the Elite Eight. :) I’d like to go ahead and cross out a couple of those faces. Looking forward to your post after watching last week’s episode Jeff.

    Oh wait I see G is here lol, well glad you could pop in and join us for 3 seconds! :P


  4. I’m glad somebody’s finally around! *smile*
    Jeff when do I get my ‘Details”??
    looking forward to seeing JR’s ‘BIG RED X’ too, can anyone tell me if it was clever editing or did he really try to spoof James?

    Things are slow today, yesterday was our Rememberance Day so just about everything is shut down today! So I’m just sitting here doing computer work and checking in now and again.

    G — I did read some of the comments from last week when I was gone and I have to tell you the cowboy rides the bull for 8 seconds or he gets a ‘No Time” — sound like you bucked off to me! lol


  5. Happy Birthday (suit) Tina

    and, yeah… If you were there in you birthday suit, I would want to know where you w…, So I Could Apply… I’ve heard of Casual Friday — But Naked Monday Sounds Sooooooo Much Better!!! :) and Tina, anytime you’re naked, I promise you get the first “3 seconds”

    Now that I have come Chi, I have to run back to class…


  6. OH Yeah, I also vote for Shannon to model a buff — in the buff of course… perhaps you could ware it on your head… :)

    Gee This Is a Good Day For Naked Ladies… Now Where’s Sherre???

  7. You learning anything good G? Glad you are here Shannon!

    Rememberence Day is like our Veterans Day which is being celebrated here today, of course I don’t get a day off for that.

    Where the heck is Red? I’m sure Sherre will be here if the suits will let her. Hey G, why don’t you give her some of that education about security so she can bypass the surfnet software!

    Ok, has anyone found out any spoiler info or am I going to have to look on my own? :)


  8. I think we should rename Amanda something else, she’s not impatient….hmmm probable winner is what she is, maybe we should just put $$ beside her name lol.


  9. I’ll model the buff but only for 3 seconds, and you’ll have to find me first!

    Tina go ahead and search for spoilers, I don’t mind reading them but hate to go searching for them! too lazy I guess I agree about Amanda

  10. ….what happens after the 3 seconds??? Hmmmmm?

    By the way what “details” are you waiting for??

    I agree…Amanda has this season in the bag. She is amazing…..if I were on the island…..we would be hookin up right about now! :)

    **sorry Wendy**

    Hope you are all having a great Monday!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  11. Happy Monday Dan Du’s

    sorry to leave you hanging today …. the suits don’t have me locked down yet….

    I do however have a lot of …. w*** to do …. sorry ….

    Happy Birthday Tina …. sucks to have to work on your special day ….

    glad to see you made it back JP …. hope all went well while you where away …

    Big G …. try to stay awake and learn a little something this week okay …

    Hope to see you guys tomorrow …

    later taters !!!

  12. Happy Birthday Tina!

    Sorry guys and gals…I have been swamped with family stuff. Unfriggin real.

    I vote for Jeff to give us, the faithful and loyal, survivor buffs… the black ones! All in favor…say Aye!

    Will do my best to be on tomorrow. Promise. I MISS Ya’ll!!!!!!

  13. Oh…and Yipppppeeeee on the boot of Jean-Robert!

    This season’s hidden Immunity Idol has been a hoot. It’s made it more interesting the way the clues were given out.

    I’m pulling for Amanda to win it all. Goooooo Amanda!

  14. He Sherre,

    you know how those Suits are locking you down, the class Im in is teaching me a little of how they do it, but mostly why… a good class, but I still don’t like it…

    Anyway, I have some American Ido news…

    First and foremost, this year the singers are being allowed to use instruments during their Hollywood auditions to show off any non-singing talents they might have.

    Also, this year, American Idol announced that they will be using less celebrity mentors this season… Don’t know why on that, but using musical instrutments should add a new dimenision to the show…

    will check in briefly tomorrow… and I also predict Amada to win and either PG of Frosti to go home this week…

    oh yes, now that we have casual Firday and Naked Monday, what are we gonna have for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday???

  15. Good morning Dan Du’s! Tuesday is the men’s day to wear the buffs….I sure hope you guys can be creative with them. :)

    Sherre, you were missed mucho! Sorry about the w… thing, I’ve had more than a touch of that myself.

    Glad to see we’ve heard from most of ya’ll, still didn’t see anything from Red, unless I scanned too fast.

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Very sweet. :) We had an interesting birthday dinner last night lol, no one got crazy or anything, just interesting. ;)

    Ok on to Survivor….I’m afraid to say it because I didn’t want him to go yet but I think Frosti is the next to go. I like him. I don’t think PG is in trouble yet. But Erik could be…we’ll see.

    On a different note, anyone watch DWTS? If not I’ll hush up on that subject. :)

    G, share with us why those surf control products are beneficial and good for us?


  16. Good Morning!

    I stayed at w*** late last nite so i could watch Survivor on you tube and got all caught up – JR deserved to go, I just loved his comment at the end when he says they got rid of him because he was such a good player!!

  17. LOL Shannon, yes JR is a legend in his own mind. I was glad to see him go as well. Glad to see you got all caught up on Survivor at w…!


  18. I never said they were beneficial and good for us… But for management, they seem to think we waste too much time doing things like THIS!!! so from their point of view, this will improve productivity… little dothey understand that we have been finding ways to waste time at work long before there was the Internet… Take that away, and we’ll just go back to the old fashion ways of wasting time… :)

    There areother parts of the class that are beneficial and good for us such as stopping virus’s, keeping the hackers out and preventing Spam… so if I can keep the spam away, there’s more time for blogging…

    well, time to learn something… and only waring a Buff… well that should make class interesting… although being in downtown San Francisco, I am worried about drawing the WRONG type of attention… and trust me, it’s not easy walking around with your Butt tightly clenched… :)

  19. LOL I’m sending someone with a camera-phone to snap a shot of God in a buff. :)

    Glad to hear you are getting all smart and edu-macated G.

    I wish they’d play this show 3 times a week, have one night for RC, one night for IC and 3rd night could be TC. We’d have more ammunition to strategize on.

    Anyone going on the BB9 casting calls??


  20. Hey I showered today, where’s everyone at? Did I scare you away? Please come back and play, I promise I won’t be too evel.


  21. I’m still here! It’s taking longer than I thought to enter these tradeshow sales!

    I missed TAR on Sunday- My son watched for me long enough to tell me my team came in third but not long enough to say who was eliminated-can anyone tell me?

  22. It was the minister couple. That’s about all I can tell you other than the part where they have to pole vault across this water/mud is hilarious. Some don’t make it on their first try. I love rewind and play. Also, I found that father/daughter team, that the father is a real a$$hole, I mean really he was freaking me out. I felt so bad for the daughter.

    Who is your fav team?


  23. I’m in a pool and I have to cheer for the 2 blondes, but I think my personal fave is tk & rachel(but I have only watched 1 show, so have not really locked on to one team yet)

  24. Tina, you can take a pict of me in the buff… I mean waring the Buff… :) but I get one of you in the shower… Deal???

    Shannon, I to keyed in on TK and Rachel, they seem like the team with the most chemestry, the farther daughter team… If I were her, I may have had to take the muddy end of the pole-vault stick and shoe it somewhere…

    Now, does anyone have a clue what is gonna happen at TC after they send someone home??? If you saw the previews, Jeff told them they wern’t finished yet after the vote… Oh the drama… Well back to class… I think my head is beginning to swell, and lets see whos first to jump on that one… ;)

  25. geeze…

    My head is beginning to swell…

    Whos gonna be first to jump on that…

    and its Hump Day…

    There’s a joke in there somewhere, I just know it… ;)

  26. Ok have I just been in a time warp? Its not hump day yet is it? And I got the pic of G wearing the buff, taking highest bids on e-bay. ;) I may just decide to keep it. Me in the shower, ha ha, its not going to happen.

    Thanks for reminding me about Jeff saying that G, I had forgotten (too many shows and too many details) but that almost sounds like someone else will be booted, “IF” so my money would be on Frosti then Erik…or James….could it be the perfect time to get those two HII out of play? Hmmm this could be an exciting week after all.

    On another note are Julie and Jeff still an item?


  27. hey I missed the party again …. sorry I missed the early “hump” day ….. I love hump day …. because following “hump” day …. comes “hump” night ….. heheh ….

    okay ….. the suits have me so locked down it ain’t even funny ….. I can still get to the blog sites …. but they are watching all of our internet activity …. so I am being very careful …

    Yeah Big G …. I get why they are blocking us …. productivity and all that jazz …. yea …. yea …. I was a supervisor for these people I KNOW how the employees waste their time … and I lot of them waste time and don’t have access to the net…. but you are right people have always been goofin off at w*** they always will .

    Okay …. survivor talk ….. I think that it will be maybe James …. I think that somehow he will be snookered into not using his HII and that is how he will leave …. Frosti…. well he may be getting to close to olive oil ….I mean …. Courtney …. and Todd and Amanda may see that as a bigger threat than James at this point … Plus he is one of Zhan Hu’s old members …. so yeah …. I can see Frosti being a good pick for boot this week .

    so I am here and you guys are gone …. I suppose tommorow you will be here and I will be gone …

    Have a wonderful …. “hump” day …

    later taters !

  28. Olive Oyl… yeah, thats a good one, then I guess J.R. would have been Bluto… and WHY hasn’t anyone put an X over his pict… so, who would you say is Popeye and who would you say is Wimpy???

    Good Morning All but more importantly, Happy Hump Day… Hope Everyone Gets Humped sometime today… and just for the record, that’s the best way to goof off at w…

  29. Good Morning!

    Olive Oyl and Bluto that is too funny!!

    IMO James could be either Popeye or Wimpy, Popeye-for his strength(obvious) but didn’t Wimpy eat alot of burgers? that would be like James eating 1/4 of all the food as JR was complaining about!?

    How about Sweet pea?

  30. I guess Amanda is Sweet Pea, unless you think Todd fits the bill. lol

    Ok, we officially need to rename them all!


  31. Have a good evening, lots of rain here this afternoon, everyone be safe going home. I have absolutely nothing to watch on tv tonight! I think I’ll sleep! Tomorrow is Survivor!


  32. Good Thursday Morning to you

    Hope you all had a happy “hump” day …. Tina I hope you are sending all that rain my way …. we are getting just a little this morning with a lot of wind …. they said that the temp will drop by the end of the day.

    Tina if you like CSI …. you should try watching Criminal Minds ….They are profilers …. little different spin on Crime investigation…. it comes on Wednesday night on CBS…. great show …. the guy from Darma and Greg is on there…. can’t think of his name right this minute… anyways I love it …. that is my Wednesday night …. hubby watch Kid Nation and I watch Criminal Minds …. then it is off to bed .

    yep …. tonight is Survivor night …. boy they would do well to have this on more than once a week …. I hate only getting to watch it once a week …. I tend to lose interest.

    Big G …. hope all is well in your classes .

    Well I have to go and start my day …. hope you all have a great day …. hope to check in later …. I am trying to be very careful …. around here the walls have ears and eyes.

    tonights boot …. I think James or Frosti …. more than likely Frosti …. The more I think about it I think that Todd and Amanda will see that little thing between him and olive oil …. a threat… and we all know that Todd and Amanda are running the show when it comes to boots.

    Tina if you got spoilers on the IC …. be sure and post them I can’t get to the sites anymore … *sigh*

    Later Taters !!!!!

  33. Good Morning dan du’s!

    I didn’t look too deep but I found the following and am copy n pasting it below, its a probable spoiler so be warned don’t look if you don’t want to know…

    Episode 9: 11/15/2007: Just Don’t Eat the Apple”

    · A new force to be reckoned with takes on the power players. (Peih Gee)
    · One Castaway sends affections to someone outside their alliance which bothers some. (Courtney – Good bye Frosti )
    · One vulnerable Castaway may change their fate by using entertaining impersonations to charm others (Frosti in RC : the easy leaping over a rail like a sheep)

    A new force to be reckoned with takes on the power players. (Peih Gee)
    When one girl starts caressing someone outside her alliance, her allies are not happy. (Courtney and her little toy Frosti )
    One vulnerable castaway may change his fate by…acting like a sheep? (Frosti in RC : the easy leaping over a rail like a sheep costing him time in the IC)

    Courtney upsets some of her alliance partners when she starts flirting with someone outside of their group; Jeff tells the castaways they must stay after tribal council to attend to some business.

    Reward : Drums Winner : Eric /Frosti / Amanda and ? Courtney or Denise

    Semi annual alliance testing boat trip / Eric, Amanda , Denise ? Courtney ? Frosti

    Immunity: Knives and Cards Winner : Peih Gee

    Boot : Frosti

    And I have absolutely no idea why Jeff delays them at tribal counsil after the votes.

  34. Did I spill too many beans? Who knows if all this is true or not.

    Jeff would you please put an X on JR when you get a moment. Or you could wait and do two tonight. :)

    G, where are ya? It’s thumping Thursday, and I want to thump you! :P

  35. Tina, Thump or hump me — which did you mean??? either way, sounds like fun…

    sorry I don’t have time for blogging much this week, but my head is getting bigger by the day, so that should make it worth while…

    anyway, I was thinking PG tonight, but if she wins immunity, then it’s frosti… of everyone there, I believe he’s the biggest threat to win immunity, which puts a big ol target on your back…

    well, gotta run… will be lurking in the bushes however… so give me a good show… :)

  36. thump …. thump ….. thump …..

    hey thanks Tina for the mini spoilers …. no you can not spill too many beans for me ….. I have been so bogged down this week ….. at my hell on earth … haven’t had much time for anything ….

    Big G …. have you dazzled them with your brilliance yet ???

    Miss you guys …. gotta run …. have a ton of that crap I have to do at my hell on earth !

    later taters …

  37. Time’s up gotta run……..

    Thank’s Tina for the spoilers, can’t wait to see why Jeff keeps them after TC!

    Sherre…..Sorry not to see more of you this week, hopefully, the suits will ease up soon!

    Big G – Hope you’re learning lots and not sleeping too much during those classes!

    Red, Jeff, Natvtxn – Hope to see everybody Monday!

  38. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

    what?? yeah, Im awake… answer??? um, “c”


  39. That was so not fair… more business to conduct and then end the show!!! how dare they!!!

    I would say just for that, Im not watching… but who would believe me… :)

    anyway, there was a sight last night that I never expected to see, courtney with a mouth full of food… who knew she could eat…

    and as for renameing them… James is Wimpy — I’ll gladly pay you tuesday for a cheeseburger today… 7 cheeseburgers???

    and as for frostie, he knew the handwriting was on the wall once he lost the IC…

    now for next week I would say PG, but after the prewiews of James and Todd… and Todd running things… if James is snookered into believing its PG… then by-by eye candy…

  40. Good Morning dan du’s! :)

    I’m with you G, I was calling Jeff all kinds of names when he said we have more business to attend to and then rolled the credits. Grrrrrr!

    Way to go JP for X’ing out JR and Frosti!

    As for next week, I really believe they need a double eviction (wait wrong show)… but seriously James and PG need to go, IMO. I guess it could depend on whoever wins immunity.

    I must give kudos to Frosti and Erik handling the bouncing ball on the drums, awesome job. It was almost funny as PG picked James first and she thought she had that one in the bag! lol It seemed like a hard thing to do.

    So, my survivor buds, how are you guys this fine mother’s day? G, are you done with getting smart yet? Sherre, how are the suits treating you? Shannon, you still making trips to Taco Bell? ;) Red, we miss you! Jeff, Enigma, please write!


  41. Oh yeah, did ya’ll see the commercial for BB last night in the middle of Survivor? The word is they hope to have it ready for early or mid February! Yesssssssssssss!!!!


  42. Thu, Nov 22
    8:00 PM It’s Been Real and It’s Been Fun New
    A recap of the season so far. Jeff Probst is the host.

    Oh no, does that mean we have to wait until Nov 29 to find out the unfinished business????


  43. G, “IF” and when you have time, we need an updated list, and feel free to rename them as you see fit. :) Thank you, sorry I missed thumping you yesterday. I got busy at w…. well you know.


  44. – Survivors (so far)
    Amanda ——– Cutie Pie
    Courtney ——- Olive Oil
    Denise ——— Mullett Madness
    Todd ———— Sweet Pea
    Erik ————– Virgin
    Peih-Gee —— Mulan
    James ——-— Wimpy

    — The Jury
    1. Jaime —— Blondie
    2. Jean-Robert — Tool
    3. Frostie — Monkey Boy
    4. TBA
    5. TBA
    6. TBA
    7. TBA

    — Bootee List
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st
    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
    Aaron ——–— Surfing Instructor>>>>>Booted 5th
    Sherea -——– Elementary Teacher>>>>>Booted 6th

  45. Nov 29th!!!!!!!!! THE BASTARDS!!!!!!

    and no Tina, today is the last day of class…

    as for PG, I see her frustrations… she aint won nothing good, has no alliance to speak of and knows its just a matter of time… but she’s going about it all wrong, this is when you’re suppose to point out to people how Tod is making all the decisions on who leaves next which of course makes him the biggest threat… If PG were to play her cards right, ask James, Deniese, Amanda who they would like to go to the final three with, they could mount a coup and toss old Sweet Pea out wondering why he ever gave away the HII…

    well, back to class… hy head is getting sooooo big, but I know you gals like it that way… ;)

  46. ROFL, very good job G on the list. As for your swollen head, I still have some ice if you need it. ;)

    PG kept herself in another week by winning immunity last week, otherwise I am pretty sure she would have been gone this week. Anything involving puzzles (brainiac stuff like last night) PG will do well in. If its a strength type challenge James will dominate. If its balancing, we saw Courtney will prevail. On an endurance type challenge, I’m thinking Amanda might do well. I think Denise is not a threat in any of those. Erik, well I’m thinking its him or PG who goes next, depending on who gets immunity. I will do what I can to see what type of challenge they have set for the 29th. :)

    In James infamous words, Just don’t eat the damn apple! lol


  47. Yea,tina. EW stated that BB9 will be aired late January or early Feburary ALONG with our regular summer episode. Now we will all be able to get two BB fixes!
    Shannon, I loved th way JR gave Eric a wink and a nod as Eric walked by him to cast his vote. Also, on TAR, it looks like Christina and her jacka$$ of a father is going to mess things up for her. I hope not. I don’t know how she can be so patient with him.
    Okay, DANDUERS, if i don’t get back, i wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Gotta run my son is turning 18 today so i get to spend alot of $.
    Enjoy Your Weekend, Candyce

  48. TAR isn’t even over yet and I feel compelled to say Lorena is Pathetic and if I were Jason, I may have slowly walked away… how sad it that…

  49. and even being pathitic, lorena still eeks out a next to last place finish… I don’t care what jason says about here being passionate, she’s still pathitic and they will not last long in the race…

    and next week, the blonds get screwed??? there are sp many things I could say… but I’ll pass…

    father daughter team… Kudo’s to dad for pushing ahead and through the pain of the hernia…

    as for the blonds not being confortable in West Africa, well duh… I have traveled quite a bit around the world, but I have never seen any place that looked quite that bad… anyone who would feel confortable in places like this, is willing to accept them… and as for feeling like Ive come home??? I would be thankful for being lucky enough never to have had to live that life… I know, I am passing judgement, but I expect more from humans…

  50. Happy World Tolet Day… This is a small extract from an actual news article… who knew???

    World Toilet Day is Monday Nov. 19th and while the message behind the day is serious we here at Layer 8 naturally can’t keep it that way.

    According to the World Toilet Organization, the underlying purpose of the day is to have people in all countries to take action, increase awareness of toilet user’s right to a better toilet environment, and to demand for it from toilet owners. It also wants people to be aware that over 2.6 billion people around the world lack access to basic sanitation services. Founded in 2001 the WTO has 54 members in 41 countries dedicated to improving sanitation conditions around the globe. Hear them roar.

    the whole article can be found here…

  51. Im guessing that this is gonna be a quiet week with a Survivor Recap show and Turkey Day… I hope everyone had a nice relaxing World Tolet Day yesterday… :)

    now I still have tons to catch up on, but I’ll be lurking about from time to time…

    and Gobble Gobble Gobble to all…

    Go Lions…

  52. Good Morning dan du’s! Just like survivor it seems our tribe is down to just a few folks, hopefully we’ll hang in here till the end. I haven’t really looked for any information since this week its RECAP week, ahhh well, at least maybe they’ll show some funny clips or footage that we didn’t see before.

    Anyone that watches the Bachelor, that was horrible, and I don’t think I’ll be watching that one again. Total disappointment.

    TAR – its getting down to where I know most of the folks now, not their names but I can at least identify them. I am forming some opinions, like that hippie couple. The editing is beyond fair. It shows the blondes talking about how horrible it is, cut to scenery of garbage piles everywhere, then to the brother and sister talking about being glad to be in Africa, and they cut to scenery that is unspoiled and pretty. That just bothers me how they try to steer our opinions.

    How’s everyone doing? Sherre, G, Shannon, Enigma, Jeff, any of ya’ll here???

    Help, I’m all alone.

  53. Good Morning Dan Du’s

    Tina you’re not alone! I’m actually doing some w*** this week, and getting ready for another border run. G’s probably right about it being a quiet week this week and Happy Thanksgiving to All of You!

    I’ll be around and peeking in once in awhile

  54. Hi Ladies… hope all is well with the both of you… Im almost caught up, but then I have to study all the stuff from last week to get ready for a certification test… geeze I hate those things…

    Tina, if you read my rant from sunday, I agree completly with you, I hated that part of the show where they were comparing the two teams reaction to being in Africa… I guess it is what they say though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… me, and this isn’t politicaly correct, but the brother/sister team should be thanking their lucky stars that they don’t live in that squalor…

    on a side note, I see CBS is pressing for people to sign up for the next Big Brother… any of you girls interested… think of all the back dooring we could do…

    the interesting thing about the early edition of BB will be the weather, I wonder how that might play out… I don’t think we’re gonna see these folks running around in bikinis as much… not in Feb anyway…

    well, Im gonna go study for a bit… but I’ll be lurking about…

  55. LOL Leave it to G to think about the problem with the girls being able to wear bikinis! Well they can still wear the unitard so you should be ok G. :)

    I’m glad you are almost caught up and almost certified, wooohooo! I don’t think I could continue if you weren’t certified. ;)

    Glad to hear from the two of you, haven’t given up hope for the rest of ya’ll, we’ll make it to BB9 I’m sure.


  56. hey, bikinis are important… OK???

    well, Im off for the next 5 days… woo hoo!!! but I have much studing to do… boo hoo… but in between turning the pages, I will be lurking about, so if any of you ladies think the cost will be clear to ware your uni-tard or even a bikini, I’ll be peeking… and let me thank you all in advance for that peep show… ;)

    now I must go play in traffic…

  57. Lucky you G, I have to work today, but then I’m off until Monday. I would never try to keep your bikinis from you, I realize you need these things. I needed a rain suit today, its pouring down this morning, buckets of rain.

    Has anyone heard anything new/more on BB9?

    Shannon are you here? Its going to be a long day.


  58. ……enter jaws music……..

    look around both ways…….put on bikini……look around again, music plays…..

    waiting for G to lurk…..


  59. Ok that’s it, the bikini is gone, I’m back to the rain suit. I’m getting off work at 3:30 yay! Better than nothing I guess.

    Have a happy turkey day!


  60. lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk, bikini??? I missed the Bikini… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo………….

    geeze, I miss all the good stuff…

    Happy Turkey Day All…

  61. Tina – You need a rain suit and I need a snow suit!

    …………….But I’ll wear a bikini underneath just for you G

    Looks like I’m back just in time to say, “Hi – Goodbye”

    Hope there’s something we didn’t see before on the Recaps tomorrow nite!


  62. I’ll say this, you girls are too good to me and I do appreciate it… :)

    Once again, you all have a great Thanks Giving… Gobble Gobble Gobble… ;)

  63. Good Morning All…

    I hope everyone weighs a couple of pounds more then they did last week… :)

    as for TAR last night, the blonds needs to look up the word Karma in the dictionrary… because it would be nice to know whats gonna bite them in the ass…

    more later, now I have to prep for a meeting with the boss-man on how well I am doing around here… if only they knew… ;)

  64. Good Morning dandu folks!

    I’m with you on those blondes G, Karma is/will/should come back to bite them real hard in the butt! I’m sick of that brother and sister team winning first place, just because I like to see others get a slice or two of the pie. I still like the hippies and the goths, don’t ask me why, but I do. :)

    As for Survivor, I can’t say much, I watched the last half first, then went back and skimmed through the first part and though there was probably something new, its not coming to mind right now. I did see another BB casting call commercial during TAR last night, yay!

    It’s Monday, blech, but it could be worse I guess. lol At least we have G and Shannon here. :) Missing the rest of the bunch!


  65. Good Morning
    It’s great to finally ‘see’ you guys back!
    I missed TAR again last night, my son had a hockey game and it was late by the time we got back to town!


  66. ya know tina, Im with you on the goths (the pinkies), when I first saw them it was “OMG”, but they seem pretty decent and I would like to see them in the finals… although I am sure its pretty hard form them to get past the “OMG” part of a job interview… but its their nich in life and they do seem happy… I would also like to see tk and rachel in the finals… as for jason and loraina, that was a sad ending last night being u-turned by the blonds who I think thought they were u-turning tk and rachel who were the ones right behind them… which would be so typical of blonds…

    lets see, all the ladies here are red-heads… right… walking on eggs with that comment… ;)

    oh yes, as for the brother/sister, they are in it to win it, I just wish someone (anyone would have lost their chicken last night… or even better, maybe found one of the competing teams chickens left un-attended and turned it loose… how fun would that have been, much better then a u-turn… ;)

  67. For those of you who are keeping score, here’s how TAR finished last night…

    Azaria and Hendekea
    Jennifer and Nathan
    Ronald and Christina
    Nicolas and Donald
    Kynt and Vyxsin
    Shana and Jennifer
    TK and Rachel
    Lorena and Jason — Eliminated

  68. It looks like the father/daughter team and the grand-father/son finished well!

    I’m glad Lorena is out afer all the caterWAILing she did last week

  69. Im not sad that jason and Lorena are gone, but the u-turn was a cheap shot that didn’t need to be played… and again, I would bet that the blonds thought they were u-turning tk and rachal who were just behind them… karma is gonna bite them…

    did anyone catch the previews for next week??? I saw on a spoilers page that they may be going to Florance Italy, and that’s an episode I really want to see… I was just in Italy last spring and visited Florance… Nice — Really, Really Nice!!!

  70. not that Im counting or anything, but it’s been 11 days since we last saw Sherre… Do you think shes been turned into a Suit??? Those suits are evil bastards…

    We Miss You Sherre!!! Walk toward the light… your friends are waiting to help you purge your self of the suitiness that infects your soul…

  71. Ahem, I don’t have red hair, just to set the record straight, mine is brown….just like my eyes….how about you G? Does your hair resemble your avatar? lol ;)

    The U-Turn was a low blow, but I was glad to see Jason and Lorena go out without drama, they seemed more likable than at any other point this season (that the editors have shown, that is).

    Congrats on the game Shannon!!!!!!


  72. does my hair look like the avatars…. just a tincy-wincy-bit in the front… :)

    sherre and jeff trying out for bb9??? tina, lets get shannon and the three of us can be in the house as well, but seeing as they have never actually seen us, we can form an alliance and backdoor their butts for not inviting us with them… backdoor their butts, hmmmmmmm, somehow that seems redundent… anyway, they need to pay for running off on us like that…

  73. but how do we recognize each other to form the alliance? new code names or what?

    BTW.G– I used to be blonde until age and kids came along; so I guess i can let those blonde comment slide too

    (PS. I am now just a light reddish brown)

  74. well, its later, so good morning Tina and Shannon… Im Sherre down as MIA, we should have a memorial service… as for jeff, it seems he only comes around to collet the rent anymore… oh well…

    me, I took that class a couple of weeks ago… well last night I took a practice exam without doing any studying since the class… got a whopping 54%… I guess I need to study… fricking homew… almost said the w word, but I caught myself…

    anyway, we need to start thinking of thursday and what the unfinished business might be… another vote??? a twist to the rules??? any ideas??? I have not be able to find any hints out on the net… so if anyone has a clue, please share…

    well, gots lots to do but I’ll be popping in throughout the day…

    so again, good morning all…

  75. Hey G, you know 54% means you got the majority of the questions correct. ;)

    As for the twist to the up and coming unfinished business with TC, I haven’t a clue. I haven’t had time to hunt and search maybe in a bit I’ll try.

    So you are saying you don’t have that long flowing white hair in the back, just in the front?? lol

    I’m thinking maybe we aren’t exciting enough for Jeff to write to. ::shrugs:: But what do I know. I mean we all have to w…. but how long does it take to pop in and ….nevermind, I didn’t mean to b*tch…just glad to be here. :)


  76. SURVIVOR SPOILERS — Read if you dare…

    I snooped around and it appears that this might be the week that James joins the Jury… you would think that with 2 immunity idols that he would be a force to contend with, but as I have said in the past, james anit the brightest bulb on the tree… so somehow / someone (todd) suckers james into believing he is safe so the idols won’t be played…

    oops… and james will be sitting there wiht one of those shocked looks on his face wondering what just happened… well, that all I know about the spoilers for this week…

    My take on this… Todd is the master of ceremornies, he is making everything happen right now… But regardless of how well he is playing the game, backstabbing this many people on the jury will hurt him when it comes to winning the money… by the time this is over, I think JR would rather give the money to Courtney then see Todd win it… so if you’re playing for 2nd place, then Todd is making all the right moves, first place??? Not So Much…

    just my opinion…

  77. hello everyone in survior blog land …. I am back from far far away in suit-ville land …. I still have visions off spread sheets dancing through my head. I am looking a 12 step to help with the suit monkey that I seem to have on my back .

    Big G …. I missed you …..

    Tina …. what’s up girl !!!

    Shannon …. glad to see you are still hanging around ….

    Red , Jeff, Enigma …. those guys must still be hold out with Tom ….turkey …..

    hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving ….. I did …. started my Christmas decorating ….I love Christmas …. it is my favorite time of the year…

    don’t have any thing new …. last week episode of Survivor sucked ….. hope this week is better ….. is it just me …. or are these guys boring ….. I seem to be losing interest.

    sorry that I have been MIA recently …. you know the suits are keeping close tabs and all ….

    I do miss you guys a lot you keep me smiling through out my boring days.

    later taters !

  78. oh man I was just reading a bit to catch up …. I missed so much …

    Big G …. memorial service ….. come on ….. don’t you get out that black arm band yet !!

    I am still around …. just been locked down ….

  79. Good Morning All…

    With the Holiday shopping in full swing, I thought I would pass along a scam I came across…

    Home Depot Alert
    A ‘Heads Up’ for those of us men who may be regular Home Depot customers. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don’t be naive enough to think it couldn’t happen to you or your friends. Here’s how the scam works.

    Two seriously good-looking 20-21 year-old girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping into the trunk. They both start wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex, with their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy T-shirts. It is impossible not to look. When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say ‘No’ and instead ask you for a ride to another Home Depot or Lowes.

    You agree and they get in the back seat. On the way, they start undressing. Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and starts crawling all over you, while the other one steals your wallet. I had my wallet stolen September 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th, 20th & 24th. Also October 1st, 4th, twice on the 6th, three times just yesterday, and very likely this coming weekend.

    So ladies, tell your friends AND your husbands to be careful. :)

  80. ROFL, G, I love it, that’s just what I needed this morning. :)

    ((((Sherre)))) I missed you girl!

    Shannon, I hope the little one is doing better, no fun for anyone when they are sick. :(

    Thanks for the spoiler info, I am ready for James and his two idols to go, it is time or he will be a serious threat to the rest of the game.

    I agree G, I think Todd is an incredibly good game player, but I think against Amanda he will lose, against Courtney, hmmm, I dunno.

    This is the point in survivor where I’m ready to get down to it. I wouldn’t mind seeing 2 people go this week. I’m still wondering what Jeff’s unfinished business at TC is.

    They still haven’t had the “family and friends” visit episode (unless it was so boring I missed it) so maybe that will come up soon. I always like seeing those, makes everyone cry and break down that rough exterior.

    Good morning to all of you, tomorrow is Survivor Day yay!


  81. Yes, tomorrow is Survivor Day…

    but right now, its just me and 3 lovely ladies and its Hump Day… ;)


    Good Morning Tina…

  82. hey …. happy hump day …. dan du’s …..

    thanks (((((Tina)))))

    I am ready for them to get down to it as well Tina ….. I am losing interest ….. they really need to do more than one show a week … you right about the unfinished business …. I almost forgot about that ….it seems like it as been weeks since a new episode …. I do think this is the week that James lets Todd snooker him into feeling safe enough not to use the HII … I mean really I would use one regardless …. at least you would have two more chances …. use one this go round and the other the next go round …. that is if you don’t win IC.

    well Tina …. looks like the little indy driver won DWTS ….. I was glad …. he was not a dancer or performer going into this competion …. so it should have been that way …. he done really really well I thought .

    okay …. working on my suit detox ….. will be back later …

  83. Wow, Sherre’s here, Tina’s here… now where is Shannon so we can get this Hump day off to a proper start… ;)

  84. Good Morning Sherre… I would say drive a steak into the hearts of these suits, but we all know they have no hearts… in which case I say, aim for the groin… that should make them a bit cautious… I know I’de be cautious… ;)

  85. hummmmm …. Big G …. that’s a thought …. but we all believe that they have cotton balls …. that is why they need …. middle management …. to be the muscle dontcha know ….

  86. Good Morning and Happy Hump Day to all!

    Yes Big G, I made it so now you can have your 3 on 1

    Survivor Stuff, I noticed in the previews that there was no clip of Erik–clever editing OR extra business was another elimination?!

    If it is an elimination do you think PG still would get to keep Immunity or what?

  87. Oh please Sherre, don’t go telling me that as Middle Management you have balls… that image just aint gonna sit right with me at all… in fact, I may want you to sit out this weeks Hump Day activities… ;)

  88. If there’s an extra elimination, I would think that PG would be safe, Jeff doesn’t collect the Immunity Idol until just prior to the next immunity challenge, so it’s mojo should still be in effect… but then again, I don’t make the rules…

    And Good Morning Shannon…

    Do they have Home Depot’s up in Canada??? cause Im sure some Canadian hotties may try this scam… ;)

  89. Know I give up my middle management job ….. nope …. I am ball – less ….. LOL …. do I get to join in the Hump Day activities ….

  90. Yes to Home Depot

    Yes to Hotties………….although they would definately have to go down ther for this scam to work!……it’s too cold up here to let it all hang out, but the middle of winter in CA would be like late spring here! lol

  91. Yes, the weather here is quite nice, one could say that spring is in the air… why do ya think I had my wallet stolen so many times? ;)

  92. As for survivor tomorrow, if todd does lull james into a false sense of security, the look on james’ face (SHOCK) when he see the vote, all the while sitting on two (2) idols… it should be quite amusing…

    and I am sure we will see a chuckle from JR’s as this is played out…

    what i would LOVE to see is james have a blond moment and ask jeff if it’s too late to play an idol after the votes are read… doubt that will happen, but how perfect would that be???

  93. james is going will surely be in shock for a moment …. he will think ….. but you can’t pick me I two HII …. …

    all together now …… “dumb ass”

  94. Sherre, if we’re gonn do this, then lets do it right…

    all together now …… “DUMB ASS!!!!!!”

    ya gots to say it like ya mean it… ;)

  95. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love weird news stories… the strange, bizzare and amusing things you find in the news these days never ceses to amaze me… with that said…

    What do you call a moose stumbling drunk on fermented crabapples in front of a dive bar with christmas lights tangled in its antlers?
    Buzzwinkle of course… :)

    heres the link for any wo want to read the story and see a pict…

  96. better late than never “DUMB ASS” lol

    I will be sure and check out that story and see the pictures, I love weird news and dumbass of the day type stories.

    I think I read somewhere earlier today that Dec 6 will be family and friends visit week, so yay, I’ll be looking forward to that.

    Yes Sherre, I watched Helio and Julianne win it all. I was happy for them, but I felt bad for Maks (not so much Mel lol), but Maks is an incredible dancer and it might have been nice for a woman to win since its only happened once. Still, I like Helio and am happy he won.

    I’m not feeling the hump in this hump day, let’s pick it up a notch. ;)


  97. hey …. the easter bunny is decorating …. LOL ….. I love it !!

    yeah Tina I am with you ….. I did expect more of a hump myself being as I missed a couple of hump day gatherings …. LOL …..

  98. Thankyou for the big “DUMB ASS” Tina…

    Ho Ho Ho, Shannon, I to love the new look…

    as for the lack of humping on hump day… I could say a lot of things, but I tend to get in trouble when I do… so I suggest you all take this matter up with your husbands or whatever cute guy is within reach…

    now its lunch, so I gonna hump — I mean get me a sammich… ;)

  99. okay ….. have you all noticed that we have not had a new blog entry since Nov 12th ….. I mean come on ….. I know it is slow but the lack of interest from our blog host is a little disappointing ….

    **hint hint**

    I really do expect a new blog entry friday morning ….. and a new poll would be nice ….

  100. okay …. usually if I want something from my husband I have to nag him into it …. so here goes ….

    new blog entry …. nag …..nag …..nag ….

    new poll … nag ….nag ….nag …..

  101. yeah Sherre, I have to admit, the nagging does tend to work… but have you ever tried exchanging a quick hump for whatever you need??? this could be a win-win situation… and trust me, guys love an unexpected humping, exspecially when initiated by their lady… :)

    but Im not quite sure how this would work with Jeff and a new blog entry and poll, so I would stick to the nagging in this case… :)

  102. um Sherre… is there anything that I can do for you that may require you to resort to you attributes… I really, really like attributes… ;) A LOT!!!

  103. oh …. come on Big G ….. I had you with the red hair and green eyes ….. anything more will require a signed release form ….

  104. well, a couple of these, but bigger… one of those other things or course… and of course, theres that whole back-doorin part… and on the clean side of the tracks, there’s the red hair and green eyes… :)


    The city console of Berkeley, Calif., has passed a measure that Cracks Down on Sex on Sidewalks and in parks… On Hump Day No Less!!! :(

    Damn Them, now where am I gonna go???

  105. A new reality show is coming to VH1 — Called ‘Celebrity Rehab’

    this show will follow several (so called) celeberties in some no-frills rehab center in LA LA Land… and NO, Im not making this up…

    not much else is said about the show which will begin in Jan 08…

    Im just wondering, are they going to have a tibal console and vote a celeb out of rehab each week??? and of course each vote will be a tie as they each vote for them selves…

    JEFF, speaking for myself, I don’t think we’ll be needing a blog for that one…

    link for any who care:

  106. Well Happy Thumping Thursday… we have some unfinished business to deal with tonight… personally, I hope its not another vote, but rather a new and unexpected twist to the game… but a sudden vote could be cool as well…

  107. Good Morning Shannon,

    you will have to ask Sherre that question, she came up with the term and kept saying she wanted to thump me… Im not sure if that’s a good thing or not… but I’ll try anything twice… ;)

  108. well, I would hope it would be fun… but fun for who??? ;)

    anyway, any thoughts on tonights unfinished business???

  109. Evel Me said »

    Did I spill too many beans? Who knows if all this is true or not.

    Jeff would you please put an X on JR when you get a moment. Or you could wait and do two tonight.

    G, where are ya? It’s thumping Thursday, and I want to thump you!

    Ahem….from November 15th….I think I was the one trying to thump you!!

    On tonight’s unfinished business, I haven’t looked to see if there is any spoiler info, but I hope it something good!

    Good morning all!


  110. oops, sorry Tina, but for the record, you can thump me anytime you like… ;)

    as for tonights unfinished business, I haven’t seen any spoilers covering that information, so me my just have to sit and wait to see what happens…

  111. I’ve just been doing some browsing……………possible spoiler coming>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    it looks like erik and denise go on a reward trip to a temple, and it rains on the rest of them.

    If this is true then Jeff’s unfinished business is Not a double elimination
    maybe he’ll anouce anothe HII – ha ha ha

  112. Yes lets have a group thump, or is that more thumping than G can handle?? ;)

    Erik and Denise huh? That’s interesting, if I can find some time I’ll do some searching as well.

    G, consider yourself thumped in the most delicious way. lol


  113. so tonights the big night …. woo whooooo ….. seems like a month of sundays since we have had a new show …. and a new blog entry …. nag ….nag….nag…..

    wow …. denise and erik …. I bet eric … would rather it be amanda …. whatcha think ????

  114. okay …. I was hoping to thump you Big G …. but you did not show while I was hanging out so …. I am taking my attributes and going home.

    later taters !!

  115. Yes Tina, during earthquakes… among other things…

    so, has the earth moved for you lately??? ;)

    Sorry Sherre I wasn’t around to be “Thumped” by you… that’s something that I am sure I would have enjoyed… ;)

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