Time to merge and shake things up

So with the number of contestants down to 10, my initial reaction is that the merge is happening this week.  But in typical survivor fashion…you never know what will happen next.

Tomorrow’s show should be interesting.  The previews have been hinting to the Hidden Immunity Idols and should help to set the stage for the next 1/2 of the game.

Also I am curious if anyone is feeling like this is a great season or if it is just so so.  I know personally it just is not keeping my attention.  I like it and usually at this point I have my favorites and so forth but I still feel like they are trying to hard at playing the game now 15 seasons in…

So let me know what you think….will the merge happen and will it make the show a little more interesting?

Thanks for being a part of the Survivor Blog!

Jeff Probst

55 thoughts on “Time to merge and shake things up”

  1. You guys are quick….

    I am sorry for the weak post. I just wanted to get something up there and hope that it would spawn more talk here in the comment area.

    Hope you guys can forgive me.

    Jeff Probst

    PS: when does Big Brother 9 start again? Not soon enough! :p

  2. OK, here’s the list reformated for the merge. I seperated the list of people who have been booted and we’ll see tomorrow who is the fist member of the jury.

    Amanda ——– Hiking Guide
    Jean-Robert — Professional Poker Player
    Courtney ——- Waitress
    Denise ——— School Lunch Lady
    Todd ———— Flight Attendant
    Frosti–———– Parkour Athlete/Student
    Erik ————– Musician
    Jaime ———– Student
    Peih-Gee —— Jeweler
    James ——-— Gravedigger

    Bootee List
    Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st
    Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
    Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
    Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
    Aaron ——–— Surfing Instructor>>>>>Booted 5th
    Sherea -——– Elementary Teacher>>>>>Booted 6th

    Jury List

  3. now here’s my prediction, Eric and Jaime are close… I wonder if Eric lets Jaime have the so-called HII and she tries to use it tomorrow, but is still booted… This could be one of the coolest twists to the game ever!!! I still think Jaime or JR and if I had to choose, Jaime is my pick to go, with all the extra drama of corse…

  4. I have had a few past seasons that I just could not find a favorite and lost interest in …. Last season with Earl and Yau …. is just hard to top …. I loved both those guys and I have not seen a Earl or Yau in this group.

  5. I do believe you are right on point with your prediction Big G …. and oh how I would love to see Jamie all redfaced with the fake HII …. that will be beautiful sweet justice for what she did to James and Aaron dontcha think !

  6. Assuming the merge happens before the IC, I would guess Jamie (as G said with all the drama) but……I would like to see JR gone and see Courtney evolve away from her tribemates shaking things up a bit.

    I’m at a loss to predict about the HII, the previews are more confusing than revealing.

    Thanks for the new post JP, its ok if its not that long of a post….remember you have those winning dimples that keep us from ever getting mad at you lol.


  7. I would like to see Courtney gone … I don’t like that chick …. I can’t help it …. but then I don’t really like JR either and I am tried of the blurred our vision of his neatherlands … you know …. it kinda creeps me out.

    I like Denise and James … and Amanda …. and even that sneaky little snake Todd.

  8. The merge should happen early… there won’t be a reward challange, but the new tribe will get a merge feast to allow everyone to get acquainted, then the IC will happen and of course TC…

    during the feast, we can expect to see what old alliances have held, and what new alliances may begin to form… the whold issue with PG and Jaime trying to protect Frosti bry throwing that challenge 2 weeks ago may play a roll… I hope Frosti lives up to his name when PG and Jaime try to warm up to him and give those 2 twits the cold sholder…

  9. Sherre, Tina… you never replied to may earlier question… did I scare the pants of either/both of you with that boo this morning… Just checking, my inner freak wants ot come out and play… ;)

  10. Holy Shit, my pants are gone. How will I walk to my car today???? You perv! I knew you’d pull a Halloween prank like that! Scary scary dude! lol


  11. nope …. I do not scare easily …. you have to do better than just a booooooo … Big G ….

    Tina …. what the heck …. your pants flew over here on my desk ….

    here >>>>>>>>> put your pants back on girl !!!

  12. Sherre based on all that buzzzzing coming from you, Im thinking you may not have had pants on to begin with… :)

  13. I’m thinking Sherre didn’t see what I saw when you said Boo! lol

    I’m thinking also G needs to lose the robes….for a bit.

    On another note, I read somewhere the feast they get when they merge will include some kind of wine that is made from a cobra (showed a picture of what looked like a cobra distilled in the wine but I can’t be sure) anyhow they say that it is a powerful aphrodisiac, hmmm wonder if this merge will be a satisfying one. :)


  14. okay loyal dan du’s ….

    I have to make my way home ….

    Thank you guys again for the heart felt thoughts and for the nice diversion …. I really needed it . Dan Du Rocks !!!!

    later taters !!

    FYI …. tomorrow …. we have a big company project …. I will try and make it in but we have some of the big suits here …. hard to slip in blog time … but I will try .

  15. Amanda ——– Impatient
    Jean-Robert — Tool
    Courtney ——- PITA
    Denise ——— Mullett Madness
    Todd ———— More-man (or less)
    Frosti–———– Monkey Man
    Erik ————– Virgin
    Jaime ———– Blondie
    Peih-Gee —— Serious Asian Chick
    James ——-— Muscle Madness

    I stole your list and renamed them for fun. Thanks for the updated list G.

    Almost time to leave, have a safe and spooky Halloween. No booing us tomorrow G!


  16. Tina, most merges usually are satisfying…

    and GOD without robes??? whats next, have me shave and cut my hair???

  17. LOL JP! Now its Dimples.

    God, we want to see you wearing just the buff.

    Never cut your hair or shave, that would be horrible.

    Good Morning dan du’s!!!!!

    It’s Survivor Night!

    Let’s discuss.


  18. good morning dan du’s

    I am going to very very quiet …. the “suits” are here….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …. the conversion as I expected is not going smoothly ….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …. looks like I will be doing overtime for the next few weeks … once the “suits” are done “fixing” everything ….. we will have some clean up.

    JP muscle madness …. really ????

    My nickname in highschool was SherreLu ….and it stuck to me like clue all these years

    Looking forward to tonights show ….should be much to chat about tomorrow ….

  19. oops …. should be stuck to me like glue …. not clue …. hehehe …. see the suits are stressing me out already. ….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  20. Awww Sherre, hope the suits leave soon and there isn’t too much damage.

    Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind JP wearing a buff only also, ya know to show off all that muscle madness!

    Just a thought….doesn’t the person who holds the HII have to announce they want to use it before the votes are counted, but after the votes are cast? If so, then Jamie would realize her HII isn’t real before the votes are read, but still too late to do anything about it.

    So Jamie or JR?? I’m happy either way.


  21. LOL Tina …. I am not going to bet on that …. before the day is over my co-workers in the office here …. may need that glue …. for my lips ….. hehe

  22. yes Tina you are correct …. the person that wishes to use the HII must say so …. after the votes …. but before the count …. so it is a gamble if you even would need it at all ..

    I am so hoping that it is Jamie …. but Jamie or JR will be fine and dandie with me .

  23. Good Morning Dan Du…

    Sherre, sorry to see that you are dealing with Satan’s Childre… opps, I mean the Suits… Just humor them, they’ll go away and you can go back the doing things they way that always worked before…

    me waring just a buff… but not in the buff… I’ll have to order one I guess… but be careful what you wish for…

    as for tonight, I really want it to be Jaime and of course, I hope she tries to use the fake idol… That could go down as one of the more evil twists ever in the game… Almost as good as Richard hatch going to prison…

  24. As for useing the HII, I don’t think the old rules would apply… afterall, Jeff had NEVER mentioned the HII… although Todd has told pretty much everyone, it’s supposed to be a secret… so with the HII never being discused at Tribal Counsel, how would anyone know how or when it’s supposed to be played…

  25. excellent point Big G …. I guess old rules would not apply …. so that leads to yet another question …. how will this HII come into play …. and will more than one come into play …

  26. excited for Idol …. I have to say …. not like I used to be in the beginning …. after the Sanjaya farce last season …. I have to say I was very disappointed . I am hoping for some changes in the voting system this year . I would loved to see limits to the voting … similar to Dancing with the stars… The only reason Sanjaya stayed as long as he did … was the massive redialing and texting . … oh man let me stop before I go off on a Sanjaya rant … water under the bridge.

  27. Here’s some strange Big Brother News. No, not BB8, but BB Africa… I tripped over a story that there was a problem recently where one HG Raped another HG… Here’s the news story:


    The sight of a blind-drunk young woman being assaulted by a Big Brother housemate in what may be the most public rape ever has turned the stomachs of millions of television viewers.

    The incident, broadcast live by a pay-TV conglomerate across Africa, has prompted denunciations from the continent’s great and good. Viewers have flooded newspapers and internet message boards with emails expressing undiluted outrage.

    Many of the emails contain photo clips from the programme that appear to show Richard Bezuidenhout, a 24-year-old film student from Tanzania, assaulting Ofunneka Molokwu, a 29-year-old medical assistant from Nigeria.

    M-Net, which airs the show have intervened. “There is no indication that she was unconscious at the time,” said Joseph Hundah, an executive at M-Net.

    However, viewers of the incident, which took place on Saturday afternoon after an extended drinking bout which ended in copious vomiting and apparent blackout for Molokwu, remain adamant about what they saw: Bezuidenhout lay down next to the comatose young woman and penetrated her vagina with his fingers. He carried on despite the pleas of another female housemate for him stop. Under the law in South Africa – where, on average, a woman is sexually assaulted every 40 seconds – such an act constitutes rape.

    Bezuidenhout, who is married, finally desisted and went off to sit by himself while drunkenly sniffing his fingers. At this point the producers of the show did intervene, sending paramedics into the house and cutting the live feed.

    Bezuindehout, defending his sexual behaviour in a show that has featured copious nudity, recently told his housemates, “Well, this is Africa.”

    The contest is due to reach a climax on November 11. But the $100,000 on offer to the winner may prove chump change compared to the settlement sought by Ofunneka and her lawyers once she escapes the Big Brother bubble and views footage of her very public humiliation.


    And some people thought Evil Dick was bad…

  28. I could be wrong but I’d think Jeff would mention the HII if it were in the possession of the tribe attending TC, but not before then so as not to give it away. I am sure by the questions Jeff asks at TC that he knows what is going on within the tribe, he would know that Todd and Amanda gave the idol to James but James wasn’t at TC last week so it wasn’t an issue.

    Yes Todd has made sure almost everyone knows and by the mysteriously misleading previews we are all pretty sure that more than one and perhaps more than 2 idols are in play, but maybe one of them is not genuine. So I would feel sure with the merge that he will mention the HII after the vote.

    As for AI, I love it. I am looking forward to it but like Sherre, I got disillusioned with the voting process and how long Sanjaya and his hair stayed in the competition. I wasn’t a huge fan of Jordin, but it was ok that she won. I liked Blake’s style and showmanship much better. Have either of them got anything that’s playing on the radio yet? It seemed like Carrie Underwood had something on the radio the same week she won (along with Bo) and she’s kept something on the charts almost always. I ennoy the show and am looking forward to it, and am going to go to the link and create my new name over there. :) I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding me lol.


  29. to say the least… the story didn’t say what if anything would be done, but that is Africa, so I guess it ok (I say with much sarcasm)…

  30. Well yeah G, Ed would have kicked that guys ass unless it would have been Jen ….. oh well maybe he would have even then.

    Hey Jeff….if you are JP in Survivor, and Ryan Seacrest in AI, how come you weren’t Julie Chen in BB? lol Oh yeah she doesn’t have those dimples ;)


  31. Tina…you have cracked my super secret code!


    Being Jeff Probst and Ryan Seacrest is kinda fun. So I am into role playing….go figure.

    As far as being Julie Chen…I think I will stick with BBBlogger. Just works and I think it is cool.

    I am going to be BOLD and say that the American Idol Blog will be as popular as the BBB since I have secured “Sooner” Ryan to once again be in charge of the blog posts and since Idol is usually on more than one time a week…we should get tons of stuff to talk about!

    I am not giving up on our Survivor Blog here….just have not seen the amount of traffic yet….but who knows….as the tribes merge tonight and let people are there….the more we can get people buzzing about Survivor!

    Peace, Jeff Probst (for now)

    PS: I don’t have dimples…still like me?

  32. most die hard survivor fans head over to skills or sucks for their daily dose of survivor chat…. but you have to say … that Tina … Big G and myself have been loyal to this blog ….
    (sorry to leave Red out …. but she as abandoned us it seems )

    that is why Dan Du rocks !!!!

  33. The problem with survivor this year …. is that there is not clear cut favorite ( like Earl or Yau )and no one we love to hate (like fairplay or hatch) …. and it is only on once a week …. not much to talk about on a every day basis.

  34. Yes..Tina, Big G and Sherre are the reason I am still keeping this blog and not trying to sell it off. (KIDDING)

    I am a Survivor fan but between just not being able to focus during it this year *(not sure why)* and just wanting to be drawn in and see the different relationships occur….just seems like something is missing.

    Like I mentioned in my short and sweet blog post, I really do hope the merge makes a new dynamic for the season. Without it, I am not as motivated to watch.

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  35. hey don’t put that for sale sign in the window just yet JP …. people tend to get more excited about survivor toward the end … after the merge…. things could heat up and be more interesting … I hope … I mean after BB8 … it is kinda hard to top that .

  36. JP, be ready to put a nice big “X” over Jaime’s pict… that’s who I pict to go home tonight with a fake HII in her hand no less…

    and I am picking Amanda to win…

    see ya all in the mornin…

  37. Awww it doesn’t matter if you have dimples or not Jeff!

    G, foreseeing Jamie’s picture with an X, well you are all knowing huh?

    I just typed this but my son was talking to me about an eyeclopse or something that makes you be able to see something 4000 times bigger than it is, he’s 10….I remember why I usually type my thoughts at work.

    Yes Sherre, Dan Du rocks, and hopefully more will join in as it gets closer. I admit I do go over to skills and sucks to look at screen caps and possible spoilers. But I always come back here because it feels like home. Hanging with you guys rocks. (I bet ED would like it here lol).

    Anyhow we’ll find out in about 49 mins or so when another exciting episode of Survivor starts.

    See ya’ll in the morning!


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