Welcome to everyone from Big-Brother-Blog.com!

Said in my best Julie Chen voice…Dick is the winner of BB8!

“In a vote of 5 to 2, Dick you are the winner of Big Brother 8!”

**wild cheering and celebration occurs across the nation**

I am glad that CBS gives us today to soak in the Big Brother finale before getting us Juiced with the new Survivor.

So…I want to make sure that everyone had their moving buddy…so start commenting away and let me know you made it over here. Please remember your first comment needs to be approved by me before I let you go all crazy!

PS: we are number 15 on Google for the keywords Survivor Blog and number 1 for Survivor China Blog. I hope that helps us get similar traffic as we did with BBB! Please do not melt my new server! ;)  Also we are 81 on Google for Survivor China.  Not too bad!

Jeff Probst (also known as BBBlogger)

149 thoughts on “Welcome to everyone from Big-Brother-Blog.com!”

  1. My comment is awaiting moderation? Are you kidding me? I guess my comments will show up sometime between now and the Survivor Finale.

  2. hello bb blogs mates !

    Well I seemed to have “survived the move hehe … sorry I know that was a bad joke but I could not resist.

    I am so excited about tomorrow nights premier can’t wait to see who will be the soul survivor this year. I always start out pulling for the old folks but they usually don’t last that long. This year the oldest are Steve “Chicken” Morris, a chicken farmer from VA (47) and Denise Martin , school lunch lady from MA (40). Just when the heck did 40’s get old. I don’t see either one of these guys going very far.

    Should be a lot of fun !

    DNP rules !!

  3. Morning ALL DNPrs!! NATVTXN HERE! Thot I would get in “survivor mode” and change my ID to BEST BRUNETT BLOGGER (although, I would be considered a blond). Just showing support for Mark Brunett in case he feels the need to invest his millions!!. . .Don’t tell me you all are actually taking a day off? OR, heaven forbid, attempting the “W” word? Get in here pronto! Well, as soon as you can. I’m still in BB Recovery Rehab…from all the excitement. Loved seeing D/D getting their BIG checks this morning! Okay, I know! NO BB TALK!! But, hey, I’m going thru withdrawals, so be patient with me. Hope to hear from all you zany/intelligent DNPrs soon!!

  4. Well…do you guys like the look and feel of this blog or should I make it more like the BBB one?

    Glad you guys are here. Tomorrow Survivor starts!

  5. Sounds like we might need to send Wendy and Jeff to exile island. :) The blog looks nice, but I must admit I’m “used to” the BB Blog format, either way is good for me.

  6. Yeah…I am trying to use more graphics over here. Not sure yet if I like. Say the word and this one can be EXACTLY like the other one. ;)

  7. Arrrrg me maties… forget about who will be the sole survivor, I always love seeing who will be the first dweeb voted off the island, or is it over the wall this season??? Arrrrg…

  8. I think Exile Island became a bit of a bore after a while. There would have been other ways to address the immunity idol thing which it seems they are doing quite nicely this year. This whole kidnapping business has the potential to be much more entertaining than exile island was.

  9. you guys are here yip-pee let the fun begin..

    I read in the spoilers that Chicken is the first one voted off and maybe the smack down chick … I can see Chicken going first, don’t know about the smack down chick.

    I don’t know which one I prefer I like the BB Blog but this one is okay too.

  10. I was reading about the kidnapping thing too SherreLu, sounds kind of cool. It always takes me a couple of weeks to know the characters, there are so many to get to know.

    This setup is growing on me now Jeff. ;) Good work.

    Exile island did get old, but the immunity idol is a great part of the game. I loved it.

  11. Hey God, its me again, David would like some male strippers to accompany him to exile island.

    Thanks and God Bless you God.

  12. I really liked the idea of the kidnapping thing when I read about it. It should make it more interesting and entertaining.

    God don’t you get any ideas about kidnapping Wendy !

    okay should we all change our names to be more into the spirit of the game?


    God, We do not always see eye to eye…but if you send male strippers to ghetto island I will personally pay for Amber to start her own cable access televangelist TV show!!!

  14. Oh yes! The immunity idol is something I can’t see them getting rid of anytime soon. Seems to me that the kidnapping thing will allow for way more layers of interaction and intrigue between competitors and tribes. Something that could have a huge impact when the inevitable merge happens. Oh geez…hurry up tomorrow night and get here!

  15. Jeff? JEFF??! You’ve got some splaining to do!

    And yes I was your moving buddy, although next time don’t hold my hand so tight, oouch!

  16. I don’t know any of them well enough to make a name based on Survivor…Besides, Come on Eileen, if you change your name I will not get “that” song in my head whenever I read your posts…

  17. *LOL* David. I picked Wipha, but not sure if I like it anyway.But that post and my following post are waiting for approval.

  18. BEST BRUNETT BLOGGER = NATVTXN Going to KILL MODERATOR!! So you will probably see this comment repeated:. . . . JEFF? Didn’t you marry one of the past contestants? You already dumped her for Wendy?

  19. No Wendy, not the coconut one… The Banana Ohone Song, it goes like this…

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
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    I’ve got this feeling
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    Don’t need quarters
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    to call a friend of mine
    dont need computer or tv
    to have a real good time
    I’ll call for pizza
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    I’ll call the whitehouse, have a chat
    I’ll place a call around the world
    Operator get me beijing jing jing jing

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    Now you can have your phone and eat it too

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    This song drives me …. bananas

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    Bo ba do ba do do doob

  20. oh c’mon don’t hate on the southern accents they will grow on you. I have one of those, but mine is not as thick as chicken’s. More like Paula Deans… LOL …

    I have to think about my name change I can’t use Ambers Less stable Twin over here.

  21. (natvtxn) No car giveaway this year! Darn! Then we can’t rule out that certain castaway. I wonder how many contestants will really read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War? If they start quoting it…aarrrrggghhhh!! And when did China decide to exercise free will?

  22. arrrrrg, In honor of all the BB8 Dick Lovers, and you know who you are… and to make a tribute to Survivor China beginning, I have this…

    Confucius say, girl who marry detective, like to kiss dick

  23. (natvtxn) Take a look at the two clips that Jeff Probst made that gave some great preview shots of how they made Survivor China. In the first clip, he talks about the Dream Team. They build and basically test all the competitions, only instead of being voted out, they get a case of beer. In the second clip, Jeff gave a tour of Base Camp and showed/explained all the depts: Medic, Caterer, Portapotties, Marina, Art/Comp Design (where the “Great Wall of Zhelin” was demo’ed for Show #14. But Rats, he wouldn’t show the Reality Producers that live on the beach and do the real “shooting” of the castaways. Now that would have been interesting!! The thing I really noticed was without makeup, Jeff really needs Botox and boy, does he have Deep Dimples!!

  24. Thanks for that link God.

    I hope that you don’t mind that my new identity is taken from one of your infamous “acts”. Certainly wasn’t looking to steal your thunder. So to speak.

  25. Your welcome Wipha… but for the record, that was not one of my “infamous acts”… It was that bitch Mother Nature PMSing again…

  26. Sorry about that God. I always had the impression that you called the shots where she was concerned. I guess even you can’t control hormonal rages. Scary.

  27. OK, time for some actual survivor blogging… whos voted over the wall first???

    assuming shes on the loosing team, I say the Lunch Lady…

    I always thought it just sucked being voted off minutes after hitting the beach, Arrrrrggg…

  28. I don’t think the lunch lady or the chicken farmer will last long. You know they usually kick off the older ones first.

  29. Hello eveyone, Glad to see everyone from Big Brother Blog and welcome to Survivor fans. I am looking forward to seeing Survivor like the BB show I have watched it from season one. This will be a lot different from BB as it is once a week but I think it will be fun to get all of the points of view and to debate. Let the games begin.

  30. I personaly hated exile island. Never really saw the point, so that aspect will not be missed. Unlike Big Brother…they will have to give the Donatos their own reality show.
    Still, I cannot wait till tomorrow and the premier. I’m cheering for Ashley so far…will see how I feel after tomorrow night…

  31. Okeydokey…in the spirit of Survivor, I changed from Piratress..aka..Teri Sue to this handle. Redhead Survivor Chic. Reckon this makes me the token Survivor Redhead. Glad to see my BB blog buddies here.

  32. good morningggggggg, DNP’ers……..I’m here for Survivor :)………did anyone watch Kid Nation last nite?…….

  33. You are all approved…sorry for the need for the approval first. It is a neccessary step otherwise there is way too much SPAM! Ugh!

  34. I didn’t watch Kid Nation, in fact I didn’t watch anything last night. When it came time to go to bed, I couldn’t sleep so I put in a BBAD episode I had still taped on my DVR and within 10 mins I was asleep. I would say I’m having major BB withdrawals!

  35. KN was interesting, kinda like Survivor for kids…the kids are funny, as kids are…i think it will be interesting….

  36. I missed KN last night. I hope it will be on CBS.COM! I just posted my FINAL POST for the season on BBB in case you guys want to check it out.

  37. I would love to see CBS do a follow up on the BB8 HG’s since this was the BEST one, and see how all are doing in say 6 mos………i think dick & daniel will be preparing for an Amazing Race run…….

  38. I saw KN last night. It was all right. Seems like alot of interference from the grups, but I guess if you want all these kids to stick around you gotta make sure there fed. Can’t wait for tonite!!!! Not sure about the whole pro wrestler thing. That’s kind of intimidating. I think she’ll go first,

  39. good morning all

    I watched Kid Nation with my husband … I personally don’t really like it but my husband watches American Idol with me and he hates it so I give in and watched this one with him. I do think that as a family show it good be a good tool to teach some valuable life lessons. Some of the kids where adorable and really funny. Have You heard any buzz on it so far Donna K. ?

    Still have not thought of a new name … guess I will watch tonights show and see what comes to me.

  40. good morning sherrelu….hubby watched it with me too….we both had some OMG’s and some laughs….Taylor cracked me up when she said “i’m a beauty queen, i don’t to dishes”, we’ll see how long she lasts…..its actually a sad commentary of today’s kids. the gimme generation

  41. Looking into it SherreLu! Donna K…I am thinking about making a chat site yes. Seemed people liked that addition to the bbb near the end. Should be online this weekend! :)

  42. yeah Candy, that was pretty cool of her, just goes to show you what SOME CAN do to get what they want…..no mommy or daddy GIVING it to her………didn’t she win the gold star too? the girl that did win it, was very deserving of it i thought….OK, OK, i know its a survivor blog not KN…..

  43. Kid Nation??? ewwwwwwww…

    I watched about 15 minutes of it out curiosity… and it was as I expected, pretty bad and the host was a joke… I guess if you’re between the age of 8 and 12 (physically or mentally), then I guess you might enjoy it… other then that, I wonder if this show will even make through the season…

    I may check back on in from time to time in the hope that it takes a dark turn toward the Lord of the Flies theme, short of that twist CBS, don’t count me as a viewer…

  44. i will try not to get hooked on it…….i don’t need another show to get hooked on…..i’m just glad that survivor is only one 1 nite a week…….

  45. oh, if anyone from Big Brother production team is reading this, here’s a suggestion… to make it a bit more difficult for the planes flying the Banners over the BB house, why don’t you hang the mesh material over the court yard that a lot of plant nurserys use? They let in all the fresh air, difuse the harsh southern Cali sun a bit and would make it harder to read whats on the banner… Just a thought…

  46. I don’t think Kid Nation will survive past the first season if it even last that long. Kids may love it though.

    yeah the girl that wanted the bike …not sure her Dad wanted to ever hear his daughter say “anything for a nickel” you know !!

  47. SpoilersSpoilersSpoilersSpoilers

    I found an article tht describes the beginning of the first show and a couple of other tidbits…

    If you want to know, read away… If Not, STOP HERE!!!

    . The first thing Jeff Probst does is usher everybody inside a 16th-century Buddhist temple for a welcoming ceremony. Denise, the middle-aged lunch lady from Massachusetts, is way into it. Courtney, the hot Gwen Stefani-lookin’ waitress from New York, is not.

    . As the monks chant, ring bells and bow before giant Buddha, the Christian talk show lady, Leslie, has a freak-out, even though Probst assured her going in that it was not a worship ceremony. I think she thought Probst was trying to trick her into worshiping not-Jesus!

    . The contestants are sent off to their respective islands in the clothes they wore to the monastery. This causes one of the women some concern about underwear.

    . The tribes don’t start paddling toward their new island homes until ten minutes into the episode.

    . The grave digger looks more like a grave digger/male model if you’re asking me.

    . This corner of China looks rainy, gloomy, muddy, muggy, buggy and thoroughly unpleasant.

    . The complex first immunity/reward challenge involves obstacle courses, puzzles, a locked gate, a drawbridge and two of those long multi-person serpent mascots one so often sees at Chinese parades.

    . The new immunity idol looks to me like a kneeling Chinese warlord.

    . There is no outcast island (at least in the first episode).

    . Though CBS assures us that reward challenges will allow a tribe to “kidnap” players from the opposing tribe, no one is kidnapped this first week.

    . Though CBS assures us immunity idols are “hidden in plain sight” at both camps, no one learns this week that any hidden immunity idols exist.

    . For the first time in my experience CBS provided a “Survivor” screener that actually revealed the first player voted out! I’m not allowed to say who, even in invisotext, but I can say the loser visibly startled his or her tribesmates (and, candidly, me) with his or her reaction to the bad news.

    Fighting Tiger, clad in yellow, are:

    Link: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/34107

  48. i got the impression that they wouldn’t be on an island as in the past but in the mountains of this chinese province……..hmmmmmmm, damn GOD, thanks for the info i can’t wait now til 8pm edt……..oh yeah, ANOTHER CHRISTIAN! eagads…i wonder if she’ll cry like whamber???…..

  49. sherrelu, i dunno, i think KN will make it longer on CBS than pirate master did, and i watched PM.. i’m surprised it didn’t do better coming on right after survivor

  50. ok, I think I found out whos voted off first, being GOD, I do have my ways… But, I am not going to post it unless 3 people ask… or I wont poet it at all if 3 people ask me not to…

  51. God, I have always wondered…How do you change clothes so quickly? I mean when the Christians are praying to you, they expect you to look and act a certain way. Then behind you suddenly there is a Buddhist praying to you and you gotta whip on the “Buddha” look for them. Before you know it some Muslims are praying to you. It must be difficult to be changing clothes and languages so much. It also must be tough to keep them all separated in heaven, so that they do not see each other.
    And man-Oh-Man how rowdy does Heaven get when the Germans and French run into each other??? Oh…never mind…there are no French up there… ?

  52. Ummmm…Mr Probst? Can you make the Comment box a bit larger? It is tough reading through my post before submitting when the lines are only 5 words wide!!!

  53. KN belongs on Saturday morning TV. My 8 year old will love it. I taped it for her. Hopefully CBS tries that before taking it of air completly. GOD I’m totally with you on the Lord of the Flies thing. I can see that older kid putting somebodies head on a stick before it’s over.

  54. Another question God…How do you concentrate on all this when you are routinely distracted by my girlfriends screaming “Oh GOD!!!..yes, there!!! Don’t Stop!! Oh GOD!!!”

  55. God, I have also always wondered why your son spends so much time in jail. The dirtbags in jail always seem to “find Christ” in there. I would understand if it was a female prison he was in…

  56. David,

    Lets just say he’s a chip off the ol block… and leave it at that…

    and sorry about letting your LITTLE secret out… I’ll try to be more careful in the future…

  57. Well, I have had entirely too much fun today. I am going to storm into the boss’s office and demand he not pay me for the day…then I am going home!!


  58. Do NOT Read if you don’t want to know who gets Immunity and Who is Voted Out Tonight…

    WARNING!!!………..Skip This Post Now……Unless You Want the Spoiler………………..
    …….Here Goes

    Fei Long Wins Immunity and Steve Morris is Voted Out. His nickname is Chicken

  59. SherreLu,

    At least one Season..when Tom won..the older dude got the better of the youngsters.

    He’s still working. Retired from the Fire Department and is working for an Investment Firm I believe.

    I always look forward to Survivor for the cultural location education it provides and the scenery. The interaction b/w the participants is cool also…it’s just I get so entranced in the locations and customs.

  60. hey, hey, Hey!!! Im not that young lady… and what would you rather have, an experienced somewhat older gentleman, or someone trying to hookup at inmates-R-us.com???

    and Redhead Survivor Chic, you stoled GOD’s thunder with that spoller… nice move…

  61. I’m coming for the lightning next. It’s fun having the thunder.. just need the fireworks to go with it.

    Oh… ifin ya aren’t watchful, I’ll be stealing the sunshine, rain, etc. etc.

    Noone wants to see a thunder storm created by a redhead. ;)

  62. seeing that Im very partial to Red Heads, Redhead Survivor Chic, you can borrow any of my tools whenever you wish… just leave me a few lighting bolts, you never know when someone is gonna piss me off…

  63. *sigh*

    Still pissed at what Dreamz did to Yau-Man. But was happy to see Earl win.

    Damn, I’m still stuck on last Survivor……


  64. I shall consent to leaving you some heat lightning. If I give back the ‘cloud to ground, scare the livin’ daylights outta people’ type of lightning, I won’t have near as much fun.

    As for trusting redheads. Yepparoo… we are faithful friends. Woe be unto our enemies though. The only worse fury than a pissed off redhead is a blonde who can’t get her roots done for a few months. :)

  65. Sorry, but I need the cloud to ground ones… when I use the lighting, Im not looking to scare the livin daylights outta people, but rather to zapp their asses…

  66. Damnit. Alrrrriiiigggghhhhhht. Sending back a few ‘cloud to ground’.

    Buttttttt… You owe me big time.

  67. gonna go play in traffic now, but I am sure I will have tons to say tomorrow…

    and just remember, if you’re scared by a close lighting strike, blame it on Redhead Suvivor Chic… If you’re hit, that would be me…

  68. I’m thinking the clock on here is not central time? Or Eastern time. Is it perhaps Survivor time? lol

    I’m out of here for now to go practice some Evel strategies on those that deserve it. :)

  69. I really tried posting this for now the 3rd time, hope it shows up this time (and only this time) Is the time stamp Survivor time?

  70. Okeydokey…trying again to post. It keeps sending me out in cyberland before I finish the post.

    Pissed cuz I stole the Lightning??? I gave part of it back…alright already.

  71. I dont care who wins as long as they dont vote out that grave diger for the next 39 days, holly flying sh……black men can be so da…….sexy. I told my husband sorry hon have to tell you that guy as a hell of a nice b…….Chicken I could not understand a word he said already that I’m french, whith my heavy accent and his accent, I had no idea what he said all the way to the end, I just know that he his gone. Oh well.

  72. `David hummmmmmm! what is this about no french in heaven………after all the respect I had for you on the BBB mmmmmm I’m really retinking…..

  73. Okay…so I watched the first one last night and so far so good. No fried rats or raw insects eaten – yet. I thought it was a bad move to get rid of Chicken, but these crazy kids on these crazy shows seem to like getting rid of the older folks first. Since this show is already done, aren’t there some spoilers about the winner? And it’s only one once a week; right? I’m still having BB8 withdrawls and with this show only being once per week, will there be enough to talk about? Inquiring minds want to know…

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