3 weeks in…what do you think so far?

>???? ??? ???? not sure yet….I mean….after the 2 hour season premier I kept thinking….Oh Great!  The Fang Tribe is going to all go home.  Then the Kota tribe will then eat themselves from inside leaving an ACE vs. SUGAR finalle and they will get married and then run the Amazing Race!

Boy, am I ever happy that Fang came back in week 2!

So tonight, is week 3.  Who are you liking?  I am impressed that Sugar found the Hidden Immunity Idol.  I would have NEVER in a million years thought she would have…but she did and well.  That impressed me!  :)

So who is your early favorite?  Will Fang fall to Kota again?  I am still dealing with Michelle being voted out first.  (she was way beautiful!)

So 2 weeks in, 3 episodes in, Michelle, Gillian and Paloma, 3 ladies from Survivor Gabon have been eliminiated.  Is this a trend?  Will the boys make sure that there is no all girl final 4 like last season?  Guess we will have to wait and see.  Either way, the RETURN of the RED X is back as you can see from the top of the site.  I love my JOB!  :)

I will recap tonights show tomorrow.  Sorry I have had a tough time keeping this blog going but I am here and will try to do better!  If you would like to write for me please let me know.  I am always open to having guest bloggers!

Peace,  Jeff Probst aka BBBlogger

7 thoughts on “3 weeks in…what do you think so far?”

  1. Who do I like? Well, I really favor Bob. The new Yau-Man. And the readers at my blog seem to agree if you look at the poll we have there.

    I better go buckle up, shop is getting ready to start!

  2. It should be called Survivor “New Jersey Field” because besides the odd “National Geographic Clip, it looks like it’s filmed in a park in New Jersey…

  3. Well, a pretty boring bunch so far. I don’t really have a fav. yet, but I do like me some Sugar :D

  4. The Fang tribe is a bunch of morons (and weaklings) still! Being concerned about the immunity idol, but voting off Jamie makes no sense. If they were truly concerned about that, why not get rid of Ace? Or at the very least, flush out the idol by voting for Sugar!

    Not too smooth Fang tribe!!!!!

  5. I really like Ken. He strikes that nerd chord present in all of us, though we would never admit it. I think we can all relate to him really well cus he’s just a simple guy who’s not all that perfect – physically especially – and for me he reminds me of my computer/PSP/Nintendo (whatever they are called) game-crazy brother. Haha. I hope he gets into the final two or three!

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