“I Was Put on The Planet for This Show”

Hello everyone.

Basically lasts weeks episode was a recap episode with some never before seen scenes. It was really a pointless episode.

It included, Corrine and her hatred for everyone. Everyones hatred for Sugar. Randy being a piss off throughout the race. A few other things. Also, Ken’s 3 blindsights.

Basically, a catch up episode just in case you missed any.

If you din’t miss any episodes, then it was really pointless.

Nothing else to say here.

If you have any comments or questions then please do post in the comments below.

This is Sahil Bhalla your Survivor updater, signing off!

3 thoughts on ““I Was Put on The Planet for This Show””

  1. I agree, last weeks show was a waste of time…this show is taped ahead, why broadcast this stuff rather than the next episode..

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