Survivor Gabon “Earth’s Last Eden” starts tonight!

Tonight is the night if you are a reality tv junkie like me.  The one that started it all, the show that is the GrandFather of Reality TV, Survivor is back again for a 17th season.  (*anyone else feeling old?*)

Tonight we return to Africa to a place where there has been no developement.  I am anxious to see the setting and the look of the area.  From what I heard they needed a crew to help build roads and repair ones that were under developed.  Should make for an interesting setting for our 18 new Castaways!

Also, since I bought my first flat panel TV (Samsung 46”) earlier in January, I am excited about it being in High Definition.  It should be a sight to see.  I just keep thinking that we will see all the bug bites, the dirt on their bodies and really…..all the little details that may not have been noticed before.

With that…I say BRING IT ON.  All 2 hours of the season premier tonight.  I am popping some popcorn now as we speak!

Tomorrow I will post and let you know what I think of the new cast.  I would expect 2 people going home and we will be down to 16 people by tomorrow.

Who will outwit, outlast and outplay in “Earth’s Last Eden”?  Let us know what you think of Survivor Gabon!


Peace,  Emmy winning Jeff Probst

11 thoughts on “Survivor Gabon “Earth’s Last Eden” starts tonight!”

  1. Dumb move voting off Michelle…

    Great move voting off Jillian…

    Fang Tribe is DOOMED!! And if GC doesn’t keep his mouth shut, he’ll be walking down the trail next.

  2. Survivor always starts slow for me, but this Fang tribe… of the weakest in Survivor history. Kota is just so much more positive. Gabon is one of the best locations in Survivor history.
    Thanks for a great blog, I’ll be stopping by!

  3. that was AWESOME!

    plenty of drama, lots of plotting, an injury, and some great alliance forming!

    gonna be a GREAT season.

  4. Kudos re. the Emmy, Jeff! Mom Barb looked beautiful in blue – beaming with pride, as she should. You’ve come a long way from hosting an early reality show in the Grand Canyon. It’s been fun watching your career flourish – may you have many great shows to come!

    Kevin’s Mom

  5. Man, it seems like they always get rid of the hottest girls in the earlier nominations. Gillian was smoking (just kidding, the other was really cute).

  6. Hey, Jeff Probst doing a blog? Good deal. Should make for a fun addition to a season that already looks to be great. Looking forward to reading your posts, Jeff.


  7. I have been watching Survivor since the beginning. I think there should be some moral desicions in the show. Tonight Ken made the remark “frikin’ God when he was talking to Sugar. That remark should have been taking out. There is no need to curse God in the show.
    Also I think the men should not be allowed to wear their pants so low and now this is another episode when there is nakedness.
    Please clean up your act Survivor. It is a family show after all!!!

  8. I saw this coming the whole time. With Fang losing so often their team grew closer and closer without even knowing it. Just like how hard times bring a family together and good times always seem to have it’s way to tear on apart. Where here it is again. Matty, Sugar and Ken will probably be the final 3.

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