The Good Things in Life Aren’t Easy

So you remember when Bob made hisĀ fake idol and gave it to Randy? Well after returning from Tribal Council, Bob is upset that Sugar continues to laugh at Randy for using the fake idol.

At the Reward Challenge, Jeff shows off videos from all the loved ones. It is only a small clip and not the whole thing. The winner of the Challenge gets food and the full length video. Bob wins it and get the Reward. While watching his video, his wife sneaks up on him from the back. He then takes her to camp for everyone to see her. He also brings along, everyone elses loved ones. Something to note is that, Matty proposes to his girlfriend and she says yes.

At the camp site, the alliance of everyone left but Bob and Corrine decide to vote out Bob.

The immunity challenge is about answering questions and throwing balls into a target divided by zones. The closest shot to the center wins.
At the Immunity Challenge though, Bob wins immunity. So the alliance decides to go for Corrine now.

So Corrine realises that she and Bob are one and the rest are still allied. So she makes a plan with Bob to blindside Matty. What it is that, she will get Bob to make a second fake immunity idol. She will tell Kenny and Crystal that she has an immunity idol and that they should all vote for Matty. So they have the numbers.

Kenny though on the other hand, has another plan. He tells Crystal to vote out Corrine so that she will have to use the idol and it will be out of the game. Then he and Bob and Corrine will vote Matty and both the idol and Matty will be gone.

What happens though is that Corrine doesn’t play the idol, as she knows it is a fake one. So Corrine is voted out as Crystal listens to Kenny and votes for Corrine.

How much longer can the alliance last?
When will Sugar ever play her Idol?
Don’t you think it is time for Susie to be voted out by now?
Will they try and blindside Matty next week?

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