Another Favorite Down On Survivor Micronesia

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FINALLY we are back in Survivor land. We start off two weeks ago when Tracy was voted out of Malakal. If you can remember that far, she let Ozzy have it during Tribal Council and basically called him out as the ultimate leader of the tribe. When they got back to the beach, Ozzy seemed pretty upset that she called him out like that and I think he finally realized that he isn’t as safe as he thought. He is a pretty big player in the game and he won’t be able to slip through as easily as he thought.

In the morning Cirie and Ami went for a stroll and I think it was to show the others that they could live without Ozzy there. They tracked down, through a morning jungle scene, eight HUGE crabs which seemed to excite Amanda. Ozzy was still on his “OMG I’m a leader” trip and seemed worried that Ami had something up her sleeve. He continued to pout that he was seen as the leader but seriously he’s an idiot if he didn’t realize it before.

Things were a little more interesting over at Arai where James and Parvati seem to be in power. Before all that went down though Jason caught a rat. It wasn’t that big of a deal but, since he’s so cocky, he had to make it one. By calling it the “first time anyone has eaten a rat since the first season” Jason proves he may be a fan, but seriously it’s not that big of a deal. Back to the actual stars of Arai. Parvati seems to be the brains, did I just say that, of the James/Parvati alliance. She realizes that she can’t win against James or Ozzy in the finals so she took actions into her own hands. By aligning with Natalie and Alexis, it shows she’s playing and not just flirting. An all girl final four has never happened and with those four, minus Natalie, things would be very interesting.

A twist was then introduced with the immunity. Each tribe had to choose someone from the opposing tribe to receive individual immunity for that round only and also had to go to Exile Island. The two who were chosen could not play in the immunity challenge and therefore their tribe would, in thought, be hurt. Arai played it smart and took out Ozzy, even though it gave him immunity. Malakal was kind of smart in taking out Alexis, but when has she proven to be good at balancing? I really don’t know as we’ve seen really little of her on the show.

The immunity was about balancing, but only two people had to do it. It was a obstacle course with two from each tribe running it and two others throwing sand bags at those running. The first tribe to get 5 flags from the other side of the course would win immunity plus pizza and beer for their tribe. Both were once again very even until the end, which seems to happen each week. When it came to the last flag, Erik took a really hard hit when trying to jump across the floating pads while Amanda slipped off time and time again. Arai took him their millionth win and we once again will see a Malakal going home. Unfortunately Ozzy has immunity I’m sure we won’t be seeing anymore worry of him being the leader, at least this round.

I kind of feel happy for Arai at this point as they have had it hard lately with both Jonathan and Kathy leaving. Their pizza and beer win was needed for the down and out tribe, even though they aren’t that down and out in challenges. It’s weird how the tribe who has a sucky camp life continues to win the challenges, but it always seems to happen that way. The only one I have a problem with on that tribe right now is Jason. The kid thinks he’s awesome and it really annoys me. He was NOT the MVP of that challenge, Erik did just as good as he did. I mean he is basically saying that Eliza did nothing. She didn’t do much but she DID win something. But then again I guess I shouldn’t think any less from the kid with the hidden immunity stick.

When we get to see Malakal it’s obvious they are hurting badly. Erik took a hard hit in the challenge but seemed fine back at the beach. Although it seemed like he would go for sure, Erik changed things up. He saw Cirie and Amanda alone and decided to tell them how Ami was trying to vote out Ozzy for the past few rounds. She overheard the conversation and let the two know that although it may be true, Erik would say anything to stay. She never said that she did or didn’t try to get Ozzy out but the two girls seemed to buy it.

Thanks to the ‘sit out selection’, both Alexis and Ozzy were sent to Exile Island. Ozzy has been there a few times so he basically told Alexis the last clue so he could go up and see if anyone took his false veto bait. Alexis just followed along and didn’t get the clue that where he basically told her was where the hidden idol was. He lifted up the rock and of course it was gone. If Ozzy was smart he would connect Jason’s stupid “Ozzy has the idol” statement to him having the fake. We all know Ozzy isn’t the smartest in the book but I mean it is pretty obvious isn’t it?

With the two girls not buying into Erik’s try for votes, he turned to Ozzy when he returned. He basically pounced on him when he got off the boat and told him how Ami was trying to vote him out with the fans. Ozzy took the bait and went straight to Amanda to make her vote his way. He’s done it before, changed her mind on the vote, so I assume he’d do it again. She’s scared to against him it seems and she’s falling for the same trap she fell into in China. She clings to a stronger player and then cries how she didn’t play her own game in the end. When it came to Tribal Council it really wasn’t clear who would go. It seemed to lean more towards Erik going as Ami cried and cried, but her tears didn’t help. Ozzy controlled the votes again and kept his bud Erik in over traitor Ami. It is sad to see Ami go as she was adding a lot to the game. But next week looks exciting at least!

Next week we finally get to the merge where things go crazy. Alexis is finally in the spotlight and seems to be walking on Amanda territory by flirting with Ozzy. The best moment, which I REALLY can’t wait for, is Eliza telling Jason that his immunity idol is in fact a stick! I really hope he doesn’t believe her and they go into a debate how he’s an idiot and she’s a genius. But then again actually seeing him play it might be even better.

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  1. Great Rehash!! I am also excited for the merge! FINALLY, you will get to see the women do their “thang!” And yes, I am still sticking with my F3, but I promise I won’t reveal anything else unless e-mailed.

    Don’t worry, JP! Survivor is 100% more interesting than BB9. What a waste of time. Like I blogged before…I actually enjoyed watching something interesting and stimulating other than BB Sun. nite’s episode. Too predictable and BORING!! Now, I just check the few BB sites for highlights but still have to skip the video clips. Can’t stand the “rambling!” They just need to Fast Forward Season 9 and try to let us get the interest and energy for BB10!!

    Again, kudos to your poster. He is doing a great job on this site!! As of course…YOU ARE TOO!!

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Natvtxn. I have fun posting here at the Survivor Blog and enjoy intereacting with everyone here as I don’t get many comments on my other blog yet.

    I agree with you that BB is kind of predictable this year. I do like watching it though as it’s a nice break from the summer version. Just wish it was a tad more exciting though.

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