Eliza Faked-Out of Survivor Micronesia

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With a merge approaching it was time to return to Micronesia. We first returned to Malakal beach where Ami was just voted out. Erik was sure happy about it, as he should have been, and hoped a merge was approaching. That really is the only thing I think that would keep him in the game since well, he would surely have been the next voted out. The next morning Cirie announced to the foursome that it was time for a merge. They were told to quickly pack their belongings and head out to a new location. Erik was obviously excited as was Amanda. She was dieing to see Parvati and reunite the ‘love square’.

Over at Arai they all thought Erik would surely be the one out. I mean he WAS the sole fan left on the tribe so it was 99% clear that he would go. Eliza was the only one they showed commenting on the other sides tribal and she wanted Ami to stay. I don’t think she had any clue that Ami would go and was planning on joining back up with her and the fans come merge. She had no idea that her worst nightmare was about to hit her as the two invisible girls, Natalie and Alexis, announced the merge to the rest.

When the two tribes met at their “new location” they quickly reconnected. Parvati and Amanda clung to each other while the fans flocked to Erik. Eliza and Jason kind of just stood around and it was obvious they were on the outs. With Ami not there Eliza wasn’t to happy. She had no clue why she went and let us know she was basically screwed. Her plan was not going to work, since her main friend and alliance was gone, and Eliza knew she had little time left in the game.

As the tribes started to feast they quickly learned they wouldn’t be staying at their current location. They had decide which beach to go to and everyone decided Malakal would be the spot. The fans tribe was crap, not sure why they put them there to begin with, so Malakal was the obvious choice. A few interesting things went down at the feast. One was James eating a bat. Seriously, why? I mean there is no reason to even try them when you have so much great stuff there to choose from. Of course it was James so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The other thing was Erik’s tribe name. He told everyone that in Micronesia good translates to “Dabu”. They all believed the kid so I guess that shows how smart the others are as well.

When everyone got back to the beach everything seemed to switch to the girls. Eliza tried to get out of Parvati what was going on with the Favorites alliance and she told her that it was longer happening it seems. Eliza didn’t like that too much but Parvati had other news to break. She’s been making deals dealing with Amanda for awhile now. She finally told Amanda what of a mess “they” are in and Amanda didn’t like that to much. She can’t seem to stand Alexis, since she’s stealing Ozzy away, and wants her gone. Too bad though since Parvati has put her in an alliance with Alexis who oddly has found her time on the show. Jason, on the other hand, continues to dominate the screen for some reason. Maybe it’s his cockiness but for some reason I liked him this episode since he wanted to help Eliza. He promised her he’d give her the hidden stick if he won the individual immunity. Little did she know it was just a hidden stick and not a hidden idol.

The immunity challenge was a copy from the first Palau but at least it was a good one. I was wondering when they’d be doing this one again and was glad to see it back! What they had to do was stand under a great which was in the water. As the tide rose it became harder and harder as they had to keep trying to breath through the great. All the girls dropped out first and then Erik. James was next to go after a long wait and it was then down to the two fish boys: Ozzy and Jason. Both had a similar strategy, to breath through their hands. Ozzy, who was my bet to win, struggled towards the end and gave the win to Jason. Of course he had to ruin it by saying he “dominated the entire challenge”. It wasn’t a challenge anyone COULD  dominate in but I was happy that he beat the once unbeatable Ozzy. Hopefully it knocks him down a bit and I’ll forgive the fact, this time, it was at the cost of listening to Jason say he ‘dominated’ for about the millionth time.

Back at camp things were not looking good for Eliza. Parvati basically turned everyone against her so it was pretty much set she would go. But wait! We have the hidden stick! Jason quickly whipped it out and gave it to Eliza, making one of the BEST moment of Survivor in a long time. She let him have it, telling him it wasn’t an idol and nothing but a stick. Of course he didn’t believe it and she decided to play it anyway. I guess she had nothing to lose. Amanda, on the other hand, made a move to get Alexis out for stealing her man away. Cirie went with it and I think her and Amanda will be very tight from here on out.

At Tribal Council things went a little insane. Alexis out shined everyone by giving Jeff fodder for further questions. Alexis answer to what makes someone a threat basically explained herself and allowed Cirie to call her the “triple threat”. It’s obvious Alexis and Amanda will have it out sometime and hopefully sooner then later. Eliza was the next to be attacked by the one and only Parvati. She told Eliza that everyone basically hates her and that she has played a horrible game. Eliza seemed to agree but then again she thought she had the idol. When the votes were all in Eliza decided to hand Jeff the stick. He let them know the rules of the idol and in the end confirmed what we knew, it was only a stick. Eliza then took the opportunity to let everyone know it was Jason who found it and that Ozzy hid it, meaning he has the original. Ozzy then finally fessed up to it, making Eliza’s departure to have some meaning. She was in fact then voted out, with only Jason and herself voting for Ozzy. Next week it seems Cirie turns the pot again by suggesting Ozzy and the idol get the boot. Will it happen? I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  1. Agree, *RR*!! Although the best part was when Parvati said, “PLAYED” instead of “PLAYING.” Well, that will soon come to bite her in the tush. And I wouldn’t worry about Alexis AT ALL!! She is going to do fine, I’m sure of it. And yeah, I agree Cirie is about to become even more “involved.”

    Can’t wait to see the IC tomorrow nite!!….Although, I DO have to admit that I AM quite excited to watch Chatty Natty walk out the of BB house tonite!! Can you imagine? Only one more time to have to hear her voice and idiotic remarks?! I LOVE THE DR!!!

    Thanks for all the accurate info. You DUNN good!

  2. lol @ you Natvxn, I’m with you, sure hope its Chatty Natty walking out to sequester tonight, that would be the sweetest eviction of this season!!!


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