Fans Pull Off Their First Blindside in Micronesia

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Survivor Micronesia is just beginning but the blindsides are already starting. But before we get to that lets start off with the “lovers square” that are trying to become the new Romber. It seems like Amanda/Ozzy and Parvati/James are becoming too tight for their own good. Their games are seeming to get screwed up by their “love” found on the beach and they probably don’t realize they are a huge target. Cerie FINALLY came into the episode and the game and plans to pull that alliance apart. Her and Jonathan began talking and it seems they are now aligning and my perfect alliance was born! Let’s hope they go all the way.

Over at the fans we seem them in more trouble then before. They can’t get fire started and the tribe is split 7 to 3 with another old/young split. Kathy, Tracy and Chet were basically kicked out by the youngins and ended up building their own shelter, which ended up being better then the first one! It was actually funny to see as they kick them out of the shelter, they then build there own and then they ask the three to help them build a new one just like it! I don’t know how long this split can last, but I hope the three of them can take it at least to the merge. I’m always up for a good underdog story.

At the challenge I was really rooting for the favorites as I didn’t want any of them to go. The challenge started off fairly even with everyone basically right behind each other with the key. When it came time for Chet to swim out, he lost the key and came back to the beach empty handed, putting the fans one rotation behind. Ultimately they couldn’t catch up as the puzzle was solved before the fans could even open their chest. Thankfully the favorites won!

 Then we found the new twist to the game as Exile Island returned. The favorites sent Kathy, which was odd, to Exile and then were told to send one of their own. Cerie said she would go and off they went. I think Cerie wanted to experience Exile Island since it started on her season and she wanted to prove she could go there. At Exile her and Kathy quickly bonded and found out they had to first search for clues to find the hidden idol. They swam across the ocean 4 different times and ultimately never found the idol. At least Cerie was on tons more then last week though!

At the fans tribe they had to decide who was going. Mikey made up some huge plan to vote where they would split the votes for Tracy and Chet, since Kathy could give them the hidden idol. It was kind of crazy and put a target on him actually and his new showmance Mary. At Tribal Council the votes were switched up since everyone though Mikey was running things and had Mary at his side to do anything. Mary ended up taking the fall for Mikey, who would have gone if the fans didn’t need him for the challenges.

I must say Micronesia is getting very interesting very fast. I can’t wait to see how this season turns out and can’t wait to see how Cerie switches up this game next week! Can you tell who my favorite is yet? I bet you can!