Favorites Continue to Dominate in Micronesia

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After lasts weeks crazy Tribal Council I didn’t expect a similar outcome this week. It was less fighting but the person who left was all that more surprising. The favorites opened up the show with their day after Tribal Council. It was obvious that Cerie and Jonathan still had beef and I can see why I guess. It just doesn’t make sense that he’s so upset when he did the same thing multiple times in the Cook Islands.

Over at the fans tribe it seems were still low but looking up…. at least they caught an eel. The focus of this segment was to show Chet’s lack of work ethic which was a theme throughout the episode. We finally saw Natalie and I almost forgot she was on the show. Apparently she “keeps her head down and works” the entire time and well what good does that make for good TV? Everyone basically bashed on Chet being so lazy and we saw a few clips of him laying on the beach, laying in the ocean and hey even laying in the hut!

Now the favorites are having doubt that Eliza should have gone over Yau. She was feeling rather sick and they basically discussed around her that she should have been the one to go. She didn’t take it too lightly, considering she IS Eliza. The favorites are really odd to me. They work so well together in challenges yet are so divided when it comes back to their camp. I hate to see it but I love the mix. I love how they are making drama for us but still keeping them all in the game (thank God!) by winning all the challenge!

The reward challenge was an interesting one and almost made for Ozzy. In a long cage that was submerged under water, several coconuts where floating, some with letters and others with none. What they had to do was get the coconuts out of the cage, swim the coconuts back to the beach and then have the other members put together the coconuts to form a word. Both teams were fairly even but Ozzy’s plan to move all the letters up front, which I’m sure someone else come up with but he just did, secured the win for the favorites. They won four chickens meaning eggs and meat eventually. Plus they all should know they can make popcorn from the chicken feed so I’m sure we’ll be seeing that soon.

Now we all knew someone found the hidden idol, thanks to last weeks preview, so it was no surprise. It was interesting though WHO found the idol and how secretly and well crafted it was. Ozzy is a great swimmer so going island hopping was no problem for him. He quickly found the idol the first night he and Kathy, once again, were there and then created what will hopefully be a great story line later down the line. By pulling a page out of Yau’s playbook, Ozzy hid a fake idol where he found the real one. Probst has said that someone gets burned by a fake idol so I can wait to see how this all plays out!

The Immunity Challenge was a rather odd one since well…. it was so one sided. The favorites quickly got their keys unlocked to their “hub” while the fans struggled. It was really all of Erik’s fault since he couldn’t fine the correct key out of six measly keys to choose from. It made no sense that they just couldn’t get it together and basically handed the win to the favorites for the immunity over lousy key maneuvering.

The fans were now scrambling for the vote as Mikey B. wanted to control things this time around. He Joel into voting out Chet, even though he wanted Kathy out. That made things interesting though as Tracy in the end was the one to control Joel. She got him to vote Mikey out instead since well, he was controlling Joel or trying to. Does that make sense? Joel voted out Mikey because Mikey was trying to control Joel, but Joel was really being control by Tracy. Yeah it was a very interesting vote off and how things went down and I’m still kind of surprised it actually happened as it did with Mikey going. I really did NOT see that coming.

Next week looks rather interesting as the tribes are mixed up and Jonathan could “potentially” have a major leg injury that where Eliza tells us he “could possibly lose his leg”. I’m kind of surprised an injuring would escalate to that bad but we shall have to wait to see!


5 thoughts on “Favorites Continue to Dominate in Micronesia”

  1. First!!! and damn if Im not reading the recapp while watching survivor… very very strange… but, I like strange… ;)
    more tomorrow…

  2. what in interesting turn of events… another blind-side at TC and the FANS seem to be falling apart…

    Joel is quite the puppet… it seems as though he will swing which ever way the last person asks he to… I thought he sould be a force to recon with, big strong strapping man that he appears to be, but he’s turned into nothing by a tool being used by the lessor folks of the tribe… I suspect at some point, he is gonna be on the receiving end of a blind-side vote at TC…

    and for the record, Chet should have been gond last night… he is nothing more then dead weight and brings the whole tribe down… it’s lucky for the FANS that next week the tribes get mixed up, because they are in no position to compete in any physical challenge right now…

    Ozzy… perhaps the best survivor player ever!!! and whoever thought it was a good idea to send Ozzy over to EI and give him a chance to find the HII should have their head checked… When I saw that they chose him, I had no doubt he wouldn’t be able to find it… so based on Ozzy having the HII, his overall like-ability, his contribution to the team winning challenges, and his ability to win Individual Immunities after the merge happens, I would say he is in a great position to win it all!!! IMHO of course… and wasn’t his moving several coconuts into position a master stroke??? it”s what won the FAVS that challenge…

    well, I have tons to do, so perhaps more later…

  3. Ozzy rocked the RC last night, no doubt about it. I’m so stoked that he found the HII, but that stick he put in its place as a fake did NOT look like it would pass the test, but who knows. I can’t believe that Kathy would just give up on finding the HII as many trips as she has made (and probably will make).

    The fans do appear to be falling apart, but I am glad the numbers are staying even as far as the number of each team. I hate when its too lopsided.

    It looks like Jonathan might be going home on a medical leave next week possibly? It should be interesting. :)


  4. Can’t wait to see the “Switch” tonite! This is gonna shake things up! Guess you can tell why I said to keep your eyes on Cirie. She is playing a total different game and will get her far! My F3 are still: Alexis, Natalie, and Cirie.

    Tina, totally agree about Ozzy being sent to Exile, what were they thinking? But, I still don’t think it’s going to save him. Watch….

  5. I don’t get why they keep that Chet dude around, how is he able to stay this long? He looks miserable and beaten. Its too soon to be getting rid of the brawn, the challenges usually need that at least up until the merge. But Joel didn’t do very well in the IC, couldn’t break a tile for anything.

    Yeah I’m watching Cirie but she’s getting on my nerves. I definitely would favor her winning over any of the fans though (in the end game I mean).


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