First Female Final Four On Survivor Micronesia

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Wow. I cannot believe how crazy this season has been as all the merged vote off have been crazy, insane and unpredictable. I really didn’t think anything could top last week, the week before that or even the week before that. But tonight’s episode will go down in the history books as one of the most dumbest moves not only in Survivor but in Reality TV history. It all began as the tribe returned from Amanda’s use of the hidden idol. One good thing that came out of its use and the initial vote was Amanda’s realization that Cirie is on her side. It also forced Natalie and Erik to grow closer as they were the last two fans in the game. They both promised to either send the other to exile or take them on the reward if they won. They felt having the hidden idol between then would force the game to switch to their side and give them the leverage they need to get to the final three.

But things change on the dime in Survivor and Amanda snatched Erik up. It was all a brain child of Cirie who felt that Erik may swing back over to Amanda if she played her cards right. They wanted to make Erik feel comfortable so the three remaining favorites: Amanda, Cirie and Parvati could make it to the finals. Their plan was to have Amanda once again befriend Erik and have him choose Parvati to send to exile. I think they’ve come to realize that Erik is the challenge threat now that Ozzy and Jason are gone and also realized he would probably win.

The reward challenge was interesting and rather easy if you’ve watched the show. Each round Jeff would ask them a question about a moment from one of the previous seasons. They then had to say which season the moment came from and if they were correct they would receive a point. The first question came from Pearl Island and was about Rupert’s snake. The next was from All Stars and Richard’s battle with the shark and then Kathy’s big “pee” moment in Marquesas. The next question was rather easy as it was Mike’s evacuation in the Outback and the last was from Cirie’s season as Jeff wanted to know which season was the first to divide into four tribes. Erik was the first to get four questions correct and won the reward. He could send one person to exile and take one with him. He ended up showing his allegiance and took Amanda with him to a spa retreat. He then sent Parvati to exile, both of which went against what he told Parvati just a few hours earlier.

Back on the beach Cirie worked hard on Natalie. She knew Natalie was upset but just kept pushing and pushing. She told Natalie that Erik was playing all the women and mentioned that Erik took Amanda to feed her and make her stronger, yet still wanted her to leave. Natalie took the bait and was NOT happy with Erik’s decision and went into another psycho moment. She wanted to “bitch slap” Erik and did another one of her motions to let just know just exactly what she meant.

Over Exile Island Parvati was having the time of her life. She was doing what she normally does…… tanning. She said it was like a mini-vacation for her as she had no reason to really do anything. She didn’t even attempt to look for the hidden idol since she “didn’t need it”. Knowing that her, Amanda and Cirie had all the votes to send either Natalie or Erik home no matter who won the immunity challenge.

While on their spa retreat Erik and Amanda had time to re-bond as friends. They ate, got a massage then talked a bit about the game even though they said they wouldn’t. They told each other that they should go to the end as he is the physical threat and she is the strategical threat. Not much more came from the reward other then their “friendship”. But as we are soon to find out that friendship wouldn’t last long.

When Erik and Natalie returned to the beach things got a bit heated. Natalie wouldn’t even talk to Erik or look him in the eyes. He then realized he may have screwed up big time by going against Natalie, considering she might just rip out his jugular. Erik then went into a big “strategical” conversation with Cirie. He wanted Parvati, Cirie and himself to vote either Natalie or Amanda out as they were the big threats for the jury. Little did he know, Natalie was standing right behind him and heard every word he said. We then cut to the three girls talking. Cirie told Natalie and Amanda what Erik just said and they all agreed he screwed up big time. He told each of them the same thing and he realized this as he saw all three talking.

At the immunity challenge the survivors had to dig up three puzzle bags by using coordinates. Erik and Cirie were the first to find their first bag but it all went down hill for the girls in the second puzzle. Erik quickly found his second puzzle while all the girls continued to dig out of the blue. Erik then found his last puzzle bag and won yet another immunity challenge. What would the girls do now with Erik having another idol and one of them going home? Oh this is where it gets good!

Back at the beach the girls were wondering what they could do since one of them were about to go. Cirie then came out with a plan that could save all of them and make it the first final four of all women. She wanted Natalie to try and have Erik give her the immunity challenge to redeem himself from the jury. At first Natalie thought it was a stupid idea but tried it anyway. Erik laughed it off at first as well but then realized how screwed he was with the jury. Cirie then sweetened the pot by saying if he did give Natalie the idol then the three of them would vote out Amanda which then turned to Parvati. Erik mulled it over but the girls still weren’t sure if he would do it.

At tribal council Amanda and Parvati played their parts assigned by Cirie to bash Erik. She wanted them to push Erik over the edge into going with the plan to vote out Amanda/Parvati by giving Natalie the idol. Cirie would only vote for Amanda/Parvati if Erik gave Natalie the idol and that’s just what he id. That then gave the jury another shocking moment to give us crazy reactions to as they knew Erik was done for. All the girls smiled as Erik went to cast his vote since he had no idea. All the girls’ votes were shown as they knew we would know he was going. Erik then walked out the game fairly well considering the fact he just became the most stupid player in Survivor and reality TV history. In a season with the most record breaking moments we have another record: a first final four of all women. It’s never been done before and I’m sure the most unpredictable season will continue its run for its finale come Sunday evening. Who will win? My bets on Cirie or Amanda.

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