Injuries Take Out Two On Survivor Micronesia

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Why oh why do people complain when they get played? I mean the show opens up with Erik saying that the “playing field has been lowered to lying”. Seriously dude, do you know what show you are on? People lie since day one! I mean seriously, he had to realize what he was getting himself into. You can’t go on Survivor and expect to win by not lying to anyone or anyone at all to lie. He wasn’t even voted out and he’s complaining. Erik has just got on by bad side and I really hope he gets played harder then Joel was.

Remaining at the Malakal beach we learned that all the fans were feeling the heat of just voting out Joel. Tracy knew she had to do it to keep her alliance of Chet in the game but realized the numbers were now not in her favor. I’m not sure if they have Erik on their side, I’d assume they do but it isn’t clear. Tracy is proving to be a very big player and pulled Ami aside. Ami realizes she’s low on the favorite totem poll as the other three, Amanda, Ozzy and Cirie were all in an alliance pre-swap. It seems like Ami holds the power on Malakal as she could go either way right now.

Over as Arai it seems the favorites are in power as well. Jonathan and Eliza know they have to get either Parvati or James out, since they are too close, and set a plan of attack. They both want to join the fans to get either of the two love birds out and would control the game over there if they did. The only problem there was Jonathan’s knee which he says was getting better. I’m not sure if he really was getting better or just telling everyone that so they wouldn’t worry…

 At the reward challenge the survivors had to first barricade a tunnel and after 10 minutes they would switch and have to remove the other tribes barricade and crawl through the tunnel. The winning tribe would get a visit from two natives to the camp who would show them how to live off the land. Malakal was in an early lead, as usual, but was once again quickly beaten by the new Arai. I’m kind of sad this is happening and it’s like deja vu for Ozzy who had the same problem in the Cook Islands. Plus Malakal losing meaning my favorite Cirie loses and that just sucks!

Before they returned to their beach Jonathan was asked to be looked at by the medics. I had a bad feeling this moment was on it’s way and it was very hard to watch. I liked Jonathan in the Cook Islands and thought he was playing a great game once again. I really didn’t want him to go but knew it was best for him. It was so hard to watch though, and is one of the saddest moments I can ever remember watching the show. I’m glad Jonathan was able to recover but sadly it was at the loss of the game for him and for us, the loss of a great player and personality on the show.

As Arai returned to their beach it was a very bitter sweet feeling. They had to deal with Jonathan being evacuated but won a great reward that would give them a much better camp life. James was the only guy remaining after Jason went to Exile and seemed very uncomfortable. Luckily two Micronesia men named Joe and Edwin visited the beach and gave them some excitement. The two taught the Arai tribe how to fish and how to catch crabs. It was nothing major, at least from what they showed, other then a huge feast for the group which they made up for after their last feast was washed away b the waves last time.

At Malakal things suddenly changed. They realized that they were on the outs as they haven’t won a challenge since the swap. Ami knew things weren’t going well and decided she would change things up. She told Tracy that she will stay loyal to her and the other fans to get Cirie out of the game. They felt Cirie should go since she’s been playing the game hard yet still is nice at heart (that’s what I love about her) and well apparently that makes her more a threat then crazy challenge threat Ozzy. Not much else really happened on Malakal but over at Exile Island some fun foreshadowing was sure a brewing!

Both Chet and Jason were sent to Exile after the reward challenge and both had different agendas. Chet, who has a “foot injury” decided to basically vegetate some more and let jungle boy Jason run around island hoping at will. Jason, which we knew thanks to the spoiling preview, found the fake idol and is apparently a complete idiot. He believed a freaking stick with a little face carved into it was a Survivor big production immunity idol and I just can’t WAIT until he tries to play it. Seriously it will really make up for the leave of Jonathan.

At the immunity challenge everyone learned that Jonathan was evacuated and thanks to Jason’s big mouth that Ozzy has the hidden idol. Of course not everyone believed him but I’m sure it put the idea in some people’s minds. Plus it probably put a huge target on Jason’s back as now people will think HE has the idol, or at least found where it is. The challenge was a rehash from a few seasons ago but this time people got smart, at least Arai did. They carried both Parvati and Eliza using one pole instead of two and basically cut their time in half. It gave them such a huge lead, once again, that Malakal had no chance to catch up and giving them another notch in their immunity win tree.

Malakal once again had to decide who would be leaving and Chet made it obvious that he wanted to go since his “foot was infected”. Seriously someone just went out of the game for a REAL infection, so stop complaining. Although the plan was already set basically, Tracy and Erik came up with an idea to oust Ozzy. It was a great idea and would have been CRAZY if he had happened, but Chet couldn’t mester up the strength for even three more days. He basically gave himself his own walking papers and saved Ozzy, giving us a very unexciting end to a very exciting, yet sad, rest of an episode. Next week it seems that Kathy goes even more crazier, if that’s possible.

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  1. I can’t believe i’m all alone here, and after such a good show too!

    I’m glad Chet is finally gone, what a useless tool, I’m sorry to see Jonathan gone(and my $20 along with him)

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