Ozzy & The Idol Snuffed Out Of Survivor Micronesia

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Wow I can’t believe how crazy tonight’s episode was! Not only did the idol get washed out of the game but one of the biggest players as well! It all started off as the newly merged tribe returned from their first, and also crazy, Tribal Council. Jason let everyone know that he in fact gave Eliza the idol and everyone said how stupid of a move it was. They don’t realize it was actually pretty smart, since it revealed that Ozzy did in fact have the idol. He let us know that it was a play from Yau-Man that actually worked this time around.

It was then time for an early reward. They were first divided into two teams of 4, meaning one person had to sit out. Cirie ended up being chosen last and was sent to Exile while the others were told they would be playing for a trip to a remote island for dinner and a sleep over. It was hard to know how close the teams were since they had to first swim to an answer board and then return to fill in the puzzle. The first tribe to correctly resemble the puzzle would win. The Orange Team consisted of Jason, Ozzy, Amanda and Erik while the Purple Team consisted of Natalie, James, Parvati and Alexis. Both teams were fairly close when it came to swimming out and back in but only one correctly assembled the puzzle on four trips. The Orange Team ended up winning thanks to a last minute switch by Amanda and were quickly off to feast in the country of Yap.

When the group arrived in Yap they were greeted by an older tribesman and a few children. After being guided through a trek through the jungle a small town was opened up to them and they were amazed how the tribe lived. Amanda and Ozzy quickly got to work on the food while Erik was just stunned by the town and the people themselves. The tribal woman don’t wear tops and since he probably never saw the History or Discovery channel, Erik was shocked by this. After eating, drinking and chewing on tobacco the four spent in Yap nice and dry. The same couldn’t be said for Cirie on Exile.

Although this wasn’t her first time on Exile Cirie wasn’t prepared for this stay. With no Idol there she knew nothing could be gained by her stay. It rained both days that she was there and it seemed very miserable. In the time she spent there she realized that it was the best time to get Ozzy out of the game. He has the idol so Ozzy going takes the hidden idol out as well. Cirie is really upping her game this season and I’m really liking her all over again.

Back at the Dabu camp James wasn’t too excited to be stuck there with the three other girls. As he split some wood and sharpened his knife the three girls Natalie, Parvati and Alexis slept. Parvati woke up long enough to basically tell James to shut up and that didn’t sit to well with him. It seems that Parvati and James aren’t going along as great as we thought and that could be thanks to her new “girl power” alliance. When the four from Yap returned it was time to let everyone know exactly what they ate. Ozzy decided it would be best to brag about exactly how much food he stuffed into his mouth and the girls + James did NOT look happy. Parvati said he was a little brat and the other two minions seemed to agree.

At the immunity challenge a rehash from the first All Stars was played. Each survivor had t hold up their arm, which was attached to a big bucket of water, as long as they could. When there arm dropped low enough the bucket, which looked more like a bucket of slime, would dump on them. They would then be out of the challenge. Some welcomed “goodies” were also used to tempt people out of the challenge. First up was a bowl of gummy worms and other candies. Cirie and Erik went out and decided to split the treat. Next up was a single cookie and a glass of milk. Alexis dropped out before Jeff announced the reward and therefore couldn’t received it. She wasn’t too happy about that but was soon joined by both Natalie and James who also missed out on the cookie. With only Amanda, Jason, Ozzy and Parvati left three chocolate glazed donuts were brought out by Jeff. Ozzy was the only one to take it leaving the two girls to beat out Jason. Amanda ended up going out soon after for a “pee break” and that left Parvati vs Jason. The last reward was a group reward and would only be won if one of the two dropped out. Natalie spoke up first (she’s still there?) and said Jason would be safe if he dropped down and got them the food. Everyone slowly agreed, with their fingers crossed, and Jason bought into it. Jason ended up agreeing, even though they were all lieing, and gave Parvati her first individual immunity win.

Back at camp everyone was laughing over the fact that Jason actually thought they were going to not vote him out. Ozzy and James, who are becoming more cocky then Jason, laughed about saying Jason was just “outwitted” by the oldest game in the book. What they didn’t realize was Cirie was about to make the biggest play in Survivor history by swaying the vote for Ozzy. It was the best time to take him out since he thought everyone was voting for Jason still. Cirie knew Parvati was the only one who may not go along with it but told her anyway. Being that she was in two alliances Parvati had to decide which one she wanted to go with the end game with and the whole thing rode on her.

At Tribal Council it came out that Jason would be getting some votes by those who agreed to not vote him out. James was the one to break the news while everyone agreed. Ozzy seemed confident as ever though even though he said the Idol did put a target on his back. I really had no idea who would be getting the votes and just assumed it would be Jason going. Things changed though when the votes started to be read. Jeff read all of Jason’s votes first plus one of Ozzy’s. Then he slowly brought out the other three votes for Ozzy and finally the last blow. It was amazing how quickly the mood changed as Ozzy’s, Amanda’s, James’, Erik’s and even Eliza’s mouths dropped. It was a great moment when Ozzy’s name was pulled out as the last vote and he, and the idol, were sent packing. Everything now changes with the biggest player out of the game. Will the girls continue to dominate or will everything just fall apart now? All I know is this season will probably just keep getting crazier and crazier!

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